Going Back To School Day 03

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(A Dylan James Adventure)

This is another in the continuing adventures of Dylan James, Hollywood stuntman and stud. Dylan’s adventures started out with the “One For The Road” series. Those of you familiar with Dylan and his exploits will know that after he finished his stuntman apprenticeship in Los Angeles, he went to Europe for a few months to celebrate and just chill out before returning to the rigors of his new profession in Los Angeles. This story is about the beginning of that celebration trip.

If you are not familiar with Dylan and his adventures in Hollywood, please check out all his other adventures. However, this is a stand-alone series. Thanks for the interest and support. And please remember to vote. All emails are welcome.


Day 3

It was bright and early on the third day of his teaching assignment, and Dylan was the first one at the morning session. He accomplished this in spite of a long, boozy dinner with Jeff and a second round of tremendous sex with the two young girls who lived next door. He took Megan in the ass for the second time (see Day 1) while she squirted all over him, and he fucked Kasey once and then came down her throat once. This was turning into a very fulfilling trip. Money, old friends, and almost more pussy then he could fuck.

The group of participants began to wander in and Jeff appeared look a little worse for wear. He handed Dylan a large container of coffee.

“I feel like crap this morning.”

“You kind of look like crap this morning,” Dylan joked with his old friend.

“Yeah, fuck you too. So I see you are out of bed on time today. Didn’t get laid last night?”

“Oh man, you do not know how wrong you are. I have to tell you the women in Lubbock, TX are really very friendly and very skilled in the art of love. A very nice place you work at.”

“Yeah, the girls here are extremely friendly. So are the wives,” Jeff said referring to his ongoing affair with the President’s wife. “She came over after I got home, and she about fucked me to death. She is older than I am, and I can’t keep up with her. She is insatiable.”

“Well if you need any help with her, let me know.” Dylan joked and then turned to a gathering of students that wanted to ask questions about what they had learned yesterday. In the back of the group, Dylan noticed the bombshell. She was dressed in a very small sports bra and what were basically little boy shorts. Her large breasts were about to spill out and the globes of her superior ass were hanging out the bottom of the shorts. Several male students were ogling her and several of the girls were really pissed off at her. He answered the other student’s questions first while the bombshell hung back. When he finished with everyone else, she came up to him and stood very close. The tips of her bountiful breasts almost touching his chest.

“You didn’t call me last night,” she said softly to him. “Why?”

“Because I had plans. And I never said that I would call. Look, I need to talk to you over here,” he said taking her shoulder and guiding her further away from the rest of the students.

“Sure,” she said very excitedly.

“I’m sorry, I don’t remember your name.”

“Tiffany,” she said a little hurt.

“Tiffany, you are not dressed correctly for this class. You really need to put on some different clothes.”

She looked down at her barely there outfit. “What’s wrong with them?”

“Your clothes are inappropriate for this class. You need to go change.”

“Don’t you like what you see?” she asked very innocently.

“Uh…I…like very much what I see,” Dylan stammered as he gazed at that her fantastic body. “But you still need to change.”

“Maybe you would like to see more?”

“Maybe. I am sure that could be arranged, but now you need to go change.”

“Okay, Mr. James. I will be back. Till later.” With that, Tiffany turned and walked over to where her backpack was and slowly bent over. Her excellent ass barely covered by her shorts was on full display for everyone to see. Dylan had a hunch that the exhibition was for his appreciation mostly. After what seemed like minutes instead of seconds, Tiffany stood up and smiled over her shoulder at Dylan. Then using a walk only runaway models can use without throwing out their backs, she sauntered out of the room with her tits bouncing and her hips undulating back and forth. Watching her ass move in those tiny shorts was a mesmerizing sight.

“Down boy,” Jeff said softly over Dylan’s shoulder. “She is smoking, but she is trouble.”

Dylan looked back at his friend, “How much trouble can she be? I am only here three more days.”

With the distraction of Tiffany’s lack of clothing gone, Dylan started the workshop. For the next two hours, he kept everyone busy with learning correct falls, tumbling, and different types of stage punches and kicks. Tiffany snuck back into the class later on wearing a bigger sports bra and sweats, but it did nothing to hide her unbelievable body. Dylan had meet tons of actresses like her superman lois izle in New York and Hollywood. There was not much upstairs, but God had given them a tremendous asset, their body. And they worked it all day and night. Dylan had fucked a lot of them. Air-heads with beautiful bodies and faces. He didn’t care. He wasn’t going to marry them. Tiffany looked like she would be a simply fabulous piece of ass.

After class ended, Tiffany tried to catch his attention, but Dylan avoided her and left with Jeff to go get lunch. As they headed to his office for just a moment, they passed the older blond woman who had been attending Dylan’s morning workshop. She was slim but had a great ass and legs. She didn’t dress flashy or trashy, but what was showing in her shorts and t-shirt was certainly worth looking at.

Jeff stopped and introduced Dylan to Helen Baker, professor in the Dance Department. Dylan was again struck by her quiet confidence and demeanor. She was very calm and looked you in the eye and really seemed to listen to you when you talked. Her intelligence was apparent from the moment you meet her. Plus she was pretty. Her green eyes were full of light, and her smile was infectious, and her handshake was strong and firm. Dylan was intrigued. As they talked, she told Dylan that she was really enjoying his workshop, and hoped she could attend the rest of the morning sessions during the week. She told them she was putting on a dance concert tomorrow night and invited both of them to attend. They said that they would try, and parted ways.

As they walked toward his office, Jeff told Dylan that while a lot of people, both men and women had made a run at Ms. Baker, the rumor was that no one on campus had ever tapped that ass. That intrigued Dylan even more.

They had lunch together again and then went back for the afternoon session. However, Jeff had to go teach one of his own courses, so Dylan was left alone to teach the afternoon fencing class. He was hoping to see Tiffany in the afternoon group, but she was not there. So for two hours he took the group thru more advanced sword play then the first day. When the class was over, everyone was sweaty and tired. Dylan headed back to his room to shower and chill out. He didn’t have anything to do at all, and was thinking about calling Gwen (see Day 2) from the day before to see if they could hook up again. Or maybe Megan or Kasey would be in their room, and want to have a little afternoon fun.

He got back and took off his sweat workout clothes. He did about 30 minutes of exercises and then jumped in the shower. After the shower, he was just sitting in the AC drinking a beer and deciding what to do for the night — go out with Jeff or fuck the girls — when there was a knock at the door. Wearing only a pair of shorts, he opened the door to find Tiffany. She was wearing a little more this time, but not by much. Instead of a sports bra, she had on a loose top but it was clear that she had some kind of swim suit bra on under it from the straps tied behind her neck. Instead of shorts or rolled down sweat pants, she had on a short flip skirt that showed of her wonderful legs.

“Hi! Sorry I missed your afternoon class, but I had to go to work. I came by to see if there was anything that I missed and you might be able to show me privately,” she said with a large smile on her lovely face.

Dylan had to hand it to her. She didn’t stop when there was something that she was after. “Sure, I could show you a couple of things. Come in.”

Tiffany strolled into the room and dropped her backpack on the nearest bed. She turned to look at Dylan as he closed the door and took in his wonderful build. His athletic body and excellent muscle tone made the juices of her over eager hot box flow freely. Standing in just a pair of baggy shorts, he was like a God. His ripped torso and arms had her pussy snapping to see what was inside those shorts.

“So what can I show you?” He asked as he continued with the little charade.

“Well, it is not so much what you can show me. I wanted your advice on a routine I am doing for my dance class. I need a little help making it as good as it can be. I figured since you have been in LA and New York, you might have a few ideas. How about it?”

“Sure. I don’t know much about dance, but I can see what I can do.”

“Oh, great! Well, just sit down there. I will set up.”

Dylan sat down in one of the two chairs in the room, while Tiffany dug around in her bag. First, she took out a portable Ipod dock/player, put it on a night stand, and plugged it in. She took her Ipod and placed it in the holder and searched for a song. As a Dr. Dre rap song, began to play, she brought more stuff out of pack and put them on the bed. “Okay, I am ready. Are you?”


“Okay, here goes!” She re-started the song, closed her eyes and started moving to the heavy bass line of the song. Her shapely hips started moving in time to the beat. She turned away from him presenting her ass and taiwan crime stories izle started shaking her ass in time to the music. The back of her little skirt began to flip up in the back showing off the tops of her thighs. Her ass was really shaking now and totally with the groove of the beat. She backed up until her bouncing ass was just a few inches from Dylan’s face. Then the chorus came on changing the tempo and she moved away from him. Turning toward him again, she pulled her top off revealing her large bobbing tits encased in a very tiny bikini top that was little more than two triangular pieces of clothes held together with string. Her tits strained against the tiny material looking like they would burst out at any second. Her large nipples were hard and prominent as they poked thru the material like two little thumbs. As the song returned to the original groove, she advanced on Dylan shaking her tits in his face for all she was worth. Watching those awe-inspiring cans bounce in front of his face brought a rush of blood to his semi-hard penis. His snake surged down his leg as she danced in front of his face.

Again the tempo changed and she moved back, this time she gracefully pulled her skirt down her incredible legs and stepped out of it. As she danced back and forth, she was revealed to be wearing the tiniest bottom to a bikini that Dylan had ever seen. It was literally just a piece of cloth that started above her shaved pubes and three pieces of string. It was almost inexistent, it was so tiny. When the chorus ended and the main beat began once again, she turned to him and presented with two of the finest ass checks that he had ever had the privilege to see. Full, round, muscular, and bouncing inches from his face, the twin globes were spectacular as they moved up and down, back and forth and around and around. There was only a very small string that ran up her ass crack that let you know you were not looking a fantastic naked ass. Dylan’s cock was at full mast as he watched this mind-blowing strip tease put on by this sex-crazed coed.

Then the song changed from a Dr. Dre to a slow bluesy number by Amy Winehouse as Tiffany began to gyrate her hips in front of Dylan’ faced. She stuck her barely covered pussy right in his face. She was so close that he could smell the odor of her aroused pussy in the air. His boner was raging and his mouth was watering as he looked at this astounding piece of ass dance in front of his face. He wanted to reach out and bury his tongue in her hot wet cunt, but he let her do her thing. He was going to be fucking her lights out soon enough. No need to be in a hurry.

She moved back from his face and began to remove her tiny top. Her big round tits sprang out and hung on her chest like they were not affected by gravity. They bounced up and down, swung back and forth, but there was no sag at all in her young 20-something tits. She mashed the twins together and brought them to her lips and began to lick both rock hard nipples with her tongue. While she licked and sucked her own nipples, her hips were doing an amazing belly dance of rippling muscles and swing hips. He could not wait to sink his 9 inches of thick hard cock into her twat. This was going to be SMOKING! After she had licked and played with her heavy, firm knockers some more moaning and groaning the entire time as she heated her own cunt up. She turned and began to pull the little-bitsy thong down her hips and long legs. As she bent over to take the tiny garment off her feet, her juicy shaved cunt peaked out at him from between her thighs. Her labia was already spread and juices glistened along her slick lips. Then turning again and sitting on the nearest desk, she spread her thighs wide and brought her fingers to her wet cunt. She slipped two fingers deep inside her box and rode them back and forth. Then pulling the two juice covered digits from her cunt, she brought them to her mouth and licked all the cream off of them. Then reaching for something on the bed, she picked up a thick vibrator and turned it on. She began to move the vibrating tip along the outside of her moist hole and up to her throbbing clit. Holding the vibrator against her buzzing nub brought a long loud groan from Tiffany as the pleasure rushed straight to her head. Round and round, she rubbed the vibrating tip against her pulsing clit bringing shudders to her brain as the little toy heated up her desires. After several passes across her sensitive sex button, she slid the entire thick vibrator up her cunt and turned it on full. As she sat on the desk with her legs spread wide, Dylan could see the juices running down from her leaking cunt to her ass as the vibrator pulsed inside her blazing gash. She moved again presenting her ass toward him again, and reaching between her wide spread thighs, she began to move the vibrator in and out of her hole as an increasing rate. With her ass shaking and loud groans coming from her, he thought she might be closing in on her first orgasm. Faster and faster, the buzzing terim izle toy went as it flew into her opening. All at once, her back arched and she cried out as the orgasm hit her. Her hand flew faster in her overheated snatch as she tried to extend the pleasure. Finally, she stopped her thrusting. Leaving the vibrator on and deep in her cunt, she turned and sat of the desk. A thin sheen of sweat showed on her body, as she tried to catch her breath. Dylan watched this entire show with his prick about to burst out of his pants and it was about time for it to make its appearance.

She looked up at him with inflamed eyes, “How did you like my routine, Mr. James?”

Dylan stood up from his chair and slowly took off his shorts revealing his fully enlarged prick. It stood out in front of him and pointed at her like a lance. “I give it a 9 out of a possible 9,” he growled in a lust choked voice.

Tiffany just startled at the long thick cock in front of her. She had hoped that he would be large because he was so beautiful to look at, but this was so much more then she had anticipated. His cock was huge, long and thick and hard as a diamond as it bobbed and swayed in front of him. “Oh my,” was all that she could say as that cock moved toward her.

“I liked your routine very much. But I am going to show you a special routine that we can do ourselves. This is called ‘around the world”. Dylan held out his hand and pulled her off the desk. He turned her around and had her lean against the desk. Spreading her thighs with his knees, he reached under her and found the end of the still buzzing vibrator. As he kissed the back of her neck, he slowly pulled the noisy little toy from her sopping wet slot. She groaned as the device was pulled from her creaming hole. Once free of her body, he turned it off and placed it on the desk. “We should keep this handy just in case.”

He took his thick cock in his hand and stepped up right behind her. He began to rub the head of his mighty cock along the slick opening to her hot cunt. Coating the head with her dripping pussy juice until it was soaked with her essence. It was time! Still clasping the head of his thick meat he lodged the knob in the drooling lips of her outer labia. He gently pushed and suddenly felt a pocket of warmth swallow his cock as he began to feed the first inch of meat inside of her. He put his hand on her hips and continued to push. Tiffany moaned as he sank into her drenched pussy inch by meaty inch. At seven inches, she gasped and her cunt contracted around his thick cock with a minor spasm. He knew that he had just passed the deepest point any cock had ever been inside and he smiled knowing he still had another two inches left to give her.

“Oh God.” She sighed as his invader wormed further into her creamy depths until he felt the tip of his long cock nudged snuggly against her cervical ring.

“Oh my God. Oh Fuck. Wow, this feels incredible,” she gasped.

“Oh it gets a lot better,” Dylan warned. She gazed over her shoulder and into his eyes with a look of sheer lust.

“Oh Fuck Me Now!” She begged.

Dylan started to move his hips. He pulled his massive cock part way out of her tight, clenching cunt and then plunged it deep into her boiling depths. He repeated this again and again as her pussy rode up and down his thick boner. With each hard stroke his cock hit bottom as the head popped into Tiffany’s cervix and bounced off the spongy back of her very cunt. Lewd slapping noises began to fill the room as her cunt was pounded by his raging staff. Her ass began to bounce in time to his thrusts. Her eyes were closed now, her face filling with pleasure as his cock plunged deep into her with each thrust.

“Oh yeah!” Her voice quivered. They developed a rhythm as they moved back and forth. After about every ten cunt breaking stroke, Dylan would plant his cock as deep as it would go and grind his genitals against her ass. His cock-head continual slipped inside the entrance to her womb.

“OH YEAH, BABY, COCK ME GOOD!” She groaned. The union quickly became almost violent as she began rolling her hips like a mad woman. Her face began to contort and her entire body began to convulse.

“OH GOD, SWEETIE, YOU’RE GONNA MAKE ME CREAM!” She panted desperately.

Her words opened the floodgates for her. Her mouth hung open but nothing came out. Her eyes rolled back. Her hips were rocking so fast that he felt as though her cunt were going to rip his cock right off.

“OH FUCK, I’M CUMMING HARD!” She shouted, “FFUUUUUCCCCKKKKK!!!!!!!” She screamed so loud he thought for sure that everyone could hear them out in the parking lot. Tiffany let out a series of animal-like grunts, as squirts of orgasmic juice shot out against his cock and cascaded down his balls toward the floor. Still he drove into her with his full length sending her higher with each powerful thrust.

“GODDDD, I’M CUMMINNNGGGG MORE!” Tiffany let out a grunting scream. She became a sweaty heap of bucking, grinding, pumping flesh as she began to cum in buckets. Her cunt juices poured out in a creamy froth that oozed from her drenched cunt. Still he plowed into her upturned hole, driving his cock up into her cervical interior with each stroke. Finally, her chest fell to the desk and she stopped moving as she tired from the onslaught. “Oh God…oh God…Oh God…,” was all she could moan as she tried to catch her breath.

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