Head Out on the Highway

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Traveling on the highway can be fun when you’re riding a bike. I was stopped at a bar and grill in Barstow. My 1985 Low Rider was outside. Luckily it wasn’t high summer, or the middle of winter. It was a nice day in April, and I was having something to eat along with a long neck.

Actually, any day is okay when you can ride. I was following old Route 66. Most folks did eventually. Checking out the byways our brothers and sisters rode before. Since I got back from the sandbox I kept on the road as much as possible. I just needed the freedom.

A sweetie was serving me. Had to be twenty-one or older, cause she brought me my beer with the burger. Nice looking. She was wearing a short skirt, showing off fine legs. Her hair was in a bun, but I could see that it would be wild if she let it down. She had some freckles across her nose and her skin was the color of creamy coffee. She was a giggler.

I like girls who giggled. And I liked them with smaller tits too. I just liked a handful usually. But I wasn’t strict about that.

Anyway, this little gal had nice, firm tits. I was finishing my beer as she stopped at my table.

“So were you in the Army?”

I was wearing a field jacket.

“Yep. Been there, done that. Now it’s over.”

“Okay. My brother was in the the way home izle Army, too. So, I’m leaving in ten minutes, hun. Could you pay your tab now so I can check out?”

“Not a problem, doll. Here’s twenty. You keep the leftover.”

“Oh, that’s too much. Your ticket is only eight dollars.”

“It’s cool. Go on.”

She smiled and left. I could see her getting her purse and going out the back. I finished my beer, put on my jacket, and left through the front door. As I approached my bike I saw her coming around the corner of the building. She came towards me.

“So, it’s kind of embarrassing. My boyfriend is supposed to pick me up. I texted. He doesn’t answer. If you’re going down 58 past Hinkley I could use a ride.”

“Doll, I don’t mind taking a sidetrack. Not a problem. Here, put on my helmet. I only have the one. I’ll be fine.”

She tried to put the helmet over the bun. She took her hair down. I was right. It flew everywhere. It was pretty, actually, all that curly hair surrounding her face. She finally got the helmet on, and climbed up to straddle the seat behind me. She tucked in the skirt. I got it rolling out of the parking lot. Her arms were holding me tightly.

We had traveled down Highway 58 for about the witcher izle five minutes. I felt those firm tits pressing into my back, and her cheek was next to my ear. I was getting aroused, I admit that. Then her little hand went down my chest, and she grabbed my prick. It was hard as she squeezed it.

Off to the side there was a grove of salt cedar, beside a dry stream bed. She pointed over to it. I drove off the highway and into a small parking area. She hopped off as I turned off the engine. She put her two hands on my cheeks, leaned in, and kissed me. I put my hands on her soft waist and kissed her back, thoroughly.

She finally stepped back. “Can someone ride on your lap facing you? Have you done that?”

I grinned. Nice idea.

“Sure thing, doll. You just hop up here when I get the bike running again.”

The helmet was still on, and her hair was escaping. She reached down and unbuttoned my 501 Levi’s. I always went commando, so she just slipped my hard cock out. She giggled as she straddled me. I was not surprised that she was wearing no panties. Sweet little doll. Her wet pussy started pushing down to take my cock deep inside.

Her face changed. It twisted, as if in pain. She was so fucking wet already. I the witcher blood origin izle slowly guided the bike out onto the highway, and she began humping up and down, with her arms tight around my neck. The road was a little rough, but that just added to the pleasure. I could feel her breath against my face, as she got the fucking she badly needed.

I kept one eye on the road as she continued kissing me. She kept her hips moving up and down. I could feel her moaning into my mouth. I was feeling the passion too. My cock was so hard, and deep in the juicy pussy. God, it was good cunt. I needed this. She was a fucking doll and she was giving me what I wanted.

In about twenty minutes of slow riding I reached the point where I needed to fill that pussy with some cum. She was panting now against my face, and continuing to cum on my jeans. I felt the juices soaking my lap. I started spurting up into her pussy. I saw her mouth open in a scream. Damn, this was good fucking.

I pulled into a parking lot of some business there in Hinkley. I went to the back, hoping no one was around. I stopped the bike, put one leg down, and pushed the kickstand down. I slowly lifted the little doll up off of my prick. She was holding my neck. She wanted more kissing. Not a problem. I liked to kiss. Then she leaned down and held my cock.

Her lips went around it. She cleaned it up for me, sucking the cum and licking her lips. Then she kissed me.

“I better get off here. I’m just down the road. My boyfriend may be there. You were great, lover. Remember me.”

I smiled as she walked away. Then I headed out on the highway.

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