Harleigh Starr and the Second Meeting

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Harleigh Starr came up to Thomas’ place all in a huff. Her asshole boyfriend had finally pissed her off enough to force her to dump him. She knocked on the door and Thomas answered it, not expecting her to have driven all this way just to see him.

“Harleigh? What are you doing here?” Thomas said, in a bit of a surprise.

Instead of saying anything, she barged into the house and started kissing him hard on the lips. He briefly protested, but eventually succumbed to her passions. He fell to the floor and watched as she tossed off her jacket and began to remove her shirt. He tried to get up, but she pounced on him and smothered him with kisses.

“Lemme guess? You wanna have some hot passionate sex, right?” Thomas asked, still astounded at the full frontal assault.

“Uh huh!,” said Harleigh, who went to work on his belt and pants. “I am seriously pissed off right now, and all I could think about on my way down here was screwing your brains out. That Jacob bastard is just an ass! I don’t know why I left you to begin with!”

She took off his shoes and slid off his pants, exposing his boxers. She yanked them down and hungrily went after his cock, slurping away at it as if she hadn’t eaten in a week. Thomas could do little more than lay there and watch her pleasure him with fierce intensity. He felt himself getting hard and she stood up ever so briefly to shed her skirt and panties, then took off her shirt. She was about to go back down on him when her eyes spotted his sofa. She grabbed zeytin ağacı izle his hand and practically dragged him up and over to the sofa, where she threw him down and kissed him hard again. “Watch this, my sweet!,” she said devilishly, and put his cock in between her breasts and began to pump his cock hard with her mammaries.

He leaned back and began to really enjoy the hard loving that Harleigh was giving him. She kept up the titty fucking, rubbing them between her breasts and then squeezing them around his cock.

She grew tired of that, and got up and straddled him. As she inserted his cock into her pussy, Thomas could tell she was extremely turned on, as her pussy was dripping wet. She rode him hard as he leaned back on the sofa. He spanked her ass hard with his hands and it make her purr with excitement as she sped up the pleasuring. He grabbed her around the shoulders and began to pull her down harder and harder onto his cock, and her hands began to pull at his shirt. He leaned back just a bit to let her remove it, then enjoyed the sensation of her fingernails tracing up and down his back as he grabbed onto her hips and pumped deeper and faster inside her.

She came hard and was about to get up when he turned her around and forced her to sit down on his cock again. He was still rock hard, and he wanted to respond to Harleigh’s aggressiveness with some of his own. He pulled her back against him and his hands began to squeeze her tits hard as he the terminal list izle kept thrusting faster and faster inside her. His hands went down from her breasts to her tits, and she was moaning as loud as she could as her pleasure built up once again towards another orgasm. When it hit, she could barely stand anymore, and he grabbed her and pushed her down on the couch, mounting her again in the missionary position with her legs sitting high on his shoulders.

“Come into my house and expect to take advantage of me, eh? Well, I can deal with a lustful woman like you!,” he cried as he relentlessly pounded her pussy with his cock. Her fingernails scratched and scraped his back up good, but he wasn’t even aware of the pain as his mind was focused on getting her to come over and over again. She kissed him ferociously as she came again, and she thought that he was done with her.

She figured wrong, as he laid her on the floor, belly down, and began to take her from behind. She could feel he was close to coming, but she didn’t want him to come in her pussy. Thomas put his arms underneath her and grasped her shoulders again, driving his cock as deep as he could inside her and feeling her ready to come again. “I’m close baby. When you come, I want you to flip over so you can suck me dry!” She yelled out, “OH YES BABY!!!,” and she did what she could to rush the orgasm along, and when it hit, she cried out in a loud moan. Once he got off of her, she the traitors izle flipped over and he straddled her face, getting into a push-up style position. She smiled and grabbed onto his hips, sliding his throbbing cock inside her mouth. She sucked hard as he pumped his manhood inside her mouth. He fell to his knees as he was about to come, but he kept on pumping. She sucked him hard and when she sensed that he was holding it back for as long as he could, she began to play with the outside of his anus with her finger, pressing on it to entice him to come.

He tried and he tried, but his body could not take holding it in any longer, as Harleigh sighed as his cum shot into her mouth. He leaned down onto his elbows, exhausted, and she sucked the rest of his cum out of his cock. Finally, she slid out from under him and he collapsed onto the floor. She barely had enough energy to get up, so she slid down beside him and kissed him on his lips.

Thomas crawled on top of her and kissed her again, then he asked, “So how long are you going to stay?”

She smiled and said, “As long as you’ll have me!”

Thomas laughed and said, “That could be a pretty long time!”

Harleigh replied, “I don’t care. The way you make me feel, I don’t think I ever want to leave!”

They cuddled there on the floor and rested for a good long while. After what seemed to be half an hour, Thomas realized that the front door was still open. He scrambled up and closed it quickly as Harleigh laughed behind him.

When he returned to her, she kissed him again, then asked, “Ready for round two?”

“Yeah, but can we go a little slower this time? I’m still trying to recover from round one!” replied Thomas.

She laughed and said, “So where’s the bedroom in this place?”

He took her by the hand and they went up the stairs to the main bedroom.

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