Haitian Queen of Montreal

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Stephen Jerome Lucien, affectionately known as J.L. to his friends is, by all considerations, a good brother. Born in the City of Montreal, Quebec, to Haitian immigrant parents, he’s a church-going and hard-working lad, who’s sometimes a bit too good for his own good. And that is the source of much pain and frustration in this promising young man’s life…

In today’s North American society, a law-abiding, hard-working and all-around good and decent black man is considered overrated and the beautiful black ladies are all about the thugs. Thugs, thugs and more thugs. Day in and day out. That’s what a lot of young black women apparently crave. And when they’re done with the thugs, they move on to the white dudes. What’s a good brother to do at a time like this?

Stephen Jerome Lucien is one of those brothers pondering that very question. What’s wrong with an educated brother who wants good things for himself, his family and his community? Why are all the good sisters chasing the thugs? Stephen was mystified by such things. In fact, you can ask this of anyone who knows him, from his fellow civil engineering students at McGill University, to his church-going buddies at Eglise Sacre Coeur, Stephen is “too nice.”

Emmanuelle Pierrot is the polar opposite of our lad Stephen, to say the least. Six feet tall, gorgeously dark-skinned and curvy, blessed with a keen mind and a sassy attitude, Emmanuelle definitely puts the O in opinionated. And that’s how she likes it. A Criminal Justice student at the University of Montreal, an occasional attendee of Eglise Sacre Coeur, and a full-time scandalous diva, Emmanuelle Pierrot is a gal with a bad reputation. The kind that the fellas want, and whom smart women dutifully keep their boyfriends and husbands away from.

One day, though, Emmanuelle Pierrot had a life-changing experience. While walking around the Rockland Mall in the City of Montreal, Emmanuelle was accosted by a pair of racist clerks who followed her around several stores, since in their feeble minds, any black shopper is a potential criminal. Well, Emmanuelle confronted them, and the two white clerks, David and Christina, lied to their teeth when the tall, confident and outspoken young black woman called them out on their racist bullshit.

“Folks, I’ve observed you following the young Yalova Escort lady and she did nothing wrong,” said a deep voice, and both the clerks and Emmanuelle turned at the sound, and found themselves gazing at a tall young black man in a security uniform. The gentleman in question was none other than Stephen Jerome Lucien, church-goer, engineering nerd at McGill University and, apparently part-time security guard at one of Montreal’s busiest shopping centers.

“I believe you owe the young lady an apology,” Stephen said, and the two clerks, chastised, happily obliged before walking away with their tails tucked between their legs. Emmanuelle looked at the retreating clerks, then at the tall young brother who came to her aid, and smiled. Stephen looked at the young woman, whom he recognized as a member of his church, though they’d never spoken, and his heart skipped a beat.

“Thanks for your help, brother, I’m Emmanuelle,” said the lovely young lady, extending a well-manicured hand. Thus Emmanuelle and Stephen officially met. Truth be told, at first Emmanuelle didn’t think of Stephen as her type, since most of the guys she dated tended to be the thugs or the wannabe thugs. Dudes from the wrong side of the tracks, so to speak.

Brothers with durags on their heads, walking about with their pants hanging low, and butchering the English language with every syllable they uttered. Those kinds of guys usually left Emmanuelle with a broken heart and an empty wallet, so she was glad to try something new in Stephen. A brother who was a gentleman, and a university student, and yet carried himself with the swagger of a champion.

That’s how things began for Emmanuelle Pierrot and Stephen Jerome Lucien. The tall, handsome brother from McGill showed Emmanuelle a good time, taking her to malls and restaurants, and he was always polite and courteous to her, if a little cocky at times. After a few outings, and a few incidences of kissing and fondling, Emmanuelle Pierrot granted Stephen the title of boyfriend, along with the privileges it confers. And not a moment too soon…

“Emmanuelle Pierrot, my dearest mademoiselle, you need to get that big booty over here,” Stephen Lucien said, smiling, leaning back on the bed as he looked at the tall, dark-skinned, curvy and big-bottomed Haitian Yalova Escort Bayan beauty who stood before him, a coy smile on her lovely face. Hands on her hips, Emmanuelle looked Stephen up and down, and tilted her head to the side. Licking her lips, Emmanuelle stepped forward, moving her hips in a deliberately sexy manner.

“Hmm, what are you going to do with me?” Emmanuelle asked, and a grinning Stephen pulled her close, and his big hands cupped her big black ass, or tried to. Slowly, gently, Stephen palmed Emmanuelle’s booty, loving the way it felt in his hands. Playfully Stephen smacked Emmanuelle’s ass, and the curvaceous Haitian cutie laughed, loving his new bold and confident manner…Stephen looked sexy, in a beefy, big and tall kind of way.

“Well, my dear, I’m going to eat this ass,” Stephen said, and Emmanuelle found herself propped on all fours, face down and ass up, on Stephen’s king-sized bed. Outside the apartment, the Montreal skyline was blanketed with snow, but inside, things were just heating up. Emmanuelle spread her thick ass cheeks wide open, exposing a fairly obvious target…

“Eat away, my man,” Emmanuelle said, giggling as Stephen got behind her, seemingly mesmerized by the sight of her undulating thick booty. Stephen kissed Emmanuelle’s ass, and then stuck his tongue into her asshole. Ever since he could remember, Stephen had been fascinated by the black female posterior. Emmanuelle licked her lips as Stephen began munching on her asshole like it’s the sweetest thing he’d ever tasted. Hot damn, the brother was good…

“Emma, I love that ass of yours,” Stephen said as, a bit later, he and Emmanuelle got their freak on in the kitchen. Emmanuelle found herself bent over the kitchen counter, face down and ass up, as Stephen spread her ass cheeks and began smearing butter against her asshole. Grinning, Stephen fingered Emmanuelle’s butt hole, loving the way her hungry hole gripped his fingers. Hot damn, some sisters are naturally endowed with gigantic, sexy butts tailor-made for butt fucking, and Emmanuelle was definitely one of them…

“Don’t tell me, show me,” Emmanuelle whispered, and Stephen nodded, and stroked his long and thick, uncircumcised dick while she watched. Teasingly, Stephen rubbed his dick against Emmanuelle’s Escort Yalova asshole, without pushing it in. Groaning in frustration, Emmanuelle rolled her lovely brown eyes and pushed her big ass back, grinding it against Stephen’s groin, while he laughed sarcastically like the bastard she didn’t know he could be. In spite of herself, Emmanuelle smiled…

“Hot damn, mamas, your big ass wants the D, eh?” Stephen said, and suddenly he pushed his dick against Emmanuelle’s asshole, and she sighed happily as he finally went inside. Slowly but surely, Stephen’s dick burrowed into Emmanuelle’s asshole, filling up her tight crevasse. Emmanuelle closed her eyes and licked her lips, loving the erotic invasion of her bum, and the feeling of pressure which accompanied it. Anal sex was definitely Emmanuelle’s favorite sexual activity, bar none…

“Stephen, shut up and fuck me, dammit!” Emmanuelle hissed, and Stephen gripped her hips with his strong hands, and thrust his dick into her asshole. Just like that, Stephen began to fuck Emmanuelle, and he smirked in satisfaction as the big-booty Haitian mama’s tight asshole gripped his dick like a vise. To really shine Stephen on, Emmanuelle actually began to twerk with his dick in her ass, which drove him absolutely nuts…

“Your ass is going to break my dick, but dammit, I don’t mind,” Stephen crowed, and he slapped Emmanuelle’s big booty, hard, as he rammed his dick into her tight, strong butt hole. Emmanuelle shrieked and then laughed, all the while undulating her big booty this way and that, gripping Stephen’s dick like only an experienced anal queen could. Stephen continued fucking Emmanuelle’s ass until he couldn’t take it anymore, and pulled out…

“Quitter,” Emmanuelle teased, wincing as Stephen pulled his long, thick dick out of her fine, thick Haitian derriere. As Stephen pulled out, Emmanuelle finally relaxed her anal muscles…and squeezed out a loud, wet fart. Gasping in surprise, Emmanuelle glanced at Stephen and began mumbling excuses. Who could have predicted that after a spectacular fuck, the most embarrassing moment of Emmanuelle’s life would follow?

“It’s all good, mamas, I don’t mind your toxic fumes, got some of my own,” Stephen said, laughing, and as an amazed Emmanuelle looked on, the big and tall Haitian brother squeezed out a fart. The two of them burst out laughing, and then hit the showers. Emmanuelle felt better than she had in years. Finally, the vivacious Haitian-Canadian diva found a decent, non-judgmental man whom she could share her true self with…farts and all. Isn’t love grand?

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