I Love My Job

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My name is Phillip and I am a married to a real bitch. So everyday I come to work with a smile on my face. I’m just so happy to be out of the house and here, where I have someone whom I enjoy talking with and being with.

Her name is Colleen and she is sweet and caring. When she came to work here, and we started talking, I wanted to spend every waking moment at work. I didn’t want to go home and have to do all of the work I’m expected by my wife to do.

She expects me to work a forty-hour week and then go home every night and cook dinner, wash the clothes, pick up the trash the kids throw around the living room while she sits on her fat ass watching TV and eating bon-bons.

She is my second wife and I should have lived alone a much longer time before I decided to marry her, but she sort of forced herself into my quiet life. Along with her three kids.

I don’t really mind the kids, they give me a lot of pleasure, and they are fun; they make me laugh from time to time. I’d gladly keep them if I could get rid of my bitchy wife, Rita.

I have retired from my job of forty years and since Rita decided she needed a break from the hospital, she took a job with a doctor’s office for less money and lighter work. So she is now home every night bitching about all the stuff I don’t do.

Well, I work forty to fifty hours a week and she bitches because I have to work overtime because she expects me to put dinner on the table every night at six.

Her two daughters are a nice site for my sore eyes. But at eighteen and twenty they are often out with their friends and so any pleasures they might give to my weary eyes are fleeting.

I’ve been working at a security company since I retired. Just to buy the things that Rita thinks she needs to be happy. Too bad, I’m not one of them.

Since Katrina, we have up-ed our staff because of all the empty homes in the area and new people moving around in the city.

The other day applicants started coming in and filling out applications and I was in charge of bringing them in for their interviews. One of them caught my eye. She is a sexy, brunette with rainforest green eyes.

They are the kind of eyes that take your breath away before you even see the face that holds them.

And when I finally saw the face, I felt my groin tighten. I was in love and didn’t even know her name.

Three other new recruits had arrived before her. They were comprised of two men and another woman.

I had them all sign in on the log sheet and then led them to the conference room where the director would tell them about our work and the jobs that were available.

After they were gone, I glanced at the sign-in sheet to get her name. Colleen Arkins.

I prayed that she would pass all of the qualifications. I wanted to get to know her and be her friend. My groin ached for her.

I continued my work and an hour later the recruits started leaving. The last one out was Ms. (I hoped) Arkins. She smiled at me as she left and said, “I’ll see you in the morning!”

My heart leapt at the thought of seeing her every day for as long as I worked here. “I look forward to it!” I called after her as she opened the door to leave.

She looked back quickly then slipped out the door.

The rest of the day flew by. It was like everything had gone smoothly and I didn’t even start getting nervous, just before quitting time and having to go home to the bitch.

I figured I could put up with the bitch tonight if I was going to see the princesses in the morning.

Ms Arkins was the first Escort bayan to arrive for her new job. She wore a shapely dark blue suite and had her aphotic hair up in a bun.

“Good morning, isn’t it a wonderful day?” she greeted me with one of her full smiles.

“It is now,” I said and winked at her. I saw a hint of a blush.

I directed her to the conference room once again and soon the others who had been asked back began to arrive and I became very busy.

Before I knew it, half of the day was gone and I went to the kitchen to get my lunch.

Sitting alone at a table was Colleen. She was eating a sandwich and seemed to have a thermos with soup in it.

I got my bag lunch out of the refrigerator and asked, “Do you mind if I share your table?”

She smiled and pulled out the chair beside her. “I’d love some company. Please do!”

I already loved her smile. And those green eyes were astonishing. We talked quietly about her for the entire half hour we were allotted for lunch.

As I got up to go back to the office, she asked, ” Would you mind if I ask for a desk close to yours? You’re easy to talk with and I like your smile.”

I smiled and said, “I would like that. I like your smile too and those haunting green eyes of yours.”

The boss did give her the desk next to mine, not because she had requested it but because we were going to be working together. She was in my area. Boy, did that make me happy.

“Show her the ropes Phillip!” Show her how good you are!”

I was pleased at his confidence towards me. And that I would see and talk to Colleen every day. But it also made me a bit nervous.

I had to work closely with Colleen because I had to teach her the job. Not that that was a hard thing. She was very knowledgeable and caught on to things she didn’t know very quickly.

It didn’t take long for us to get really comfortable with one another. I told her about my bitchy wife and she told me about her demanding husband who only worked when he felt like it

“That’s why I had to take a job!” she confided.

We soon became close friends and shared our stories every day about the night before. We both bitched about our spouse but never really talked about each other.

I was starting to have feelings for her and didn’t exactly know how to convey them without scaring her away.

One afternoon after lunch I pulled her into my area and whispered, “I’d sure like to kiss you.”

Colleen looked around the area and then bent and kissed me on the lips. Her tongue found its way into my mouth and my prick got so hard I was sure I was going to explode and get embarrassed. But I didn’t.

“I really like talking to you Phillip. You make me feel safe and secure. I feel like I can talk to you about anything. I wish we weren’t married to other people!”

That comment made my prick jerk in my shorts. I knew the implications of those words.

We started talking a lot more. And eventually the talking became flirting. She did little subtle things to get me excited.

At first, she flirted with me via sweet little remarks like, “I like that tie you have on Phillip.”

Sometimes she would pull her rolling chair up to mine and whispers, “I’d sure like to know what you’re thinking right now!”

I can get really hard just hearing those words because usually when she says that, I’m thinking of her naked.

All of the blouses she wears are silk and buttoned up the front. She always unbuttoned the first three buttons exposing her cleavage.

She definitely had a Bayan Escort nice set of breasts. She has firm, thirty-four inch beasts and a skinny little waist.

I’ve told her all about my bitch of a wife and she tells me about her useless husband who refuses to work.

We’ve been working together for about three months now and we have become rather close. So close that she has taken on a dominant role in the office and often, teasingly demands that I do certain things.

We have sneaked around behind the other employees back and kissed, touched each other’s private parts and our lips have come together many times.

Yesterday, I was sitting in my cubicle and she slipped into the partitions and pulled up her skirt. “Lick me, I’m horny!” she demanded.

I glanced around the area and saw no one close to my cubicle, so I crawled on my knees to her V’d legs and slipped my face under her skirt.

She held onto my chair as my tongue fucked her wet cunt and she cooed softly her pleasure.

When I finished licking up all of her juices she flashed her tits at me and left without even a thank you.

But she deserves to be treated like a queen. She deserves having me adore her because she makes me so happy. I love coming to work because she is here.

Her husband is a real asshole. He comes home from work and demands dinner as soon as he walks through the door. He sometimes slaps her around and then heads for a beer or two with the “guys.”

I think he has another woman on the side. So does she.

Yesterday, I slipped into her cubicle and crawled under her desk. She put her hands on the back of my head and forced my face deep in her pussy. It was silky and smelled of peaches.

I sprayed my thick cum in my shorts and then licked it out of them on her command. It really turned me on.

After I had devoured the seed, she pulled me to her red lips and tongue kissed me then kicked me out of her cubicle.

Occasionally, we go to lunch together. I love that because she lets me squeeze her nice tits and suckle her clit. She goes wild when I do that.

Her husband never suckles her; he gets his and then falls to sleep.

Sounds like my wife. I lick he and play with her clit then she rolls over and falls asleep no pleasure for me.

But Colleen and I give mutual gratification. However, she is getting a bit demanding too. She likes to make me do things I would never do for another woman.

She wants to dominate me and I sort of like her way of doing it.

Today she walked into my cubical and lifted her skirt. She had no panties on. “Tongue fuck me!” she demanded.

It was lunchtime and most of the people were gone. My prick stood as tall as it could as I knelt before her and ran my hands up under her skirt.

I felt the wetness between her legs and a new development! She had shaved her furry pussy.

I exploded in my drawers once again. Then I looked up at her and smiled. “I like that. It is so sweet and now I can give you lots of pleasure.”

She smiled and bent to kiss my pussy flavored lips.

I slipped my hand under her loose blouse and squeezed her full pussy lips and then crawled under her skirt and lapped at her juices as a cat would a bowl of milk.

Once I had satisfied her, she stroked me and whispered, “Good boy, now come kiss me!”

I checked the area and there was no one in site. My lips met her’s and her tongue probed for my tonsils.

Her hands grabbed my butt and pulled me as close to her as she could. She felt the hardness between my legs and Escort squeezed my balls.

“Naughty boy!” she whispered. Just for that you have to suck my tits!”

She unbuttoned the buttons that covered her full breast and my mouth quickly licked and suckled the firm nipples.

When the other employees returned, we eat lunch together and we talked a lot about my bitch of a wife who thinks that I exist for her every command and her useless husband. And we found plenty to laugh about.

While at lunch I was allowed to touch and fondle her as much as I wanted. She liked to suck my cock and I loved her doing that. She has a great tongue and knows how to use it on that little hole. She drives me mad and makes me so happy.

We often talk about divorcing our spouses but neither of us can afford the alimony. And we believe as long as we are together at the office, then we will stay happy.

Every night when I go home, my wife still gripes and bitches and I just smile and say “Yes, dear I’m doing it now. Or “Yes, dear, dinner is ready. And all of the time, I’m thinking of Colleen and how happy I’ll be to be back at work.

Yesterday she came in and she had no bra on.

“Come see baby,” she whispered. “I have a present for you.”

When I got into her cubicle she had her hand in her blouse. She spread her legs open and instead of crouchless panties, she wore none.

I smiled and looked up at her.

“Makes it easier to play, don’t you think? I feel so much freer without them. And what about this? “

She opened her blouse and her full breast popped out at me. “No bra either!”

I scrambled to the full tits and suckled one into my mouth as my fingers found their way to the uncovered pussy between her legs.

Colleen cooed as my tongue slipped deep into her warm juices.

Then I heard a door close and I jumped up. Her skirt came up with me, but she was quick to right it.

Just in time, I sat at my desk, pulled out a report and started explaining it to Colleen as our boss passed her cubicle.

He stuck his head in the opening and asked how things were going. I smiled brightly and said, “Couldn’t be better, sir!”

“Great! And Colleen?”

“I’m doing good too sir; Phillip was just giving me some good tips about the job. He’s a really good teacher.” She smiled and looked back at me sitting in my chair.

“Good keep up the good work.” He waved and was on his way.

Colleen pulled up her skirt and sat on my lap. She unzipped my pants and stroked my prick. Once it was firm, she opened her legs and slipped her wet pussy over my dong and slowly rode me up and down.

I bit my lip to keep from crying out in an Allelula as my seed spilled into her wet cunt.

Her body shook with rapture and she slipped off my lap spilling my seed on the carpet.

She turned to me and said, “You had better clean up that mess and left my office.

The next day she came in and told me that she was leaving the company. “I’ve found another job that will pay me more. Will you come with me?”

“Do you think I can get one?” I asked her.

“Yeah, I have already told them about you and they are interested. We will make at least two thousand more a week.”

“Let’s go!”

We handed in our resignations and walked out the door hand in hand.

For the next three months we plotted and saved and talked to lawyers.

We both went to our spouses the same night and told them we wanted a divorce and walked out of our homes.

That was seven months ago. Next week we will be married. And will celebrate our love the way it should be celebrated.

But right now we are just enjoying one another and finding new and wonderful ways of pleasing one another. I will love her for the rest of my life!

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