Her New Dress

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So here I am, sitting in my corner cube, doing some touch up work on a side project, when out of the corner of my eye, I see Jessica walk up. Now Jessica is cute as a button. Long brown hair, perky tits, slender, and a cute ass. She has also been rather shy since her move to our state, and I was surprised to see her standing there. We are the last two on our team still working this evening, though there are a couple of women over in product development still typing quietly away about five cubes down and over a row.

I stop what I am doing to give Jessica my attention, and to take in the black dress she is wearing. Normally Jessica dresses like one of the guys- slacks and a shirt, sensible shoes. But it seems that this past weekend, her mother had taken her our shopping for something a little more ‘girly’, and Jessica had ended up with a couple of dresses and some more high heels. Let me tell you, I love that woman. Jessica looks fantastic in the black dress and matching heels she had worn to work today. She might not have that ‘fuck me’ stance that Britney has when she wears 3¨ heels and pants that are painted on, but my cock doesn’t know the difference.

Before I can compliment her look, she starts talking. “I assume your promotion is official? I saw you over here working late and figured you are getting settled,” she says, standing a few feet away.

“Well, we’re actually still waiting on John’s signature on the paperwork,” I say, referring to our VP. “The promotion has been given to me, but right now I am just working on a side project. I find I get distracted too easily if I go home right on time.”

Jessica sashays a little closer. “Yeah, but I’m surprised you can get any work done here either. There are many distractions here as well.”

I pause for a moment before saying, “Speaking of, you look very nice in that dress. It surprised me when I saw you in it earlier.”

She glances down towards the floor a bit, her actions shy, but her eyes hold an unexpected glimmer. “Thanks, I got it on Saturday.” She pauses. “You know what I like about dresses?” she asks. Not waiting for an answer, she continues. “That you don’t need to wear panties. I mean, you don’t need to with slacks, but what is the point?”

I have been sitting away from my desk, chair turned towards her, when she closes the gap between us, raising her dress as she turns to the side. “But in a dress,” she pauses as she sits on my lap, the hand I had resting on my thigh now touching the edge of her pantyless ass, “See? That is much more convenient.” She looks into my eyes and smiles naughtily.

Stunned, but not one to question pussy that has been literally dropped in my lap, I rub my right hand across her buttocks, traveling to her thigh, ever nearer to her naked pussy. I cup her mound, finding it trimmed, and begin to rub my fingers Kütahya Escort over her quim. I dip a finger into her slit slowly, watching her chest raise as she gasps softly. Her pussy is moist, so I slip in another finger, unconcerned about our coworkers sitting a mere thirty feet away.

Jessica places her hands on either side of my head and bends down for a kiss. It is a sweet kiss that seemed a little out of place when I consider I am slowly finger fucking her. By now, my cock is like a rock and pressing into her as her ass moves slowly over it, in time with my fingers. She soon breaks the kiss and stands up unexpectedly, though probably for the best. I don’t imagine fucking her in my cube is the smartest idea, and that is where my body is quickly taking me.

She walks away, dress falling back into place as if she had not just sitting on my cock, heading towards the break room. While she doesn’t look back at me, I have to follow her. Coming even with the women’s restroom, which has a ‘Closed for Maintenance’ sign on the door, she takes a right and enters, ignoring the sign. I pause, suddenly unsure of myself and what has happened over the past few minutes. I breathe in a couple of times, check to make sure I am not within view of anyone, and step on through.

I would describe how the women’s restroom differs from the men’s, but all I see when I open the door and turn the corner is Jessica. She has pushed the dress top down to her waist and removed her bra, revealing her lovely breasts. She then leans against the counter of sinks and raises her dress up to her waist. “Well, get your dick over here and fuck me!” she says in a way that clearly conveys that I am moving too slowly for her.

I strip off my pants in record time, unbuttoning my shirt as I slide up behind her. I finally get my shirt off, pulling off two buttons in the process, and rub her slit with my right hand. Seeing that she is moist, I put one hand on her waist and touch my dick to her pussy. I don’t put it in just yet, but rub the head against her pussy lips a few times.

“Oh God, slide that dick in me! Do you know how wet you make me? Day after day, sitting in this fucking office, doing this fucking work, and all the time, I just want to walk over to your cube and mount you on your desk! I’ve waited too long, so you better stick it in my cunt and fuck me now!!!”

Not teasing her anymore, I get the head in. I grab her waist with both hands and with one violent thrust, slide my cock balls deep in her hole. I put one hand on her back, pushing her tits into the counter, and I slam into her a few times, causing her to gasp. “You want this cock? You want me to fill your cunt? Stretch your tight little hole and make you scream?” I growl at her. She replies in kind, grunting her satisfaction.

I reach around with both hands Kütahya Escort Bayan and grab her tits, pulling her more into a standing position. My left hand mauls her tits, twisting her nipples, as my right hand rests on her stomach, providing balance as I continue to pound her cunt. I watch us in the bathroom mirror as we fuck. Jessica’s head is thrown back against my shoulder, her eyes closed, face contorted with the strain of our efforts. I place a hand on her chin and turn her face more towards the mirror. “Look at yourself. You couldn’t even wait, could you? Fucking me in the office bathroom like some kind of slut,” I say to her. She meets my eyes in the mirror and bites her lower lip as she forces herself even harder back into me. “You want to be a slut? Then fine,” I tell her. “But you’re going to be my slut.”

I nip at her neck while twisting her nipples harder. She flattens one hand on the mirror, and drops her head towards her chest as her right hand reaches to find her clit. “Oooo, just don’t stop, just like that, fuck my cunt, stretch your slut’s tight little pussy,” she moans from underneath the hair that covers her face. Her pussy walls tighten on my cock as I continue to pound her. Jessica’s whole body trembles as an orgasm overtakes her. She cries out as she cums, with a scream that fills the room. Her pussy flexing over my dick is too much, and I join her in orgasm, my cum shooting deep inside her velvety hole. Jessica falls against the counter, breathing heavily, her skin blushed.

To whimpers of dismay, I slip my cock out of her pussy and turn from her. I sit on the couch (have to love women’s restrooms) and look back to her. As she looks over, still bent over the counter, I can see the lust remains in her eyes. “Well,” spreading my legs so my cock and balls are on display, “how about my little slut come over here and deal with this?” I say, motioning with one hand towards my dick. She begins to walk over to me when I stop her. “Oh no, how does a slut come to her man?” Jessica licks her lips as she understands, an undeniable look of lust covering her face, as she gets on her knees and crawls over to where I sit. As she gets to me, I put on an air of surprise, “Oh my, and who might this be coming towards me?”

Lowly, she says, “A slut.”

“What was that? I didn’t catch it.”

She reaches up to grasp my cock, gazing at it. Her next words seem to be directed more at my member than me. “I’m your little fuck slut, my lord. Won’t you allow me to clean your pole?”

My cock jumps when she said ‘my lord’. Jessica wastes no time in assaulting my shaft with her tongue. She cups my balls while running her tongue up and down my cock, quickly deciding that she had enough of that and takes my head in her mouth, sucking softly. My shaft disappears into her warm mouth, only to reappear Escort Kütahya moments later, her fingers still kneading my balls. Under her tongue, I quickly recover and soon am rock hard again. I realize that she has one hand in her pussy when she begins to moan over my pole, the sensation causing my eyes to flutter. I notice a moment later that she is mumbling something. She says it again and I find that I am too distracted to make it out. She finally slows down enough to glance up and say around my cock, “Go ahead, I know you want to. Fuck my face like a dirty whore!” When I don’t immediately respond, she repeats, “Face fuck me, you bitch! Treat my mouth like some slut’s cunt!” Jessica’s sweet face has become overcome with lust, the site of which drives me to the edge of reason.

I grab bunches of her hair, resting my hands on the back of her head. She opens her throat wide as I raise and lower her head over my swollen cock. She grunts and moans, but never releases the grip her lips have on my dick. I slam her mouth down on my dick over and over, her saliva coating my cock and balls, her throat stretched wide as I bring my cock head to meet the back of her throat again and again. I think she is going to gag, but she never does. She just keeps her lips on my cock, one hand on my balls, and one hand buried in her cunt as I forcefully pound my meat into my little slut’s mouth.

After what seems like an eternity of bliss, I feel my load coming. Still gripping her hair, I pull her off of my cock and push her back into a kneeling position. She eagerly looks up at me as I grab my cock and point it towards her face. Her hand joins mine on my dick as I give myself one last stroke before cum erupts from me. The first blast lands on her forehead, the second under her right eye. She catches the next in her mouth before the last falls down to land on her tits. Wiping the cum off her tits with her fingers, Jessica licks my cum off of her hand while looking up into my eyes.

Suddenly, I hear a phone ringing. Standing up, dress still bunched around her waist, Jessica reaches for her purse on the counter, and retrieves her phone. “Hey Billy, yeah, I’m still at work. …. yeah, I’m wrapping up now. Just congratulating Steve on his new position… see you soon. … Bye.” She hangs up and cleans up for a moment, readjusting her dress as she finishes.

Jessica leans over my still naked form and kisses me on the lips. “I’m going to wear the flower dress next week, so make sure you stay late on Monday,” she whispers to me as she gives my cock one last stroke.

With that, she takes her purse and leaves me in the women’s restroom.

I lean back and close my eyes as I enjoy the feeling of the cool air and the fabric under my balls, thinking about what a great night this has been. “Well, well,” I am pulled from my state by a fresh voice in the restroom. I open my eyes to see Britney standing six feet away. “I knew I heard a scream in here right after Karen left. Wondered where you two had gotten to. Seems I was right to stick around. We can’t have Jessica getting all the dick around here, now can we?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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