Her Lover

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How I nuzzle your neck with my soft warm lips. My hands on your hips and sides, gripping, stroking. I love the feel of you, soft in places, firm in others, but all woman and all sexy.

You have so much passion inside you… I can imagine how amazing it would be to actually feel you, your hands, your lips, your breasts…

Now lie back, enjoy as I play with that delicious body. As I strum sweet music. Let me tell you everything I’m doing… I won’t leave out a single kiss.

Watch as my lips trail down your decolletage, the rising mounds of your breasts. My kisses matching the rise and fall of them, I see the pulse in your neck as I look in your eyes. My hands on your thighs, feeling that soft skin. Lower my head moves, gentle kisses over your delicious ample breast. Then, that light tongue flick on your nipple. I watch as it hardens. Now my lips gentle surround it; that soft, warm and wet suckling, so gentle. my other hand cups under your breast, squeezing it gently, allowing my mouth to suckle more of it.

I repeat to the other breast, each one now with hardened nipples. I rub them with my finger tips, gently tweaking them and watching you gasp and vampire academy izle moan. Kissing between them, I go over your stomach, belly button. Sweet kisses in it. Lower still, moving across to your hips. Love how sexy those bones and skin are, kissing along it. Down along the top of your thigh, lower and lower, calf muscle, kissing your ankle and top of your foot.

But I don’t just want that, I want you. I look in your eyes, “I need you, I need to fuck you now.” I say.

You lick your lips, biting your lower lip and nod. “Please, fuck me.” as you open your leg for me. I’m hard, fucking hard. I move between your legs, I can see you so wet already. Gripping my cock I rub my head up and down, wetting it from your leaking trough.

You squirm a little, rising your hips. Feeling my hard cock rub over your pussy and clit. Fuck you want me inside you but I tease. I want you writhing in anticipation. I lean forward, kiss your lips and whisper in your ear “Ready baby?”

Slowly I push me cock inside you, slowly, not the time for pain or roughness, this is tender lovemaking. You lift your legs slightly, allowing velma izle me inside. We both moan simultaneously, you delighting in how big and full I stretch you, me delighting in the wet, warm tight embrace.

I move over top of you, my arms by your shoulders. You wrap your arms around my head. The we fuck. I say we, as you move your hips in unison with mine. Allowing me access to your tunnel, warm, wet and inviting. Slow, long deep strokes that let you know I can be tender and that this moment is special. You move your body with me, your mouth wide open in rapture. I can see you gasping for each breath as I push deep into you. I feel your legs around me, holding me tighter. I feel you clench, as if trying to milk me.

“Mmm god baby.” I moan as we fuck. I can feel the warmth of your body, the grind of your hips on me and how fucking amazing it feels to be inside you. I start fucking faster and a little harder. I’m horny and enjoying this. You are too, your eyes sparkling and your body writhing beneath me. My balls slapping on you, the sounds and smells. Smells like sex, cum, pussy. Smells fucking good. I lean in to kiss as we fuck. vikings valhalla izle You see me trying hard to hold off my growing excitement and climax. I think you’ve cum once by the way you gripped me tight but now I know you’re heading towards another.

Harder we fuck, faster, “Fill me baby.” you cry, I’m so close. You can feel me swell inside you, pumping in and out of you. “Oh god.” I moan, totally lost in you.

You feel my speed and pace a little erratic, you hold me tight, your nails digging into my shoulder, I lean down, burying my head in your neck, little bite. “FUCK.” I moan as I push into you deep, you feel that spasm, that shake of my legs as I cum.

My cock emptying inside you as if you are gripping and demanding all of it. Too much for you and I feel it leak, dripping down you. Making a wet spot on the sheets. I collapse on you, your arms holding me tight. Kissing, cuddling with me firm inside you. Your hips still fucking me as if you don’t want this moment to finish. I hear your breathing, you are so close. “Don’t stop.” you moan, so I keep fucking, pushing into you. I hear your breathing change, your eyes close and head roll back as you cum, I feel that tensing on me, then you fall as if exhausted. Arms splayed out on the bed. I admire you and how you look, before I kiss your neck, kiss your shoulders, kiss your stomach and hug you, my head resting on your tummy.

Both of us sated, content, safe.

I feel your heart beating.

Skin so hot.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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