Internet Meeting Ch. 02

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Big Tits

From my knees on the hard cold tiles I stared at the bulbous shiny head of Charles’ erection as a droplet of clear fluid formed about it’s angry red eye. I licked my lips hungrily. With wanton yearning I pulled against the fingers gripping my hair holding my lips away from the prize of sweet nectar bobbing before me.

Silently, pleading with my eyes I dared to look up to where Charles’ dispassionate smirking face hung above me. His eyes were like dark deep pits holding me mesmerized. An anguished groan escaped my lips as my longing for another taste of him consumed me.

Wistfully I returned my attention to Charles’ massive erection testing the grip of his fingers holding my cock hungry lips at bay. Stretching my tongue I lapped pathetically at empty space trying vainly to capture a taste of Charles. A giggle of evil laced mirth erupted about the confined space echoing hauntingly in my ears.

With his free hand Charles gripped the base of his massive member to tease me by holding the drooling tip of his cock just beyond the reach of my desperately darting tongue. A long moan of despair edged with need escaped my lips as I pulled against Charles’s grip futilely.

Charles’ manic laughter filled my head as I tried vainly to shake off his grip. Struggling I growled with building anger at his heartless tormenting. Then suddenly I broke free. Lunging forward my howl of victory immediately turned to distress and frustration as Charles’s pre-cum glistening erection evaporated.

It took a moment to realize that I was sitting upright in my bed. My skin tingled in the cool early morning air beneath the thin filmy material of the sheer badydoll nightie I had taken to wearing to bed at Charles’s behest. I shivered stunned by the suddenness of my awakening, the loss of Charles’ cock.

My chest heaved as I desperately attempted to shake the shocking reality of the dream. When my eyes fluttered shut Charles’ juicy cock hung tantalizingly before my minds eye. A whimper of longing and hunger turned into another long drawn out howl of frustration and want as I flopped back onto my sweat soaked pillow.

Laying there I became aware of my own painfully engorged sissy Princess clit straining against my nighties matching panty. With sullen petulance I released the side tie ribbons unleashing my swollen sissy clit. Suddenly I started thrashing mindlessly within the sheets entwined about my limbs. A scream of frustrated failure echoed forlornly about my bedroom as I vented my despair at Charles’ obvious hold on me.

Ignoring my sissy clit flopping about in front of me I rose and scurried across the cold floor to awaken my sleeping computer. With a sneer of vexation I flipped away the mouse peeved that there still wasn’t a response to my last series of emails to Charles. Petulantly I clicked once more on Charles’s last attachment and stared with awed fascination at his cum erupting cock. Oh fuck how that image was haunting me so.

My knees weakened as I contemplated Charles’ glorious erection. I sank onto my sex stained chair numbly aware of the friend buried deeply in my sissy Princess cunt. Trying to steady my shattered nerves I typed another note to Charles. I was frantic to make sure he knew how keen I was to receive his offered load. How madly sex crazed keen. I begged. I laid bare my wanton need. My desperate desire, my willingness to please.

As my Princess clit throbbed I offered to Charles that his submissive Princess would be whatever he wanted. His Princess would be anything for the privilege of receiving the massive gusher he could deliver. “Please,” I whispered with longing ache while reaching down to stroke my extended gurlie-boi clit to a shattering orgasm.

I crawled back to bed forlornly ignoring the sticky goo coating the front of my nightie and seeping down my leg. Dragging myself back into bed I collapsed exhausted, spent and faded into an uneasy sleep. My restless slumber was punctuated by nanosecond visions of cocks, cum and vain pleading promises of anything, everything, to the incessant backdrop of a chiming bell insisting I pledge more.

Sitting bolt upright my sleep addled brain finally comprehended that the chiming was real. It had meaning. It meant I had mail. An email. My world spun as I light headedly staggered across the room gasping in deep breaths. With mad determination I pounced on the computers mouse crazily clicking away desperate to see if it was Charles.

A gasp of surprise caught in my throat when I saw that it was indeed Charles. Taking a deep shuddering breath I opened his email. “Oh yes,” I mumbled swooning with pleasure as the implications of his email washed over me. Sinking unheedingly into the sticky mess I had left earlier I reread Charles’ email narlıdere escort again and again, pinching myself to be certain that it wasn’t just another nasty taunting dream.

Charles wanted me. “Princess,” he wrote, “this is your Master calling. I own you. Princess you are Mine. Do you understand Princess? If you understand Princess take a photo of yourself NOW and send it to Me. Be quick Princess you do not want to annoy me.”

I went into an absolute dither. Fumbling, bumbling I only just managed to snap a blurry shot of me in my purple nightie. As I was attaching the image to the email I noticed my unrestrained gurlie clit dangling beneath the ruffled hem of the sheer cum stained nightie. Distressed I gawked unsure of what to do. What would displease Charles more, my tardiness or the audacity of sending such a pic. Panicked I hit send, then comically tried to stop it before shrieking despairingly.

Bewildered I sat there trembling with anticipation waiting nervously for a response. For Charles’ verdict. My Masters call.

Mercifully Charles didn’t keep me waiting long. “Ah Princess, such a mess you are this morning. I see we still have work to do. Now you will go clean yourself up. Then Princess you will choose something pretty to wear for me. By the time you are finished I will have sent you instructions. You will follow my instructions Princess without delay. Before you go Princess you may kiss the picture I sent you yesterday.”

Panting with a mixture of desire, pleasure and trepidation I reread Charles’s email. Chewing on my lip nervously I hurriedly flicked through open windows until Charles’ erupting cock came into view. With solemn respect I leant towards the screen and pressed my lips against the image. My lips tingled with the screens heat and the thought of soon kissing the real thing. Charles’ cock. Charles’s cum gushing cock. My lips had left a noticeable impression on the screen and with a nervous giggle on anticipation I rushed off to prepare myself.

I took extra time to perform all my gurlie boi rituals I had recently learned so carefully, not wanting to mess up and displease Charles. Once bathed, cleaned and anointed with an alluring scent I rummaged through my panty drawer looking a pair of pretty yellow panties that I just knew Charles would love.

Sheer shimmering nylon briefs with lace edging and ruffling over the front panel that formed perfectly to my Princess bottom. My sissy hole pulsed around the next largest of my friends that I had progressed to that morning. I could feel the fullness of the plug as I moved about primping and preening.

Satisfied that I was as perfect for Charles as I could be I went back to my computer. As Charles had promised there was an email waiting for me. Twitching with apprehension I dared to open it and discover my future.

“Princess I will meet you at the toilets in Harper’s Park. Enter the centre stall and wait for my arrival. Princess I desire to find you in the exact same position I left you in at the restaurant.” My heart skipped a beat as I hesitated unable to imagine why Charles would want it so, but his email continued, “That exact position Princess,” leaving me no doubt that he was serious.

There was a map attached which I opened, printed and headed for the door. It took me some time to get to the designated park and I hoped that I hadn’t been so tardy as to annoy Charles. I tried to appear nonchalant as I wandered nervously about the park getting closer and closer to Charles’s preferred meeting place.

The toilets appeared old and poorly maintained, and judging by the odor not recently serviced. Inside there was a pervading funk about the darkness that sent a chill down my spine sucking away my will to enter. Breathing as little as possible I crept carefully into the dank gloom listening intently for any sign of another person.

There was no one. A quick scan of the cubicles assured me that none of the toilets were occupied. With a nervous glance back out into park I slipped into the middle of the three stalls. Not wanting to breath too deeply I was soon panting with building apprehension. “Can I do this?” I murmured quietly to myself wondering briefly if Charles was worth it or if this was a huge mistake.

Slowly tentatively I began to strip away my clothes and hang them on the back of the door. When I stood only in my shoes and the pretty yellow panties I had worn for Charles I began to quake with fear. Looking at the concrete floor strewn with used tissues, garbage and puddles of cold water I hesitated to kneel like I knew Charles had meant. I chewed on my lip as I cringed behind the closed door debating silently with myself as to the sense of being there ödemiş escort let alone kneeling on such a disgusting floor.

The fetid cold soon had me shivering uncontrollably. My heart skipped a beat when I heard a voice calling softly and I instinctively reached for my clothes. Clutching them to my naked torso I held my breath as foot steps entered the toilets.

“Princessssss,” the voice whispered softly, “Oh Prin-cess.”

A gasp of relief squeaked from my lips with the realization that it was Charles. Still clutching my clothes I fumbled with the lock and stepped back to give him room to enter. Charles stood silhouetted in the door staring sternly into the gloom of the stall where I smiled speechless, nervous. I felt terribly meek and forlorn beneath his withering stare.

Charles didn’t say anything he just stood there and stared. Slowly tentatively I lowered my clothing and held it away from my body so that Charles could see the pretty panties I wore for him.

He stood stock still. Staring. I wished with all my might that he would at least close the door and step inside. At first I was unable to comprehend his reason for keeping me exposed and scrutinized like I was. Then with a simper of resignation I remembered his words from the email, “That exact position Princess.” Hanging my head in defeat and servility I let my knees buckle slowly sinking to the cold hard floor.

I knelt there before Charles waiting for his acceptance of my act of subjugation no longer caring about the amount of exposure or risk. I bit back a sob of relief when wordlessly Charles stepped into the stall and purposefully locked the door. Charles stood over me as I knelt shivering riveted in place with fear. I took several quick breaths to steady my nerves as Charles slowly slide his foot between my thighs until his shin was wedged snugly against the cleft of my panty covered sissy clit.

Charles pressed into me until I whimpered with growing anxiety. Smirking over my cringing form Charles lifted the toe of his shoe firmly into my pantied groin. Slowly Charles’s toe began to pump against the plug in my gurlie boi pussy. Up, down. Up, down. Building in tempo.

Charles pumped until I was panting, “Ah, ah,” in unison with tempo of his toe. My body rocked slightly as my Princess clit started to swell from the attention.

“Look up Princess,” he murmured from above not slowing his motion.

“Ah, ah, ahhhh,” I gasped breathlessly when I looked to find the enthralling eye of Charles’ rigid cock staring at me. “Aaaahhhh.”

I stared enthralled with adoration at Charles’ hard cock shining before me in the gloom. I knelt before Charles my mouth gaping open in awe and wonder still emitting weak ah’s in time to Charles’ pumping toe.

My peripheral vision blurred as my focus became Charles’ cock. The cold dank toilet seemed to fade away beneath the steady rhythmic pulse of Charles’ toe. My body floated there before Charles as I worshipped his mighty rigid member.

I watched enraptured as a long spurt of hot white cum erupted from the tip of Charles’s cock to arc in slow motion through the air. I was too awed to flinch or look away as the hot cum splattered wetly onto my forehead. The force of the jet of Charles’s cum rocked me back on my heels as a shrieked “Aaaahhhh” echoed about the toilet block. Astonished I swooned with passion as Charles’s steaming cum slide down the bridge of my nose into the corners of my eyes.

Charles’s hand reached out to grasp my head by the hair to hold it in place before him. With his other hand Charles pumped his cock purposefully releasing another manly spurt to spray into the tip of my nose. A long moan of astonishment and wonderment started deep in my heaving chest. Charles’s fingers tightened pulling my head back until my mouth opened for the next spurt of cum to surge from his cock. It splattered onto my face from my nose to my chin.

Charles’ foot never stopped pumping into my sissy clit. As his sticky cum splashed onto my face my Sissy clit spurted, filling the crotch of my panties with warm Princess cum.

Grunting, his body jerking with orgasmic spasms Charles rested his hot cock on my cum slick lips and pumped out the dregs of his goo into my waiting mouth. Charles’s cum coated my mouth, my tongue. His scent filled my lungs as I gurgled on his cum sliding into my throat.

It was beyond belief, like nothing I ever imagined. Breathing heavily Charles held my cum covered face beneath his cock while it slowly deflated. Cum dribbled from the tip for me to gently lick away. I rolled my tongue over my goo coated lips savoring the taste.

I felt Charles’ hot cum drip from my chin and dribble down my bare seferihisar escort chest. Fascinated I looked down to watch it pool in my belly button. “Look up Princess,” Charles urged from above me. Giggling like a punch drunk school girl I looked up to take the full flash of his camera in the eyes.

Blinking away the momentary blindness I was aware that Charles had turned and was leaving, quickly. Desperately I pawed at empty air trying to catch him though I had no idea what for. More of Charles’ cum dribbled down my face to drip onto my chest while I blinked away the flashes hot spots.

There I was, left again, kneeling on a toilet floor by Charles. This time with the humiliation of his cum coating my face, burning my eyes, dripping from my chin.

As I shivered with the cold and residual sexual high of being splattered with Charles’ cum I tried to pull myself together. Suddenly I realized that Charles had left the stall door open and I hadn’t closed it. My gasp of horror shattered the gloomy quiet as I became aware that I was not alone.

In the exit of the toilet block stood a large hulking silhouette of a man. Some one whimpered and mewed pathetically as the large man advanced on me. I attempted to rise but my legs refused to work. Desperately I tried to crawl into the corner of the stall as the unknown man entered and locked the door behind him.

“Yeah this is what I’m looking for,” he grunted reaching out a fat meaty hand to grasp the back of my head by the hair. The mewing increased to near shrieking level as the man hauled me around to face his groin. Suspended there like a rag doll before him the girl like mewing weakened to a forlorn desperate moan that ceased when the man stuffed his hardening cock into my gaping mouth.

“Oh yeah,” the brute crowed above me, “This is what daddy’s lookin’ for.” And proceeded to start pumping hips forward driving his swelling manhood into the back of my throat.

He grunted steadily using my mouth for his carnal pleasure. My mind went numb and my body went slack as the assault continued. With a long agonized groan the large man forced my face into his pubes while filling my mouth with copious amounts of his spunk. Unable to swallow the pressure forced his cum to spray from my lips around his pulsing cock. The mans cum filled my nasal passages and sprayed from my nose.

“Oh yeah bitch,” he howled pushing me away so hard that I crashed into the toilet before collapsing to the floor gasping desperately for breath, “damn that was great.” Leaning down he gripped me roughly by the hair again to pull my face around to his.

Sneering with contempt he made a show of clearing his throat. Holding be there beneath him the bastard spat the contents into my face. With a flick of disgust he released me to sink simpering back onto the cold wet dirty floor. The mans laughter echoed about the toilet block as he left.

Gagging on cum, shaking uncontrollably I slowly gathered my clothes and awkwardly dressed myself. Using my sleeve to wipe away the majority of cum still sticking to my face I staggered from the toilets grateful that dusk had come.

As I stood in the door way calming myself and trying to steady my shattered nerves I noticed that there were other men loitering in the gathering darkness. Fear seized me and I ran. I ran as far as I could until I was sucking in deep breaths of cum tainted air. Not daring to look back I hurried on desperate to get home.

When I slunk into my apartment feelings of relief washed over me so suddenly that I collapsed. Feeling terminally unhappy I felt soiled, cheap and used. My clothes smelt. My breath smelt. I could still taste cum though couldn’t tell whose. I shed my clothes into a pile by the door and crawled dismally to the bathroom on my hands and knees wearing only my soiled pretty yellow panties.

Charles probably hadn’t even noticed the panties I had worn for him. The brute that assaulted me certainly hadn’t cared. I choked back sobs not wanting to cry . When I finally pulled myself up to the sink I noticed matter-of-factly that there was traces of cum drying about my lips, on my chin, in my hair. “Ooohhhh,” I moaned scraping some away with a finger nail studying it intently in the mirror.

Slowly passionately I enclosed the cum coated finger with my lips sucking away cum, hungrily licking the finger clean. Watching my reflection lick my lips wetly my finger delved blindly into my goo filled belly button. Giggling the cum covered finger traced my moist lips as my tongue darted out eagerly for a taste.

Sucking on the tip of my cum covered finger I sashayed to my computer to see if Charles had been busy. I felt that heady rush of excitement of seeing that there was an email from him. Opening it there was again no message, only the photo he had taken of me kneeling beneath him on the dirty toilet floor. A pic of me looking up with wide staring eyes and white gooey cum splattered all over my face. My back was arched and I was pleased to see that bum stuck out revealing the lovely yellow panties I worn.

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