High Rise Exhibitionist Ch. 29

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I awoke to the smell of freshly brewing coffee on a bright and sunny Monday morning. The sensuous Francine was no longer snuggled into my side and from the aroma in the air I assumed she had awoken before me. I slipped on a pair of boxers and ventured toward the kitchen stopping at the bathroom to empty my bladder first.

“Good morning sexy.” I said as I entered the kitchen.

Fran was standing with her back toward me. She was wearing one of my white dress shirts which covered her incredible ass but still afforded me a spectacular view of her shapely legs. Even barefooted her legs looked awesome.

Hearing the sound of my voice she turned to face me and replied. “Good morning lover.” The bruise on her eye had developed into a first class shiner, her crystal blue eye surrounded by hues of purple, yellow and red. She smiled as I approached allowing my eyes to roam down toward her exposed cleavage and the tiny hard nubs of her nipples hidden by the cotton fabric of my shirt she’d borrowed.

Her hands slipped over my shoulders and behind my head she pressed her awesome tits against my chest as she spoke. “I can’t thank you enough for taking me in last night.”

I smiled and reminded her. “I told you I’d be here for you Fran.”

She rewarded me with a tender kiss and a slight wiggle of her shoulders which caused the front of the shirt to open even further.

I glanced down at the exposed creamy flesh of her cleavage wondering if I had time for a quick morning fuck. Fran kissed me again than asked. “Would you like a cup of java?”

I chucked and replied. “I guess so if the other two options aren’t available.”

Her slightly confused expression confirmed that she didn’t catch my meaning so I explained. “Isn’t it usually coffee tea or.”

Fran’s eyes lit up as she interrupted my sentence. “Or ME!”

The shit eating grin on my face turned to a wide smile as Fran slid one hand down my chest and under the waist band of my boxers.

Even with the nasty bruise around one eye her sparkling blue eyes lit up as she circled my cock with her hand and said. “I would love some nice thick cream for my coffee.”

I instantly knew that I was going to get a good morning blow job.

Her soft fingers tightened around my stiffening cock and began slowly stroking it to a full erection.

Fran’s other hand moved over my shoulder and down my chest the edges of her fingernails scratching lightly at the flesh until she reached the waist band of my boxers.

She looked up into my eyes before speaking. “Do you have some hot fresh cum for my coffee?”

“Absolutely!” I answered.

As Fran bent at the knees I stood my ground effectively trapping her between my crotch and the cabinets behind. She pulled my boxers down with one hand as the other continued stroking my hardening cock.

“I want a mouth full of sweet thick cream.” Fran said as she lifted my cock higher.

I reached out and rested my hands on the edge of the countertop and watched as she enticed my cock to a full erection with one soft hand and used the other to gently cradle my balls.

Looking down at her as she prepared to pleasure me with her awesome mouth I thought about pressing my loins forward and fucking her sweet soft mouth. But she had been brutalized the night before and I decided to let her control the tempo and drain my balls of thick sauce at her own pace.

With one hand cupping my balls and the other holding my cock head from above Fran extended her tongue and lavished my now erect shaft with a slow sensuous lick from the bottom up. As her tongue touched her fingertips at the top she slid her hand down to the base and lowered my cock head so it was poised directly in front of her soft pouty lips.

“I love the smell of cock in the morning.” Fran remarked before opening those pouty lips and circling my cock head completely.

A sensual moan escaped my throat as her mouth closed around the shaft just beyond the flaring corona. Her tongue enticed the underside massaging the sensitive spot where the corona blends into the shaft.

“Yes suck it!” I said as her cheeks drew in tightly around the head.

I love watching her suck my cock and she loves keeping eye contact as she works her magic on me.

With her cheeks drawn in tightly around my cock head Fran began moving her mouth back and forth letting her full lips massage the sensitive flesh of my corona as her hand slowly stroked the shaft.

Her other hand continued teasing my balls almost as if she were trying to squeeze the cream from them.

She continued bobbing back and forth with just my cock head between her lips for a few seconds then let it slip from her warm oral grasp to entice me verbally. “I want you to give me every drop of hot thick cream.”

She softly squeezed my balls to emphasize her remark as she again took just the head in her mouth and again began massaging my corona with her awesome soft lips.

I smiled at her and replied. “You keep sucking me like that and you’ll have Malatya Escort a mouthful in no time.”

Her eyes lit up hearing that and she began stroking my cock shaft a little faster and sucking a little harder on the head.

I grasped the countertop firmer and resisted the urge to begin thrusting forward deeper inside. Fran was basically jerking my cock off in her mouth, the delicate fingers of one hand enticing my balls while the soft palm of the other hand made sure that when I did explode she’d get every hot drop.

Her oral technique quickly had me on the edge and when I tilted my head back Fran let my cock head slip from her lips so she could speak. “Give it to me Allen give me your hot thick cum.”

My loins were tingling with that awesome pre-orgasm feeling as I looked down again to watch her lips circle my cock head once again.

“Get ready!” I exclaimed as I felt my cock swell to climatic size.

Fran squeezed harder on my balls and tightly grasped my shaft just above the base her thumb effectively blocking my urethra and causing an incredibly pleasurable orgasm to build.

She opened her mouth wide and extended her tongue letting my cock head rest just outside her mouth.

“Fill my mouth with your thick hot cum!” Fran exclaimed just before she released her tight grip on the base of my cock shaft.

I instantly exploded a thick wad of hot cum shooting from my cock into her mouth. She tilted her head back slightly as the second third and fourth stream shot into her open mouth.

“God Damn!” I exclaimed as Fran pulled her tongue back inside her mouth and let my cock head rest on her lower lip, both hands now stroking my shaft to ensure that every drop would be deposited in her cum craving mouth.

As my climatic spasms subsided Fran closed her mouth and released my cock. I move back so she could quickly stand up holding a mouthful of cum. I watched intently as she carefully let the hot cream dribble from her lips into a coffee mug then filled it with hot java.

She turned toward me with a huge grin on her lips, a drop of thick cum dangling from her lower lip to her chin. I leaned forward and kissed her sharing that one drop that decorated her lips then probed inside to fully savor my taste still coating her tongue.

Fran broke our kiss then lifted the steaming cup of coffee to her lips as she said. “That’s a latte you can’t get at Starbucks.”

Her wide grin confirmed she was proud of her oral talents and as she took a second sip from her mug I said. “And there’s no need for any sugar either.”

“Nope, this cream is so very sweet.” Fran replied.

She turned and walked across the kitchen letting me enjoy the view of her spectacular ass and shapely legs reaching the table and placing her coffee mug on the surface. I knew she was grinning from ear to ear as she spoke without turning around. “I can’t wait to feel you stuff that beautiful hard cock in my tight little asshole again.”

I knew that I’d be late for work if I gave her the ass fucking she wanted now but I made her a quick promise. “As soon as I get home from work this afternoon I’ll do just that.”

Fran pirouetted on the balls of her feet to face me, her brilliant smile and luscious tits doing their best to entice me into a late arrival at the office.

“I’m going to be fantasying about that all day.” She replied.

I laughed and answered. “I’m certain it’ll be on my mind too.”

What Fran didn’t know was that I’ve been fantasizing about fucking her tight ass again for very long time.

“I’ll be ready for you when you get home from the office.” Fran promised making sure I’d be thinking about her sweet tight asshole the entire day.

She sat down at the table and took another healthy sip from her coffee smiling as she placed the mug on the table and said. “I love the taste of your cum.”

I walked over to her and looked down at her face. A tiny droplet of cream clung to her lower lip her bruised eye reminded me of how she wound up in my bed last night. As I placed one hand on her shoulder I asked. “Are you going to press spousal abuse charges against Jim?”

Her expression changed making me wonder if bringing up her beating of last night was a good idea. She placed one hand on top of mine as she replied. “I don’t think I will, but you can be sure I’ll use that option to demand he gives me a quick divorce.”

“We really should document the injuries he caused. I’m certain your attorney will want some evidence when he files your divorce action with the court.” I suggested.

“I didn’t think of that but you’re absolutely correct. Can you take some pictures for me tonight?” Fran asked.

“Sure.” I answered thinking a moment about other pictures I could take when I got home later.

She squeezed my hand then pulled it down from her shoulder into the warm soft flesh between her big tits. I let her guide my hand over both luscious orbs of pleasure feeling her hard nipples in the palm of my hand.

With a shitty grin Malatya Escort Bayan I reminded her. “Fran if you keep this up I’m going to be late for work.”

She released my hand and answered. “Okay I’ll be good I don’t what you to have to work late tonight.”

I leaned down and kissed her lightly on the mouth before saying. “I’ve got to hit the shower.”

Fran took one final sip of coffee holding the mug above her extended tongue and letting the last few drops of my creamy cum drop to her tongue. As I started toward the bath room Fran said. “Thanks so much for the wonderful cup of coffee.”

I looked over my shoulder and replied. “Anytime.”

She smile confirmed that she liked me calling her sexy.

I was behind schedule so I showered and shaved quickly then got dress in less than fifteen minutes. When I returned Fran was sitting on the sofa enjoying another cup of coffee. “Feel free to make yourself something to eat.” I mentioned as I gathered my cell phone and brief case.

“Thanks babe, but you’re taking what I want most with you.” Fran remarked. I knew she was talking about my hard cock.

I walked over to where she was sitting and again leaned down to kiss her gently on the lips. “You can have seconds tonight.” I said as I straightened up.

“Hope you have a great day.” She offered.

“There’s a spare key in the over there if you decided to go out today.” I mentioned as I headed for the door pointing at the key rack beside the door.

“We’ll see.” Fran said as I opened the door and walked into the hall.

I didn’t wait until I got to the office to begin fantasizing about fucking her creamy white ass. I recalled how tight her asshole was when I last shoved my hard cock inside and I couldn’t wait to feel her puckered sphincter massaging my sensitive corona again.

“Phillips called off sick again.” Francine’s supervisor Marge announced as she walked past my cubical.

“Well people do get sick.” I offered knowing too well why Fran had called off.

The stern older woman paused then replied in a very sarcastic tone. “People that call off sick too much wind up being unemployed.”

As I watched Marge waddle away I thought to myself. “Francine could do your job, if anybody is gonna be unemployed it’ll be you, you disgusting old bitch.”

I turned on my computer and began reading my email messages but the pleasant distraction of what awaited me at home later kept creeping into my mind. At first I wondered what Fran was doing alone in my apartment but my mind eventually centered on her comment that she’d be ready for me when I arrived.

Just as I was about to take a break for lunch my cell phone rang, it was Ginger. I answered her call. “Hello there sexy.”

Ginger replied with an even more direct reply. “I want you.”

“You do?” I answered.

She had clearly been thinking about me and the Sunday of pleasure she and I had shared with Kay.

“Yes but I want you all to myself next time.” Ginger said.

“Is that right?” I replied as I walked into the elevator.

Ginger continued. “I only want my eyes staring at the big beautiful hard cock of yours.”

“I like that.” I answered.

“I want you to be able to concentrate on pleasuring only me.” Ginger said.

As I walked out of the elevator I asked. “How would you like me to pleasure you?”

Ginger’s voice had a raspy sensual tone as she began. “I want you to come to my office I’d be sitting behind my desk when you arrive. Without saying a word you would walk behind the desk and pull me up to a standing position then lift me off my feet and sit me on the desk.”

“Go on.” I interrupted knowing too well that she was just getting started.

I had now walked out of the building and was free to comment on her description. I knew Ginger enjoys phone sex and was anxious to hear how graphic her descriptions would be.

“You would pull my chair back in place and sit down then slowly lift my stilettos placing each one on the arm of the chair. Your hands would slowly slide up my silk stockings until they reach the smooth flesh of my naked thighs.” She said.

“I love the feel of your skin under my fingertips.” I said.

“Your touch makes me shudder and I can feel the moisture starting to build in my loins.” Ginger replied.

I decided to become more involved and suggested. “I’d slowly move my fingers up until I’m touching the silk of your panties.”

Ginger continued. “I lean back and lift my hips so you can slide my panties off.”

“As they slide down your long sleek legs you lift your feet and bring them together so I can remove them off your stilettos and then replace your feet on the arms of the chain.” I said.

“My pussy is so very wet for you.” Ginger replied.

“I pull the chair forward and move my hands up your legs again leaning forward to enjoy the scent of your moist pussy.” I answered.

“I want you to eat me.” Ginger said in a sensual tone.

I could tell she was Escort Malatya very turned on and ramped up my description saying. “My fingers slide from silk to flesh then spread your thighs further apart. From beneath your skirt the moist lips of your pussy part revealing pink flesh for me to savor.”

“Oh god I can feel your hot breath on my loins.” Ginger whispered.

I had made my way to my favorite bench and sat down knowing this phone sex luncheon was certain to have me cock standing at attention shortly.

“My lips barely touch your naked thighs as I kiss one then the other making my way toward the wet spot where they join.” I said.

Ginger’s breath was rapid as she replied. “Please don’t tease me I need to have my clit sucked.”

“Your clit is hard and pushing from the hood of wet flesh that protects it. I extend my tongue and flick the tip at your quivering clit.” I described.

Ginger gasped before replying. “Oh god your tongue sends tingles through my body.”

“Again and again my tongue teases your hard clit.” I said.

“Suck it dear god please take it between your lips and suck it hard.” Ginger pleaded.

I open my lips and draw the tiny hard nub between then begin sucking gently as I continue massaging your clit with my tongue. You pussy tastes incredible.” I explained.

“Yes yes yes! That’s what I want, to have you sucking my pussy until I explode.” Ginger exclaimed.

“My hands are pressing your thighs apart but I move one below my chin and slide my middle finger inside your hot wet slit.” I continued.

Ginger gasped again then exclaimed. “Yes please finger my hot little pussy.”

She was completely turned on and I was certain that she was touching herself as we continued.

“I slip a second finger inside so I can massage and pinch at your G-spot.” I said.

Ginger gasped again. “Keep pleasuring me like that. Make me climax please.”

“I want you to cum for me Ginger I want to taste your sex.” I exclaimed.

“Give me more please.” She answered.

I had more for her. “I clamp my mouth tight around your quivering clit and drive my fingers deep in your wet cunt. My tongue moves from side to side across the hard nub of your clit.”

“YES! I’m gonna cum!” Ginger exclaimed.

I really thought she was cumming as I described her climax to her.

“I can feel your hips convulse, my fingers are bathed in a flood of juices. I release your hard clit and drop my mouth to cover your slit and start sucking the sweet nectar from you overflowing cunt.” I described.

“That’s it drink my cum!” Ginger harshly replied.

“My face is coated with your juices I swallow every drop I can suck between my lips.” I said.

“I love how you eat my pussy.” Ginger whispered into her phone.

My cock was rock hard and I knew I’d be staying on the bench for a while unless I wanted everyone in the office to get a glimpse of the bulge in my slacks.

“Now it’s my turn.” Ginger said.

She continued. “I use my feet to push the chair back from the desk and slowly slide between your legs kneeling under the desk.”

I couldn’t wait to listen as Ginger described pleasuring me with her oral talents.

“Our eyes are glued to each other as my hands slide from your knees along the top of your thighs.” Ginger began.

Her voice sounded sensuous as she continued. “I smile as my right hand finds the rock hard bulge in your slacks. My fingertips trace along the length of your cock teasing it through the fabric.”

“Go on!” I urged her.

Ginger couldn’t wait to continue. “My hands meet at you belt buckle and quickly undo the restraint then slide the zipper of your slacks down.”

“I slid one hand inside and circle your hard cock still covered with the cotton material of your underwear.” Ginger teased.

“Take it out please.” I begged.

“I want to see your beautiful hard cock.” Ginger said.

She continued. “My hand finds the opening in your briefs and slips beneath the heat of your hard cock seems to burn the flesh in my palm.”

“I circle the head with my hand and draw it from the fabric of your slacks. My hand slides down the length pressing the material tightly against your loins.” Ginger described.

“I’m so fucking hard right now Ginger.” I said letting her know that her description had me completely aroused.

She giggled a little before she continued. “I squeeze the shaft at the base as my eyes carefully examine my prize. Your cock head is a deep purple color the corona flares wider than the shaft.”

“Below the veins that form a matrix along the shaft are pulsing with blood.” She continued.

“Undo you pants Allen so I can slide them down your legs. I want to be able to lick your ball sack.” Ginger said.

I wasted no time as I described. “My hands move to the clasp of my slacks and undo it as I lift off the chair so you can slide my pants down.”

Ginger took my lead and said. “I release my grip on your throbbing cock and slid your slacks and briefs down your legs exposing those cum filled balls.”

“Take it in your cum craving mouth.” I pleaded.

“As I rise up some I exhale hot breath along the shaft teasing the bulging urethra as my lips approach your pulsing cock head.” She said.

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