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You come in and I immediately cut to the chase and drop your pants. I kneel in front of you and start gently tugging your balls. It won’t take long for him to rise, just the excitement of coming over made you halfway there. I stick your half-soft dick in my mouth and twirl it with my tongue until it becomes nice and hard….Now you look down and see I’m wearing one damn low top. You can pretty much see my entire breasts and just a little nip poking out, but right above that you see me sucking your cock with my hand leading the way. Slowly, and then faster for just a few strokes. That teases you.

I get up and I’m just wearing my little lace underwear…I have a HUGE ass, and it’s not even completely covered. You like that you can see that bottom bubble sticking out from under my panties, don’t you? I lead you to the bed where I shove you down to the mattress and straddle you. Your cock is pointed toward your face and I’m dry humping him back and forth. I’m so turned on my wetness is seeping through my undies and I’m just sliding right on him…As I’m doing that, I start escort bayan istanbul unbuttoning my top. You see my DD’s and I push them up just a little so you can see their massiveness before I keep unbuttoning down.

I’m wearing a sexy red lace bra that matches my underwear and you can see through it right to my nips

You can tell how aroused I am by the fact that you can see that they’re hard under there too. You can’t resist…you want them in your mouth so badly. Its the type of bra that clasps right in the front so I slowly undo it and peel it off my breasts while pushing them closely together. You are so hard.

I lean forward so you can grab one of my hard nipples in your mouth and swirl your tongue around the outer rim. You want them so badly you push my boobs together and take both nipples on your mouth at the same time. While your distracted, I have untied both sides of my panties and now they’re off. You feel how wet I am with your fingers and are happily surprised when you feel the warm gliding sensations my pussy escort istanbul envelopes your cock. I slide halfway down and stop. I go back up and just do a couple little humps right on the tip of your penis…it’s driving you crazy. You’re about to cum right now.

Then I slam myself down on you and moan with pleasure as you dick hits the top of me. This sends me into madness. I want to fuck you so badly. I start riding you like no cowgirl has ever ridden…up and down sliding up and down as my titties are flying every which way they can. You grab my hips and start helping me thrust. You thrust upward at me just as I come down. I start to grind on you slowly now, just to change the pace. I lean forward so you can once again engulf my breast and I start circling my hips in a figure eight One of your hands is on my hip feeling the motion while the other is grasping the tit that isn’t in your wet mouth

“I want you to bite it” I tell you.

I want you to nibble right on that little end if nip that sticks out the farthest. You hear me, bayan escort istanbul but it’s hard to concentrate with what’s going on ‘down there’. It is so warm, you just want to fuck me. So, you flip me over onto my back…cock never leaving the sacred place. Putting my legs practically behind my ears, you fuck me as hard as you possibly can. We even have the warming lube so it’s be extra hot. You are barely able to contain yourself. Fucking me so hard it starts to hurt me, in a good way, and you hear my moans of gratitude.

I’m a screamer when I like it

I’ll be waking the neighbors.

My head is slamming into the wall and I love it. I want it harder…

I lay you back down, slowly this time, and jump back onto you hovering right over your cock. Finally, I lower myself onto it and go as deep as I possibly can…You reach up once again and massage my tits…pinch them please. I like it. I’ll circle my hips so you can feel it touching all the sides of the walls and top. Leaning my head back, I stick out my chest. I start to flex my inner muscles and start pulsing them. Giving you a shiver sensation throughout your loins. You almost can’t handle it anymore…I’m moaning too….

I’m about to cum

Rubbing on you makes me crazy. Touches right on my clit.

You feel it coming….

I can’t hold it any longer….

“I’m cumming!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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