I Feel Nasty

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“I feel nasty” were the words she shocked me with as she looked up into my eyes and lowered her mouth over my cock. Words I’d never heard from the lips of my lady and music to my ears. I had thanked her earlier for the tremendous blow job she had given me about a week ago, only to find out she didn’t remember it. She was a bit under the influence of alcohol when it happened. So the conversation took an erotic turn in a big way, as I was trying to refresh her memory and describe why it was so tremendous and incredibly different. I couldn’t explain it in words, so a few drinks later; it was show and tell time. ‘Nothing like hands on training’ I always say.

I lay back relaxing so as to feel every motion you performed on my cock. You pumped the base of my cock shaft slow and gently with your hand and I could feel your lips sealed just over the ridge of my cock head as you sucked on my purple knob. “Try pumping with your mouth too baby” I suggested. And on we went while I tried to figure out what to suggest or describe to help recapture that spectacular performance I felt on my cock only a week ago. It was as if you were possessed with the need to conquer that rediscovery of supreme cock sucking. “God I love sucking your cock, it feels so good in my mouth baby” you sighed while looking up at me with a devilish grin on your face.

You were feeling nasty! I’d never heard you say the word “cock” before, let alone that you liked it. Hearing you talk nasty to me was as arousing as the head you were giving me. I was definitely in nasty mode now, and wanted to capitalize on this as much as possible.

“Oh yeahhh baby! You’ve got it! Right there!” I nearly cried. “Keep it up and you’re gonna have a mouthful!” I hastily warned. I use the word ‘hastily’ because cumming in your mouth had never been an issue with me, but given the moment, well I was hasty. You’d never sucked me off before, so to quote the clichés ‘There’s no time like the present’, ‘There’s a first time for everything’, ‘I’ll try anything once, twice if it’s good’, I was ‘up’ for all cliché fulfillments.

Then came your words sent from heaven “Cum in my mouth baby! Give me your hot load!” My cock felt like it was going to burst apart under pressure when I felt my butt muscles give way to uncontrollable spasms, pumping my cum up the shaft of my cock. You didn’t miss a stroke Escort bayan with the tight grip of your hand, and warm sucking welcoming lips. You were obviously surprised as the first wad of my thick goo erupted into your mouth, only to be matched by my surprise when you continued to suck my pulsating cock head with a firm hand griping my shaft, as several more intrusive hot wads of cum filled your mouth.

This was a whole new feeling to both of us and all I could think of was getting my mouth on your mouth, in hopes of sharing some of my cum with you. Apparently this was on your mind too because as I scooted down, you climbed up and our mouths met with an animal like hunger. Once again I was happily surprised when you pushed my whole load of still hot cream deep into my mouth with your tongue.

This was hot to say the least! My cock was hard as a rock and raring to go. But go where from here? We were still passing my cum back and forth with dancing tongues in our passionate kiss when I felt your hand grabbing at my cock. I let out a moan and knew this was my ‘go ahead’ to continue with this nasty and erotic mood of sexual pleasure. My fingers soon found way to your heated, dripping wet snatch sending your body into a quiver with a grumbling moan. As I awkwardly spread your swollen cunt lips so as to massage your clit with a circling motion I felt your hand at mine and you whispered “Put your fingers in me baby, I want you to bang me”. God this was hot! I started pumping your cunt with my left hand while I was able to lean back on my knees and watch you work your clit with two fingers of your right hand while you held your cunt lips open with your left hand. Very, very nasty! I started to jack myself with my right hand, which was different since I was left handed, when you looked and said “Put in another finger baby, bang me”. What could I do? I had another finger in you immediately and it was as if I could feel your cunt muscles contract on my fingers and pull them in to your box. I loved watching you working your clit with an almost precision movement. “Come on baby, Bang me, Fuck me with your fingers” you almost commanded. “Make me cum! Jack your cock off on me!” You picked up the pace on your clit and you were grinding your mound hard on my knuckles with my fingers buried in your cunt. “Cum on my pussy baby, Cum Bayan Escort now!” you nearly screamed as I could feel your spasms of cum at hand. That was all it took for me. I was pumping my load on your mound upon command with pleasure.

This was a golden opportunity of the ultimate in nasty for me now. I moved down wondering what your reaction would be as I began to lick and suck at your cunt with an erotic passion of desire. God this was great! And better yet when you reacted by pushing your pussy into my face with a firm grip on the back of my head.”Oh yeah, lick me up baby” you pleaded with a desperate tone in your voice. “Suck my pussy clean and fuck me hard! I want to cum on your cock, make me cum with your hard cock!”

You had me rock hard again with your nasty talk as I submerged my face into your wetness, licking, sucking and drinking up our heated creams. As I moved myself up between your open legs I could feel your hand reaching down for my cock. My mouth met yours in an open search of sharing as your hand found my shaft guiding it into your wanting cunt. Your cunt was so wet my cock gained entry with almost a magnetic force sucking me in. You spread your legs wide; pulling your knees to you breasts. Without hesitation I took advantage of your position by moving my arms over the backs of your legs, propping myself up with my hands above your shoulders. It was like unexplored territory for me to fuck. “Hard baby, give me all your hard cock!” you pleaded “Pump my cunt hard! I want to feel your hot cum squirting in me!”

At this point I was amazed my cock was hard again; wait, not just “hard”, but this hard again. Your dirty talk and newly displayed talents of sexual pleasures have fooled my body into thinking I’m a teenager again. So when in Rome; you know what I mean; and I began to pump your cunt as hard and deep as I could. With a fury in an almost violent frenzy, I asked with a devilish grin, “How’s that baby? Is that hard enough?” and continued to pound my cock as fast and deep as physically possible for me to keep up with at this point of exhaustion.

As I collapsed on you in a dripping sweat and sucking for air like there was none, I wheezed out “I’m spent baby, that’s it. Your gonna have to suck me off, your gonna have to be my cum guzzling whore, O.K.?” I saw a bit of disappointment in Escort your eyes as you reluctantly gestured an O.K. toward me. I propped myself up to pull my weight off you, withdrawing my still stiff cock from your wet snatch. I looked down at that beautiful sight of my glistening shaft between your swollen cunt lips as the head of my cock barely cleared your opening when I paused, gazing into your eyes “Or I could try again, if you don’t mind me going a little slower? You know baby, like this”. And with a mischievous grin I slowly pushed my shining cock head back into your cunt. Oh so slowly I let my meat fall into you. I pushed to the bottom and then some so you could feel my hard knob pressed against the back of your womb. Slowly I withdrew my length until its purple head just cleared your entry, only to push back into your warmth and find the bottom again.

There’s something to be said for slow stroking. It’s as if the more you concentrate on slow pumping, the more amplified your sensitivity becomes to every movement. And I swear your cock gets even harder.

“Is this okay baby? Am I getting deep enough for you honey?” “Ummmm huhhh”. It was about this time I saw you absolutely melt when my cock head reentered your opening after barely clearing its grips. It was like a gift from heaven for me. “I just don’t know if I can finish baby”, as I viewed my swollen knob withdraw from your entry. And with that I put my weight on my right arm while taking hold of my shaft with my left hand. I began rubbing my knob up and down between your cunt lips being sure to pay special attention to your magical hood of sensitivity. Slowly from your clit, down your slit I would bring it making sure to push the ridge of its head into you just past the edge of your sweet opening and then just as slowly pull it out making sure you felt its collar pass over your tightness. “Will this be okay honey? Can you feel that?” “Ohhh yeaahhh baby! I’m cummmmmiinnngggg!!!!”

That was my cue. Once again I felt my butt muscles spasm and I buried my cock hard and deep into your cunt with a commanding force. “Can you feel it baby? I’m cummmingg for you!” as I felt the jizz pumping from my cock into you. “It’s so warm baby, thank you, it feels so good!” you sighed and feel back into relaxation.

I used my butt muscles to contract the last few drops from my now withering shaft as I fell next to you on the bed. Hugging and kissing you in a spooning position my lips smoldered “Thank you baby, that was terrific. It doesn’t get any better than that.”

“Yes it does” is all I heard as I entered slumber land.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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