Healthy Competition

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I loved our time together – we just dated a few times, but I love how you respond to me – the chemistry is powerful and you seem to not mind my work hours – confident in your own life – your own work. We both knew where it would end up but I like to take my time, teasing you beyond brink and I enjoyed watching the burn inside you.

Joe and I were fierce competitors although we worked for the same company. We both were trying for this one contract and the boss was loving the competition. We both were excellent at what we did – I was better though. The golden boys of the corporation. This deal was huge and will generate a huge commission and possibly a promotion. I wanted it badly. And you were my key.

You’re marketing drawings and ideas were great and our minds fed off of each other coming up with slogans and company branding and jingles. We laughed and had fun with it and I let that fire spark you up – that sexual energy feeding your creative juices. Long days in each others company working, energy – sometimes the occasional touch and kiss, but getting down to business always. I saw how you left at night – nipples against your blouse, your throat struggling to swallow, lust in your eyes, excited and frustrated. You were falling more and more under my spell and I needed to know it was at 100%. I made certain compliments on specific items you wore – how sexy the stockings looked with those heels – how incredibly sexy the lace lingerie showed under the blouse – how I loved the look of the pearls around your neck. I noticed that those comments worked- and you wore those items, was dressing sexier and more confident.

I arranged a racquetball game with Joe – competitors always – knowing you’d be in my office. He’d never met you – always working with the other marketing team members. He walked in to my office when you were at my table, your blazer off around the chair and your very lacy cream bra showing under the sheer blouse coming to a ‘V’ reflecting a subtle cleavage. I watched his eyes – oh he was noticing. And he liked what he saw. You looked up at the intrusion and looked at him, then me for an introduction.

“Joe, meet Diane, my assigned marketing rep.” He held your hand a moment too long and I was looking for the chemistry that we had – but felt thankful that I didn’t see it in your eyes. He made a comment to me on how did I luck out on the way to the racquetball courts, but all I said was how good you were in your work – not letting on that you meant anything more.

“Give me a break, you can’t not want her?”

“Well, she’s attractive, but we’re professionals.”

“So you won’t mind if I made a play for her.” Sakarya Escort

“Nurture what you want, Joe, but until this deal is done, she’s working for me and you need to let her work – I’m keeping her a lot of hours and she’s coming through.”

“Fine, fine – but I will nurture, all right.” He smirked and grinned with all the confidence in the world and I smiled to myself knowing my seed is planted.

That night in my office, we were back at the drawings and jingles and ideas and we were coming up with wonderful ideas. I pulled you in to a huge hug after we came up with what we knew to be the best slogan and your eyes told me that you wanted so much more. The craving and lust were so obvious. “What do you want, Diane?” I asked while you were only inches away.

“What I’ve always wanted- you. Kiss me, please, Andy.”

“Kiss ME, Diane, show me how much you want me.” I could see how strongly you reacted – I could feel it holding you. God, you were on fire, strong and vulnerable at the same time. You tiptoed up to my lips and started the kiss, but I quickly took possession as I many times do. You thrive on it, I feel your surrender. I take my hands and move them along your back, your sides and hear your moan. I gently pull you away and touch your hard nipple through your blouse.

I bend down and take it in my mouth again through your blouse and hear your gasp and feel your head fall back pushing your chest in to my face. You are so aroused and I know I could have you right there – but not yet. “Diane, we can’t – at least not until this contract is signed and sealed.” You sigh, audibly disappointed, but look up at me and nodded. “Plus, Joe thinks your hot, did you know that?”

“Joe? The guy who came by at lunch, today?”

“Yeah, he mentioned it.”

“I’m not interested in him.”

I pull you close to me and kiss your lips softly. “I know that, Diane, but do me a favor. Let’s play a game with Joe and distract him a bit. We both know he already likes what he sees, and he wants to ask you out. That way while we focus all our energies on winning this deal, Joe is busy thinking how to get you in his clutches. Would you do that for me?” I see in your eyes you’d do anything for me even though it makes you a bit uncomfortable.

“I don’t know how to ‘play’ people, Andy, it’s not something I’m good at. But I’ll do what you ask. I realized that you not only would do anything I asked, but I wanted you to -do everything I asked – be mine – not just to play my opponent, but be mine, do what I want, when I want. The thought of that made me so hard I almost lost my resolve.

“Thank you, Sakarya Escort Bayan pet, that means a lot to me.” Then I kissed her again and she tasted even sweeter and I walked her to her car and she left. I went home still hard and decided that I needed not to lose that edge – if I didn’t have control of myself, how was I to control you. I went to bed frustrated, but smiling.

The big meeting was a few days away and we were almost ready. You were flirting big time with Joe, wearing things I suggested, bending over at opportune times, giving him glances and peaks at your breasts, legs and ass. He couldn’t take his eyes off of you and I saw him more than once readjust himself in his pants to hide his arousal. You were doing great, but I found that I didn’t like it. Day after day, we worked, you flirted, and he got more and more confident in you and I got more and more confident in me winning. The meeting was tomorrow. I told you to get some sleep and remember when we were in our meeting tomorrow – you need to really pull out all the stops. You leaned up to me and kissed me and told me not to worry. “I told you I’d do anything not to disappoint you and I’m excited about tomorrow.”

The next day when I saw you, my heart stopped. You were in a very sexy red suit, short skirt and closed jacket – low cut, no blouse. The new necklace you had on had a medallion that hung right at your cleavage and it sparkled – almost hypnotizing. Your hair you let curly and wild surrounding your face and your makeup was perfectly applied. Your very high black heels ended thigh-highed legs that I can see the very edge of when you bent over. Joe wouldn’t have a prayer – Hell – neither did I! Was there a way to have you before the meeting?

During the meeting we both had our turns to ‘pitch’ and it was our team first. Your southern accent and your moves and your outfit – had our customer – and Joe completely mesmorized. Our customer was impressed, Joe was almost drooling. It was perfect. When it was Joe’s turn, he bumbled a few steps, his marketing rep wasn’t nearly as prepared or polished and it didn’t take a genius to figure out who would get this deal. The meeting ended, we all shook hands and Joe and his marketing rep went down the hall, the boss looked at me and told me what a great job I did and then congratulated you as well. I even noticed him looking down your blazer. “Come with me, Diane.”

You followed me to my office and when you walked in, I closed the door behind you and pinned you against the door having you less than an inch away from me. You smelled amazing, musk and woman and a hint of vanilla and you looked eager Escort Sakarya and lustful. I whispered to you what a good girl you were and how aroused you had the whole room. I told you that I was proud of you but more proud that you were mine now. I watched your reaction to those words. You gulped, and stared at me. “You like that, don’t you, Diane? You like knowing that now you’re mine and you’ll do everything I want and be satisfied and happy doing it. I am not even kissing you and you can taste this desire, you’re melting with it, aren’t you?” Your eyes told me that you would have done anything for me at that moment. I unbuttoned your blazer and saw the sexiest red lace bra holding up your beautiful breasts. I pinched your nipples and heard a gasp. You were pushing against me. I reached down and unzipped your skirt letting it fall leaving you in front of me in your red bra and thong set, medallion, thigh highs and heels. “Are you wet for me, Diane?”

“OH GOD, yes.” I heard you whimper.

I smothered you against the wall letting you feel how hard I was – how hard you made me. You gasped again. I took your fingers and slid them in your thong so we could both feel how wet you were. “So wet for me.” I smiled and took our fingers and put them in your mouth. You opened your mouth gladly for me, sucking your juices off your own fingers and mine, moaning. “More” you whimpered.

“So much more, little one. What is it that you want – be specific.” I grinned an evil grin. “I want your cock! I want it inside me – pleaseeeeeeeeeee fuck me, please!” I knew that you’d never been more aroused in your life. “Undo my pants and take it out, then.” You did, fingers shaking, but you made it. You took my cock out and stared at it with want. I turned you around so you faced the door and teased your pussy entrance with it – just barely touching you there. Feeling you push back wanting, drove me insane. Hearing you moan, begging me to ‘put it in’ fed my power and desire. “Why?” I asked you. “I need it so badly – please, Andy, please, I’m begging you!” I needed to hear more – and I knew I could get it out of you. I teased more giving a bit more, teasing your clit, twisting your nipples with one hand. I was teasing in circles and you were going insane. “Why, Diane?”

“I need you, you turn that want in to need, Andy. Please fuck me, I need you to fuck me. I’ll be yours – I’ll do anything you ask – just FUCKKKKKKKKK MEEE!!!”

It was what I needed – what I craved and I drove my cock inside your drenched pussy. You came instantly and started the build again. I pounded you and told you that from then on – your orgasms were mine. And I will ask for each one. “Yesssssssss anything!!!” you screamed. I pounded you hard and spanked that ass and heard you beg – now, Andy – let me cum now!!!!!” I allowed it exploding hard inside you as you shattered like glass around me, dissolving in my arms.

Oh yes, I was so going to enjoy this victory.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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