Good Morning

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(This is a sexy little fantasy that is dedicated to my darling DB!)

Now it’s a lazy Sunday morning…

You are lying in bed, eyes shut, fighting the urge to wake up. You can feel the sunlight, part of you knows it’s time to get up, but the dream you are having is too good to interrupt. You had been enjoying the warmth you felt from my body cuddled up against you, and somehow your dreams have turned it in another direction… it now feels as though I have moved and am huddled under the covers near your morning erection. You can practically feel my hands on your thighs, teasing your flesh. Your cock stiffens even more from this, and you decide to let the dream go for as long as you can.

If you concentrate, you can feel my breasts pressing against your stomach… the nipples hardened peaks. The heavy weight of them against you feels exquisite, and you shift around a bit, trying to press more firmly against them. You can tell I have turned around against you, facing towards your feet, leaning over you to tease and play with the treasure I have found. Just as you are starting to think that this is the most vivid dream that you have ever had, you feel my fingers freeing you from your boxer briefs. Your eyes snap open right as you feel my hot, wet lips close over the dripping tip of your cock. You look down your body in time to see the shape of my head under the covers, bobbing up and down and taking you further inside my mouth with each dip down. Hot… moist… slippery… my tongue plays havoc with you, my lips applying just the right pressure, fucking you harder with my mouth.

Being the visually stimulated man that you are, you just can’t handle not seeing my handiwork, so you toss aside the covers. As you do, you slowly reveal what is underneath. You start at my feet, following up my legs, and you land on my bare ass, which is slightly peeking out from under my short night shirt. Since I am the ark izle facing away from you and bent over, my ass is right in your face. The more I get into it, the more my shirt creeps up. Your eyes are fixed now, knowing that with just the right movement… THERE! My legs have parted just enough, and you can see the lips of my cunt. You groan a bit, and even you aren’t sure if it is from the wonderful oral attention you are receiving or the sight of my pussy lips spreading for you.

As if it has a mind of its own, your hand starts to creep up my inner thigh, traveling higher and higher until you can feel the heat from my swollen sex. You slip two fingers just inside the lips and you are amazed to feel the liquid that has already pooled there. You swirl them around for a moment, which makes me buck against your hand and moan loudly, the vibrations feeling wonderful around your cock. Pulling your fingers away, you pull a long string of moisture with them, and bringing them to your lips you see that they’ve been flooded with my juices. You suck them into your mouth greedily, your eyes rolling back in your head at the potent taste of lust that your woman is giving off. Quickly your fingers return, this time in earnest, sliding deep inside my opening, penetrating me and stretching my walls. Your index and middle fingers, sliding in and out… you watch them dipping further, getting wetter. You can feel my cunt gripping you tightly, hungrily.

As my mouth continues to work its magic on you, you start to get more and more into it. Feeling me grinding back into your hand, you can tell that I am too. Your hand is getting soaked as I drip all over you, and you bring your thumb up and swirl it in my juices, moving up further to the tight puckered opening that is barely visible as I move on your hand. You lightly, teasingly swirl your thumb around my ass, causing me to groan and the catch izle shiver.

You are so turned on by this that you know you absolutely HAVE to taste me, so you grab hold of my hips and start pulling me back towards your face. As soon as I realize what your intentions are, I back up farther and straddle your head, bringing my soaking pussy directly over your mouth. You pull me down eagerly, spreading the lips wide and devouring my throbbing pussy. I lose concentration for a moment, feeling your mouth nibbling and sucking at the wet folds. Once you settle over my clit and apply pressure with your lips and tongue, I can’t stop from crying out.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck that feels so good!” I start grinding into your mouth, rubbing all along your face, and you are in absolute Heaven. You love how I taste, how I smell, and you adore how wet I get for you. “You want me to fuck your face, baby?” I moan loudly, slipping and sliding all along your tongue and lips. Your answer is to groan and pull me down harder against your face.

I look straight ahead and see your beautiful cock being neglected, so I lean forward again and resume my attentions. Puckering my lips around the tip, I suck you in slowly as I work my way down the shaft, inch by thick inch, until you are rubbing the back of my throat. I grip you tightly with my lips, moving up and down on you, loving the way you taste. I love the texture of the skin, the velvety smoothness. As I raise my head I swirl my tongue around the tip, then slowly lower my mouth again. I repeat this, bobbing faster and harder each time. I move one hand forward and massage your balls, using my dripping saliva as a lubricant, rubbing and rolling as I suckle you.

You move back a bit and insert your tongue directly into my pussy, stiffening it and fucking me with it. I scream around your shaft, loving the feeling. My hips are now bucking the chemistry of death izle against you and you pull me into you even harder, pulling me right into your face and mouth. You feel me pulling on your hips now, begging you to thrust into me, to fuck my mouth. If anyone were to see us right now it would look as if we were trying to swallow each other whole.

You are now using your mouth and both hands. Your lips have fastened onto my clit again, making me scream and writhe against you, while one hand is shoving two fingers inside my pussy as the other hand spreads me wider and slowly works at my asshole. I can feel you using a finger there, swirling and teasing at first, then gradually working your way in, penetrating me as no one has before. I fight my urge to tense up, knowing that you will make me feel wonderful. Deeper… inside my cunt and my ass… while you suck on my clit and hum. I start shaking uncontrollably, moaning around your cock, pulling your hips harder into me. You can feel yourself starting to lose control too, and you thrust up eagerly now into my hot wet mouth.

I love the feeling of what you are doing to me so much that I try it on you too… slowly inserting just the tip of my finger into you as you fuck my lips. Even that little bit of pressure sends you over the edge, and we both scream together, letting go, releasing everything that we’ve been holding back. I can feel the hot spray of your cum, and I swallow down every last drop eagerly at the same time you drink my juices from your lips. We slowly disentangle and I turn back around to lay my head on your chest, looking up at you tenderly.

“Darling… I wanted to say something to you,” I whisper softly.

“Yes, baby?”

“Your turn to make breakfast!” I giggle, a wicked smile spreading on my lips.

“Hey! That’s it?” you pout, as you grab me and try to tickle me.

“Well, that… and… I love you,” I smile and lean in closely, kissing you softly on the lips.

“I love you, too… but I’m NOT making breakfast. I’d rather eat you all day, anyway,” you say with a smirk.

“Well! Hmm…. actually, I think that can be arranged.” And we both laugh as we settle in for a long, lazy Sunday in bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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