Harvey’s Comeback Ch. 01

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(Harvey holds Andrea to her word, having trapped Harvey’s balls, she offers him her body for the weekend)

Andrea passed through the doors to her gym, it was the gym where she and her team kept their bodies in trim. It was a Tuesday morning, two days after her heavy sex session with Harvey. She knew he was working today due to the tracker in his neck collar, this allowed her to know his whereabouts at all times, something he was totally oblivious to. She soon noticed him working with a client at the back of the gym so she decided to to remain on the opposite side so as not to distract him. She intended to keep things low key when using the gym where he worked so as not to get him into any trouble with his manager. She watched him from a distance assisting a young lady lifting weights, she could see that his weekend, spent at her warehouse, didn’t appear to have any detrimental effect on him at all.

When she finished her workout, she looked over and saw that he was talking to two of his colleagues, he was actually showing off the new tattoo she had done around his lift nipple. Whether he told them the exact circumstances as to how he got the tattoo was a different matter however. They were also examining his neck collar closely, it looked to her as though they were trying to find a way to remove it. Andrea smiled and moved to stand behind a pillar, then pulled out her mobile. She tapped a button and watched as Harvey jumped slightly and twisted his neck, his colleagues watched in shock then turned around. She tapped the button again, for a second time, he jumped and this time his hands shot up to his neck as he grimaced, more on surprise than pain, Andrea deliberately had the shock on a very low setting.

Harvey’s colleagues began to show some concern but he waved them away, still looking around the gym to see her. Andrea stood by the doorway until she caught his eye, smiled and waved at him. He smiled and waved back as she turned away so his colleagues couldn’t see her. She had to admit, she was looking forward to seeing him on Friday, her pussy was already tingling, something that hadn’t happened to her for a long time.


It was 18:59 when Harvey got out of the uber that had driven him to Andrea’s warehouse. He walked down the access alley and noticed that a brand new door had been fitted, the old metal door and grille were gone, replaced by a modern electronic door with no handle. He looked up and saw that there was a security camera fitted to the wall, he then heard a buzzer and the door opened outwards as Andrea spoke over the intercom system.

“Come on up, Harvey.” She said. “The door will close itself behind you.”

Harvey made his way up the stairs and saw that the door leading to the living area was open, he slowly crossed the threshold and peaked into the lounge. He saw Andrea coming out of the kitchen carrying two cups of coffee and setting them down on the table in the centre of the lounge. She looked over at him and smiled, she could see that he was carrying a fairly full hold all, probably fresh clothes she thought.

“Come on in, Harvey!” She said happily. “There’s no need to be shy or worried!”

Harvey saw that she was wearing a white blouse, buttoned up to her long neck with a pair of figure hugging grey tracksuit bottoms. They showed off her supple legs and the beautiful ass that mesmerised him. Her blonde hair was, once again, tied back into a ponytail that fell between her shoulder blades at the back.

“Sit down, Harvey.” She gestured to the armchair. “Coffee?”

Harvey nodded silently and sat down as instructed opposite the sofa and they both quietly studied each other.

“So, how was your week, Harvey?” Andrea eventually asked.

“Different and frustrating.” He replied with a wistful smile.

Andrea smiled at him and took a sip of her coffee.

“What did your friends think about your new jewellery?” She then asked.

“They thought I was mad to let you trap my balls!” He said with a small laugh.

“What about the collar.” She asked again.

“They thought I was also crazy letting you put that on me!” He exclaimed.

“Didn’t you tell them that you were in no position to stop me?” She said, raising her eyebrows.

Harvey then blushed and looked down at his feet, he clearly didn’t tell them that he was restrained and under her complete control when she fastened the collar around his neck.

“No, I didn’t tell them the exact details.” Harvey admitted. “But when I showed them some of the clips of me fucking you, they were insanely jealous!”

Andrea continued smiling to put him at ease. Mad and crazy, she thought Antalya Escort to herself. That was what young men usually said when they needed a mature woman’s guidance to be respectful. Not that Harvey needed any guidance of course.

“Why was that then, Harvey?” She asked.

Harvey began to blush again and looked into his coffee.

“They couldn’t believe that I was fucking such a beautiful woman.” He said quietly.

“Thank you, Harvey!” Andrea said. “That’s very sweet of you!”

Andrea then paused to look at him intently.

“Do you still trust me, Harvey?” She asked quietly.

Harvey looked up from his coffee, smiled then nodded.

“Then I need access to your mobile.” Andrea said.

Harvey stood up without saying a word and fished his mobile out of his cargo shorts, unlocked it and handed it to her. Andrea then studied it and began to tap away, after a few minutes she smiled in satisfaction. She tapped a button on it, jumped slightly and twisted her neck with a grimace, then handed it back to him. Harvey looked at it and noticed there was a new app on his home screen.

“I have a present for you, Harvey.” Andrea then said.

She stood up and took a silver chain from her tracksuit pocket and walked over to him, she leaned down and placed it over his head. He looked down and saw that a small key was attached to the chain and rested on his breastbone. Andrea then sat back down on the sofa and undid the top two buttons of her blouse to reveal that she too was now wearing a shock collar identical to his own, she was also wearing a chain with a small key on it.

“I have the only key to your collar, Harvey.” She said. “You have the only key to mine!”

There were a couple of spares of course, but Andrea decided to keep that to herself. What Harvey didn’t know couldn’t hurt him, was her view!

She then stood up and walked behind him, leaned over the back of the sofa and explained the app to him. After a few minutes he had shocked her a few times to get used to it, she didn’t tell him that the collars had trackers in them so that they could locate each other, that was something Andrea intended to keep to herself. Before returning to the sofa she couldn’t resist giving him a kiss on the cheek.

“There is something else I need to show you, Harvey.” She said as she sat down.

She began to unbutton her blouse to reveal her stunning torso with her washboard stomach and her amazing breasts there for him to see. Her left breast, however, was covered by a white bandage which she started to peel back. Harvey looked on in shock as she revealed that she now had the same tattoo around her left nipple that he had around his. Namely the black mouth of an animal with large fangs dripping with blood.

“I had this done on Wednesday, Harvey.” She explained. “I thought it was only fair. There is one last thing I need to do. Would you stand up, please?”

Harvey did as she asked and stood up as she moved towards him, she reached up with her hands and pulled his face towards hers and began to kiss him fully on the mouth. Their tongues then began exploring each others mouth and she ran her hands up and down his sides and began to pull his t-shirt over his head, revealing his own buff and muscular torso. After a few minutes Andera broke of and placed her hand over the bandage covering his tattoo.

“Have you been using the cream I gave you, Harvey?” She asked as she peeled back the bandage.

“Three times a day without fail.” He replied, breathing heavily.

Andrea could see he was telling the truth because his tattoo was healing nicely, the puffiness and redness had faded, the bright colours of the white fangs and the red drops of blood were showing up nicely with the black background surrounding his nipple. She put the bandage back and began kissing him forcefully again, running her hands up an down his strong back.

Eventually she moved her hands to unbuckle the belt around his cargo shorts and pulled the zipper down. She reached inside with her hands and through his boxer briefs she felt that his cock was rock hard and there was already a patch, wet with his precum. She began to slowly fall to her knees in front of him, her tongue licking his body all the way down. She then used both hands to yank his shorts and briefs down so that his cock sprang up and hit the underside of her chin.

She held his cock with one hand as she sucked the head, she used her other hand to fondle his balls, still trapped by the black ring, keeping his semen confined. Harvey began to moan in pleasure and pain as the ring began to vibrate on his balls to prevent Antalya Escort Bayan ejaculation and making them ache. Andrea looked up at him and smiled at his predicament, she soon produced a small key from her tracksuit pocket.

“You’ve been very good, Harvey.” She told him. “Let’s get rid of this ring, shall we?”

She then quickly released his balls and he breathed a sigh of relief as the ache in them began to recede. Andrea gave the head of his cock a quick kiss, stood up and placed the ring and key on the coffee table. Then she turned to face him, she removed her tracksuit bottoms and was now standing naked before him. Harvey kicked his shorts and briefs away from his feet and removed his socks and sneakers. They were now naked before each other, save the rings around their necks, both of them were looking each other up and down, admiring the body of each other.. Andrea then smiled.

“I remember saying to you last week, Harvey.” She said. “That if you saved yourself for me this body would be yours for the weekend.”

Andrea opened her arms and smiled at him.

“Well, here it is!” She said.

Harvey just stared at her, his eyes taking in the contours of her long legs, supple, well rounded, hips leading up to her wash board stomach and ribcage with those beautiful breasts that took his breath away. He then let out a deep sigh as he stared at her shaven pussy lips.

“What’s wrong, Harvey?” Andrea asked, beginning to show concern.

Harvey looked at her wistfully, she could see that he was struggling with some kind of dilemma, despite his erect, drooling cock.

“Well, you know I don’t like hurting women.” He said softly. “Can we just make love in your bedroom, like we did last Sunday?”

Andrea smiled at him and picked up her mobile from the coffee table.

“Oh, Harvey.” She cried. “You really are very sweet! Of course we can!”

Harvey breathed a sigh of relief and immediately scooped her up in his strong arms and carried her effortlessly across the lounge towards her bedroom. On entering, he could see that the room was exactly the same as the previous week with four cameras on tripods in each corner. Andrea pressed a button on her mobile and all the red lights came on, the cameras were now recording and the automatic emails went out to all her subscribers, she was now streaming live.

Harvey gently lay her down on her back as she tossed her mobile to one side. He immediately spread her legs and began licking her pussy, making her gasp and take deep breaths, he looked up as her chest, with its beautiful breasts, began heaving up and down. He took long, slow licks from the bottom of her shaven haven to the top, stopping every time to tongue fuck the centre, making her gasps all the more audible.

“MMMM!!” She groaned. “MMMM!! OOHH!! OOHH!!”

He kept this up for several minutes as she began to get wetter and wetter, his tongue already covered in her pussy juices, he remembered how wonderful the taste was from last Sunday. Andrea’s chest then began heaving up and down with every breath, Harvey marvelled at her beautiful breasts shaking, her right nipple, the only one he could see, was hard with obvious arousal. Her hands then gripped his hair as she let out a groan and arched her back.

“AAAAHHHH!!” She cried. ” I’m cumming!! I’m cumming!!”

As her pussy juices began to flow Harvey lapped, sucked and swallowed as much of her nectar as possible. He also continued licking to coax out as much nectar as possible. While Andrea was in the afterglow of her orgasm Harvey flipped her over onto her front and pulled her to her knees, her head lay on the bed as she continued to gasp. Harvey looked over at one of the cameras and smiled, then he turned his gaze to that fantastic ass.

“Pure feminine beauty!” He said.

Harvey couldn’t believe he was this close to her ass two weeks running, he looked at the camera again as he drew his right arm back and slapped Andrea’s pussy. Her entire body jumped in shock from the blow.

“OOOOHHHH!! FUUUUCCCCKKKK!!” Andrea exclaimed, her pussy ultra sensitive.

Harvey continued smiling at the camera, then he slapped her ass cheeks with both hands and spread them apart so he could run his tongue across her anus. This drew another gasp from Andrea as he pushed his face into her ass, running his wet tongue round in circles. Andrea couldn’t believe that he had the confidence to do what he was doing, in the lounge he seemed so unsure of himself, she thought.

Harvey’s was clearly learning how to assert himself in bed, she had to admit to herself that his dominance was breath taking Escort Antalya to experience. At the same time she began to feel uneasy. Wondering whether she would be able to control his wilder instincts alone, without the help of Adele and Anabelle.

She pushed these thoughts aside for the moment, she had promised Harvey her body for the weekend. She would let him do what he desired, knowing she couldn’t stop him anyway, with the current mood he was clearly in.


Andrea slowly opened her eyes. She was laying on her king size bed, her head, she noticed, was resting on Harvey’s firm, bodybuilder’s chest. Her body was encased protectively in his strong arms, her head rose up and down with his slow breathing, she could see he was in a deep sleep. His eyes were moving rapidly under his closed eyelids, indicating he was dreaming about something.

She looked over at her bedside alarm clock and saw it was 5 am. They had made love for almost five hours before tiredness took it’s toll, the most amazing thing, Andrea felt, was that Harvey had not cum once.

She had expected him to use his cock to dominate her, his balls had been trapped by the black ring all week and he wasn’t able to cum until she removed it. She never dreamed that he would have the self control to not use his cock on her at once, whenever she tried to touch his cock he would gently grab her wrists or slap her hands away without comment.

He had spent the best part of five hours using his hands and tongue to dominate and explore her body intimately and she had lost count of how many orgasms he had forced on her. He drank as much of her pussy juice as possible, all the while talking to the cameras complimenting her about how perfect her body was, still oblivious that he was going out live on the internet.

Andrea watched him now as he slept, moaning and groaning in his sleep, uttering the odd murmur, still dreaming of sex. This was confirmed when she looked down and saw that his impressive cock was fully erect and throbbing against his stomach.

Andrea smiled and gently slipped down and out of the grip of his strong arms, trying not to awake him as she did so. His head stirred, fortunately he did not wake as she moved down the bed to his erect cock. She gently grasped the shaft in one hand and licked the slit at the tip, his chest heaved but he remained asleep as precum began to flow from it.. She then rapidly flicked her tongue across it with more and more precum oozing out, this caused Harvey to groan loudly, still fast asleep.

He began to writhe on the bed, clearly dreaming of his sloppy blowjob, not realising that it was happening in reality. Andrea then moved her mouth down his shaft, nipping it with her teeth as she made her way down its length, she began licking his full, hairless balls, coating them with her saliva.

She looked over at one of the cameras.

“This boy has a beautiful cock!” She whispered quietly. “It goes so well with his buff body, don’t you think?”

She then returned to giving the sleeping Harvey his well deserved, sensual blowjob. She concentrated on the head again, licking his sensitive glans, making him moan once more in his sleep. She used one hand to slowly stroke his long shaft, the other she used to gently fondle his balls, rolling them around in her hand.

After several minutes his breathing got heavier so she just concentrated on his shaft, using her hand to bring him to orgasm.

“Let’s see what he can produce after six days, shall we?” Andrea said lewdly to the camera.

Andrea held his cock at an angle as she slowly stroked, she watched as he writhed once more on the bed in his sleep as his orgasm approached. She felt his cock tremble in her hands, the head expanded as thick torrents of semen shot into the air, the first one shot about two feet upwards before landing on his stomach with a splat, followed by several more of lessening intensity.

Harvey arched his back, still fast asleep as he saturated his own stomach with his semen. Andrea looked at the camera and raised her eyebrows as far as they would go, clearly impressed once again at the large amount he shot from his cock.

“That’s my boy!” She murmured.

She once again looked at the camera then nodded at his torso.

“I suppose I had better him clean up! Its only fair!” She said softly.

Andrea then proceeded to lick his warm semen from his stomach, she had never done something so sordid on camera before, that was despite the career path she had chosen for herself! She felt she had to do this, Harvey had, after all, shown great control by not using his cock on her the night before and she felt he deserved her respect for that alone.

After she had cleaned him she nestled up alongside him, gently lifted his arm so she could lay her head back on his firm chest. She began to doze of as, in his sleep, Harvey encased her protectively in both of his arms…..

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