Heather Pt. 01

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Heather’s mom and I divorced a few years ago. Not a big, dramatic fallout. Just a marriage that slowly declined until we both decided it was time to give up on it. We never fought, really. But we grew apart and didn’t want it to get to a point that we started resenting each other, and making a bad situation worse for Heather. Lori and I are still best friends and our resolve to raise Heather together and keep things “normal” for her has worked out really well.

When Heather got pregnant in high school, it crushed me. I thought all the plans her mom and I had for her were ruined. But my daughter had the baby – beautiful Tara, and continued making the honor roll as she finished out her high school semesters, in an accelerated program from home.

Since Heather wasn’t married, and basically had to care for Tara by herself, we installed a little camera over the crib so she could keep an eye on the baby, when doing school work or just wanting some time out of her room, to watch TV or anything else.

I really didn’t mind when Heather asked me to watch Tara for a little while so she could go out with her boyfriend, CJ – Tara’s daddy. As a dad, no boy is ever really good enough for my daughter, but CJ has turned out to be a decent kid. He’s in college, comes from a good home, and has definite plans for his life. She could have done much worse.

While they were out to dinner, I logged into the webcam to keep an eye on the baby, while watching the baseball game on TV. Tara was sound asleep, so I remarked to myself, “This is the easiest babysitting I will probably ever do.”

After about an hour, I heard some noise coming from my laptop, and saw on the webcam that the baby was awake. “So much for my quiet babysitting chore,” I chuckled to myself. Tara wasn’t crying, but I knew she was going to need to be changed, and it was probably time for a bottle.

I headed back to Heather’s room and picked up Tara. Yep, she was wet. As I laid her on the changing table and rummaged around for a diaper, I didn’t notice bumping the camera off the mount. Anyone trying to attend to a squirming toddler can attest to the effort. And I am considerably more clumsy than most when dealing with babies.

Once I got her changed, I decided to just give up on going back to watch the game. I knew Tara was going to demand my full attention. So I took her to the kitchen, warmed up a bottle and walked her around the house until she finished it. All things considered, it was still a pretty uneventful babysitting job.

Just as I was getting ready to lay Tara back down, Heather came home. I got her caught up with how our night went, and she thanked me for letting her have a few hours to herself. I heard CJ’s car Bomonti Escort leaving, surprised he didn’t come in. “Oh well, it was a week night and that boy is pretty responsible,” I thought.

I returned to my bedroom. The baseball game was still on, so I decided to pour myself a little glass of bourbon and enjoy the last few innings. The game ended, unceremoniously. My team lost 7 – 1. “Who cares?” I thought. My glass was empty, so I was feeling no pain as I turned the TV off.

With the TV having gone silent, I could hear some noise coming from my laptop. I fumbled in the dimly lit room to get my computer turned around so I could see what was going on. It took me a few seconds to figure out what I was seeing because the camera had fallen down. It wasn’t the view looking down on the crib anymore. The camera was now facing towards Heather’s bed.

Apparently the sound I had heard was Heather’s watch and jewelry being tossed onto the changing table, next to the camera. I was about to head back to her room to put the webcam back in its place when I saw Heather turn and walk away from the camera, over to her bed.

She must have taken her bra off. I could see her bare back. Little tan line where the swimsuit top tied. In the few seconds it took for her to turn away from the camera and move to her bed, my mind went a thousand miles an hour in a thousand different directions. Finally settling on “No way am I going back there to fix the camera now. She would know that I was just watching her.” And that knowledge would end up making both of us uncomfortable.

For the first time ever, I was looking at my daughter’s bra-less back and waiting motionless, eyes not even blinking – for her to turn around. When she got over to her bed, I was able to see her head to toe. I stood motionless, watching Heather reach behind and unzip her short skirt. As it slid down her legs, I marveled at my daughter’s perfect shape.

“My goodness! What an incredible body,” I thought. Round, smooth butt in a red lycra thong. The moment seemed to last forever. Heather picked up her phone off the bed and turned around – giving me the view I felt like I had waited for all my life.

I had seen those breasts in tank tops and swimsuits, but not uncovered, since they were only puffy, little things. They looked perfect. Her mom has implants. But Heather’s breasts were the most spectacular, real tits I think I had ever seen. A full C cup. Tan lines accentuated the size and perfect symmetry of them.

Heather sat down on the edge of her bed, reading something on her phone. After a few seconds, one hand moved up her tummy and I watched as she touched both Bostancı Escort breasts. Lightly caressing them and gently pinching her nipples. One. Then the other. Then Heather’s hand went back down her body, settling in her lap. “What a site,” I was thinking. It was impossible to see a flaw in that body. And that girl had a baby last year. “Incredible,” I whispered.

Heather stood and reached for the light switch. I felt almost a panic come over me as I thought this taboo, voyeuristic moment was about to come to an early end. Fortunately the webcam is made for night vision, so my daughter’s body seemed to glow in the dark. Just as soon as she flipped the light switch, I saw her turn the lamp on by her bed. The glow in the dark was an interesting view, but I was definitely glad to be able to see Heather again in warm light as she readied herself for bed.

I thought it might be a good idea for me to get in my bed as well. I unbuttoned my shorts and removed them without taking my eyes off the laptop screen. Heather stacked her pillows and climbed onto her bed, reclining against them. I put my hand inside my underwear and watched as my daughter bent her legs up to her chest and started taking her Mary Jane heels off. I always thought those little buckles on her heels were so fucking sexy. “But GAWD I never imagined I would get THIS view!” I thought.

I quickly and quietly closed (and locked) my door. I turned off my bedroom light, and carried my laptop over to the bed. After I pulled the sheets back and set the laptop down, I figured there wasn’t any point in wearing my shirt and underwear. “There was absolutely no way I would be sleeping tonight before I masturbated. At least once,” I surmised to myself.

Once Heather’s shoes came off and were tossed to the floor, she laid her legs back down on the bed, bending the one closest to the camera. My daughter looked down at her body and I watched her run her fingers over the front of her panties and across her thigh. Then up to her breasts. Caressing them again. One. Then the other. Little pinches of her nipples. And then back down to her panties.

I stared, and slowly wrapped my hand around my hardening cock, as my eighteen year old daughter casually and lightly caressed her young body. Heather’s beautiful face was looking down at her hands as she began to enjoy the same self pleasure I was engaged in.

When Heather lifted her bottom and hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her thong, I moaned so loud. I didn’t really mean to. But if she heard me, I think it would have only made me even more turned on. I exhaled hard as my daughter slid her panties down her legs and off. Esenyurt Escort Then Heather bent her leg closest to the camera and laid it down – exposing her beautiful, shaved pussy. In my peripheral vision, my hand was a blur – as I stroked my cock and moaned in the dark.

I could not believe I was laying in my bed, watching my teenage daughter without her knowing it, and jacking off. I whispered as if she were in my bed, “Ooooo Heather. I want to fuck you so bad. Mmm! God Heather. Fuck! I want to put my cock inside your pussy right now.”

I didn’t want to take my eyes off Heather’s pussy. One of her hands went to her mouth. Heather’s tongue came out and licked two of her fingers. As that hand went back down between her legs, Heather’s other hand went to grip one of her breasts. My little girl laid her head back on the pillow and slowly, quietly began masturbating. Fingers on her clit, rubbed slow at first, then took them back in her mouth for more wet.

Then they went back down and rubbed faster. I had to loosen the grip on my dick. I knew if I made one more firm stroke, I would cum. I whispered to my empty bedroom, “Oooooo fuck Heather. I want to eat your fucking pussy. I want to eat you. And fuck you. And eat you some more. God Heather. You make my dick so fucking hard!”

Heather’s hips started raising up and then she arched her back, driving her ass into the bed and her fingers deep into her pussy. Over and over. “My God! How did my little girl learn how to do that?” I wondered. Heather moaned softly. I was so glad the webcam microphone picked it up.

I was watching my gorgeous, sexy, teenage daughter rub her little pussy as I laid in my bed, imagining fucking her. My cock was so hard it hurt. I wanted to feel her tight, young body on top of me. Without conviction, I was lusting for my own daughter’s tits to be in my face, as she lowered her sexy, smooth, shaved pussy down on my cock.

Heather’s fingers were sliding into her pussy then back out, rubbing feverishly on her clit. Her moans became louder. I turned the volume down on the laptop. A bit paranoid maybe. But I definitely didn’t want to do anything to interrupt that moment.

Then Heather’s mouth went wide open, like a silent scream as her butt lifted off the bed – fingers buried deep in her smooth, puffy pussy. “Ahhhhhh! FFFFFFFF……uck,” She moaned. Her legs twitched as her fingers remained buried inside her pussy. Heather’s torso and thighs began bucking and twitching with her hand still stuck between her legs. My hot daughter was riding an incredible orgasm.

“This is my moment. And I am going to make it good,” I thought. I gripped my cock tight, gave it a few firm tugs, and watched as it erupted in a glorious white shower, falling down all over my neck, shoulders, chest and stomach.

“What a fortunate accident it was for that cheap, little webcam to break and fall at just the right angle,” I thought, as I verified the video settings on the laptop were set to “Automatically Record when the viewer is open”.

End of Part – 1

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