Gramps Enlightenment Pt. 02

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This is Pt. 2 of Gramps Enlightenment. It can be read as a standalone but to get the context I would recommend reading Pt. 1

As Patsy pulled into the car parking area at the services, looking around for a suitable place to park, one of the phones in the centre console started to ring, strangely enough, Nicky and Patsy had the same ringtone, same phones just different cases.

‘Can you get that……? If it is dad tell him I will call back in 5 minutes, I need a wee first!’

It’s OK, it’s mine. Nicky answers the phone ‘Hi Sharon, give me a minute mum is just parking the car so I am watching one side of the car as there is so much stuff in here we can’t see properly….. Bloody Sian has taken literally everything she owns!!’

Patsy looks at Nicky and mouths (I need a wee, lock the car and come find us) she jumps out, looks around, and heads off towards the building across the car park.

Meanwhile, Nicky gets out and stretches ‘What’s up Shazz?’

‘Any chance you will be fit enough for the competition next week? With Sian, Michelle, and 3 others scooting off to Uni we are pretty light on capable competitors.’

‘Umm, I have an appointment with the PT on Tuesday, but I am still a bit restricted on movement in my hip….. Maybe it’ll be OK but I am not making any guarantees.’

‘Bugger….. OK well pop over and see me after PT anyway I have something to tell you that is better in person.’

As she is talking she notices her gramps looking slightly flushed as he gets out of the car, and as Sian dives back inside the car she can’t help but notice his slight head tilt and smile as he gazes longingly at Sian’s bum.

Sian climbs back out of the car, grabs James’s hand, and pulls him towards the building ‘Come on gramps, you can treat me to a lolly…… I need something to suck and an ice lolly will be perfect’ she snuggles into his side and leans up to kiss his cheek, making her skirt ride up. Nicky is shocked as she is sure she caught sight of the fact Sian has no panties on.

Nicky being a suspicious girl opens the backdoor of the car and notices the towel wadded up on the floor, picks it up, and is surprised to find it slightly damp, bringing it to her nose the aroma is unmistakable.

‘I see mum has inherited grammas need for the loo as soon as we stop anywhere.’ James mutters as Sian snuggles in close.

‘Yeah dad is always moaning about it’

‘Oh well, I need to rearrange myself’ he winks at Sian as he heads towards the gents ‘Meet back here and we will see if we can find her after.’

As Nicky wanders into the building her mum is just coming out of the ladies so takes the keys for the car ‘I think we will just stretch our legs and get a bottle of pop or ice cream, then we can get back underway…….. Is gramps still in the toilet?’

‘I don’t know Sian, gramps and Michelle wandered over whilst I was on the phone….. Is Sian in the loo?’

‘Yeah, she and Michelle were giggling by the driers just now.’

‘OK, I need a wee so I will see you in the shop in a minute.’

Heading into the toilets Nicky sees Sian and Michelle applying lip gloss at the mirrors so marches up and growls at Sian ‘I want a word with you’…….. Dragging her further into the toilets and finding an empty cubicle she pushes her little sister in and squeezes in before shutting the door. Michelle stands open-mouthed and watches.

Lifting the bottom of Sian’s skirt Nicky confirms her suspicions about the no panties.

‘What are you doing?’

‘Testing a theory and I or in fact, Michelle was right, gramps is hot for some sweet pussy.’

‘Michelle?…… what has she to do with you not wearing knickers?’

‘Chill, haven’t you noticed everything is so much more relaxed since gramma died?…….. We can pop in to see gramps without having to be fully İstanbul Escort buttoned up in a straitjacket?……. Don’t tell me you haven’t seen him looking!!’

‘What!!!…… This is gramps…… ‘

‘Yeah, a fit youngish guy with a cock that needs some loving.’

‘No…. he is probably outside now telling mum what a stupid little idiot you are.’

‘I don’t think so after he has just let me suck his cock and then fucked me!!!!’

‘You are lying…… he wouldn’t.’

‘You are just jealous because he has fucked me and not you……… Anyway, how do you know I had no knickers on?’

‘I saw you lean up to kiss his cheek and saw your bare ass……… I then found the towel.’

‘There is your proof then……… he wants me!’

‘It isn’t fair.’

‘You chose to ride up front with mum……… see what you are missing!’

‘I am gonna tell mum!’

‘Don’t be fucking stupid……… just think when you drive back tonight mum is bound to go to sleep, she always does when we are out at night….. It is like her eyes need to shut after dark…… let her go in the back and when she is asleep start talking to gramps, slide your hand into his lap….. See if you can get his cock hard……… That is if I haven’t fucked him dry first……. Now let me out.’ Sian smirks and cups her own pussy and breast to show Nicky she is braless as well.

Nicky lets her sister out and then pulls her panties down to pee, suddenly realising how wet her panty gusset is……. Sliding her fingers through her pubic hair she finds her clit is quite sensitive and her fingers glide effortlessly into her pussy…….. Oh my god she thinks, I want some of gramps’s cock as well………… At least on the next bit, it is Michelle sitting on gramps’s lap so there will be nothing to worry about.

Sian quickly fills Michelle in as to what has happened…….. Michelle looks slightly worried ‘I will grab some panties and pop them on before we get in the car then and sit in the same place as I was before.’

‘Well if you don’t want some cock I do!…….. Plus if we change the plans now mum and gramps will know there is something wrong…….. Just tell gramps if you don’t want him to touch you and you can just sit up prim and proper on his knees.’

Everyone gets ice cream and a drink and head back to the car……. Nicky holds Sian back slightly by pretending she needs to show her something on her phone before they get going again ‘Will you ask gramps if he wants to fuck me as well?’

‘Oh trust me, he will love it when he sees your furry pussy and won’t be able to resist……. I think he has realised gramma was a prude.’

They both grin……. ‘OK, mum my turn to drive……. Maybe, 2 hours and then stop for dinner.’ Nicky chirps.

All safely ensconced back in the car, with a few bits moved in the space occupied by James. Off they go again.

‘Gramps.’ Sian whispers across the car…….. ‘We might have a problem……. Nicky knows what we did and Michelle is worried that it might cause a huge argument.’

‘I just don’t want to cause any problems.’ Michelle utters as she perches as far forward as she can on James’s knees.

‘Oh, that alters things a bit if Nicky knows………. But trust me Michelle you won’t cause any problems…. You can’t sit like that for the next 2 hours…….. I will keep my hands to myself.’

Michelle looks crestfallen but understands…….. ‘Grampa James, can I call you that?……… I was looking forward to feeling your hands all over me, but I know it would be wrong.’ As she says this she reaches up to tighten her ponytail, displaying the dark fuzz under her arms.

‘Everything OK back there?’ Patsy calls.

‘Yeah, we are just settling in for a long cramped drive……. Kadıköy Escort Can you pop some music on so it ain’t so boring……. At least we can sing along.’ Sian answers.

‘Gramps……. Would you fuck Nicky as well?’

‘Oh god, yes!’

James notices Michelle start to relax back and smiles as she again tightens her ponytail….. ‘Michelle, do you know one of my favourite things is kissing armpits?……. I know I promised to keep my hands to myself but my hands are not on my face.’

Michelle smiles as she loops her arm up and sidles down into James’s lap and offers her armpit to James to nuzzle………. His erection pushing into her ass as her skirt rides up, to display her thighs and a wisp of pubes.

Sian meanwhile has her fingers buried deep in her pussy trying to recreate the feelings of sitting in her gramps lap.

‘Grampa James……. You don’t need to keep your hands to yourself……. I want you to touch me everywhere and fuck me right here.’ Sliding her hand inside his shirt. Flicking his nipple, as she kisses him deeply on the mouth Michelle squirms as she pulls her top over her head, Thankful for the sunshades on the windows so no one can see in. sliding one finger into her streaming pussy and lifting it to James’s mouth so he can taste her.

‘Oh, sweet girl…… you are adorable…….’ Taking one of her breasts in his hand and weighing it as he draws his thumbnail across her engorged nipple……….’I so wish I could taste you fully.’ He groaned as Shakira’s song Loca starts playing on the CD that Nicky had put on.

Being tiny in stature and a gymnast Michelle was very agile and bendy ‘Only if I can taste you at the same time.’ She growls as she squeezes his cock straining in his trousers…… ‘If you lift up slightly so your trousers can be pulled down a bit I have an idea’

James shuffled his trousers down to his knees where they then fell totally around his ankles……. ‘Now lean your head back and breathe in a moment.’ Michelle sighed as she set to flipping herself upside down into James’s lap……. Sian seeing this and being crafty stops her midway as her legs are over the top of the small case table between the seats……. Leans forward and grabs a crafty lick of her friend’s succulent pussy…….. ‘I am so looking forward to spending the next few months pleasuring you. Michelle shivers as she continues her revolution so she is face-first into James’s crotch.

‘Hey, stop dancing back there!’ Nicky scolds as she can feel the vibration through the car.

‘Sorry, I am just getting comfy!’ James replies as he gazes longingly at a juicy gaping sodden cunt presented to him in all its glory. Burying his face into the steamy, aromatic hair and taking a deep breath before flicking his tongue out to taste it, at the same time feeling the warmth of a hot mouth envelope his cock and take it deep into her throat…… He can literally feel her throat constricting on the head of his cock.

Sian has knelt up so she can lean across and caresses Michelle’s tits as whispers in her gramps’s ear ‘Eat her ass as well…… she loves that…….. get it open and twitching then slide your thumb into it as you either finger fuck her or tongue fuck her……… but be careful she is a screamer!’

James can’t believe his luck it was only in the last 3 years or so that Gwen had consented to him even touching her asshole let alone lick it and enter it.

Michelle, feeling slightly light-headed from traveling what is virtually backward and upside down, sensing James is about to shoot his load increases her tempo as her own shuddering climax approaches, maybe she should have warned Grampa she was a squirter!!

As her mouth was full and she was essentially in a void her grunts and Kartal Escort squeals were muffled as she unleashed a shuddering climax right into James’s mouth and also swallowed his load that he had just deposited in her mouth……. The thumb in her ass was driving her wild…… James’s cock would need to quell the feelings in her ass later.

Tapping James’s knee to get his attention she informed him she needed to turn herself back upright.

Far more easily achieved as all three back seat occupants worked in conjunction……… Sian again stealing a huge munch on Michelle’s sopping cunt and pushing two fingers deep into her ass.

‘Oh Sian, you bitch…….. This is Grampa’s time.’ Michelle screeched slightly louder than necessary.

‘Are you alright back there?’

‘Yes…….. Sian has just been a piggy and finished of Grampa’s snack.’ Michelle replied grinning widely as she leaned towards Sian to share the taste of James’s cum with a deep and meaningful kiss.

‘OK well, hopefully, we will be at the next stop in about 40 minutes so we can all stretch and eat something.’

Michelle looks longingly at James and whispers ‘You can stretch me now if you want……. I need that cock hard and in my ass.’

‘Ummm, in your ass?…….. Are you sure?’ James blustered totally amazed as he had often dreamed of anal but not partaken except that once with Michael when they had had to share a room on the rugby tour and then he was the recipient, not the giver…….. Alcohol has a lot to answer for.

Anal with Gwen had not been pleasurable as he knew she really wasn’t comfortable with it. The current situation was strange, added to which he didn’t have any lube available here as he did when massaging his wife.

‘Yeah in my ass……. That is if you want to?’

‘Oh sweet girl, I don’t want to hurt you…… will it fit?…….. I know I am not huge.’

‘Grampa trust me you will slide in just perfectly, I love it when my dad fucks me in the arse…… especially first thing in the morning when we are still warm from bed……… I am gonna miss a hard man’s cock……. It will just be little boys at uni.’ As she says this she is teasing his cock back to life with her hand.

Turning her back to him and positioning herself above his cock Michelle lubes her ass with juices from her pussy and slowly descends onto his cock, lifting up a couple of times so that it isn’t uncomfortable for them both……… Not expecting him to shoot more cum into her ass but just needing to feel full and knowing time is against them as they need to clean up and dress again. As she bottoms out on his cock and lets a whoop out, which luckily came just at the right moment as She-Wolf, started playing, so the howl was absorbed into the song.

‘Turn it up……. This is our favourite song.’ Sian called out then hissed at Michelle ‘Shut up you crazy cow.’

Wrapping James’s hands around her to pinch her nipples as she rode his cock to another orgasm Michelle pulls her top back over her head as Sian gets the wet wipes ready.

‘Oh, bugger…….. Looks like we are gonna be delayed……… traffic is backing up in front of us.’ Called Patsy from the front of the car.

‘OK.’ James sighed as he unloaded a load of cum deep into Michelle’s ass.

‘Sorry dad, I know it isn’t ideal being back there…….. But surely it is better here with us than sat at home…………. This is just gonna make us so much later.’ Patsy grumbles.

Looking across at Nicky…….. Patsy says ‘I think we might end up having to stay overnight…….. I can’t ask grampa to drive home after spending all day cooped up with those two……. That is an expense we could do without…… two rooms at even Premier Inn is gonna cost us at least £100.’ She sighed.

‘Don’t they have sofa beds in places like that?……….. Can’t we just grab some jimmies and stuff at Tesco and all three of us share a room?’ Nicky replied trying to be helpful but thinking it might be her chance to fuck grampa as her mum was like a log when asleep and nothing woke her up.

‘We can talk to grampa when having food and see what he says.’

To be continued

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