Hot and Cold

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The water was cool and refreshing, and Charlotte left barely a ripple behind her as she dived in to her pool, her long dark hair floating behind her and her toned limbs cutting cleanly through the water. After a few lengths she pulled herself up the steps and moved back to her lounger. She loved the feel of the cool water running down her back as it drained from her hair, the little rivulets teasing her skin, and the sensation of her flesh tightening as the warm sun evaporated the droplets from her skin.

She lay back in the lounger, closed her eyes and revelled in the pleasure of having a day off from work to enjoy the sunshine. A small smile played across her face as she stretched with a satisfied sigh. A tall glass of iced water was beside her, and she took a sip, letting a small icecube slip in to her mouth to rest and melt on her warm tongue. The combined feeling of being so hot in the sun with the cool glass in her hand and the ice in her mouth felt heavenly, and led her to thinking of what else she could do to make her day even more perfect.

Charlotte put the glass down and place her cooled hand on her breast, feeling the chill from her fingers on her nipple which was hardening underneath the thin layer of her bikini top. She slowly traced her warming fingers over the swell of her breast and gently rubbed her thumb over her nipple, and bought her other hand to her left breast to tease and entice the Beylikdüzü escort bayan nipple there as well. As she got hotter from her playing she untied her bikini top and let it fall to the floor beside her, revelling in the feeling of the sun heating her bare chest. As she squeezed and massaged her large firm breasts she remembered the ice in her glass and had a sudden craving to have the chilled ice on her bare flesh. She reached over and fished out an ice cube and traced it first lightly across her lips, her tongue flickering out to taste the freshness of the melting water. As her lips began to tingle from the cold she slid the cube slowly down the side of her neck, shivering slightly as goosebumps grew in the trail of water that glistened on her neck.

When she reached her collar bone she let the ice rest for a moment in the hollow at the base of her throat, melting slightly and leaving a small puddle. Her chest was rising and falling faster as her breathing sped up in anticipation as she slid the icecube onward, circling it around and around on her breast first and leaving a cool wet path behind it. Finally, she stopped teasing herself and placed the icecube on her nipple, the shock of the cold making her draw a sharp breath. She could feel her nipple tightening even more and her whole breast tingled as it warmed up. Desperate to feel more of this exquisite feeling Escort Beyoğlu she grabbed another icecube and repeated the treatment on her other breast, leaving them both slick and shiny from the melting ice. She wished she could reach her nipple with her mouth, for surely the feeling of the icy nipple warming rapidly between someone’s lips would be pleasurably tortuous.

Needing more satisfaction, she quickly pulled her bikini bottoms off and grabbed more ice. She pushed the ice down her body, a clear pool of the melting water collecting in her navel like a perfect miniature lagoon and her stomach contracting against the cold. With her left hand she reached down to her pussy and gently parted the lips, immediately feeling her wetness and the warmth from her sensitive clit. She pushed the ice down between lips, gasping as it slid over her hot clit and made her pussy clench. Charlotte alternated stroking and warming her pussy with her left hand, and chilling and teasing it with the ice in her right.

As she felt the distant approach of her orgasm she pushed the ice up inside her, feeling it gloriously spread her hole open and chilling it at the same time. She wanted to feel full, almost as if she were fucking an ice man, so she grabbed another handful of ice and pushed that inside her as well, gasping and shaking at the delicious shock of the cold. Her left hand played frantically Bomonti escort with her clit whilst her right pushed the ice further and further in, filling and cooling her inside so much that it seemed as if she could feel every ice cube.

Suddenly she heard a noise from behind her and her eyes flew open to see her handsome neighbour standing beside her, his large erect cock in his pumping hand and his eyes on her hands on her cunt. She was too far gone to be able to stop, and secretly was pleased that he’d been spying on her as she’d been thinking about seducing him soon anyway.

Charlotte smiled at him and continued her rapid fingering, feeling her orgasm build like thunder around the rapidly melting ice inside her. She frantically grabbed yet another handful of ice and rubbed it on her aching breasts before pushing it inside her, and this final handful pushed her over the edge. Her back arched and she screamed as the intense orgasm flowed through her, her pussy clenching the ice tight within her. She shoved her fingers even deeper and felt another orgasm crash over her, and as she did so she heard a deep grunt from her neighbour and felt his cum spatter on her heaving chest. The sudden shock of his hot cum on her ice chilled tits made her cum yet again, a whole body orgasm that tensed every muscle and made her scream again.

Slowly, the ebbs of her orgasms slowed and eased, and she lay back on her lounger and pulled her fingers from her. She could feel the ice inside her was melting and water was slowly trickling out of her, tickling her pussy lips. She smiled up at her neighbour and was pleased to see that his cock seemed to still be hard — and she hoped she had enough ice for the rest of the afternoon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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