Golf Club Wives Ch. 02

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Mark rolled out of bed as the phone rang. He rubbed the sleep from his eyes as he struggled to reach the phone.

“Good morning” he croaked.

My God Mark, is that you?” Stan asked. “What are you doing at home, its midday?”

When Mark did not reply he raised his voice, “what’s wrong?”

“What did you get up to last night?”

“Mate you won’t believe what’s happened,” Mark croaked, as he dropped the phone, his voice sounding far worse than he really was feeling.

“Hang on lad I’ll be right over,” Stan shouted, realising that something had happened.

Mark was pouring his second cup of tea when Stan arrived. “My god man you look like shit,” he exclaimed, “You look like something the cat dragged in.”

“What have you been up to?”

“Mate Tammy’s gone.” Mark groaned.

“What do you mean she’s left, as I understand it she’s gone off to visit her brother?”

“She’s gone all right; her car and a lot of her clothes are gone.”

“I had a call from a woman looking for her; she said Tammy was supposed to meet her at that restaurant up on the range on the way to her brothers.”

“I rang Tammy’s brother and she’s not there, he hasn’t heard from her either.”

Stan threw an empty whisky bottle and two wine bottles in the bin.

He pushed Mark down in a chair, “no more grog.”

“Think straight, this is the best thing that could have happened. He brushed aside Marks protests and went on, “your marriage wasn’t working, you said so yourself.”

“You have been whinging to me that your sex life was zilch.”

“I thought you would be throwing a party not sitting round crying in you beer. Let me tell you mate booze is no answer.”

Mark struggled to sit up, “Stan I’m not upset that she’s left me; I’m just worried that she’s safe. I want to know where she is.”

“I started to worry last night when the woman who rang said she was supposed to meet her and Tammy didn’t turn up. When I rang her brother and she wasn’t there I started to panic.”

“I’ve been sitting here drinking, worrying what I did to drive her away. I just hope she’s ok.”

An hour later after Mark had showered and shaved, they rang around Tammy’s friends who all reported they hadn’t seen her. They were sitting talking when the door bell rang. Opening the door, Mark was surprised to find a policeman and police woman on the doorstep.

Inside the Policeman quickly told them that Tammy’s car had been found at the bottom of a gully where it had ran off the road on the mountain range, The car had obviously been there some time. Tammy’s body had been thrown out and she was dead when police reached the scene.

Stan was surprised how calm Mark had become. He sat talking to the policewoman for a long time. The police woman when she interviewed Stan remarked that Mark was a very caring man.

Stan noticed how her face softened as she spoke of Marks concern for his wife and her last moments. “We meet a lot of terrible people on this job; it’s refreshing to meet someone like him.”

“My names Kerry Mathews, if he has any problems contact me,” she added as Stan showed them to the door.

Well you certainly impressed that young policewoman Stan said as they sat and talked.

“Mate I loved Tammy; I’m going to miss her. I am really sorry that our last years were so cold. We had many good years. I hope she died quickly, I hope she didn’t suffer.”

The young police woman handled the police formalities. She dropped into the house to keep him informed about the autopsy and the police reconstruction of the accident.

Days went by as the police completed their formalities.

Each day Kerry called in and sat with him as he talked about Tammy. By the time she announced that the police would release Tammy’s body for the funeral he was no longer down in the dumps.

Mark enjoyed her company, she had a fresh happy face, its best feature was a wonderful smile, it lit up her face. On the morning of the funeral he again felt lost, the house was empty it had a sad and lonely feeling.

Kerry made his morning when she called as she was going off shift at six am.

“I saw the lights on so early in the morning and wondered if there was anything wrong. Is there anything I can do, anything you need?” She asked.

“I’ll be alright when the funerals over and I go back to the office, but right now I’m lonely:” he confessed.

“We were married for twenty years, we always had each other, I loved her and I miss her.”

“Oh you poor dear,” she cried, as she hugged him and kissed him on the cheek.

Mark hugged her back, the warmth of her hard young body, plus the contact with her firm breasts through her uniform warmed him, making him realise the need to get on with his life.

He kissed her on the lips, “you have been wonderful, if you will let me I would like to take you to dinner soon to say thanks,” he said quietly.

“That would be lovely,” Kerry replied, kissing him back.

Kerry had spent most of her shift that night thinking of Mark. His kind ways and his generous nature had made that 90s show izle her look at him not just as someone that required her help as a policewoman but as a person. “I would like to get to know him better,” she thought.

Marks house was overflowing after the funeral. Most of those who stayed after paying their respects and condolences were women.

Mark’s male friends had a drink or two and left, the women stayed on talking mostly about how Mark would cope on his own.

Ruth claimed him to say that the ladies club wanted him to join them on their regular Thursday morning for a round of golf. “If you need any help here at home just ring and I’ll come over,” she whispered as she kissed him again, her large tits squashed against his chest.

Darlene pushed in; “leave a bit for me,” she laughed as she kissed him on the cheek and whispered in his ear, “I’ll ring you tonight.”

The crowd was thinning out when the police commissioner and his wife arrived. “I’ve just dropped in to pay my respects and offer any help from my department,” he said as he shook Mark’s hand.

“Thank you very much, Mark replied your department has been great, one of your young constables Kerry Marshal has been very helpful.”

“That’s good to hear, my wife will stay, but I have to go, if we can do any more let me know,” the commissioner said as he headed for the door.

Mark turned as the commissioners wife took him by the arm, “I’m Stella we met the other day at the golf club.” “Oh yes I remember you,” Mark said with such enthusiasm that she raised one eyebrow and smiled.

Mark remembered how she had licked her lips showing a little tongue as she had whispered, “I look forward to seeing more of you.” She had an aura about her, a presence that struck a chord. He remembered asking Stan about her.

“Oh yes” he whispered aloud without thinking, “oh yes, I remember you.”

“That’s nice you must tell me more, may be I can give you a better reason to remember me,” she laughed as she swayed her body, so her small hard tits rubbed his arm.

Mark’s prick responded to Stella’s teasing with enthusiasm. Mark was finding the prospect of closer contact with this tall sexy woman more exciting every minute. He knew that Stan had warned him to touch her would be dangerous. His pricks response made Mark realise that a powerful husband could be a mind blowing aphrodisiac.

“I would like to get to know this one he thought,” when his other arm was taken by a woman who he thought he should know. “We haven’t met,” she laughed, “I just missed you the other afternoon at the golf club in the pro`s shop, you were there with Darlene,” she winked.

“I’m Shelia Jones, my friends and I were sorry to miss you.”

Mark could feel himself blush. “Oh hell Darlene told them he thought.”

Not knowing what to say in front of Stella. He opted for the truth or as close to the truth as possible. “I was busy,” he grinned.

“Yes I’m sure you were,” she laughed, I’m pleased to meet you, I’m sure we will have an opportunity to meet again.” With that she wandered off flicking her rear to draw his attention to her tanned legs and very short skirt.

Mark was busy shaking hand with the last of the stragglers when the caterers sought permission to clean up. “Ok just leave a few savouries and drinks in case anyone drops in.” Mark told them as he headed up stairs.

“I hope no one drops in” a deep voice called from his bed room. In the room Stella stood in front of the mirror arranging her hair.

“Come here and kiss me,” she said as she turned to him. He kissed her finding her mouth. As her lips tried to devour his, he ran his hands up to her small hard tits.

“No!” she moaned stepping back.

“I want to talk, just listen for a minute”

When she had his attention she told him. “I don’t know what came over me at the golf club. As soon as I saw you I knew you were the one.”

He moved towards her again, “no don’t move, just listen please,” she said quietly.

“I don’t know what’s come over me, but I know I want to be with you.”

“I haven’t done anything like this before.”

“I need to know if you will be discreet. Can you keep a secret?”

She pushed him away again, “No one must know.”

“I have been married 14 years to a domineering brute; he would make life intolerable if he found out.”

She stopped her eyes staring into his. “You excite me, like I have never been excited before in my whole life.” But I’m not sure whether I can risk everything for a fling,”

Mark stood and watched he could feel his prick subsiding as Stella finished speaking.

He studied her closely; she had an aura that mesmerised him. “I would love to make love to you,” he whispered.

She looked worried so he quickly explained, “Don’t worry we won’t do anything you don’t want to do. I want you, but it will be no good if you are worried and scared.”

He couldn’t help himself as he went on, “Let me tell you Stella, I found the same excitement when we met at the club.”

“I the 1619 project izle want to love you, I want to strip off your clothes and kiss you all over. I want to lie in your arms after we have made love and feel good, not bad.”

“I don’t want to be the one to cause you heartache; I don’t want to hurt you.”

“So let me escort you to your car, before we do something that you don’t want to do.”

“I don’t have a car,” she whispered. “I came with Jack; he is sending a car back for me.”

“Well we had better get down stairs and see if its there he groaned.”

Taking her in his arms, he spoke quietly, “ kiss me, I want to recall as I lie in bed tonight dreaming of you, that special way you have of devouring my lips as you kiss.” They kissed and kissed again.

“Get out of here” he cried “or ill never let you go.”

“I could do with a good cup of tea,” Mark spoke aloud to himself as the police car left.

He jumped in surprise as he hear Sally call, “Is that all I can get you?”

“Where did you spring from,” he asked.

“Oh I got a lift back with the police car that came for the commissioner’s wife,” she replied with a wink.

“I didn’t want to bring my car in case you wanted me to stay.”

“I thought a strange car over night my make the neighbours think badly of you.”

Mark was feeling tired, the day had been long and the funeral had sapped his energy. He had sparked up when Stella had fired up his libido, but now he was on a downer.

Looking at Sally in her short black frock with her shiny black stockings, he realised he didn’t want to be alone tonight.

“I need a shower and a feed can you do that,” he said with a laugh.

“I can do both, let’s start with the shower,” she said as she led him towards the bathroom.

“Remember the saying, save water shower with a friend,” she said with a wicked grin, “let’s find out how much water we can save.”

Her joy was infectious, just watching and listening to her made him feel good.

Thank god for the enthusiasm of youth he thought as she stripped his clothes away and then slowly removed hers, all the while dancing better than any stripper.

The way Sally ran her hands over her body weighing her tits and then opened her cunt to his gaze quickly made Mark forget the fact that he was tired.

She still wore her stockings and high heels as she jumped in the shower with him.

“My god Sally you’re wonderful” he cried as she knelt to soap and lather him. She looked up at him with a wicked grin on her face, “you can buy me new six inch stiletto shoes “she whispered as she took his prick in her mouth.

“What about the stockings,” he asked. “Oh yes” she moaned as his come dribbled out the side of her mouth, “you will have to buy new stockings, but only if you fit them yourself.”

She was full of life, laughing and giggling as she tickled his balls and used her tongue on the eye of his prick.

“I love your monster cock,” she cried. “I can’t wait for it to fill me up.”

“Sounds like a visit to the petrol station, shove the hose in here and fill it up,” he laughed joining in the fun.

Mark couldn’t believe how happy Sally could make him feel. His day had been so sad and draining, that he had not expected to be carrying on like a school boy that evening.

Her infectious laugh, her obvious enjoyment of her body, and as he came to realise her equal enjoyment of his body, turned the next two hours into a riot of fun.

In the end as the clock struck six he cried enough, enough, my sides are sore from laughing, my pricks sore from fucking, you’re killing me with kindness.”

“There’s nothing wrong with you lips and tongue then? She asked. When he agreed, she pushed his head down between her legs, “then it’s your turn.”

“My cunt needs some loving, kiss it and wash it with your tongue.” As he pushed his tongue in, searching for her clit she moaned, “Don’t forget my butt, it’s been neglected.”

The clock struck seven, as Sally pushed Marks head away.

“The second part of your question was food, lets get some clothes on and I’ll take you to a hamburger joint.”

“I haven’t had a burger in years,” he cried. “I don’t want that MacDonald’s muck; I want a fair dinkum hamburger.”

She kissed him as he pulled her dress back up over her thighs and stuck his finger in her cunt.

“Finger licking good,” he asked, as he licked his finger.

Sally giggled, “No just an old fashioned burger with real meat, made in front of your eyes. We1ll go down town where you can sit and watch them cook.”

They drove down town and sat at the bench while an old Greek guy cooked them burgers.

“Sally you’re a marvel,” Mark said as the juice of his burger ran down his face, “I haven’t had so much fun in years.”

As they talked together they agreed that it would be best if Mark dropped her home to her place. At her place she kissed him warmly and invited him inside.

“My god Sally you’re insatiable,” he cried as she the 7 lives of lea izle slipped out of her clothes and led him to the couch.

“I don’t hear you saying no,” she moaned as she fed his rigid cock into her swampy cunt.

By the time they finished they had made love in positions he had never tried before. When he thought he was finished and his prick lay limp against his leg, she would start again, her lips and tongue finding new life in his tired body.

Much later as he moved around the room trying to find his clothes and gather them together, he told her she should write a book. Sally lay on the floor totally nude her legs wide apart as she fingered her pussy, “a book, what are you talking about?” she asked.

“We have done things together that I’m sure are not even mentioned in sex manuals,” he replied with a laugh.

“If you wrote a book describing the positions and things we have done together, it would be a best seller.”

After making sure Sally was safe he drove home to find a car parked in his drive.

“Hi” a woman called, “its Shelia Jones, can I talk to you.”

“Of course Shelia come on in.”

No I don’t want to come in, my husbands at home waiting for me, he knows where I’ve gone so I don’t have time.

Mark was going to ask time for what, but thought better of it. “What can I do for you?” He asked

Shelia spoke quickly, “I want to introduce you to someone, who I think could help you both. If you agree,”

She opened the back door of her car and led a very small dark skinned woman out to meet him. “This is Ayaha she has a six month old daughter, she has been dumped by the father.”

“We were talking about you today at the club and agreed that you would need a maid or housekeeper.”

“Ayaha needs a place to stay and some security.”

“She is well known to the golf club ladies, she worked there before the baby.”

“I know I shouldn’t ask you to make up your mind quickly like this, but if you could give it a try, I’m sure it would work out.”

“We have all been helping her, and when she dropped by our house tonight I though of you.”

“Say you will think about it?” Shelia asked

Mark looked at the frail timid little girl, and thought what the heck. “Look I don’t know about a maid or house keeper, but if she wants a place to live, I have that granny flat at the rear of my house that she can have for free, while she gets her life organised.”

He looked at them both,” Bring her over tomorrow and we will see what we can do.”

Shelia grabbed Mark and kissed him hard, “oh thank you, thank you, I knew you were a sweetie.”

She kissed him again this time her tongue invaded his mouth, “Don’t worry,” she whispered, “I will make sure that you won’t lose as a result of your generosity.” When he started to protest she kissed him again, this time with her mouth open, inviting his tongue.

Mark could feel his prick starting to rise, as the kiss continued. His tongue entered her mouth, his hands rose to her tits, his prick rubbed against her thigh.

Shelia’s breathing was heavy as she finally pulled away, “Can I push your generosity a little further and ask can we move her in tonight. It will save a double move and let the baby get settled,” she said as she pushed Ayaha back into the car.

When the car door closed she ran her hand along the front of his pants, “I could come back tonight to help then,” she said with a sigh.

Mark could find no reason to say no. He found the keys to the detached flat and asked Ayaha to come with him and look it over. Ayaha nursed her baby in her arms and followed him meekly. While they were checking to see if everything worked Shelia rushed off home to get Ayah’s few possessions and bring them back.

Mark and Ayaha found the flat well stocked with bedding and appliances. “You check what you need and we can get them from my stores tomorrow,” he told her as he headed back to the house.

The phone was ringing; when he answered a male voice introduced himself as Duncan. After offering his condolences he went on “my wife Shelia is on her way back to your place with Ayaha`s gear.”

“Thanks very much for helping her, I hope it works out.” As he rang off he said, “Tell Shelia to take her time, it’s late and I’m off to bed.”

“What a day,” Mark moaned, as he threw himself down on his bed and started to undress. “What a day,” he said again as he recalled all that had happened.

As he put on a pair of shorts the phone rang “Do you want me to slip over tonight,” Darlene whispered.

Mark sat bolt upright, his brain and body telling him, “no more tonight.”

Trying to let her down easy he growled into the phone, “I’d love that, but there are too many visitors, too many phone calls to give us any quality time together.”

“Call me tomorrow,” he added as they exchanged whispered sweet nothings before hanging up.

No sooner had he put the phone down than it rang again. A soft voice made him concentrate, “I want to see you, can I ring you tomorrow when he goes to work?”

“Yes that’ll be great,” he replied, as the caller hung up. “Shit he said to himself, “I don’t know who she was.”

Even though it was very late the phone kept him busy as callers rang to offer their condolences. When he finally got round to making himself some supper, he thought of Ayaha, maybe a maid or housekeeper would solve some of my problems he mused.

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