It would be Your Pleasure

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We’ve been apart for so long. Late nights on web chat have kept us going. Me, staring as you do stripteases for me. You, trying not to giggle as I find the right angle to make my cock look the biggest.

But finally, it’s time to be together again. My flight lands at 3.

You pick me up from the airport and we hug and kiss and get honked at to move along. Your lips are the greatest I’ve ever come in contact with. I don’t know if you do anything behind the scenes to make them so perfectly soft, but they’re like heaven.

We try to make conversation but we’re just too giddy about being together again.

We’re like that all through lunch. And then you drop me off at my place. I creep inside to check, but my roommate is home. And we want space. So you go home and we wait just a little longer. I shower the plane off of me and you tell me your place is deserted.

So I get dressed all nice for our date and head over to you.

I walk through the door and wonder why we’re dressed at all. Immediately my back is against the door and you’re unbuttoning my shirt. We’re kissing, our mouths mingling, our tongues fighting like hungry snakes that just can’t get enough, only breaking apart for the removal of clothes.

By the time we break apart I’m only in my jeans, and you’re only in your bra and panties. I turn you around and push you against the door in my place. Your hands go down and fiddle with my button but I stop you.

I tell you to stay where you are and gather up our clothes, running to your room and throwing them all in, just in case.

I come back to you and you are still against the door, just where I left you. I take you by the hand and guide you to a chair.

I know you’ve been working so hard, so I start to massage your shoulders. You appreciate it, but you’re frustrated. We’re here to come not to sooth. But I continue.

My hands go up your neck, into your hair, then back down, along your shoulders. Then lower. And a little lower. Soon enough I’m pressing at the top of your breaths and your eyes have fluttered closed from the contact.

My hands make their way inside and give them a massage of their own. You breath out in satisfaction.

My hands travel back up and I press your neck some more. As I do that I crouch behind the chair.

My hands on your neck are replaced by my tongue, my hands traveling down to unclasp your front clasping bra.

I don’t know what you’re enjoying better. My kisses and tonguing up and down your neck, or my hands cupping your now free breasts. But now you’re almost naked and nervous that someone will come in, so we stand and scurry off into your room.

I throw you on the bed and climb on top of you, kissing you hungrily. Our tongues are flying. My hands travel up your nearly naked body, gliding fingers gently over you stomach Antalya Escort and thighs, massaging your breasts, avoiding your pussy.

Your hands come down and unbutton my jeans, pull down the zipper, and pull out my cock. I’m so hard for you.

You give me a tug and we slow down. I’m still over you, my hands on either side of your head holding myself up as we kiss, and you slowly stroke me underhand.

I get on your side, and kick off my pants. Now I’m naked. You continue to slowly stroke me as my hand travels between your legs, pressing your pussy on the underwear.

That’s enough though. I reluctantly, but firmly, pull away from you and position myself between your legs. Leaning forward, I give you panty-clad pussy a kiss before hooking my fingers on the waistband and pulling the panties off you, your legs shooting straight up in the air.

As I do my tongue trails behind the moving underwear on your left leg, from your ass, all the way to the tip of your toe.

Then I take your other leg and kiss down its length. Kisses with tongue, no tongue, only tongue, wet, dry, sloppy, until I reach the end of your inner thigh and stop again. You whimper in anticipation.

I lean forward. My arms hook under you thighs and rest on you stomach. You feel my breath on your pussy for a moment, and then it’s on.

I kiss your nether lips, my tongue trails up and down them. I’m slow, but deliberate. Jesus you taste so fucking good. It may be better if I included my hands but my ego enjoys getting you off with just my mouth. I kiss, and lick and pleasure you just the way I know you like it.

Finally my tongue goes up and presses the flat of it on your clit, making you scream. You grind against me as my mouth closes in on a big piece of pussy and start to suck on you. I press down on your stomach so you slow down. You have a habit of forcing out the orgasm, I want it to come at its own pace.

My mouth opens wide, my top lip staying on your clit as my tongue travels down and stabs into your pussy making you gasp. It hooks up and out and comes back up to close my mouth around your clit again. You tell me you love it and not to stop. So I don’t.

I repeat this motion over and over and over. Each with the exact same speed. Never giving in to your attempts to make me go faster. My hands travel up and pinch your nipples softly, rubbing them between my fingers. It’s the last straw.

You start to come and I feel the rush of your on and in and around my mouth, but my motion never changes. I just keep it going and going and going and you keep coming and coming and coming, into a second orgasm, screaming without a care in the world.

I love watching you. I love hearing you. Nothing makes me hornier.

Finally I slow down as your moans subside and let my mouth detach from Antalya Escort Bayan you.

You lay there panting and I go to your side, kissing you cheeks and brushing the damp hair away from you, my fingertips traveling up and down your stomach gracefully.

Eventually you turn and kiss me, and I kiss you back. You’re stroking me and start kissing down my body but I stop you. I want this to be about you. So I ask you if you want me on the top or bottom. And you respond with the sexiest line possible.

“Top…then bottom.”

I smile and climb on top of you once again. You stroke my cock as I give your nipples the attention they never truly got, sucking both of them for a good while.

Finally we find a pillow and put it under your ass. I position myself between your legs and slowly, very slowly, ease into you. We like trying without lube, just to see if it will work. And today it does.

Slowly I ease half my length into you before pulling back out and then back in, giving a little more. I do this over and over until my entire length is inside you. You moan with pleasure as we start rocking our hips together. I lean forward and press our naked bodies together as our lower halves fall into a rhythm together.

Five soft and slow, 3 hard and fast, 7 soft and slow, 5 hard and fast, 5 soft and slow, three hard and fast…

We kiss so much. Our hands all over each other. Yours on my back and face and hair and hips. Mine on your breasts and hips and face and hair. Just constantly pressing in, kissing softly on soft strokes, kissing roughly on hard strokes.

Finally I feel you pull away from my mouth and scream. You can’t hold it anymore and I clamp my mouth on you neck and beg you to come for me, and you do. Your pussy tightens on my cock and I try to slowly continue thrusting inside as you come. You yell at me not to stop so I don’t, but your tightening is making it hard not to come myself.

Your orgasm subsides but you don’t want me to stop. I tell you I’m too close so I pull out of you and hold myself with one hand, making sure I don’t come. At the same time my lips clamp on your clit and I put two fingers inside of you, hooking them up and massaging inside the way you like. The way I got so much practice with before we started having sex.

I feel a little bad I couldn’t keep going, but this maneuver works for you, and I feel your pussy tighten again soon on my fingers as they pleasure your mound to the best of their abilities and you clutch at the bed sheets with a vice grip.

This time when I pull out of you, you don’t need recover time.

You pounce on me, my head at the foot of the bed and kiss me deep, stroking my cock a little.

I tell you it’s fine and you smile, positioning yourself above my cock, then impaling yourself on it with Escort Antalya speed I wasn’t expecting.

You ride me frantically, your hands on my chest. I tell you to slow down and let it happen by itself but you don’t listen. You want that next orgasm more than anything.

You’re riding so hard. I have to stop myself from reaching up and touching you. Stop myself from looking at you at risk of coming. I close my eyes and focus on staying hard for you as you close in on orgasm once again. I feel that familiar tightening around me and you scream louder than you have all day and quiver with ecstasy.

I shut my eyes as you lean in. You’re still not done and I’m determined to give you everything you need until you are. You grind against me, my cock not so much moving in and out of you as it is moving within you, your pubic bone and clit pushing against my body.

You kiss me and before our tongues even touch your moaning into my mouth. My hands go to your ass and I squeeze and help you rock back and forth. I have a new wind, and I’m moving you slowly.

This time we don’t force it. We fall into rhythm again and hold each other, look into each other’s eyes, kiss, and finally I feel one last incredible squeeze from your pussy as I suck on your tongue. Your whole body shakes above me as the orgasm travels through it, moving involuntarily, and you whimper out the moans as a few tears well up in your eyes at the indescribable pleasure temporarily ripping you from reality and taking over your brain.

When it’s over we’re laying the wrong way on your bed. My hand behind my head, your head on my chest. You leg draped across my body. It’s always so strangely high, all the way up on my abs. Your eyes are closed and you’re drifting off to sleep.

I think you assumed that I came inside you, but in reality I never came. But that’s ok, because you did. I want you to be happy more than anything else. My pulsing cock can be satisfied later. So my eyes drift shut, the last thing they see being your naked body.

But then I feel your hand on me. Sliding under you leg, holding my cock gently. I open my eyes.

You’re looking at me from my chest with tired eyes. I tell you to sleep but you just shake you head no and stroke me softly. I smile at you with warmth as you take me slowly and just look at you. Your face, your eyes, your beautiful, incredible smile, and it makes me come with a constant, quiet force of come out onto your thigh, and you keep smiling at me through the whole thing, happy with yourself and with me.

And then you let go, and snuggle against me tighter. We’ll worry about the sheets and our bodies, and our dinner reservations later. For now we’ll just be together and drift to sleep.


Thanks for reading our first piece on this site! We love to hear from people, especially women that stories like this are catered for, and we take requests. So if you’re a lady and have a little fantasy you’d like painted into a word picture, straight or lesbian or bi, send us some feedback and we’ll see what we can do! And again, thanks for reading!

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