Hot Shower Ch. 08

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I stifle a yawn as I sit through another boring meeting, not all that different than the last three I have sat through. Thankfully this was the last of the day. I yawn again when Erin leaned over to whisper in my ear, “Did you get any sleep last night?”

“No,” I smile in spite of myself, “Not really. I’m not complaining though.”

“So, got similar plans tonight?”

“I don’t know. I was told to be ready to go to dinner at 5:30. That’s all I know.”

“5:30? You are gonna have to move it after this bore-fest to get ready in time.”

“Yeah, I know — I was thinking of leaving a little early.”

“I could go with you, help you get ready…”

“Now, that’s an offer I can’t refuse, let’s go.” We stand up and draw as little attention to ourselves as possible as we leave through the back doors of the room set up for the meeting. I slide my arm through Erin’s as we walk quickly back to the elevators.

“You know, I keep thinking about you two in the elevator last night, did he really make you cum on the way down to dinner?”

“Oh yeah, I would have melted into a puddle right there in the corner if he hadn’t held me up and made me go to dinner. I wonder…” I slid my hand up to the V in Erin’s shirt, it was unbuttoned just far enough that you could see her defined cleavage peaking through. Moving my hand into her shirt, I pulled one more button open, taking the view from slightly daring to delightful, and I smiled as her face flushed.

“What are you doing?” she panted as I slid my hand into the cup of her bra, pulling it completely to the side, freeing her beautiful tit to my sight.

“Just seeing if I can make you cum before we get to my floor.”

“Oh, ok,” she panted harder as I dropped my head and slowly licked her nipple. Her hands slid into my hair as I sucked hard on her nipple and rubbed my palm across her clit, hidden behind the thin pants she wore. I began moving my thumb harder and faster over her clit as I licked, sucked and played with her nipple until I felt her entire body tense against me. “Oh, oh, oh yessss,” she sighed, just as the elevator dinged to announce our arrival at my floor. I pulled her shirt back into place and gave her a quick kiss as the doors opened. I sailed out and walked to the door to my room.

“Thanks for waiting on me,” Erin whined as she came up behind me.

“Well, I thought that after last night you surely knew your way to my room.”

We walked in and Erin lay back on my bed and sighed. “I think I need to rest just a moment. What’s first on the agenda for getting you ready for dinner?”

“Mmm, a hot shower,” I sighed as I drifted into the luxurious bathroom and dropping clothes as I walked, I turned on the water, adjusting it until it was beating down hot and steamy. “Perfect,” I moaned as I stepped under the spray and surrendered myself to the bliss the pulsing water created.

“Alright, I think it’s my turn to return the favor before I have to go get ready for my own dinner plans,” Erin said as she dropped the last of her clothes behind her and stepped into the glass walled shower with me.

“Got a hot date?” I managed to ask as she ran her hand along my hip, skimming over my side, moving up to graze my nipple before moving back down the same path.

“No,” she groaned, “Dinner with my boss, you know, the dinner you HAVE to go to, but you know you are just going to be bored to tears? The only thing that will get me through it is KNOWING that you’ll call me later tonight, and I’ll get to come back and taste this again,” she said as she pushed two, then three fingers inside my pussy.

I leaned back against the wall for support as her fingers drove me wild, pushing hard into my pussy while her thumb did acrobatic Escort bayan things around my clit. I could barely breathe as she pushed me closer and closer to an orgasm, until she removed her thumb and I cried out in panic, until I felt her mouth replace it. She licked my dripping slit once, then twice, then sucked my clit into her mouth as she fucked me hard with her fingers. It was more than I could take and I grabbed onto the shower head for support and held her head in place as she never relented the pressure on my clit, sucking on it, licking it until I saw stars again and began bucking my hips against her in total abandon.

I slid down the wall of the shower as she stepped out and quickly dried off and redressed. “You leaving me now?”

“Yes, I’ve got to go get ready too, call me later though.”

“You know I will.” I let the water run over my body until I had the energy to stand again and finish my shower. I lingered longer than I intended just enjoying the heat and steam that swirled around me, the scents of my shampoo and body wash that made the experience all that more sensual. I stood with my eyes closed as I turned off the water and reached for my robe.

Wrapping it tightly around me and grabbing another plush towel to dry my hair I heard a noise from my room, and hurried to the door, “I knew you couldn’t leave… Oh, sorry, I thought you were Erin.”


“No, never, I just thought she had decided to stick around a little longer. What are you doing here?”

“Did you two skip your meetings today and play?”

“No, we just left the last one a little early, and we only played a little. Now, what are you doing in here?” I asked again.

“Tell me how you played.”

You seem intent on not answering my question and I can never seem to tell you no, so I relent, at least a little, “We played in the elevator, by the way, you look nice, where are we going?”

“What did you do in the elevator, we’re going to dinner and you are wearing this,” you point to the clothes laying on my bed.

I shrug out of my robe and walk over to see what I’m supposed to wear, “Oh, I made her cum by sucking her tit on the ride up, nothing special, where did these come from?” I asked as I held up the skirt and sweater that were laying there for me to wear.

“Nothing special? Sounds like you had fun, is that all you did? Don’t worry about where they came from, just put them on.”

“Then she fucked me with her fingers and sucked my clit until I came twice in the shower,” I said as I turned to grab a thong to put on.

“What are you doing?” you asked.

“Getting a bra and panties,” I replied as I pulled out the raciest scrap of lace I’d brought with me and dangled it in front of me.

“Was that on the bed for you to put on?”

“No, but…”

“But nothing, if it’s not on the bed, you aren’t wearing it.”

“But that skirt is too short to wear without panties,” I protested. You just stared at me and sat in the chair closest to the bed, your look telling me I was trying your patience.

I slid the skirt up my legs, and buttoned it so that it hung low on my hips. I gave you a skeptical look and reached for my bra.

“I said, no.”

“But that sweater is white, you’ll be able to see my nipples through it,” I complained.


I pouted just a bit, but grabbed the sweater and pulled it over my head. Not only was it white, but it was snug as well. I looked at my reflection in the mirror and knew that if I got even a little chilled, or, more likely excited tonight, everyone within line of sight would know it.

I pivoted on my heel and walked back into the bathroom to finish my hair and makeup, when I Bayan Escort came back out, you were leaning against the wall, dangling my heels, waiting on me. I grabbed them from you and leaning on your still outstretched arm, I slipped them on and looked up at you. “Are you sure I can’t have some panties?”

In answer, you slid your hands around to grab my ass through the skirt, then let them drift down to grab the hem. You pulled me tight against you, and with one hand firmly on my ass, you slid the other lower so that it could slide through the warm, slick wetness that was already covering my pussy. You slid one finger deep inside of me, and I groaned as I rubbed my pussy against the long, hard length of your dick behind your pants.

“Aaah,” I moaned, so close to orgasm I could taste the satisfaction, when you pulled your hand away, and licked your finger clean and led me out the door.

“No, no panties.”

“I was about to cum,” I pouted as you pulled the door closed behind us and we walked toward the elevator.

“I know,” you smile smugly as you hold the elevator door and motion me inside.

I glare at you, but don’t dare say much else as the elevator is already occupied by three other people. They all looked at me, head to toe and I saw one of them smirk before I dropped my gaze to the floor, too embarrassed to look them in the eye. I know I must look as flustered as I felt. You stepped to the back of the elevator and pulled me back against you so that I can feel your dick pressing against my back, letting me know you want me.

You lean down to whisper in my ear, “You look good.” And that sends shivers down my spine as I lean a little harder against you.

As the elevator reaches the lobby level, you propel me forward with your hand at my back and lead me to a restaurant in the lobby. We stop only momentarily before the hostess leads us to our table, a booth in a private corner. “Enjoy your dinner, and if there is anything we can do to make the experience more enjoyable, please just let me know,” she smiled at you and put her hand on your shoulder, “really, anything at all.”

As she walked away, I realized that the skirt I had on was the same one she wore, except she had on sheer black stockings with a seam running up the back of her thighs. With her long blonde hair drifting behind her, she turned to make an exit.

“At least she gets to wear stockings with her skirt,” I said after I thought she was out of hearing distance, but she stopped short and turned around and leaned over ’till she was whispering in my ear, “Yes, but they are crotchless.” I gasped from both her comment and the fact that she slid her hand from my knee up to my inner thigh until she could feel just how wet I was. This time when she turned, she strode away with a swing to her step that accentuated her round ass and the muscle of her thighs.

“What did she say?” you smiled at me.

“Umm, that you were one lucky bastard to get to fuck me tonight.”

“Really, that’s what she said?”

“It’s my story, I’ll tell it how I want to.”

“You do that.”

I grabbed a menu that the gracious hostess had left behind and tried to pay attention to the words that swam in front of my face, “I take it you know her?” I asked as I peeked around my menu to look at you.

“Mmm, yes, I do.”

“Do I get details of how you know her?”

“No, not right now,” you say as the waiter comes and begins describing the night’s specials.

When he described the filet as “moist and tender” you slid your hand up my leg and one finger into my soaking wet pussy, “Did you hear that, moist and tender? That sounds good to me, how about you?”

I could barely nod as I felt my face flame Escort with embarrassment. When the waiter left, you still had your hand buried in my pussy only now your thumb was circling my clit. “Don’t worry, he can’t see what I’m doing, not exactly anyway.”

I leaned my head back against the plush cushion of the booth and panted as you continued moving your fingers in and out of my pussy. “Is this what Erin was doing to you in the shower?”

“Mmhmm, yes,” I replied, nearly beyond comprehension.

“Did she keep her fingers deep inside of you when you came all over her mouth?”


“Do you want me to let you cum right now?”

“Yes please.”

“With my fingers tickling your tight little pussy, and my thumb teasing your clit?”

“Yes, please.”

“Ok, but if I let you cum now, I won’t fuck you later, which do you want, to cum now on my fingers or cum later on my dick.”

“What, no, that’s not fair, please…” I stammered, frustrated at being so close to an impending orgasm, but wanting to feel your dick inside of me, fucking me hard, pounding into me until I beg for more. I look at you, my eyes wide in desperation, “Damn you,” I manage through bared teeth.

“So, you want to wait then?” you ask, your fingers still deep in my pussy.

“Yes, I want to wait.”

“Well, then, just for that, I’ll let you cum now too,” and before the words are out of your mouth, you’ve pressed hard on my clit and your fingers are moving furiously inside my pussy and I can’t breathe as the orgasm makes me shake it feels so good.

When I open my eyes again, I see the waiter standing just a few feet away with our dinner ready to serve us. I blush as I have no doubt he knew exactly what happened, and you just wave him over with a blasé hand signal, totally uncaring of what he just saw.

I managed to eat the meal, although the delicacies were wasted on me as I was in too much of a daze to appreciate the flavors and aromas. Just sitting next to you, feeling your leg brush mine casually is enough to keep me wet, wanting, and waiting impatiently. By the time we stood to leave, I could feel the insides of my thighs were wet, sticky and covered in my juices. I am glad now to hurry towards the elevator, desperately ready to go back to my room and feel your dick filling my pussy.

As the elevator doors slid closed behind us, I was thankful that we were alone in the cab because I couldn’t stand to not touch you now. I was frantic to feel you against me. I reached up and slid my hands into your hair and pulled you down to kiss me, only to have you tease me, hovering with your mouth, just above mine, making me groan my frustration.

“Please?” I whisper against your lips.

When you pull me hard against you and finally kiss me I sigh in appreciation. Your hand drifts down to tease my nipple through the soft sweater, and I press my hips against yours, desperate to be alone and fucked. You drop your head and cover my nipple with your mouth, nibbling and biting through the sweater. When you move away, I see that the thin fabric is now utterly transparent and is clinging tightly to my hard nipple that is begging for more attention.

When the doors open to my floor, I’m already walking, desperate to be inside my room. I open the door and I feel you push me inside and slam the door closed behind us. I start toward the bed only to have you pull me towards you and slam me against the wall behind me. I feel you open your pants and as you lift me I wrap my legs around you until I feel your dick slide deep into my pussy. I can do little more than hold on as you fuck me hard, slamming me back against the wall. My nails dig into your shoulders as I cum, but you don’t seem to notice as you continue to fuck me harder and faster, viciously until I feel you press one last time hard into my pussy as you cum deep inside of me.

I smile to myself as I slide down the wall when you back away from me. This is going to be a good night.

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