House Tour

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You arrive at my door, opening it I see you are dressed in a long black coat, we exchange hello’s and I invite you in, closing the door behind you I offer to take your coat, you say thank you and you spin to turn your back to me. I reach up and slip the coat from around your shoulders. As I do you take a few steps forward allowing me to take you all in. Your standing there dressed in a short padded skirt, black thigh highs and open toed three inch black shoes and a very reveling bra-less white top As I step up behind you, I lean forward and ask you if you would like a glass of red wine. You turn and look and me smiling and say I would love one.

I walk to the closet and hang up your jacket, then turn and head to the kitchen where I have already placed two glasses and an open bottle of burgundy wine.

With two glasses of wine I proceed back to the living room where I see you looking at pictures on the wall, I step up behind you and bring my arm around you, offer you the glass of wine. You take it from my hand and turn to face me, and looking into my eyes, you thank me.

I smile and say would you like a tour, you jump at the chance, so we go explore the house, we then Escort bayan walk-in to the master bedroom, and you stop dead in your tracks, and I hear a slight sigh escape you lips. I ask if you are alright and you look at me and say I am fine. We then proceed back down stairs, and where I take you over to the dining room window and show you the view of the lake that I have every morning. As your standing looking out the window, I come up behind you pressing my body into yours and leaning forward kiss you softly on the neck. You turn and look into my eyes and I lean down and kiss you passionately on the lips for what seems minutes is in reality only seconds. I then back away and as you are you going to be a good girl for me. You answer yes, I then instruct you to turn around and walk over to the dining room table, as you approach I tell you to put your wine glass on the table in front of you and to pace your hands flat on the table on either side of the glass and don’t move until I tell you too.

Stepping up behind you, I reach past you and placing my glass on the table, while my other hand is resting on the small of your back. I then take both my hand and run Bayan Escort up the back of your legs slowing and over your bare ass, pulling your skirt up over your hips it to my view. Then with one hand on your back, I ask you again are you going to be a good girl for me, and just before you answer, I give you a slight slap on the ass. You jump for a second, and then gather yourself and answer me, oh yes sir I will be a good girl for you.

Stepping back I take each of your ass cheeks in my hand and spread them apart, leaning behind you I stick my tongue out and give you long slow lick over your naked pussy and up over the crack of your ass. Then back and forth until I hear soft moans escape your lips. Pulling your cheeks wider, I plunge my tongue into your wetness as deep as I can, sucking on your outer lips and teasing them with my tongue.

You push back into my face wanting my tongue deep in, I than push you forward over the table and getting to my feet, I slap you on each cheek once again, and say now I think I want to take you like a good bitch right here and now. Pulling out my cock, I stroke it a few times till it is ready to bust at the seams. Grabbing Escort you by your hips I pull you into me, and guide just the head of my cock past your lips all the while telling you not to move your hands off the table. I than plunge into you as deep as I can go in one stroke, feeling my balls up against your ass reaching down I grab you by the back of your hair, and pull you semi straight off the table, with drawing my cock from you slowly and then pulling you by the back of your hair, kick my hips forward as hard I can plunging deep back into you again and again until I feel the wetness in you build. You push back into meeting me with as I plunge my cock into you, moaning and muttering oh god fuck me. You feel the desire build in you until you can no long hold back and say god I want to cum on you, please let me cum on you.

Pulling you harder into me I lean forward next to your ear and tell you to come on me like a good little bitch. You mutter something as I feel you shutter, over and over as you cum on my cock, then after a slight shake or two I feel you start to go limp and as I release my grasp on you, you slum relaxed over the table face down.

I then step back pulling my cock from you and pull you up from the table and turn you to face the stairs to my room, slap you on the ass and say, oh we have just begun my dear, and you have a cleaning job to do when you get upstairs, now move as I slap you on the ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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