Hot Summer Day

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It was a stinking hot summer’s day when I went around to Naomi’s place. She’d called up and told me to come over and jump in the pool. Several others were also coming. I was not in the least reluctant to go and jump in a nice cool pool with some good companionship. I hastened around to Naomi’s place as fast as my feet could move, which wasn’t all that fast, because it was stinking hot.

Adam, Naomi’s father was in the front yard, doing gardening. Sooner him than me, I assure you. Adam was a big man with a really dark tan and he was only wearing shorts. He looked quite a splendid example of an older male. Ah, don’t think I was getting a crush on him just because I said he looked fine. That older signifies that he’s about double my age. Forty, at least.

I joined Naomi and the others and we had a ball. A fairly even mix of boys and girls and we swam and flirted and played around. Nothing serious. We were just young people taking it easy on a hot day.

Eventually it was time that I had to head on home. I started making goodbye noises and Naomi suggested that I swing past the bathroom first and have a quick shower.

“Chlorine can really wreck your hair if you don’t shower pretty quickly after getting out. Green hair is so déclassé.”

She was right about that. I nodded and wandered into the house to grab a quick shower. I stepped out of the shower to get dried and dressed and Adam walked into the bathroom. Entirely my fault, I guess. I didn’t push the snib on the handle to lock the door. I froze for a second, staring at him, and then frantically grabbed for the towel, holding it in front of me.

“Oops,” said Adam, a big smile on his face.

With that he reached out and calmly plucked the towel out of my grasp. He didn’t yank it out of my hand. He just took hold of it and lifted it out of fingers that seemed unable to grasp it. My mind couldn’t seem to grasp the fact that he’d done so, either, and I just stood there, deer in the spotlight, hand between my breasts as though I was still clutching the towel.

He looked me over quite thoroughly, smiling the entire time, enjoying the scenery, apparently. Then he reached out a hand Manisa Escort behind him and pressed the snib on the door while his other hand reached out and pulled me firmly against him.

He had a hand in the middle of my back and the other one was resting on my bottom, holding me quite firmly against him. The hand on my back was one thing. The one on my bottom was something else again. I am of a relatively petite size and his hand completely covered my bottom. His fingers were spread and I could feel his big finger was pressing against the cleft in my bottom and it was almost touching my whooshka, if you get what I mean.

And I could feel his arousal pressing against me through his shorts. How dare he get aroused just by looking at me?

He kissed me. Not a gentlemanly kiss on the forehead or cheek which would be perfectly acceptable from a man his age to a young lady. He gave me a proper kiss, tongue and all. Apparently age is good for something. It certainly taught Adam how to kiss.

He released me and stepped back, looked me up and down, and laughed. I looked down to see what he was laughing at and felt like laughing myself. (I didn’t, because that might be taken as approval of his reprehensible behaviour.)

He’d been gardening, hadn’t he? Playing in all the dirt and transferring a considerable portion to his person. I’d been in the shower, hadn’t I? Getting all wet. Combine his dirt with my wet and I was covered in mud. Great muddy splotches up and down my body. Oh, gawd. Probably on my back and bottom as well.

While I was adjusting to this little revelation there was another little revelation. Adam dropped his shorts and that erection I’d felt pressing against me was suddenly on display. It was magnificent. I couldn’t believe he’d been hiding something like that.

This was the time a little voice whispered in my ear.

“Time to go, girl. Scream, grab a towel, tell him no, slap him and run. Do all of the above. Move it girl. Don’t just stand there or you are fucked.”

And what was I doing? I was just standing there, staring.

He pulled me up against him again and now I could really feel Manisa Escort Bayan his erection against me. Earlier it had been big and hard and under cover. Now it was big and hard and hot and hungry.

His hands were at my waist and he calmly lifted me up and sat me on the wash-basin cabinet. Turning to the basin he rinsed the mud off his hands, watching me all the time. Then he picked up a face-cloth and soaked it and started washing my breasts.

I go, “What?” and he grinned.

“I don’t want to be tasting mud,” he explained and I found myself blushing.

I couldn’t help thinking how stupid I was being. Here I was naked and sitting on a wash-basin cabinet with a naked man in front of me, who happened to be sporting an erection, and I blush because he insinuates he’s going to taste my breasts? Madness.

A quick rinse was all that was required and then he wasn’t tasting mud, but me. He was standing between my thighs, his erection brushing against me (and I was so aware of that brushing), while his mouth covered one nipple and his hand tweaked the other. He alternated, kissing and sucking first one breast and then the other, his hands taking possession of whichever breast happened to be free.

Lifting his head his hand dropped and he was rubbing my mound. I’m quite sure my eyes were wide and staring. I was having trouble believing this was happening. I was having even more trouble with the fact that I wasn’t screaming and crying and trying to get away. How could I just sit there and let him poke his fingers between my lips and do no more than gasp slightly. (Squirming around under his touch does not count as doing anything.)

I think I’d subconsciously assumed that he was waiting until he was ready before doing anything serious. Silly of me. I should have known that he was ready as soon as his cock was erect. He was waiting for me to be ready. Not asking my opinion, as it were, but checking the temperature, so to speak. His check must have come out on the plus side where he was concerned.

He moved back a little, adjusting the position of his cock. Instead of his erection pointing to the sky like a Escort Manisa good little soldier it was now pointing right at me. He moved closer and it was pointing inside me, nosing its way past my lips and looking for new territory to conquer.

I finally came to my senses and started protesting quite vigorously. As if! I found myself pushing to meet him and it wasn’t the easiest thing to do while sitting on a wash-basin cabinet. My arms were behind me, pressing hard down against the cabinet while I tried to lift myself and impale myself on what was being offered. Limited success on my part but that didn’t stop Adam from thrusting forward, driving into me with elan. (For those who don’t know it ‘elan’ means a large and flamboyant cock, which was definitely what Adam was using.)

From that point on things got rather rumbustious. Adam was driving in hard in what seemed to be one long continuous movement. My legs were wrapped around him, holding on tight, using them to help draw him deeper into me. His hands were massaging my breasts and all I could feel was excitement from every part of my body. I’ll swear that even my toes were tingling.

He kept on going, too. He wasn’t one of these fly-by-nighters, here one moment and gone the next. He was in for the long haul and boy, was he delivering. If it wasn’t for the fact that I must have lost my senses to even let him start, I’d have had to say he screwed me senseless.

Once he got going I found that I needed this and I was letting him know it in no uncertain terms. He, for his part, was busy making sure that all my needs were met, thundering in, doing a quick withdrawal and then thundering in again. I was gasping and panting and urging him on. (Not screaming, even though I wanted to. I had no idea where Naomi and the rest of the crew were. I had no intention of letting on what was happening.)

Adam kept going until I was ready and past ready, almost whimpering in my urgent desire to see things come to a conclusion. Then he came in even harder, helping me to climax and thoroughly squirting me at the same time.

He took a step back and looked at me thoughtfully.

“Right,” he said. “This bathroom seems to be occupied. I’d better go use the en suite, instead.”

He pulled on his shorts and left. I looked down at myself. I was flushed and muddy and sweaty, with miscellaneous juices running down my legs. I stepped back in the shower. After locking the door.

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