Happy Birthday Beautiful

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I hate to be the braggart except when it comes to one topic, my wife. She is the best woman that any man could ask for. She’s by far the best thing to ever happen to me. She is smart, educated and beautiful with a professional full-time career to boot. With all that, she is still shy and even a little insecure. I have witnessed her become a nervous wreck at the very thought of meeting new people when she wants to impress them. Despite her coyness, I’ve seen her intimidate men and women alike when she sets her mind to it.

This short petite dark-haired woman may be easy to underestimate but she is Italian to her very core. She is passionate and full of emotion. Like all husbands, I have on occasion made the mistake of taking the one I love for granted. Oh, how I have seen her spirit rise and paid the appropriate cost for my careless inattention or forgetfulness. I quickly recall how lucky I am to have her and to see the error of my ways.

I have watched this wonderful woman for years and she has to be one of the most giving and compassionate people I have ever met. She always feels for the underdog and shows mercy for the down trodden. I know that is why I was first attracted to her. She somehow finds the time to constantly go out of her way to do the things that I like. She always surprises and intrigues me, from finding the perfect little snack packed into my lunch that she somehow managed to find the time to pack for me to her willingness to listen to and even consider my most fanciful and sometimes perverse ideas. If she has a fault, I would have to say it is that she gives so much of herself to those that she cares about that I seriously wonder what she has left over for herself.

Even with her career, she works out incessantly and has the body to show for it. I don’t know how but she even manages to teach aerobics three times a week. I know that she enjoys the physical activity very much and its one of the few things that she does for herself. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t also enjoy the results. I’m always finding her practicing her aerobics routines when I walk around the corners of our large house. I’m in decent shape too but I’m not a decathathlete either. I am a police officer and I consider my physical health to be an important aspect of my career. One of my biggest pet peeves are those out of shape officers who I might have to depend on to save my life and the lives of others when circumstances require it. My wife feels the same way, she made me agree that I would never become the stereo type of the out of shape cop at the donut shop. I stay in decent shape because I enjoy the activity but not to the same extent as my wife. I would suffer if I ever made the mistake of signing up for one of her sessions. We mostly limit our joint physical activities to the bedroom where I aspire to meet her every need as she does with mine.

This woman is my every dream. I spend a lot of time trying to figure what to do when special days come up. Birthdays, Anniversaries, Valentines Day, Christmas- I spend hours thinking of what to do for her and what to get her. What can you do or get for the person that will do anything for you when all you have to do is ask? This woman with the body that makes twenty year-old women envious and twenty year-old men lust, this woman that sets my heart on fire with her compassion, shyness and strength.

Her fortieth birthday was around the corner and I was really hard pressed to come up with the ultimate gift for this supreme woman. She was having a particularly hard time facing this birth date. She was anxious about growing older and how her looks might fade with age. I wanted to get her something that she would look back on in her nineties and just laugh at how silly she had been. I spent months thinking about her coming birthday. I finally came up with an idea that might put a smile on this beautiful woman’s face.

I have asked her many times what she fantasized about when she was with me and at those times when she is alone, which she of course always strongly denies ever occur. She always becomes awkward and shy when I ask her this type of question. The most I could ever get her to admit to is that it involved a short black mini skirt, knee-high black leather boots and a red silk blouse. I get the feeling she is afraid to tell me what is actually running through her mind right before and during her most intense orgasms.

One night about a month before her fortieth birthday, I got a glimpse into her naughty little fantasy. A snap shot into her private little secret. My wonderful wife had come home after her Thursday night aerobics class. She was all sweaty from the workout. She immediately stated she needed a shower. We were standing in the kitchen at the time. I was behind her as I pulled her close to me. I kissed her several times on the back of her neck before I would let her go bathe. She weakly tried to pull away saying not to kiss her because she was sweaty and gross. I began to lick the salty skin on the side of her neck just below her left ear. I could feel the goose Isparta Escort bumps rise on her arms just before she pulled away stating she was going to go shower.

I could tell that I was going to get lucky tonight. She was hot from her workout. She had made some comment about making all those younger women in her class hurt and sweat. I knew that made her less apprehensive about her impending birthday. She got some strange pleasure in putting those younger women to shame with her stamina and strength.

I patiently waited in bed while she cleaned up and showered. My mind again wondered to what was I going to do or get for her on her birthday. I thought about it for several minutes but still came up with nothing that was impressive and unforgettable. My mind then wandered to what was hopefully going to transpire after her shower.

I was pretty sure that what she had in mind for tonight was going to be some good-old well-needed sex for both of us. I was sure it wasn’t going to be my personal favorite but something satisfying none the less. Unlike her, I made it plain from the first what my most favorite sex was. And no, unlike most men it is not having two women with me wedged in the middle somewhere.

She had just submitted to my most perverse need the previous weekend. Yes it is a wonderful thing, it is having my cock buried deep in her petite perfectly shaped ass while she climaxes. She lets me have this delicious treat once or twice a month. The earlier encounter had been exceptionally good. She usually makes me ask for this superb privilege. I think it reassures her that I don’t take it or her for granted. I think she realizes that I would go as far as to beg for these opportunities. My mind drifted back to that wonderful experience from a few nights before as I waited for her to finish her shower and come to bed.

Saturday she had come to bed with a needful gleam in her eyes. I wasn’t exactly sure what she had in mind that night either but I was hopeful none the less. She had climbed up on our king-size waterbed and immediately requested that I lay against the pillows piled against the headboard. We hadn’t even kissed yet. She immediately went down on my still flaccid cock. I tried to fight it but I got hard too fast. I had very little opportunity to enjoy the pleasure of having my whole cock in her mouth. Before I knew it my cock was only halfway into her mouth. She was unable to take the long wide rod fully into her jaws. She wrapped both her hands tightly around the base as she worked my manhood. It’s was great but just not the same sensation as having my balls bouncing off her chin as she took in every bit of me. It is the only time in my life that I wish my cock was smaller.

She sucked me for several minutes. She is talented despite her inability to swallow every thick inch of my stiff pole. I have learned that she enjoys this as well. As I’ve said, she has an intense urge to give and please that extends even into our bedroom. I’ve learned that she craves having my fingers run through her hair as she provides this intense pleasure.

As she increased her attentions, my fingers began to tangle in her black lustrous hair. Soon I started to loose all control. I cuppped the back of her head with both of my hands. I controlled her rhythm and pushed her further and further down on my cock. She had no choice but to comply because I had her now knotted hair tangled between my fingers. Her head was at the whim in my cradling hands. I knew she couldn’t take it all but I was just unable to control myself by that point. I forced myself to stop because I was stifling her of oxygen, besides there’s the fact that her petite mouth was just unable to accept the whole of my girth. Her molars cruelly reminded me of this fact by digging into my cock about halfway down the shaft. I eased up and let her pull from my needful cock.

I felt that I must reciprocate some of this pleasure giving. I rolled her onto her back to return the act of kindness. I know what she likes as well and it pleases me to gratify her. She has a passionate infatuation with my hands. The thing that she loves is the way that I touch her. Her hair, back, thighs, shoulders and of course her other more delicate regions all responded warmly to my experienced hands. I do not put much effort or thought into their exploits. They love this woman’s body, every square inch of its aerobiclly sculptured magnificence. Its like they have a mind of their own and they love her as much as I do. I just allowed them to wonder where they pleased and where they pleased her. They pet, rub, and manipulate as they touched this exceptional example of womanhood.

This was all occurring while I kissed this woman’s mouth, neck, shoulders and chest. I always return to her mouth and our tongues intertwined repeatedly. I kissed her so long and hard that my lips began to feel bruised. She began sucking on my tongue as I thrust deep into her mouth. She acted like she wanted my tongue to be a cock that was again buried deep in her mouth. Isparta Escort Bayan It was almost painful with the intense sucking that she utilized.

Several times my hands gently brushed against the well-groomed triangle between her legs. I could feel the warmth and humidity rising from her arousal. My fingers found their way into the delicate folds of her receptive borough. She thrusted her hips up against my fingers, demanding their attention. I felt the wetness beginning to flow freely from deep between her legs. The juices started to seep into the lower crevasse just below her excited pussy. This was when I would find out if she was interested and going to submit to my most wicked desire.

I slid my finger down and past her warm wet pussy to her now slick nether region. I was more than pleasantly rewarded when she thrusted forward to allow for easier access. This was going to be my lucky night! The area was quickly bathed in the juices generously flowing down from above. I circled her small tight hole with my now drenched middle finger. She began to gyrate her hips as my finger started to push against the taught resistance. My finger slowly opened the recess and eventually disappeared up to the first knuckle. While my finger worked with the resistance, my thumb was strategically located against her clit. My thumb worked its magic. I know exactly when my thumb was strumming a pleasurable cord because her tight hole squeezed my middle finger in response. Her juices surged like a flood. The finger invading her ass was now completely slick and ready to delve deeper. Only slightly more pressure was needed for my finger to sink all the way in. Her ass was clamping down like a vise on my finger with each well-placed movement of my thumb across her clitoris.

I had to ease my attentions to her clit at this point or she would come almost immediately. I commenced working my slippery middle finger in and out of her tight clutch. Her grasp began to relax with the eased attentions to her sensitive clit. She started moaning in pleasure as she pushed against my soon thrusting finger. I pulled from her tight grasp and twisted my middle and ring finger together to form a larger penetrator. My entire hand had become wet from the generous quantity of juices flowing down from her soggy pussy. I started working the tight little orifice with both fingers together. The aperture was again reluctant to accept this larger and wider intruder. Persistence payed off as I again started to gently thrust into the gradually easing orifice.

She used to be very reluctant to submit to what was to come next. She initially only gave in to my repeated appeals do to my persistence. She felt that this behavior was dirty and degrading. She was under the impression that men only wanted anal sex to humiliate and degrade women. That was primarily thanks to those men out there that speak about this subject with such negative and callous remarks. Unless their women like it that way, they should hold their tongues or put them to better use.

She was under the impression it could not be done for pleasure, especially for the woman. She eventually realized that I made this request only because I found it extremely appealing. I must admit that I had to turn to her giving nature and manipulate it to my own ends. I knew she would eventually submit to my appeals just out of her consideration for my want and desire. I could not help myself, the then fantasy of her having an orgasm with my swollen cock stuffed deep in her tight little back door was almost enough to make me cum in my pants. I had to repeatedly reassure her that I wasn’t in it to hurt or debase her. I knew that with my persistence and assurance, it would eventually have to happen.

That was a long time ago now. Since our first time, we had learned to make it pleasurable experience for both of us. I had to learn control and to reciprocate before, during, and after the act. My urge to cum immediately upon planting my large fat cock in her tight little butt had to be tamed and subdued. I then had to reward her submission by giving back to her what she needed in return. Now our communication about the once taboo subject has become almost relaxed and comfortable. I have on occasion asked her about her feelings towards it now. She still becomes a little shy but has gone as far as to say, “It’s alright.”

This night she was in a state of mind I had never seen before. Instead of me meekly asking to do the forbidden act, I asked her to roll over on her hands and knees. She eagerly rolled over from her back onto her knees and presented her extraordinary heart-shaped ass to me. I kneeled behind her and paused long enough to enjoy the view. I could swear that my already rigid cock swelled even larger at this magnificent sight. She reached into the warm recesses of the now disarrayed blankets on our waterbed. To my surprise, she pulled out and handed me a warmed tube of KY jelly. I excitedly popped the lid and liberally lubricated my entire shaft. I then put a generous quantity Escort Isparta onto my right thumb.

I placed my slick thumb against her tense opening. I slowly began to apply pressure when she surprised my again by urgently pushing her ass back onto my hand. My thumb immediately disappeared. She began rocking back and forth on my submerged thumb. I was almost speechless with amazement. She wanted it, I would even say eager for what was to come next. I asked her, “You want it don’t you, you want my cock in your ass.” I glanced down at my two fingers that I had just had buried in her ass and then down at my engorged member. There was not much comparison. My cock was substantially wider and longer than those two fingers. If I hadn’t known from experience, I would have had my doubts.

I kneeled close behind her and placed the swollen head against that now slick and lubricated bud. Initially, it was unyielding to the large object pressing against it. My wife took matters into her own hands by impatiently pressing back against the guest knocking at her back door. Her blossom spread open as my cock head forced its way into her rectum. She paused only for a moment before continuing her backward motion. I looked down amazed as I watched my cock being consumed inch by inch. It was an astonishing and wonderful thing, watching my cock disappear into her now stretched beyond belief ass hole. She determinedly pushed against my large member until her ass cheeks were cozily pressed into my groin. She let out a soft moan that sounded of pleasure and relief as my cock filled her tight crevasse. I have known this woman for years now and I was seeing something I had never seen under these circumstances. She needed my cock in her ass as much as I wanted it there. Her ass firmly grasped my cock like it wasn’t going to let go.

She now paused with me buried to the hilt in her beautiful backside. I reached around her taught stomach to her wet and swollen pussy. The nectar was nearly dripping and her inner thighs were slick from the moisture. I again strummed that excited clit. Her strained flesh clenched and released my transfixed cock with each lucrative stroke. Before I could make another move, she again began to rock back and forth on her hands and knees. My cock was slowly exiting then returning into her strong clutch. She slowly quickened her pace as she continued to relax and allow me into her once forbidden zone. I looked down in amazement, as my cock was one moment ingoing then reversed and nearly departing only to return again to her now receptive aperture.

I had to do more than just watch this magnificent event. I had to participate! I waited long enough to determine her rhythm as I began to slowly thrust my hips to coincide with her rocking motions. We kept a moderate tempo as her ass began to adjust further to my girth. She began to quicken her pace as I continued to manipulate her swollen clitoris. I again eased off because I was enjoying this experience too much to have it end too quickly. Our pace began to quicken as we started to collide into one another. I grabbed her by the hips and began wrenching her ass back onto my cock. I could see small ripples traverse her muscular ass cheeks as her rear began to slamming back on my cock. I was aggressively fucking her ass at this point and she hungered for it. This was not the woman that had told me she thought, “It’s alright.” This was the woman of my most perverse sexual dreams. My balls were bouncing against her pussy as I repeatedly drove my cock into her. It was the most incredible ass fuck she had given me yet.

It was not long before I felt the pressure swelling up from my balls. One of my wife’s hands reached up and grabbed my right hand off of her hip. She urgently pulled it down between her legs demanding its attention again. She would never say it out load (at least not yet) but this was her way of telling me she needed me to make her orgasm and she meant right now! I pushed off my impending event long enough to reach around to pleasure my gorgeous wife. I played her clit with my knowledgeable fingers. She climaxed almost immediately. Her breath caught in her throat as she let out a sound that was between a growl of a wild animal and a gasp by a drowning person. If I had been in my right mind at that moment, I would have judged the beginning of her orgasm as the start of the most intense that I had ever witnessed. I was not in my right mind at that moment though.

I had seen an image that had been burned into my perverted mind forever. The pillows that had been piled on the headboard had fallen away to expose the mirror located there. I had a perfect view of my wife’s beautiful face at the moment of her massive climax. What I had seen blinded me of all else. Her mouth had fallen open and she was repeatedly licking her lips. Saliva was glistening on her lips and her mouth was shaped in a perfect letter “O”. All my mind would tell me is that she looked like she was sucking a massive cock. I’m not sure what inspired me but I leaned forward and whispered, “That’s right baby, suck it, make it cum in your mouth.” Her orgasm intensified dramatically. She suddenly arched her back and painfully jammed her ass back against my cock. The sound that came from deep within her was almost a howl that could not be mistaken for anything but bestial ecstasy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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