Hot Sex Instead of Dancing Ch. 09

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Walter sneaks his three friends in his house to have sex with his bound and blindfolded, naked wife.

“Shh,” said Walter to his three friends while whispering. “Remember, just like last month, no talking. While you’re up in my bedroom, other than the sound you make when licking my wife’s pussy, no one makes a sound. Okay? Once you make any other sound other than a licking sound, she’ll no that it’s not me in bed with her.”

Walter looked from Jim to Tom and to Henry to make sure that they understood not to talk when with his tied to the bed and blindfolded wife.

“Got it,” said Jim. “Don’t worry Walter, we won’t make a sound. We’ll be as quiet as mice and as horny as rats,” he said looking from Henry and Tom and laughing.

Walter looked at his friend while thinking of Tiffany naked and wearing bright red lipstick.

“Shh. Quiet. Keep it down. She’ll hear us,” said Walter.

Walter sighed with what he was about to do again. A normal man would be sexually excited to sit in the bedroom while watching his wife having sex with three men, but he wasn’t. He’d be more content staying downstairs in his den while sitting in his chair and having a beer. He hoped that Tiffany would make an appearance in her kitchen while his three friends were upstairs with his wife. He’d rather sit in his chair and masturbate over Tiffany flashing him her tits, ass, and pussy than watching his three friends having sex with his wife.

“Sorry Walter,” said Jim. “I’m just excited to be with Linda again. It was awesome the last time you invited us over to have sex with her. Did she say anything about her having a good sexual time?”

After asking his friends for all of the juicy details, Walter replayed all that his three friends did with his wife and all that his wife did with the three men. With her tied to the bed naked last month as she is again this month, not only did they see Linda naked but also they touched, felt, and fondled her in places where only her husband should touch, feel, and fondle her. Then, one at a time, giving her an oral orgasm with their fingers and tongue, they licked her pussy and three more orgasms while fucking her. The group sex culminated with her sucking their cocks, allowing them to cum in her mouth, and swallowing.

“Nah, we didn’t discuss. Even though I suspect she may know that three men are giving her hot sex, it’s a game we play,” said Walter.

Walter didn’t tell them that just as he masturbates over ogling Tiffany from afar, he masturbated over the thoughts of his three friends having sex with his wife.

“I know what you mean,” said Henry. “Sometimes it’s best to leave things unsaid.”

If only they knew what else he left unsaid. With him knowing these men for nearly twenty years, none of them suspected that he was a cross dresser. None of them suspected that he was wearing panties beneath his pants now.

“So listen,” said Walter. “Even though she’s applied her bright, Corvette red lipstick to her lips and, no doubt, is expecting to be kissed, whatever you do, don’t kiss her on the lips. I mean it. Even though I know you all want to make out with my wife, do not kiss Linda. Do you understand? Promise me that you won’t kiss Linda on the lips. As soon as you kiss her, she’ll know it’s not me up there with her and that would ruin everything for me.”

Walter knew that once Linda was made to know and publically shamed that she was having sex with three of his friends, there’d no longer be that silent, mutual understanding between them. With the both of them out of the closet, so to speak, with her having to admit that she knew she was having sex with his friends, he’d have to come clean about his cross dressing, something that he wasn’t ready to do yet.

“We promise,” said the three men nearly in unison as if they were school children being instructed by their teacher.

Walter would much rather keep things the way that they are with Linda being sexually satisfied by three of his sexually frustrated and horny friends than feeling pressured and berated to take her somewhere and do something with her. Obviously, where Walter was no longer interested in having sex with his wife and yearned to have sex with Tiffany, Jim, Henry, and Tom were happy to take Walter’s place and have sex with his wife, Linda. She was not only better looking than all of their wives but also she had a much better body than any of their wives too. Moreover, where none of their wives were sexual and didn’t like sex, Linda was a sexy sexpot and loved sex. Where none of their wives sucked cock, Linda loved sucking cock.

“With no one kissing the same, once you kiss her on the lips, she’ll know that it’s not me,” said Walter reinforcing that he didn’t want any of them kissing his wife. “Once you part her lips with your tongue and stick your tongue in her mouth, she’ll know that it’s not me in the room with her but someone else. That someone else is the scary part. I don’t want to frighten her. I don’t want her to think that there’s an intruder in the house and that she’s being raped and forced to have group, ataşehir escort gangbang sex with three men.”

After giving them his warning, Walter looked from each of his three friends to make sure that they all agreed to his conditions. Instead of agreeing to his conditions, Tom stole the floor by going off on another movie tangent in the way that only he could do.

“That’s just like that sexy, rape scene in Stanley Kubrick’s Clockwork Orange,” said Tom with a diabolical laugh. He was the movie buff in the room. “After forcing themselves in someone’s house on the pretense they need to use to phone because of a car accident, first they cut holes in her red jumpsuit of the woman of the house with a pair of scissors. That was so hot with her naked underneath and the camera zooming in to show her tits, her bush, and her ass protruding from her sheared away jumpsuit.”

Walter sighed and rolled his eyes while allowing his friend to have the floor.

“I remember that movie,” said Henry. “With us used to the censors of the 50’s and 60’s, that was an outrageous sex scene back then.”

Walter was ready to return the dialogue to the business at hand of his three friends having group sex with his wife but Tom beat him to the punch again.

“Then they stripped her naked, gangbanged her, and forced her husband to watch them all raping his wife. Right up there with Last Tango in Paris and Caligula that was a hot scene in Clockwork Orange was outrageous for a movie made in 1971. Actually, I’d like to do that with my wife,” said Tom with a dirty laugh. “I’d love to set her up and watch her having sex with and being gangbanged by three of four guys. That would be so hot.”

Walter looked at his friend shocked that he said that about wanting to watch his wife pull a train. Yet, what Tom wanted his wife to do with three of four men was no different than what he was allowing them to do with his wife. Only, not a stupid woman, he suspected that Linda knew she was having sex with three of his friends. Seriously, how could she not know?

With them not discussing what happened, by not talking about it, Linda was free to have sex with other men and Walter was free from taking her places and doing things when he’d much rather flop in his chair, watch TV, and have a beer. Only, now with Tiffany cleaning her kitchen practically naked, watching her washing her floor was better than watching any movie or TV show. Only, being that she’s an ex-stripper, he wished she’d clean her kitchen naked. He’d love to masturbate to seeing her naked body scrubbing her kitchen floor.

“Actually, Tom, I’m glad you mentioned that about wanting to see your wife pull a train,” said Walter. “Now that you’ve done every sexual thing to my wife, and now that she’s sucked all of your cocks and you’ve ejaculated in her mouth, how come you don’t reciprocate and allow me to have sex with your wives?”

Jim looked at Walter with horror while making a sour face.

“Good God, Walter, my wife, Debbie, would never go for something like that,” said Jim shaking his head while waving his hands as if he was trying to stop a car. “Why do you think I agreed to have sex with Linda? Debbie doesn’t give me sex anymore. Even when she gave me sex, she doesn’t suck cock. Believe me, she’s nothing like Linda in bed. Linda is a wildcat. Linda is the best lay I’ve ever had.”

Jim looked at Walter and smiled.

“Here, here,” said Tom as if he was a Member of Parliament. “Without exception, Linda is the best piece of ass I’ve ever had too. There’s no doubt about that. No disrespect Walter. I mean that as a high compliment. Your wife is primo.”

Tom looked at Walter and smiled.

“No disrespect taken,” said Walter. “I take Linda being a great piece of ass as a compliment. I’m glad you’re enjoying my wife. Maybe somehow later, down the road, you can repay my sexual generosity by shoveling out my driveway or give me a free ticket to a football game,” he said with a laugh.

Nonetheless this open dialogue exchange about how Linda compares to their wives sexually was interesting. Now that he’s seeing how some of these other men live when not being married to a hot wife, Walter bit his lip while wondering if he was making a mistake sharing his wife. Had it not been for him lusting over Tiffany, perhaps he’d still sexually lust over Linda in the way his three friends sexually lusted over his wife.

“Here, here,” said Henry echoing Tom’s response.

Walter looked at Henry. With them all saying the same complimentary things about how Linda is in bed, now he wondered if she was different in bed with them than she was with him. Perhaps, with her sexual batteries recharge, it’s the novelty that she’s having sex with three, new men instead of having the same old sex with him.

“The few times my wife blew me, I wasn’t allowed to cum in her mouth,” said Jim. “When I was ready to cum, she’d pull me out of her mouth to cum all over her hand or on her A cup breasts. Trust me Walter,” said Jim shaking his head. “You don’t want to have sex with my wife. Trust me Walter, you’re the one with the hot wife. If she was my wife, I’d never avcılar escort allow any of you assholes to have sex with her,” said Jim with a quiet laugh.

With a sad expression on his face to all that Jim had said, Tom shook his head in agreement.

“My wife, Christine is the same. She’s modestly moral,” said Tom. “A virgin when I married her, I’m the only guy she’s ever had sex with. With me reaping the benefits of her past, and with her still acting like a God damn virgin now, I sometimes wish she had been more sexually experienced before marrying me. Maybe if a few men saw her naked, she’d allow me to see her naked too.”

Someone who only talked about what movie he saw or wanted to see, Walter looked at Tom shocked by his personal and private, sexual confession.

“My wife wasn’t a virgin, but it’s obvious that she doesn’t like sex,” said Henry.

Wow. Walter thought he had a problem. Compared to Jim, Tom, and now Henry he was lucky that Linda loved having sex.

“Maybe she just doesn’t like having sex with you,” said Jim with a chuckle.

After knowing these men for nearly two decades, it took Walter to allow them the sexual use of his wife for them to open up to him and talk about their most intimate things that they did with their wives behind closed bedroom doors.

“Even now, after we’ve been married for 22-years, I’ve never seen the woman naked,” said Tom. “When she’s not changing in the bathroom, she dresses and undresses in the dark. Just like Jim’s wife, my wife doesn’t suck cock either. She dabbles. I’ve never ejaculated in my wife’s mouth in the way that I’ve ejaculated in Linda’s mouth. Christine would never allow me to cum in her mouth and even if I did ejaculated in her mouth by holding her head in place with my hand to the back of her head, she’d never swallow. Not to mention, if I ever held her mouth in place by putting my hand to the back of her head and ejaculated in her mouth, she’d be so pissed at me that she’d punch me.”

Seemingly the men all grew uncomfortable discussing their private sex lives or lack of a sex life so openly and so publically.

“Wow, that sucks literally,” said Jim with a laugh. “At least my wife walks around naked. She even makes breakfast in her bra and panties sometimes. Especially when we’re having pancakes with syrup, she says she doesn’t want wrinkle or soil her clothes while having breakfast. My wife doesn’t have Linda’s shapely body but she doesn’t look bad when walking around in her sexy bra and panty.”

Walter put a hand to Jim’s shoulder.

“You need to invite me over your house for breakfast,” said Walter with a dirty, little laugh.

Nodding his head too in sadness, Henry had the same sad, dejected, and rejected look on his face that Jim and Tom had.

“I have the same sad story,” said Henry. “A very nice woman otherwise, a good cook and a wonderful mother, my Janice is a cold bitch in bed. I can count the number of times we’ve had sex on one hand in the past year.”

Everyone remained quiet until Jim acknowledge Henry’s comment.

“That sucks,” said Jim.

Obvious uncomfortable with the bent that the conversation too, the four men all looked down at their shoes until Henry spoke again.

“I’ve never been with a woman like Linda, Walter,” said Henry. “Not only is she a beautiful woman but also she’s a generous lover. You are a lucky man to have a woman like that in your bed every night. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve masturbate over all that I sexually did to you wife, Walter, and all that she sexually did to me.”

“Too much information Henry,” said Jim with a laugh. “None of us want to hear about you masturbating over Linda.”

“Seriously though, if Linda was my wife, I’d have sex with her every day, multiple times a day. I don’t mean any disrespect and I say this as a compliment, but she’s a great cocksucker. No one has ever sucked my cock in the way that Linda has sucked my prick. I dare any man not to cum when being sucked by your wife, Walter.”

Walter looked at the men with surprise. He didn’t realized what he had in Linda until he heard the sad, personal sex stories along with the compliments of his wife’s sexual prowess from his three friends. Maybe he’s not as bad off as he thinks he is being married to Linda. Maybe forgetting about Tiffany, he should reconcile with Linda and give her what she wants and what she needs.

“Thank you, I think,” said Walter with an uncomfortable laugh with Henry telling him what a great cocksucker his wife was.

When all he could think of is having sex with Tiffany and Tiffany sucking his cock, here are his three best friends telling him how wonderful, hot, and sexy Linda is in bed and what a great cocksucker she is. Maybe he should romance her again in the way he did when they were first dating. Maybe he should take her out more, go places, and do things with her instead of begrudgingly taking her along with him to Home Depot. That surely would make her happy if he showed more interest in her and was more attentive to her needs.

Only, maybe she really doesn’t want to go places and do things with him ataşehir escort bayan in the way that she’d rather have hot sex with his three friends. With this arrangement seemingly working, maybe he shouldn’t rock the boat and leave what he’s doing with Linda and his three friends alone. Besides, too late now, with him inviting his three friends to have sex with his wife, there’s no closing Pandora’s Box once it’s been opened.

“Thank you,” said Walter. “Linda does love sucking cock, that’s for sure. I couldn’t even begin to count how many blowjobs she’s given me over the years. From the first time I dated her, she’s always been something of a slut. Forget about hoping for a goodnight’s kiss, she sucked my cock on our first date,” he said with a dirty laugh.

The three men looked at him in awe.

“Wow,” said Jim. “My wife didn’t even feel my cock through my pants until we were engaged. Just curious, being that you brought it up, tell me this then, did she allow you to cum in her mouth on the first date?”

The three men looked at Walter with sexual anticipation while waiting for him to answer Jim’s question.

“Yes,” said Walter. “And she swallowed too.”

As if he had thrown a bucket of water at him or slapped them all across the face, they wouldn’t have looked as shocked as they looked now.

“Holy shit,” said Tom. “I wish Christine had given me a blowjob on our first date. She didn’t put my cock in her mouth until our Honeymoon and that was only for a few seconds.”

The three men remained silent until Henry responded.

“Lucky bastard,” said Henry. “Don’t worry Walter. Just like last month, we won’t kiss her on the lips, even though she’s wicked pretty and even though I’d love nothing better than to make out with your sexy wife,” said Henry.

Walter smiled with satisfaction that his friends would take good care of his wife while not revealing their dirty, little secret.

“I want my wife to think that it’s me having sex with her. I want my wife to think that it’s me with her and not you three guys,” said Walter. “The last thing I need is for her to think that I’m pimping her out to my friends.”

He looked from each of his three friends.

“Don’t worry Walter. We’ll take her one at a time,” said Tom shaking Walter’s hand. “With her blindfolded not only will she not know that it’s three men in her bedroom but also she’ll think that it’s just you in her bedroom.

Walter looked at Tom and smiled while knowing better. Just as he knew that Linda suspected that he was a cross dresser, he figured she knew that his three friends were having sex with her tied to the bed and blindfolded, naked body.

“Thank you,” said Walter.

Jim shuffled his feet while stuffing his hands deep in his pockets. It was obvious to Walter that Jim had something on his mind.

“It’s a just shame we can’t kiss her, French kiss her,” said Jim shaking Walter’s hand too. “I always French kiss when I’m making love. I’ve always wanted to kiss Linda.”

Walter was a little taken aback by Jim’s response in not only wanting to kiss his wife but also in wanting to make love to Linda.

“Get this straight,” said Walter. “You’re not making love to my wife. You’re just giving her hot sex. You’re eating her pussy and fucking her is all. In return, she’s sucking your cocks. I’m the only one who makes love to my wife. As soon as you kiss her, French kiss her, she’ll know that it’s not me but someone else. She’ll panic and think that she’s being raped. Besides, just as I don’t want Linda falling in love with any of you, I hope none of you guys are falling in love with my wife.”

Walter looked at his three friends again as if giving them all a silent warning.

“Got it,” said Henry. “Don’t worry Walter. We won’t make love to your wife and we promise not to kiss Linda. We’ll just fuck her. We’ll just give her hot sex while hoping that she’ll suck our cocks again.”

Henry offered Walter his hand to shake.

“Okay,” said Walter. “Strip off your clothes down here and go upstairs. Just as she was last month, she’s tied to the bed naked and blindfolded,” he said whispering. “Remember only one at a time and no talking and no kissing. Okay? Don’t forget. Please don’t forget.”

The three men busied themselves undressing.

“We won’t forget,” said Tom speaking for the group.

With them ready to have sex with Linda, they piled their clothes on the stairs.

“Definitely she’d know it wasn’t me if any of you talked and if any of you kissed her. Lastly, don’t forget only one man at a time,” warned Walter again. “It would really be obvious to her that there was someone else in the room with her if she felt six hands and three cocks.”

Suddenly the vision of three men swarming all over Linda’s naked body filled him with sexual desire for his wife. He thought about having wife swapping sex with Bill and Tiffany. In exchange for having sex with Tiffany, he’d offer Linda to Bill, as long as Linda agreed to such a swinging arrangement. After hearing glowing, sexual reports on his wife’s sexual performance, he now felt as if he had something good enough to trade. He’d love to have an affair where he had sex with Tiffany and Bill had sex with Linda. With no sneaking around, no guilt, and no remorse, wife swapping was the adult way to handle his sexual lust for his best friend’s wife.

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