Heaven’s Shore Ch. 01

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Abella Danger

“You want a hamburger or a hot dog?”

The sizzle of the grill could be heard on the hot summer day in Austin, Texas. It was humid, probably to a point of being overbearing, but the show must go on, so they say.

Lance stood over the grill as beads of sweat poured from his face. Fresh burgers and hot dogs were stacked high, next to the grill. At 38 years old, he looked surprisingly young. His love for cycling and running kept his body in good athletic shape. If it wasn’t for his graying, receding hair, one may mistake him for being in his late twenties.

“Rebecca, can you please ask the kids what they want!” He was growing impatient. It was his daughter Monee’s sixth birthday. She was running around the yard with some of the neighborhood kids and her four year old brother, Jax.

Rebecca, busy entertaining their adult guests, responded for the kids. “Jax will eat a hot dog. Throw a burger on for Monee, but she’s only going to eat a few bites of the bun.”

“Hot enough for ya, Lance?” James, their next door neighbor belted out before laughing at his own corny joke.

“You wanna sub in?” Lance smiled as he waved the spatula around. As soon as he turned back towards the grill, his smile faded. Sometimes, he couldn’t stand James.

“So Rebecca, we have to know. Where did you get that slip n slide? The kids are obsessed!” James’ wife Gina asked as she watched the kids go up and down the backyard toy over and over again.

“Amazon! It was only fifty bucks or something. They really do love it!” Rebecca had a way of being warm and inviting to just about everyone. At 36, she was as beautiful as she was in her twenties. She had flowing blonde hair, shining blue eyes, and a fit and trim body to match. On this particular afternoon, she chose a bright and breathable sun dress which displayed maybe a tad too much cleavage from her ample breasts. She regretted wearing heels as she was busy chasing kids around and entertaining guests. But despite her discomfort, her perfectly pedicured toes looked great, snugly pressed into her heels.

“You need help?” Rebecca snuck away from the group to Lance. “It’s really hot out. Take a break, honey.”

“I’m fine. It’s just stressful. I’ll be ok. Thanks.”

Rebecca smiled and kissed him on the cheek. Lance quickly looked her up and down. “You look good enough to eat,” he whispered.

“Well let’s see how hungry you are later on,” she winked at him before walking away to chase Jax. Lance grinned and turned back to the hot dogs and hamburgers.

Despite having two kids, Lance and Rebecca always maintained a fairly active sex life. They tried to make time for sex at least twice a week. They were both still madly in love. Like most married couples, however, their sex life took a back seat to raising children and older age. Realizing this was their new reality, they both recently committed to one another they would try and spice things back up. Lance even bought some toys online, tried role playing, and even discussed maybe watching porn together.

Yet nothing seemed to do the trick. Rebecca rarely if ever orgasmed anymore and sex lasted no more than a few minutes. Lance had recently come to terms that their issue may be anatomical and not anything else.

The hard truth was that Lance was small. He was no more than five inches and not very thick around. To add to his frustration with his penis, he came early almost every time. He tried desensitizing gels and even condoms, but nothing did the trick. For years, he and Rebecca were stuck in a perpetual loop of vanilla, quick, one-sided sex.

This was weighing on him deeply. Lance wanted to offer more, but Rebecca insisted she was fine. She was happy the way he is and wouldn’t change it for anything. Rebecca convinced herself this was true even if there was a small part of her, deep, deep down that perhaps craved something more. She was always quick to dismiss this. Lance was a great husband and a loving father. He had a great job as a sales executive and an excellent homemaker. She could deal with shortcomings elsewhere.

“You look tan, Gina!” Rebecca said as she rejoined the group. “Did you guys go to the river or something?”

Gina held her arms straight out, showing off her bronze tan. “The lake! How do I look?”

“Amazing!” said Rebecca as she looked Gina up and down. She paused at her chest. “Gina, I’m not trying to pry or anything, but you don’t have any swimsuit lines!”

Gina smiled at James who smiled and nodded proudly. “What swimsuits?!” James laughed as he slugged his beer.

Rebecca looked stunned. “No! No way! You guys went to a nude beach?” She lowered her voice when she said “nude beach” so the children wouldn’t hear.

“It’s a little private beach called Heaven’s Shore. On Lake Travis. Super secluded and super exclusive. You need to have an invite to go. It’s so fun!” Gina said.

“So everyone’s just naked?” Rebecca asked, dying for more information. She and Lance had never done anything like that.

“Well, yeah, Becca. It’s a nuuude beach,” James joked as he emphasized titans izle the word. “You’ve never been to one?”

Rebecca shook her head adamantly before yelling across the yard. “Monee! Monee! Put him down. He’s too little to play that game. Leave your brother alone please!”

She turned back to James. “Never. I didn’t even know Austin had those.”

“Well you should check it out. We could get you a password. It was so much fun,” said Gina.

“What was fun?” Lance walked up holding a plate full of burgers and hot dogs.

“Well James and Gina here had themselves a little adventure.”

“Oh yeah? What kind of adventure?” Lance held out the plate as everyone grabbed a burger.

“We were telling Rebecca about a little nude beach we’ve been frequenting. It’s called Heaven’s Shore,” James said as he took a big bite out of his burger.

“Nuce beach? Like no clothing?” Lance asked.

Gina and James cracked up. “Yes, Lance. What is so difficult about this concept for you guys?”

To Lance, the idea of a nude beach was terrifying. Although he was in great shape, he was painfully shy about his genitals. In a flaccid state, his penis was probably no bigger than a couple inches, often turtling into itself. He couldn’t imagine walking around a bunch of women with such a small dick.

“That’s pretty crazy. You guys really did that?”

“It was a blast,” Gina said. She was taking small, clean bites of her burger. Very different from her husband who had scarfed his down and grabbed a hot dog off the plate. “You two should try it.”

Rebecca shrugged as she chewed her burger. Lance was surprised she didn’t dismiss the idea. It left him wondering what she thought of it.

“Everyone get enough before these little rascals devour this plate?” Gina and James nodded as Lance walked away to feed the kids. Something odd about the conversation was stuck in his mind and he felt it wasn’t over.


It was a long day. Rebecca and Lance were exhausted as they climbed into bed together. The kids were fast asleep, the house was cleaned up, and they were happy to have a little alone time. They kissed passionately. Lance was quick to move his hands lower over Rebecca’s breasts.

She giggled. “What are you doing?!” she asked as she held his hands back.

“What?? Don’t you want to mess around? You said so earlier at the grill.”

Rebecca rolled her eyes and smiled. “You don’t forget anything do you?”

Lance raised his eyebrows and nodded. “Never,” he winked. He resumed rubbing her breasts and kissing her neck. But it was obvious Rebecca wasn’t that into it tonight so he paused. She smiled sweetly at him and ran her fingers through his hair.

“Hey, listen. That beach that Gina and James were talking about. Would you really want to go there?” Lance asked as he retreated his advances for now.

Rebecca shrugged as she picked up her phone. “Maybe… Why?”

Lance put his head down and stared at the ceiling. “Just wondering. I’m not sure I’d be down to do that.”

This piqued Rebecca’s attention. “Why not? You’re always up for an adventure.”

“I don’t know. Seems kind of pointless, no? Bunch of old, fat people walking around naked? I think I’ll pass.”

Rebecca sighed. “You’re generalizing. I bet it’s not like that. It’s invite only! I think it’d be kinda… fun actually.”

“Ehh… not my cup of tea,” Lance said, closing his eyes, arms behind his head.

“You’re being overdramatic,” Rebecca said as she continued to scroll on her phone. “I kinda wanna check it out.”

Lance was excited to hear that. But he was still nervous about being naked in public. He opened his eyes and looked at Rebecca who was sitting up in bed. “I don’t think the public is ready to see my micro dick,” he joked.

Rebecca again rolled her eyes. “Oh please. No one cares. And it’s not small. I’ve told you this before. I like your penis.”

“Yeah you sure sound like you do when we’re having sex,” Lance said sarcastically.

Rebecca put her phone down. “Not fair. You know you have nothing to be ashamed of.”

“Oh really? Look!” Lance pulled the sheets down revealing that he was erect the entire time. His penis poked up against his boxer briefs.

“Why are you hard?!” Rebecca laughed. “You’re really this worked up?”

“Well, I did just cop a feel, Becca,” Lance joked as he slid his briefs down, freeing his cock and balls. His five inch cock stood up at a forty-five degree angle, pulsing with his heartbeat. Rebecca instinctively reached out and grabbed it. Lance lifted his head up so he could see.

“Look at that. One hand under the head. That’s it. How is that not small?” he asked.

“It’s fine, Lance! Why are you so worked up about it tonight?”

“I just want to please you. That’s all.”

“You do, sweetheart! I love you,” Rebecca leaned over and kissed Lance. She began to stroke him in the process. “You really wanna cum huh?”

He nodded, grinning while he watched her hand move up and down. too hot to handle izle He studied Rebecca’s facial expression as she masturbated him. She was focused, but emotionless. She looked bored. Her approach was very procedural, almost transactional. Her other hand clutched her phone as a subtle way of indicating she was ready for this to be over so she could get back to Facebook.

After a few minutes, she turned her attention back to Lance. “Should I get some lube-“

“Ahhhhh!” Lance blurted out as a thick glob of cum poured out his cock and streamed down Rebecca’s hand. She was surprised, but pleased to bring Lance to an orgasm. She bit her lower lip as she stroked harder, pulling out several more bursts, one of which reached Lance’s stomach. “That was a big one!” she whispered.

As soon as it was over, Lance’s penis began to shrink. It quickly retracted down to it’s tiny, normal size. Rebecca held her cum-soaked hand up, out of the way as she went to fetch a towel. She returned and silently cleaned her husband up before tossing the towel into the laundry. She got back into bed and resumed scrolling on her phone. She didn’t say a word.

“I love you,” Lance finally said as he pulled his briefs back up.

“I love you too, sweetheart.” She never looked up from her phone.

Lance rolled over and fell fast asleep.


Since Monee was born, Lance had consistently woken up around 5AM. It started because she was just an infant and was up early anyways, but once she and her brother after her grew up, he kept up with the habit. Partly because he had reprogrammed his body and partly because he enjoyed the quiet, alone time.

He spent this time reading a book, or going for a run, or even catching up on Netflix shows. He could do whatever he wanted. Today, he chose to go for a bike ride.

The neighborhood bordered a beautiful park with sprawling trails, waterways, and scenic hiking. Lance could get lost for hours riding through it. But this morning, he abbreviated his ride and decided to ride the trails up towards the top of a small lookout and then ride home.

Once he reached the top, he dismounted his bike and took a seat to rest and take in the view. From this standpoint, he could see many of their neighbor’s houses. But the house that was probably most in his direct view was James and Gina’s. They lived in a huge five bedroom ranch style house situated on the side of a hill. Lance always admired their well manicured backyard and sprawling deck that stretched around the entire house.

As he sat there and looked down at their house, he noticed the master bedroom light was on. He was surprised to see anyone awake this early. Just then, he saw Gina.

She was walking around her room in a towel wrapped around her from her chest. She stopped near the windows and looked into her mirror. Just then she removed the towel and tossed it on the floor. As she blow-dried her hair, Lance could see a nearly perfect, unobstructed view of her tan and slim body. Gina had very large, natural breasts, dominated by dark nipples that nearly encompassed a quarter of the surface area. As her hands worked, one brushing her hair, the other operating the blow dryer, her breasts gently wavered back and forth.

Lance had seen Gina in a bathing suit a few times. He always wondered what she looked like naked and here she was in all her glory for him to feast his eyes on. Lance shifted ever so slightly to the left so that he was hiding behind small bush nearby. He didn’t want to get caught spying.

As he admired Gina, he noticed another person, most likely James, moving about the room. He too was naked, but positioned far enough out of sight that Lance couldn’t see anything.

But before long, he walked up to Gina. Sipping a cup of coffee and leaning against her dresser, he was engaged in a conversation with her completely naked.

Even from Lance’s viewpoint, he could clearly see the long, thick, appendage freely hanging from James’ waist. As he spoke with his hands, it bounced around, almost comically, between his legs.

“Jesus christ,” Lance said to himself. The man was enormous. He estimated his flaccid penis had to be five or six inches. Lance became overcome with jealousy as he pictured how big James must be when he’s hard. No wonder he and Gina seemed to have such an adventurous and daring sex life. He’s packing a huge one!

Suddenly, the two of them walked away from the window. Lance was treated to Gina’s lucious, round ass as she walked away while also seeing James pendulous cock swing between his legs.

‘Well, that was interesting,’ Lance thought to himself as he climbed onto his bike and rode off. He couldn’t strike the image from his head, however.


Lance spent all morning wrangling up the kids, packing lunches, and shipping them out the door to camp. It was his day to do this while Rebecca slept. They liked to divide duties for each other so they could get some rest in. It seemed to too hot to handle brazil izle work out well.

But after his early morning bike ride and getting both kids out the door, he found himself exhausted. He moved around his morning meetings, crashed on the couch, dozing off thinking about Gina and James.

He woke up to a soft breeze on his face. He opened his eyes to see Rebecca kneeling next to him blowing into his eyes. She giggled as he awoke. “You napped? You never nap!”

Lance rubbed his eyes. “Yeah I was exhausted this morning. I just canceled a bunch of meetings and closed my eyes. What time is it?”

“Eleven. That party yesterday must have worn you out, huh?”

“Guess so. How long you been up?”

Rebecca sat back on her feet and shrugged. “Couple hours. I’ve been doing some work, but now I’m pretty open. Hey, listen I have an idea.”

She looked excited. Lance hoped it was not running errands together or something. “Oh boy. What’s the idea?”

“Gina sent me the password to that beach,” she smiled ear to ear, awaiting Lance’s reaction.

“The nude one?”

Rebecca excitedly nodded. Lance covered his eyes with his hands. “I told you, Beck. No. We’re not going there.”

“Oh, come on Lance! I think it’ll be exciting! You’re the one always looking to ‘spice’ things up lately. Why not give this a try!”

“It’s not gonna be what you think it is. Believe me.”

Rebecca frowned. “Is this about your dick? Because if it’s about your dick, I’m telling you that’s dumb. Who cares what other people think?”

Lance opened his eyes and looked at Rebecca. She had the look of an excited ten year old waiting to hear if she could go for ice cream or not. How could he deny her?

“Fine. Just this once though.”

“Yes! I love you!” Rebecca leaned in and kissed him. She then grabbed his crotch. “And your tiny penis,” she teased.


“Joking!” she sang as she stood up and ran off to get dressed.


“Is it here?” Lance said as he drove around the beach parking lot, confused.

“Well this is Jones Beach, yeah. We’re supposed to walk to the end of this though. So I guess just park here.”

Lance parked the car and they stepped outside. They each wore bathing suits and brought a small bag with a change of clothes. “So do we… uhh… disrobe? Or whatever?”

Rebecca laughed. “No! This is a public beach. We should stay clothed until we actually get there. Hey, don’t be so nervous. This will be fun, ok?”

They walked the length of Jones beach until they reached the very end.

“There!” pointed Rebecca towards a cluster of trees and shrubs. Sitting in a camp fold up chair right by an opening in the shrubs was a man wearing a red hat and a red bathing suit. He was reading the newspaper. As Lance and Rebecca approached the man, Lance noticed he was very muscular. Even though he was sitting, his long legs indicated he was pretty tall. He had tan skin, dark hair, dark eyes. As he looked up at them, Lance saw his deep blue eyes. The man was very attractive.

“Hello,” said Rebecca as they approached. The man nodded in acknowledgement, but said nothing.

Rebecca cleared her throat. “Eh em… Isn’t it a lovely day for a walk in the woods?”

Once Rebecca said that, the man smiled and stood up, extending his big hand out to both of them. “Welcome to Heaven’s Shore!”

“Thanks!” said Rebecca, happy to have gained access to the secretive beach.

“May I ask who your host member is?”

“That’d be Gina and James,” Rebecca said confidently.

“Ahh, excellent,” the man said as he jotted down some notes on a clipboard. “My name is Raymond. Most just call me Ray. Behind me here is the path that leads to Heaven’s Shore. It’s a very quick walk and you’ll be on the beach in no time.”

“Oh great!” exclaimed Rebecca as she looked towards the path.

“Once you’re on the beach, you’re free to remove your clothing. But I have to ask you to cover up anytime you need to leave. Sound good?”

“Sounds great!” Rebecca answered again. Lance smiled at her excitement, nodded towards Ray, and proceeded with her through the path.

“Enjoy!” Ray called out from behind them.

“He seems nice!” Rebecca commented as they made their way through.

They emerged on the other side and were immediately met with a group of four adults sprawled out on beach towels, completely naked. Lance and Rebecca quickly walked by them. “They didn’t waste any time huh?” she asked. Lance looked back at them, then at Rebecca. “What’d I tell you about who comes to these things?” he said.

Rebecca rolled her eyes. “Oh, please. Don’t be so judgemental. Speaking of which. Are you ready?”

Rebecca immediately untied her bathing suit top, revealing her perfectly round breasts. Her small pink nipples stood firmly, happy to be out in the open. Next she casually stepped out of her bikini bottoms, revealing her neatly trimmed bush. She stepped her dainty feet out of her bikini and tossed it into the bag. She then stood with her hands on her hips, looking at Lance up and down.

“Well?” she asked.

Lance was surprised she was so open about being naked. This was a side of her he didn’t really know existed. Perhaps she had turned a new leaf in her later years. Either way, Lance took a deep breath and began to untie his bathing suit. Rebecca eagerly watched.

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