In The Kitchen

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You stand at the sink, water running, in a loose sweater and jeans. You always look so good in jeans, such a fine ass, such lovely curves. I step behind you and lightly run my hand across your fanny, making you giggle. You know how much I enjoy “trapping” you at the sink, how hard it makes it for you to do the dishes, how much more fun it is when I play.

My lips brush your neck. I slowly move upwards to your earlobe and pull it gently into my mouth. I suck on it until I hear you moan just a little, then release. Back down your neck, up again, with light fleeting touches on your skin I kiss you.

I slowly bring my hands around your waist, to squeeze you to me, pressing myself against your ass. You wriggle, pushing back towards me, your firm butt rubbing my cock. I brush my fingertips along the sides of your breasts through the sweater, barely touching you. Another moan, and you press harder against me. Your earlobe back in my mouth I nibble on it, softly at first then more firmly. I cup your breasts in my hands, filling my palms with your firm globes. I squeeze them together and you tilt your head back and groan. Your eyes are closed, your mouth is open, and cutlery clatters into the sink.

You lift your sweater, dripping from where it has hung into the sink. I slide my hands under it, reaching for your breasts. I lift them, bounce them in my hands for a moment and press them hard against you. I take your nipples between my fingertips, rolling them back and forth through the fabric. You have one of my favorite bras on, sheer and flimsy, and I can hold your nipples tightly. I pinch and release, over and over, all Escort bayan the while licking and kissing your ear. We grind our bodies together to the rhythm of my pinches. Your breaths are quick and shallow, your moans soft, your nipples hard.

You pull the sweater over your head, and turn towards me. With your arms in the air your tits are exposed to me in all their glory. I press my lips between them, and you pull my head in deeper. I inhale you; the fine aroma of your perfume so carelessly traced in your cleavage as you dressed this morning, the heady scent of your flesh, tangy and slightly sweet from perspiration.

Your skin is soft, warm and moist. I lick your breasts slowly, tracing lines and circles along the edge of your bra, teasing as I force my tongue towards a nipple. You reach behind yourself and unclasp the bra. As I back away you slowly let it fall, revealing yourself to me. Your firm pink nipples thrust towards me, and I kiss them, first one then the other and then the first again. Tiny kisses, just a quick touch of the lips and then gone, off to tease the other.

My hands are on your ass now, rubbing and squeezing. I run my fingers along the seam, barely between your legs. Your pants are damp. I kiss you, our lips hard against our teeth, our tongues meeting. You try to push your hand between us, searching for my cock, but I press my hips against yours and stop you.

I kneel in front of you, tugging at your zipper, pulling your pants to your knees. Your panties are soaked, and the scent of your juices intoxicates me. I kiss you and suck the wet fabric into my mouth. With my Bayan Escort teeth I pull your panties down as far as I can, then help you step out of them.

I quickly clear the counter, and you hop on it, gingerly balancing yourself. I push your knees apart, opening your pussy wide. You shaved this morning and the deep pink lips glisten with moisture. You have such a beautiful cunt, fat brown outer lips and delicate pink inner folds. I lean forward and place my lips on your belly, kissing it hard. I trace a line down your stomach with my tongue, running a quick circle around your navel before continuing. I breathe deeply, pulling your essence into me. I pause at your mound, and move to your thigh. Little kisses, little bites, little licks and I slip down your leg, holding it in the air as I move to your foot. I suck your big toe into my mouth, and play on it with my tongue, always watching you.

I reach for your hand, take it and place it between your legs. I start to rub your fingers on your clit, still sucking your toe, still watching you. You take up the motion, pressing your clit, sliding between your lips, putting a little show on for me. You know I love to watch you masturbate. I change feet, licking the sole of your other, watching your fingers get wetter. I begin to kiss down your leg towards your shining fingers and waiting cunt.

When I reach your hand I kiss it, kiss your fingers, lick them. I use my tongue to push your fingers into your cunt, then gently pull with my teeth so you withdraw them. I lick them off, savoring the delicious taste. I lick your lips; you quiver and wet my face with Escort a gush. I drink in your cum, and lick harder. I find your clit and flick it with my tongue. You pull the folds aside and I suck it into my mouth flicking it again and again. Your clit swells in my mouth, hardens like a little cock. I trace patterns around it with my tongue, and pull it deep into my mouth.

I push two fingers into you. I twist and wiggle them, touching all the smooth soft parts of your inner cunt until I find that hard spot inside you. As I lick your clit I rub there as it gets harder and you cum again, your juices dripping down my hand.

I unzip my pants, drop them to the floor and kick them aside. I grab my cock and rub it against your lips. You squirt all over me, a warm flood on my hand and balls. God that makes me crazy!! I have to fuck you! I pull you to the edge of the counter and slip my cock into you. You wrap your legs around my waist and pull me to you, guiding my thrusts with them. We kiss, hard and deep, almost forgetting to breathe. There is nothing but our two sweaty bodies, joined in passion.

You squirt again. It electrifies me, spurs me on. I thrust faster, as hard as I can, wanting to make you cum again and again. I kiss your breasts, your neck, your mouth. We get louder and louder as we fuck.

I’m going crazy. I have to cum or my head will explode. I want to be so deep inside you when I do. I press myself as hard as I can into you and cum.

We’re both panting like animals. I have to push you back onto the counter. You’re making those little whimpering sounds I like so much, and my knees are giving out. I collapse against you and we hug tightly. We’re quiet, gathering ourselves, catching our breath. You notice how wet the floor and my legs are and we laugh about the mess we need to clean up.

But we don’t move. Not yet. This is the best part. 🙂

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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