Hippie Chick

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She was an ex-hippy for sure.

Braided long brown hair streaked with grey, cotton work shirt, jeans and tattoos snaking out onto the top of her hands. She had beautiful blue, friendly eyes and was slim, almost skinny..

We were taking another break, one of many that day. We seemed to do more talking than work around the place, which was exactly what I felt she wanted.

“Hey, I like you.” she said

“I like you too.” I replied.

“It’s been great getting to know you…and to be straight with you, that’s really the reason for Jim having you come over and help us out.”

She had shed her denim jacket a while ago, and her worn white t-shirt did little to hide her tits, or her dark erect nipples in the cool spring air.


“We’ve done a fair amount of flirting, and I think you’re attracted to me.” she said.


“Hear me out…you know my husband, Jim, is not well. He has high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis and can barely get around.”

“I noticed”

“The point is, there are a lot of other things he can’t do anymore, for a few years now. We’ve talked a lot about it and we both came to a decision a while ago. We think you can help us with this…problem. It’s been years, my wants and needs have not gone away, so we’ve decided to bring in a safe, nice man to take care of me. “

“Take care of you…?

“Sexually, I mean. I’m hoping you will be willing to come over once a week or so and spend a few hours with me…get naked, fuck me, get me off, number one. Hopefully we can get each other off.”

She was blushing, and I had a hard-on listening to her lay out my role.

“I know I’m 60 something, but I have a lot to offer. I’d like to have you get tested…so we can forgo condoms and maybe explore….anal sex”

More blushing.

“I think we both know there’s been a pretty obvious attraction between us. As long as your husband is OK with this arrangement, I think it’s a great idea.” I said.

She slid over close to me and hugged me tight.

“Thank you. I’m so excited…you have no idea. I see you are too…” she noticed the bulge in my jeans.

“Sorry…” I began

“Don’t be sorry, I’m flattered..” she said, placing her hand on the bulge. “I know you’re big…and I can’t wait.”

We got together with Jim’s blessing a few days later.

I arrived at seven, and the three of us had a nice meal, with plenty of wine. After dessert Jim excused himself and went up to the room while Sussane and I waited a bit over our wine. The farmhouse had several bedrooms, and we went into a large spare one.

She undressed as I watched, and then she undressed me.

I took a breast in my hand. The skin was soft, almost translucent; a few blue veins running along the soft curves. Her nipples were brown and hard with large areola. No longer firm, her tits felt like soft balloons of fine powder, and I couldn’t take my hands off them.

Her long grey hair was out now, no longer in the long braid I was used to. Her skin was smooth, soft, freckled and wrinkled here and there. She was slim, and her ass was still small and shapely, her arms thin and finely muscled. Her shoulders were broad, like a swimmer, her legs skinny and long.

Her pussy had wide flared lips and the hood of her clit was pronounced.

We laid together, exploring each other’s bodies with our hands. She ran her hands down my back, to my ass and back again – finally taking my cock in one hand.

“I knew you had a big one.” She remarked as we continued kissing.

My hand trailed down her side and along her stomach, and gently moved to her pussy. She moved her legs apart to give my fingers room. I placed two fingers in my mouth wetting them and transferring that wetness to her pussy lips.

I was sliding my fingers up and down her pussy and she was stroking my cock as continued kissing. While my left hand was busy between her legs rubbing her clit, my right arm was around her shoulders, holding her close to me. She seemed to like that.

She Çanakkale Escort kissed my neck and continued down to my chest, across to my stomach and took the swollen head of my cock in her mouth.

She cuddled up there and began licking and sucking my dick in a slow, loving way one would expect from a woman that had not held or tasted a man’s cock in a few years.

I had slipped a cock ring around the base and my dick was rock hard and a luscious purple, the veins standing out along the entire eight inch length.

She tongued the head, licking the precum that had collected there, squeezing the tip to produce a bead of the clear liquid – and licking it off. She then slid the length into her mouth, holding the shaft that she couldn’t fit in one thin hand, the other cradling my balls.

I let her feast on my fat cock for as long as she wanted. She wasn’t trying to get me to cum, she was slowly adoring and worshipping my penis with her mouth…relishing the taste and feel of the flesh gripped in her thin fingers.

Finally I moved to lift her back up to me, and rolled her thin body over on her back. There I began to lick the wide lips of her cunt and her hood hiding her clit. She was very wet, which surprised me, knowing that some older woman had issues with natural lubrication, and I licked her greedily.

As I sucked the hood of her clit, I saw it begin to emerge, and paid it special attention.

Soon she was arching her back and convulsing with an orgasm that shook her thin frame in waves. She was holding a tit in each hand, squeezing the nipples as her body jerked in ecstasy.

Before she was finished spasming, I was rubbing the head of cock along her pussy lips, watching them envelop the head of my dick. My precum mixed with her wetness and she was still quivering when I slipped my meat inside her cunt, holding her thin legs open with a large hand under each knee.

She gasped as my girth spread her pussy open, and the head of it nosed up against her cervix.

I slowly drew the length out and pushed it forward again, slowly teasing my mature partner – knowing she hadn’t had a man inside her for years.

I pulled the length of my cock out until the head appeared between her pussy lips and applied more lube, coating the thick shaft and head; then slipped the thick thing back inside her.

She groaned and I spread her legs again and pushed my cock as far as it would go into her.

I took her into my arms and held her close while locking our bodies together and grinding my cock into her. Her long grey hair was spread out over the pillow.

I placed one of my large hands around her slim neck, and her mouth opened wide with a gasp. She took my wrist in one of her skinny hands and I tightened my grip slightly.

She moaned as I began thrusting into her, one hand wrapped around her neck.

She was holding me tight and rubbing her mound against me when I felt her begin to orgasm again, her body trembling and her pussy convulsing around my dick.

I began to pick up the pace of my thrusting. Her pussy, surprisingly tight for a woman of her age, was smooth, wet and warm.

I was nearing orgasm myself as I took in the picture of the slim older woman under me, my hands around her neck, her grey hair spread out over the pillow, her tattooed, thinly muscled hands gripping my wrists, my cock sliding in and out of her pussy lips.

When she took one of my nipples in her mouth and began sucking, I put a hand on the back of her head and my cock began spurting cum into her slot almost instantly.

Wave after wave of a powerful orgasm rocked my body as I held my thick cock deep in her and my balls emptied into her.

She released my nipple and kissed me now, our tongues slipping into each other’s mouths as my cock continued to pulse in her warm, wet pussy.

Finally my cock head slipped out past her swollen pussy lips and I flopped on the bed, pulling her to me..

One of her thin hands went to my cock as we continued Çanakkale Escort Bayan to make out like a pair of teenagers. I was squeezing a soft tit of hers as she gently stroked my cock, the last few drops of cum oozing out.

“Jim wants to watch you fuck me,” she said as she stroked my softening cock, “if that’s alright.”

“Sure.” I replied

“He wants to watch you screw me in the ass. It was his favorite thing, when he could still get it up.” She chuckled softly.

The next time I came over we headed up to the bedroom right away.

Jim was already seated in the corner, mostly in the dark. When I laid back on the pillows so she could suck me he was out of my line of sight, but I knew he was in a position to watch my thick cock disappearing into his wife’s mouth.

When I was good and hard she climbed up on me and reached back with a slim, veined hand and guided my cock into her pussy. She rode me like that for a while until she pulled me out of her pussy, and had me turn across the bed so her butt was facing the corner where he was sitting, and still on top of me, eased my cock into her butthole. I slipped in slowly, my thick cock gaping her butt wide. She eased down on it until it was buried in her ass.

As she sat on my cock, facing me, I could see Jim’s large frame rise from his seat and move toward the bed. In his hand he had a length of cord or rope.

As he came up behind her he quickly looped the thick soft nylon rope around her thin neck and pulled it taut.

Her body stiffened, her hands went to the rope, her eyes wide in surprise. She attempted to get up but my legs were hooked around hers and Jim was holding her down from behind.

She tried to turn her head to look at him but Jim tightened the rope further.

I could see his massive hands on either side of her throat firmly gripping the rope.

The veins on her neck stood out and both hands clawed frantically at the rope. Every muscle on her thin body flexed as she tried to raise off of my cock but Jim’s big body was holding her down on me.

Her arms began flailing as she tried to strike me, but Jim held her upright and her fists flailed in the air, unable to reach me or him.

Jim gave her head a shake and the rope tightened.

Her mouth fell open, her tongue protruding and her arms falling limp at her sides. Jim was holding her up now; limp as a puppet. Each time the big man shook the rope her entire body jerked and quivered.

Some of the fight was leaving her, as she almost seemed to submit to the rope.

My hands went to her small tits and massaged them, pulling at the nipples that were now very hard.

I slipped my cock out of her butt and worked it back into her pussy, grinding it all the way in.

Jim let her limp weight come forward and the nearly unconscious old woman was lying on me. Her long grey hair was spread out over my chest, her tits against me and her ass in the air.

I heard his pants unzip as he pulled his cock out and pushed it into her butt.

He picked up the rope again, pulling back on her neck with the rope like a man riding a horse.

He didn’t look like a cripple as I watched him pound his near-dead wife’s ass, and I had to laugh at how he had fooled the old bitch.

He had a girl half his age stashed in a nearby apartment and fucked her on a regular basis. No wonder he couldn’t fuck his old lady.

I could feel her pussy pulsing around my cock as the grey-haired woman began a gentle orgasm; two big cocks pushing in her holes took her somewhere pleasant while she was being starved of oxygen. The hallucination must have been fine, I watched her spasm like an epelectic as the orgasm washed over her.

Jim let up on the ropes a little, and, her body still twitching, her eyes slowly came into focus. Her head was over my chest and as she blinked into focus and looked at me.

“It’s Jim…” she croaked..

“I know, baby. That’s his cock in your ass, too. He knows you’ve been seeing other Escort Çanakkale men for years. He finally decided to do something about it.”

“No…” she began, but I cut her off.

“This is the end, honey, and you’ll disappear. Jim will move his young girlfriend here after a few months.” I whispered into her ear.

“Please baby…no.. I have money…don’t do this…” she gasped.

Jim listened to her plead with a cruel smile, then cinched the rope again, pulling her roughly back into his cock.

Her mouth went wide open and her hands went to her neck trying in vain to loosen the rope.

As Jim began slamming his fat cock deep into her asshole, I could feel him moving through her.

I began thrusting as well.

“I want that pussy.” Jim said gruffly as I watched him pull out of her ass and move to the foot of the bed.

“All yours my friend.” I replied as he pulled her down to the foot of the bed, legs first, letting her skinny thighs hang over the edge.

He took her thin thighs in his massive hands just behind the knees and spread them wide, pushing them down as well.

His hard cock slid into her as I moved behind her body, sat her up and took over the rope around her neck, pulling the cinch tight again.

Her body jumped and spasmed as I began strangling her, but her limbs were limp, her head lolling like it was on a string.

While big Jim held her thin legs open wide I watched over his wife’s shoulder as his massive meat speared her pussy, her tits bouncing and jiggling.

In my ear I heard a few last ragged attempts to breathe as I held her tight from behind and continued to pull the rope tight around her neck.

Her body began to convulse, in a series of spasms that gripped Jim’s thick cock and sent him over the edge.

I held his wife’s head up to look at him as he orgasmed into her, as he jerked again and again; hard as her body did.

Her eyes were wide with disbelief, her body twitching slightly, her arms jerking with small spasms, her mouth wide open and moving, as if attempting to speak.

After his orgasm finally subsided, he continued to work his cock in and out of her cunt, running his hands over her body as I continued to strangle her.

She was no longer moving now, the twitching and spasming replaced with a lifeless stillness.

After a few minutes of fucking his wife’s limp body, he felt her neck for a pulse.

“She’s dead, man.” he said flatly.

I released the rope and her head fell back, eyes open and staring at the ceiling.

“The last thing she saw was your big cock fucking her.” I said.

“I’m going to get cleaned up. She’s all yours.” He said, zipping up and walking out of the room.

I laid her gently on her back, turned her head towards me and inserted my very hard cock into her open mouth.

Placing one hand on her throat and one hand on her forehead, I began fucking her mouth, still wet and warm.

I slid my thick cock past her lips until it hit the back of her throat, and began stroking.

She lay there still and limp, her body undulating with each thrust.

Suddenly I began cumming down her throat, my thick cock pushed all the way into her mouth, my balls against her chin.

I spasmed a huge load into her as wave after wave of ecstasy shuddered through me.

When I pulled out her mouth stayed open, her eyes on me, fixed and staring.

I closed them both as I heard Jim coming up the stairs with plastic wrap and tarps.

“Too bad, honey. You were a good fuck.” I mused.

Jim tossed a wad of bills to me as he put the material to wrap her body in on the bed.

We worked in silence, as there was no more to be said.

Later we loaded the bundle of tarp into Jim’s truck. He tossed a shovel in the back and drove off down a little used path that led into the forested pasture of the farm.

Her disappearance went almost without notice, she had no family or kids and had a history of traveling for months at a time. Everyone knew the old amazon was seeing other men, often traveling to the city for a weekend. She had probably stayed there with one.

I saw him months later with his young girlfriend. He looked happy and healthy and pretended not to see me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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