Hotel Anonymous

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I knock at the door of the hotel room and after a minute hear your voice call for me to come in, because the door is open. I push through the heavy door but the room is dark, no lights on inside even though it’s night. The door shuts behind me with a clunk and my eyes slowly become accustomed to the darkness. I see the outline of the bed and look to the window, curtains pulled back and the window open and then I see you.

You’re stood to the side of the window, the lights from the streetlamps casting a dim glow on silhouette but it’s your hair I see most. Long and it’s picked up lightly in the breeze from the window and flicks against the smooth edge of your shoulder.. Even in the semi darkness your eyes seem hypnotic, they burn brightly taking me in, drinking in the scene. I stand in front of you in my vintage t shirt and jeans in silence, it’s not uncomfortable, the air is charged and we can both feel it. We both know why we’re here, we both know what will occur, and how we’ll see each other as few others see us, and the silence is merely the beginning of our experience.

I move towards you, silently but quickly and push you against the wall firmly with my hand against your stomach. The force pushes the air from your lungs slightly as you gasp.

I stand inches from you, eye to eye because of your heels, feeling your stomach swell with your deep breathing and our bodies touch, you smile slightly but your eyes look over me hungrily as I lean in and our lips touch for the first time. We melt into each other, our lips parting and our tongues mixing, pushing against each other, exploring and probing and tasting each other, flicking and darting between our open lips as we push more deeply into each other.

My hands are up, in your hair and around the back of your neck and yours are around my arms and over my chest, feeling it’s hardness through my t-shirt as I force you harder against the wall. Our bodies press against each other, writhing slightly as our kissing becomes more aggressive, you push your tongue deep into my mouth and then bite hard down on my bottom lip. I pull away, yanking your head back at the same time by your hair at the slight taste of blood in my mouth, I dab the edge of my mouth with my hand but you laugh defiantly in my face, your face cruel and seductive at the same time. It’s at this moment, I’m suddenly aware that this fuck is going to be incredible.

My other hand comes up to your neck and I kiss you again, hard on the mouth, your mouth gratefully accepts my tongue and sucks on it, tasting my blood. Your hands are all over me, pulling up my t-shirt and lightly dragging your Maraş Escort nails down my lean and hard stomach. You can feel my hardness through my jeans, pushing into your groin, I reach down and pull your arse up, lifting you slightly so that my stiff cock pushes against your crotch and you moan absently as your arms come up and around my neck. Both hands are now on your firm arse, pulling at your skirt and rubbing the crease of your bum as our groins start to grind against each other. I pull away from our embrace and hold your eye contact, telling you how sexy you are, how I can’t wait to fuck you, how my cock aches to slide inside your dripping wet pussy and you smile, a devilish hungry smile.

We kiss again, frantic and passionate and you pull your legs up around my waist, my hands hoisting you up and holding you, our groins resting on each other as you start to rock your pelvis into mine. I pull you from the wall and throw you onto the bed, still kissing you as my hands run over your body, pulling up your top and running over your soft skin, rubbing over your pert breasts, cupping them and sliding my thumb over your erect nipple.

We’re breathing heavily now as you reach down, rubbing my stiff cock through my jeans and pulling at my belt with your other hand. My hand reaches down and my fingers find the thin cloth separating me from your pussy and I trace the edge of your lips through the skirt, applying more pressure as your fingers pull at my dick.

You lean back and close your eyes as I push further between your legs, you’re moaning slightly as my tongue slides from your chest up your neck and under your ear. I place my hand on your stomach then slide it down and under your skirt, into your knickers and my fingers finally find the warm wetness of you. You gasp as my finger slips between your dripping lips, feeling the moistness of your sex and pushing deep into your cunt. Your lips take my fingers easily and I notice how tight you are, the fleshy walls of your pussy suck at my fingers and they slip out slowly and rub over your sensitive clit. You open your eyes and look at me, biting your lip and scrunching your nose up, looking like you want to tear me apart. You’re so fucking sexy, you tell me, as you feel my fingers probing you, finding the bundle of nerves inside you that make your pussy throb.

I stand off you, using both hands to roughly pull down your skirt and knickers in one, over your heels, which I leave on your feet, revealing your long legs and cleanly shaved pussy in the dark light. I push up your vest, kissing down your neck, chest and over your tits, pulling one Maraş Escort Bayan from your bra to suck on it, fingers inside you again, your legs naturally spreading to allow them full access. I kiss, suck and lick down your belly, across the stomach and down to your thighs, kissing and biting them, moving towards your pussy lips, but then moving to the other thigh. Licking from your arse cheek to up around your lips, over the top of your pussy and then down the other side.

I’m so close to your soaking wet snatch, I can smell your sex, I see it, inches from my face, see your body laid out in front of me and I want it, I want all of it. I slide my tongue down and towards the centre of your body, to the area between your ass and where your lips end. I push forward, my nose parting your lips and pushing into you and then slide up slowly and deliberately, making my tongue wide and moving up through your cunt, finally my tongue melting into you and I taste your sex for the first time, it tastes sweet, and musty and incredibly horny and you sigh feeling my tongue slip into you, and push deeper, hungry for your hot wet cunt juices. I move up, my nose grazing your clit as my tongue disappears into you. I start to lick you, inside, feeling the nerves of your pussy, bundled up and you spread your legs wider for me. I’m ravenous for you, so hungry and I want to tease and please and fuck and corrupt you.

I lick all around the outside of your lips, now swelling with blood as you get more and more turned on. Kissing and nibbling up along them to the hood of your clit, then down the other side. My finger pushes inside you, deep and twisting, then two, right up to the knuckle, then pull it out slowly to see it covered in your slick sex juices. My tongue settles on the top of your lips, nuzzling and pushing them aside to reveal your hard swollen clit. I circle it, pushing hard with my fingers now as I pump into you, my tongue moves around your clit, but not over it and not touching it until I make my tongue flat and rub over it slowly My cock aches in my jeans for you, to slide inside you, to feel your tight wet pussy walls holding me inside you.

You start to move your pelvis, very slightly moving the position of your clit on my tongue and I hold it steady, knowing you know what makes you feel electric more than I do, then I start to flick, rapidly and lightly at first, then hard but more slowly, pushing hard against the nub of your clit. My fingers twist into you and I push harder, becoming a little more frantic, flicking and nibbling while I finger fuck you, you start to grind your pelvis harder into Escort Maraş me. Rubbing your dripping cunt on my face, covering my mouth, chin and nose with your juices.

I look up at you, eyes closed, head to one side and your hands cupping your breasts that you’ve now pulled out of your bra. Your legs are spread wide, your shoes and bra the only piece of clothing you have on as you moan slightly. My arm pumps my fingers into your cunt as I lick your clit faster and faster, alternating between light and forceful strokes. You’re moaning now, and your hand comes down leaving your breast exposed and your erect nipple showing, it rests on my head and you guide me in line with your rocking pelvis, your stomach starts to shake lightly as you rub your pussy all over my face. You arch your back to let my fingers as deep as possible and they work the soaking walls of your cunt quickly.

Your legs start to shake and I know your orgasm is building, I look up and your eyes are open, looking straight at me, holding my eye contact and watching me eat you out, seeing my face covered in your sex juices. You look so fucking horny and you tell me how good it makes you feel, how you can’t wait to have my cock in your mouth and inside you.

My free hand reaches down and pulls open my jeans, freeing my swollen cock and I pull it from my Calvins, feeling them wet with the precum that has dripped from the tip in anticipation of tasting your delicious hole.

I stroke at my hard length while I work on your groin and your stomach flutters more wildly with every flick of my tongue over your clit, my fingers are really working into you now, pushing hard and fast and twisting in your slick sex juices, my arm tires as I pump into you and I can feel your orgasm approaching. Your pelvis bucks into me as you gasp loudly and start to moan constantly, I alternate between light quick flicks and deep slow sucks of your clit and can feel you about to burst. Don’t stop, you say, don’t stop and I become more frantic sucking you, flicking you, finger fucking you while I wank myself and I know in seconds you’re going to cum all over my fingers, and mouth and face. It feels so horny and you arch your back as waves of pleasure spasm down the walls of your pussy, you grab handfuls of the sheets on the bed as you let out a final moan and whisper Fuck loudly, bucking into my face, your legs and stomach shaking, trembling, flickering involuntary muscles in your smooth thighs near my face before you go still, back arched, whole body tense and held in a final moment of purest pleasure before collapsing back onto the bed.

I give your pussy a final lick, with satisfaction that I can taste your juices now mixed with cum, a subtle difference in taste that lets me know you’ve climaxed and slowly slide my fingers out of you. I’m still pulling at my cock and can’t wait to have it in your mouth and now soaking pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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