Infidelity Gets Out of Hand Ch. 02

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Amy Lee

After the night Emma sucked my dick, I tried to avoid her for awhile. She apparently sensed I needed the space and didn’t push the envelope but didn’t stop dressing as she did either.

My wife had no idea what was going on but I felt guilty so I initiated sex more than usual. My wife wore a lot of leather out and about too but even at 30 was a bit more toned down than Emma. She wears a lot of leather jackets, pants and skirts along with boots and heels and at home, well, she would wear anything from chaps to leather cup-less teddies to leather dresses to you name it.

The hornier I was the more my wife would indulge my fantasies since she was getting what she wanted. I’d come home and she’d be wearing nothing but a pair of leather heeled boots and a leather mini skirt that barely covered her ass with no panties. I’d grab her, throw her on the couch, eat her pussy until she came and then fuck the shit out of her for 45 minutes. We’d have dinner, have a glass of wine and she’d come to bed in nothing but chaps and cowboy boots and we’d do it all over again.

This went on for a month to a month in a half before Emma pushed the issue again. I was still jerking off in my office most days but now in addition to the fantasies in my head regarding her and her sexy leather outfits, I now had the memory of her giving me one of the best blowjobs I’d ever had. This day, I’d been too busy to jerk off and Emma was wearing a tight black leather skirt that didn’t quite come to the knee, black heeled boots and a white satin blouse. She also had her glasses on and her hair up and it was driving me crazy.

Around 7 pm the office had cleared out and Emma popped in to ask me about dinner. I told her to order whatever she liked and to go get a bottle of Barolo and two glasses from the company’s cellar. When she came back about 30 minutes later she had Italian food to go with our Barolo and we cleared my desk to eat. We managed to make a little small talk over the food knowing we still had work to do for a couple hours. Eventually, she spoke up and didn’t beat around the bush about it.

“John, do you like what I’m wearing today?”

“Yeah Emma, you look great. You always look great.”

“I saw you staring at my ass as I left earlier. I can tell you’re still liking what you see in spite of the fact you’ve been trying to avoid me.”

“Yeah, I am a man, I can’t help it, I have to look at a beautiful woman when I see her.”

She took a sip of wine and grabbed my food and threw away our trash and came around the desk and sat on my desk, spreading Escort bayan her legs and putting her heels on the arms of my chair.

“Tell me how much you like what you see?”

Before I could answer she pushed her hand up her skirt and began fingering her pussy.

“Goddamn Emma you are fucking sexy. I can’t fucking stand it.”

She pushed me back in my seat and gave me a little show as she played with her pussy and began to moan. After a few minutes I couldn’t take it anymore, I shoved my face up her leather skirt and started licking at her pussy. She grabbed the back of my head and shoved me into her moaning even harder and I rolled her clit around my tongue. She bucked and thrust her hips into me, fucking my face and I licked all her sweet juices and rubbed my face in her snatch taking in her scent. After about five minutes she came and she shook and screamed.

When she was done she stood up, still weak in the knees, grabbed my tie and walked me over to my wall of law books. She put both her hands on the bookshelf and spread her legs apart and I didn’t have to be told anything, but she still turned around and said, “Fuck me.”

I dropped my pants, reached up and slid her g-string aside and pushed my cock slowly into her wet, eager snatch. She clamped down tight on me and I grabbed her hips, loving the way the leather skirt felt in my hands and loving the way it looked almost covering her ass and I started fucking her hard as I’d been wanting to do this since she came back from her make over. It wasn’t long before she came again. She pushed me off, turned around and grabbed my tie and led me over to my desk.

She stood there in front of me, grabbed my cock and stroked me while she kissed me deeply. She pushed me back on the desk and climbed on top of me, riding me. She took her glasses off and let her hair down, throwing her glasses in my chair. She had her hands on my chest riding me and in a manner of a minute she came again. She laid down on top of me, grabbing my tie and kissing me. I ran my hands up her shirt and grabbed her beautiful tits and squeezed before moving to unbutton her blouse. She removed the blouse and unhooked her bra and unleashed the most beautiful pair of tits I’ve seen in a long time. She pulled me up and I sucked on her tits as she kept grinding into me.

She then spun around reverse cowgirl and kept fucking me. I held onto her ass, rubbing it through her leather skirt as she thrust herself onto me violently, fucking hard and cumming hard. I grabbed her, rolled over on our sides Bayan Escort and fucked her from behind while being able to simultaneously play with her tits and watch my cock from the perspective of her leather skirt covered ass. It wasn’t long before she came again and this time was too much for me. She could tell I was getting close and grabbed my tie and pulled me into her as I exploded into her soaking wet pussy. I kept thrusting until it hurt.

She then rolled me over on my back and got on top of me again, sliding my still erect cock into her pussy. She moved very slowly rolling her hips before leaning into me.

“That was fucking fantastic. I’ve been dreaming of you shoving that thick cock inside me ever since I noticed your hard on through your pants when my leather plan started to take effect.”

“That was fantastic. I guess you’re right, if we’re going to work these long nights, what’s wrong with a little fun.”

She rolled off of me, kissed me and then went to clean herself up before going home.

I asked her when she came out of the bathroom, “What would happen if your husband found out?”

“He takes no interest in me whatsoever. Even after the makeover he doesn’t notice me.”

“Then I think he’s fucking crazy.”

“Me too.”

After she left, I cleaned up and showered in my bathroom so that I didn’t have the smell of sex on me when I went home. I put on a sweatshirt and jeans and headed home with the plan of telling my wife I worked out in the company gym before coming home.

When I got home my wife was sitting on the couch in her tight brown leather pants, brown heeled boots and open white blouse having a glass of wine. Her blonde hair cut just above her shoulders up in a ponytail and her make-up recently touched up. She was listening to her favorite music, giving me the clear signal that she wanted sex.

“Another late night honey?”

“Yeah, this litigation is getting out of hand. We’re trying to convince them to settle but they won’t hear it.”

She got up and walked to me, kissing me hard and running her hand to my ass giving it a good squeeze before running it around the front of my jeans where she started rubbing my cock through my jeans. I ran my hands over her tits and down to her beautiful leather pants, squeezing her ass hard pulling her into me. She got my pants undone and shoved them down over my ass and then started stroking my cock as we kissed. I got her pants down over her ass and pushed her onto the couch. I threw my face into her pussy licking and sucking at Escort her clit while reaching my finger around to play with her asshole. I licked until my neck got sore, it sometimes takes her awhile to get warmed up but once she gets there she cums like a machine gun one right after another. When she finally came, she shuddered, her asshole clinched down on my finger and she screamed so loud she must have been heard in Wisconsin.

I pulled her up and she got down on her knees and started to suck me. I watched as her beautiful white ass stuck out, her leather pants bunched up above her knees, her boots still on and her hand pumping me as she sucked me hard and rolled her tongue around the head of my cock. She had her other hand on my ass and slowly her finger found its way around to my asshole, rubbing it ever so slightly. She stopped, licked her finger and then went back to town as she slipped her finger into my ass, fingering my ass as she licked my balls. She took my balls into her mouth and stroked my asshole and cock at the same time. It felt incredible.

I stopped her, there was too much I wanted to do. I put her back on the couch, threw her leather covered legs and boots over my shoulder and pushed my cock into her dripping wet pussy at the deepest point of penetration. I jackhammered and she came again and again. I knew I wouldn’t last too much longer so I pulled out and rolled her over.

With my cock dripping wet from her pussy, I spread her ass cheeks apart and shoved my cock in slowly. She winced at first, as she always does but as I started to pump she warmed up and began squeezing her ass to make what was already a tight fit feel like it was stuck. It didn’t take too much of this before I came deep into her ass and she came one final time as she’d been fingering herself while I fucked her asshole.

I pulled out and quickly pulled up her panties so they would catch my cum as it drained out of her ass – I wanted her to sit in it and feel it get sticky on her ass and pussy. I then pulled her leather pants back up and rolled her over. I continued to lay on top of her running my hands all over her leather and kissing her.

Later that night as I was reading in bed, she came into the room dressed in her black leather catsuit with the open crotch, black leather opera gloves, black leather thigh high boots, sunglasses, whip and restraints. She smacked me with the whip, cuffed my legs and hands to the bed and unzipped her crotch. She sat on my face and I knew what I was supposed to do. After eating her pussy she fucked me for two hours before allowing me to cum. She is insatiable and I am a lucky man.

But now I have two insatiable women and I can only fuck so much in one day (though I wish I could fuck more) – this situation was going to reach a breaking point sometime soon…

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