Hanukkah Tradition

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“Oh my, Mister! What a big menorah you have!” I giggled.

“Yes,” Geoffrey answered with mock solemnity, “few men could hold a candle to it.”

“Wouldn’t that hurt?”

“”Wickedly,” said Geoffrey, giggling too now as he leaned over a big storage box labeled “Hanukkah decorations.”

Looking at his cute ass never ceased to make my heart go pitter-patter. Although we’d been married for only less than a year, I knew my feelings for him would only grow stronger. This was our first winter together with our combined households, and yet it seemed we’d been doing this for years. He turned and looked at me, smiling like a little boy. I knew this was his favorite time of year.

We pulled out the decorations, and it brought back memories of childhood holidays and the traditional eight nights of presents that caused such jealousy among grammar school classmates. Of course, we never told them that the first night’s present was usually hand-knitted socks from Aunt Dot and that the best presents were saved for the last night. I made a mental note to call my mother and get her potato pancake recipe.

Hanukkah would be starting in a couple days and, looking outside at the bleak weather, I felt happy to be in our warm home in front of a cozy fire. the peripheral izle We pulled out the silvery decorations and set the special candles and chocolate geld on the table.

As usual, I had left the shopping for our families to the last minute. That’s why the floor was littered with wrapping paper and boxes and tissue paper – not to mention too many gifts that still awaited wrapping.

Geoffrey came over to sit cross-legged on the floor with me as I continued to wrap. He sat close and draped his arm around me, gently kissing my neck in a spot he knew would tickle and distract.

“Honey, I have a great idea for Hanukkah,” Geoffrey announced. I liked the sound of it so far and, looking into his twinkling eyes, I could tell this idea was quite wicked.

“Well, this is our first real Hanukkah together and everything, and I was thinking this is the time to start holiday traditions. I know we both put a lot of thought into the presents we got for each other, and I’m sure that sweater will be really warm…” he continued.

“You peeked!” I said, playfully socking his shoulder. His smirk told me that he hadn’t peeked at all and I’d given away my own surprise. I had to laugh. He got the recruit izle me.

“Well, Rach, I thought we could start a new tradition just for us – eight sexy nights, each one more pleasing than the last. What do you think?”

“Ooh, the Festival of Naughtiness. I love it,” was my response. I kissed him to show my eagerness and thought again for the thousandth time how well suited we are for each other. Geoffrey was kind-hearted, intelligent, Jewish and very sexual – just like me!

Still sitting on the floor, Geoffrey held the paper while I applied scotch tape, and we talked for an hour about how sexy this new tradition could be. My head was buzzing with ideas as I realized this new tradition would be a chance to try new things and learn more about each other.

Before long the boxes were neatly decorated and I was sitting in his lap, nuzzling his neck. We sat in the darkened living room and continued to whisper teasing, breath-taking ideas to each other. Geoffrey knows how much sexy talk gets me excited and before long his hands had slid up inside my sweater and my bottom was grinding against his hardness. There’s no way this tradition wouldn’t be a success. Even the idea of it was getting us the rig izle hot.

We agreed that we’d each make plans on alternate nights and that we’d start small and work our way up. I was giddy with anticipation, brainstorming on what I thought he’d most enjoy, as we both stood up and anxiously headed for the bedroom.

Geoffrey helped peel off my sweater and jeans while I undressed him too. We fell onto the bed and continued to kiss passionately.

“I have so many ideas for sexy gifts to give you, Rachel,” he whispered in my ear as he unclasped my bra and slid his fingers over my hardened nipples. I reached down to his hardened cock, bare and pressing against my thigh.

“I can hardly wait for the holiday, Geoff,” I answered, panting against his chest. “But right now I want this inside me.” I squeezed his cock in my hand, feeling it hard and throbbing. There would be no more planning tonight, I thought. Spreading my legs, I pulled him toward me, wanting him more than ever to fill me. Geoffrey was always ready and willing to fuck me, something I could never seem to get enough of.

The rest of the week flew by. We each made our secret plans and purchases, carefully wrapping and hiding them. This was going to be one helluva holiday….

You don’t have to be Jewish to fully appreciate the escalating passion of Rachel and Geoffrey as they engage in their new holiday tradition. What sexy surprises will the eight days of Hanukkah bring? There will be eight new stories posted, one for each night, and they will each be more exciting. I hope you enjoy them!

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