It Has To Be Done Ch. 02

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(-I don’t know about this one. A sequel, how about that? It seemed a workable idea. I mean, I’ve done this so I know it works in practice. If it doesn’t work here I guess it’s because I didn’t write it well enough. It would be interesting to know what you think. Feedback always appreciated.)


Donna was so hot. She moaned and her breath caught in her throat. Mickey held her face and leaned over to kiss her. He teased her, flicking his tongue against hers and when she wanted more he withrew it; his tongue darted and retreated.

Their bed was creaking rhythmically and Donna was doing it all herself. Mickey fondled her breasts occasionally to add to her excitement- and his enjoyment- but it was Donna’s hands between her legs that moved her hips and made the bed creak.

It was midafternoon and the sun was shining through the window blinds laying alternating stripes of light and shade on the bed. Somewhere outside an ice cream truck jangled discordant music and Mickey watched with delight as his wife masturbated beside him.

She was only half undressed and somehow that made it doubly exciting, more erotic and arousing. Her dark fringe lay in spikes over her eyes. She might have been assaulted the way she lay there with her clothes in disarray, her blouse unbuttoned and her skirt gathered about her waist. Her knees were raised and her legs were open and both hands moved inside her white lace, almost transparent, panties. Mickey’s cock strained as he heard the wet sounds her busy fingers made.

He used two fingers to lightly tap the swollen head of his cock through his underwear. He had read it would bring Escort Büyükçekmece him to a climax, but not too soon. It felt good whatever it was doing but now most of his attention was focussed on Donna. Her dark hair was splayed on the pillow and her eyes were closed. He didn’t know how many times she’d orgasmed but she didn’t show any sign of tiring. It was warm in their bedroom and there were tiny beads of perspiration beside her nose.

Now as he watched she drew in her lower lip and a narrow frown creased her forehead. Her left hand was still but he saw her right hand moving inside her panties, could see her fingers moving under the thin material, her index finger bending and flexing. Her frown deepened and her white teeth bit down harder on her shining lower lip. Her hips began to buck again and her movements became more urgent.

Donna tossed her head from side to side on the pillows. She was breathing hard, drawing in gasps of air in quick succession. There was an unmistakable sense of mounting excitement in the sound. Now her bottom lifted from the bed to meet her thrusting hands as she drove herself eagerly to orgasm. She moaned low in her throat and her breasts trembled as both hands worked feverishly between her legs. She dropped back onto the bed then arched her back. Her hips rose again and the muscles and sinews in her legs stood out beneath the skin. She cried out and Mickey seized her breasts, and caressed them roughly, helping her, driving her on to her climax, sustaining her pleasure, adding to it, stimulating her. Her cries grew louder, the mattress bounced as her bottom rose and fell half a dozen times in quick succession.

Mickey Çatalca escort couldn’t take any more. He lay down beside Donna as her frantic movements gradually subsided. Quickly stretching the front of his underwear down he eased out his aching cock. Now he lay on his left arm and looked at Donna. He held his cock with his left hand and the weight of his body kept his hand still as he slowly moved his hips. His thick cock was thrust into the warm, ready circle made by his fingers and thumb; eased in and slowly withdrawn.

Donna took a deep, shuddering breath and smiled at Mickey, her eyes, already bright with excitement now opened wide with undisguised interest. He pumped his hips slowly, wanting it to last, enjoying it. His cock moved in his cupped hand and Donna turned onto her side to watch him. He kept moving his hips at the same steady rate and resisted the urge to hurry.

Now Donna brushed her hair from her face. There were high spots of colour on her cheeks and as she watched him, Mickey saw her tongue pass lightly between her lips. He looked at her breasts, at the way they fell heavily as she lay on her side, her nipples still erect. At the pink lace bra which had been hurriedly pushed down to expose them. At her wrinkled blouse. She looked satisfied, fulfilled. He looked lower, at her stomach and white panties, the soft, hidden mound of her pubic hairs, her long legs. She smiled as she teased an extended nipple with one finger. Mickey smiled back and began to thrust his hips a little faster.

He saw Donna raise her leg and put her hand over her pussy again. She was rubbing herself slowly this time, adding to Esenler escort bayan his already heightened sense of excitement. She was watching him all the time, her head on the pillow close to his own, brown eyes shining. With his free right hand he gently caressed her breasts, exploring them, splaying his fingers and cupping her. He lifted one breast and then let it fall back into place under its own delightful weight. He stroked her soft, pale shoulder as he masturbated before her.

Mickey thrust his hips and his cock moved smoothly in and out of his hand. He felt his climax approaching, still off somewhere in the distance but each increasingly urgent thrust brought it excitingly nearer. It was tantalising, a goal he had to reach. His mouth was open a little now and he was breathing faster as he concentrated, focussing all of his attention on what he was doing; pumping his hips, masturbating, racing eagerly towards his climax while Donna watched.

Now she too began to masturbate with increasing abandon and urgency.

Mickey felt himself coming. It built quickly once it had started, as it always did; delightfully, explosively. He moved his hips and held his cock with his pinned left hand. It was a rising surge of excitement and intense pleasure growing somewhere deep inside, welling up, growing, in his cock, in his balls, everywhere. All consuming, over powering. And now Donna began to moan beside him.

They watched each other intently; with excitement and shared delight, gasping for breath, both carried along on a wave of shared pleasure. The bed creaked and moved beneath them as Mickey felt his semen surging up through his cock touching off all the right nerves on the way; pleasure, pain, gratification and now intense relief. He ejaculated onto the bed and his whole body spasmed. He moaned with each succeeding spurt of semen his now uncontrolled movements coaxed from his straining cock. Beside him Donna closed her eyes and cried out with her own personal pleasure.

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