Hookup with Daughter’s Boyfriend

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Big Tits

My wife, Carleen, and I are enjoying the freedom that we have now that both of our kids are college graduates. No more conforming our schedules to match theirs. We can grab dinner out on a Wednesday night, go for a walk or play tennis on a Saturday morning and take a vacation during any time of the year. Because we had kids in our early twenties, we are still young enough to enjoy our reclaimed independence. Our sex life has never been better. When the mood strikes, there are no kids to halt the action.

Don’t get me wrong, we love being parents and couldn’t be more proud of our kids. We still enjoy spending time with them, which is why we invited them to take a beach vacation with us right after our daughter’s college graduation in early May. That time of year is perfect. The air and water are warm, but the crowds are much smaller. The young families with kids are still in school and the snowbirds have already returned north. Especially after the year of COVID, this was going to be a much-needed break away from home.

Five years ago, I came out to Carleen that I was bisexual. She’s been very accepting and while I haven’t found a regular guy friend, she and I like to point out men we think have potential to be a fun addition to our sex life. As I mentioned, we had children right after college, so we are just now approaching 50. We both stay active, and I’d like to say we are in better shape than most people our age. I will jump on the gay dating apps occasionally and most guys have no idea how much of a true “daddy” I am.

My daughter, Maria, is flat out beautiful. She gets her looks from her mother. When we are out together as a family, I see all the guys checking her out. I still don’t know if I should be flattered or angry and shoo away the horny boys. That’s my baby girl! She has been dating a great guy for over 2 years now. His name is Jason, and he grew up not far from where we live.

Jason is a handsome young man. He’s about 5’11” and fit, but not overly muscular. He has dark hair and piercing green eyes. Jason played soccer for most of his life, and he has the ass and quads of a soccer player, firm and strong. He works out daily, so his arms and chest match the lower body he developed during his soccer years. Jason has come along on weekend boating trips many times with us, and I always enjoy seeing him in his swim trunks. He has a distinct treasure trail that disappears under his waistband, and I always imagined what he might be packing below. The way his wet trunks cling to his manhood, I’m sure he’s packing enough to keep my daughter happy.

Jason and I have a great relationship. I like to give him grief whenever I can, and he throws it right back at me. Sometimes I pretend to be offended or disrespected, but I think he can see right through me. Often after a lively exchange of words, I’ll act like I’m staring him down, but really it just gives me an excuse to look into his green eyes for a long time and study his handsome face. He reciprocates and will stare right back at me. I often wonder if he’s looking longingly, lustfully, just as I am. But he’s my daughter’s boyfriend and I never want to do anything to upset her, so I hold back any further investigation.

Because Jason is basically part of the family, we invited him along to our beach vacation. My older son was able to make the trip too, but his girlfriend was stuck at work, so it was just the five of us heading almanbahis to Isle of Palms, outside of Charleston, South Carolina.

The rental house was about a block from the ocean but was equipped with a private pool and hot tub. Our first afternoon in Isle of Palms we spent relaxing on the beach before coming back to the house to hang by the pool. We ordered pizza delivery because none of us wanted to change out of our swimsuits to get dressed for dinner. It had been a long day of driving and the lazy afternoon and evening was a welcome respite. Of course, we had plenty of beer and cocktails!

After sunset, we moved into the hot tub and continued drinking. We were all feeling pretty good. Jason was seated next to me. Carleen and Maria were opposite us and my son was in between Jason and Carleen. The jets in the hot tub we cranked up, so it wasn’t always easy to hear the girls across from us. Jason and I made a few comments to each other about how hot our women looked in their bikinis. He wasn’t wrong, but I wasn’t sure if I should agree with him when he’s talking about my daughter! I decided to forget he was talking about my baby girl and just go with the conversation as two dudes talking about beautiful women. The girls definitely could tell we were engaged in locker room talk, but they couldn’t hear what we were saying, which drove them nuts.

The hot tub was equipped with jets directed out of the seats beneath us. By subtly moving a little forward or back, you were able to get a nice massage on your anus or a more vigorous massage on your balls. I imagine the girls could get a nice clit workout too. Jason and I discussed moving back and forth to get the most benefit. I know I had a chub from all the action, but because of the bubbles and jet swirl, I couldn’t see if Jason was sporting wood.

My son was the first to excuse himself and head to bed. He works long hours and it was good that he recognized he needed the rest. Carleen and Maria were the next to get out of the hot tub. They both wanted to shower off the chlorine from the hot tub and of course all of the other steps that women go through to get ready for bed.

Jason and I stayed in the hot tub and finished our beers. Neither of us moved from our seats. Although with hot tub now much less crowded, we could have spread out a little, but I wanted to be close to him and he didn’t seem to want to move either. Our conversation turned more serious, and I told him how proud I was of him and that I hoped one day he would be my son-in-law. He seemed genuinely touched by my comments.

I then went a step further, “I love you, Jason.”

I wasn’t sure how the L word was going to go. Was he going to interpret it the way a father loves a son or in a more romantic sense? I wasn’t sure how I meant it either. I was feeling it and it just came out of my mouth.

To my relief, “I love you too” was Jason’s response.

We gave each other a bro hug and then lifted our tired asses out of the hot tub. As Jason stepped out, I could see the size of his erection under his swim trunks. At this point I’m thinking what the fuck can I do with that? Is it the effect of the water jets or is it the result of the moment we just had? He quickly wrapped up in a towel to dry off. I took my time drying off because I wanted him to see that I was hard too. However, he avoided checking out my package so I finished drying off and headed inside.

“Today almanbahis giriş was a fun day”, Jason said as we walked inside together. “Let’s do it again tomorrow.”

I replied, “Sounds good to me. We need to get a good night’s sleep so we aren’t crashing so early tomorrow night.”

Jason then issued a challenge, “I’ll stay awake as long as you can tomorrow. We’ll see who can last longer.”

“Challenge accepted.”

The next day was nearly perfect. We spent the morning at the beach, the afternoon at the pool and in the evening, we went out for a nice Italian dinner. Rather than jumping back into the hot tub, we decided to play cards on the patio. My son isn’t much of a card player, so he went inside to chill on the couch and watch TV. Carleen and I have a long history of playing euchre with Maria and Jason and we usually win. Both Maria and Jason are very competitive and they often have an excuse or two about the cards they were dealt and why they seem to always end up on the losing end.

We played euchre for hours and certainly lost track of how much we had been drinking. Maria finally got frustrated from losing so much that she decided she had enough and was going to bed. Carleen spent a little time picking up the empties from around the patio and headed to bed herself.

Neither Jason nor I were about to give up so easily. The challenge had been issued and accepted. We were going to keep the party going until one of us passed out.

We ditched the beer and opened a bottle of Jack. The night air felt great and we were enjoying our increasing state of inebriation. Jason poured the next round and my glass as obviously much taller than his. I complained about the disparity and that he was cheating to win the challenge.

“Don’t be such a pussy”, he replied.

“Well asshole, you are what you eat” was my sophomoric response.

“So, you like to eat pussy, huh?” he inquired.

“Well, hell yeah! I don’t know many men who don’t like the sweet and salty taste of a wet pussy.” I probably should have stopped there, because then he started telling me how much he likes eating Maria’s pussy. Time out. I don’t want to hear about his sexual experiences with my daughter and I wanted the conversation to move back to us. By this point in the night, I’m fully drunk and I just want Jason naked in front of me! I want to see where that treasure trail leads and I want to look at that fine ass of his. So, I took a gamble and confessed to him.

“I like eating pussy, but I will also put anything in my mouth.”

“Anything?” he asked

“Fuck yeah. I’m a very oral person. I like it all.”

Jason probed further, “Would you suck a dick?”

I played with him a little and said, “I wouldn’t suck just any dick, but if the right cock presented itself, I would do it.”

At this point, Jason was either going to be disgusted or intrigued. My heart was racing. I wanted him to drop his shorts right then and present his cock to me. But I was nervous that I had just blown (pun intended) my cover and that Jason would never be able to look at me the same after tonight.

He continued by asking, “What do you think it feels like?”

I replied, “I like how it feels like to have someone blow my cock but blowing another guy can be fun too. I get off watching Carleen moan when I eat her pussy. Watching a guy get off while I suck his dick is no different.” Then I really almanbahis yeni giriş went out on a limb, “If you pour me another drink, I’ll put your dick in my mouth.”

Holy shit…what is he going to do now? I just offered a blowjob to my daughter’s boyfriend.

I didn’t have to wait long. He grabbed my glass and began to pour.

Jason walked over, handed me the drink and loosened his shorts. He didn’t say a word.

I pulled down his shorts and boxers, following the dark-haired trail to the treasure chest I had long fantasized about. I was not disappointed. Jason’s well-manicured pubes and smooth balls were everything I had hoped for. His shaft was long, but not fully erect.

I played coy, “Jason, I’m not sucking on a softie. You need to get hard for me to wrap my mouth on it.”

I think he was a little embarrassed, but at the same time wasn’t going to give away a chance for a blowjob. Jason started stroking his cock, but between the alcohol and his self-conscious embarrassment, his dick wasn’t responding.

I stood up and asked him, “Do you trust me?”

He said, “Sure, why?”

I didn’t answer. I have found with myself that if I feel pressure to get an erection, it only makes it more difficult to actually get one. He needed to forget that’s what he needed and just get lost in the moment. With that I leaned in and kissed him.

Jason seemed a bit startled and pulled back a little.

“Just go with it. Trust me.”

I grabbed his neck and brought him in again. After a few seconds, I could tell he was kissing me back. Our mouths opened and our tongues started dashing back and forth. Jason grabbed my ass and brought me in tightly. Up until now, we still had our shirts on. Within seconds they were off and thrown to the ground. Neither of us was aware of anything around us and the passion took over. Jason grabbed underneath my waist band and slid the Birddogs off my ass and over my stiff cock. Jason was now fully erect and our cocks were kissing each other as we connected man to man.

“Oh my God, this feels so good”, Jason moaned.

“You have an amazing body, son. You make me hard just looking at you.” I continued, “I still owe you a blow job for that drink.”

With that, I started kissing his neck, moving my way down his chest and following the trail to his throbbing 8-inch cock. I cupped his shaved ball sack in my right hand and I teased his glans with my tongue. Jason’s head leaned back and he was mine.

I had fantasized about this moment many times, so I took my time savoring the taste of his dick and the smell of his crotch. I had seduced my daughter’s boyfriend and I loved him.

I worked my tongue down his shaft and then opened wide to consume his manhood. I stroked his cock with each thrust toward my throat. Jason was fully participating and holding my head right where he wanted it. I had moved my hands to his muscular ass, and I knew what was coming when his glutes clenched and the rhythmic thrusting paused. Jason shot his load. It was huge, warm and just what I wanted. We had just taken our relationship to the next level.

Like a true twenty-something, Jason finished, grabbed his clothes, got dressed and went inside with barely a word. Since I was still hard, I took the opportunity to jack off under the stars and then got dressed myself.

The next morning, I was still reliving my fantasy come true, but I was mildly concerned that it might be awkward at breakfast. I was over the stove cooking bacon and eggs when Jason came into the kitchen and put his hand on my shoulder.

He whispered, “Last night was crazy.” He paused and then said, “I like crazy.”

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