Giving in to Temptation Ch. 02

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She was almost on the table. Moaning. Lips very close to my ear, hot breath on my neck. Fingernails dragging lazily along my cock. Enough pressure to keep me hard, not enough to make me cum. This is not what I had in mind…

Her name is Robyn, and she works with Olga.

She was half naked, her fat, full breasts pressed against my ribs, her groin grinding against my hip. This was pure insanity. The hummmm started again, and she gasped again, grabbing my cock as if holding on for the ride.

“Oh fuck,” she sighed… “The intensity.. you just have no idea. Why can’t he just let it run and let me cum?!” “He” was her boyfriend, whereabouts unknown, and had remote access on his web app. The humming continued; she started rubbing the flat of her hand in a circular motion across my frenulum. Our heartbeats were racing, and I was close to… then the hummmm stopped. Again. “Goddamnit!” she said… and removed her hand from my cock and placed it on my chest. Propping herself up on her elbow, and looking me in the eye she sighed and said “so what do you think of my game?”

“I think you need a shrink, an orgasm, and a new boyfriend” I snarked. She laughed and started to tease my nipples. Little pinches. Licked them with her tongue. Precum. The worst part is I agreed to this. No questions asked…

The problem was this: I had gotten kinda addicted to Olga. Massage every other week. Same high-end spa. Same plush surroundings. Same amazing massage and excruciatingly erotic tease. And we became good friends. Thing is, there were boundaries we would not cross: she, not to be paid for sex; me, not to break a vow. So, the silent dance continued. We learned of each others hopes, failures, and fantasies. Talk of sex came easily. While being massaged, I’d tell her of my fantasies, and sexual conquests of my Navy days. Her touches became more intimate, but never quite crossed the line. One of her favorites was to hold my ass cheek with one hand while working my lower back with the other. Thumb outside, fingers inside… so very close to my anus… but never quite touching.

In between massages, I was in the Bay area. Preps for the big presentation were time consuming and frustrating. My ‘oasis’ was the bar of the hotel at which I was staying. Belle and Becky tended. Belle was Philippina, 5’2″, full breasted, bright smile, and a bit overweight, for which she was self-conscious. Becky was Persian, also petite, and curvy. They were cute, talkative, and charming, each in their own way. They wore ridiculous uniforms that covered up any sense that they were women and sensual beings. I brought that up one night, when we were the only ones at the bar. Becky laughed, Belle blushed. Later in the year, Belle would usually show up with a couple of buttons undone. Becky typically would arrive in her street clothes. Usually tight shorts, showing off a toned, if a bit full, ass. I was spending more and more time on the west coast, and fantasized about Olga.

So when I got back to Chicago, I made my appointment with Olga, only to find out upon arrival that she was sick. Fuck.

“Um. Where’s Olga?”

“She called me and asked me to fill in.” Big Smile. “My name is Robyn – nice to meet you Steve!”

I looked her over. Korean. Tall, athletic. Gorgeous face, perfect teeth. Lab coat. And I have a shit poker face, it seems. But hers is quite good.

She looks at me looking at her. “Steve, I’m really sorry Olga isn’t here. I know I’m not her, but I’m pretty good, and besides, she told me all about you! What do you say?”

My mind scrambled to my last conversation with Olga…*She whaaat? Oh my god.. what did Olga share exactly?*

While we’re talking, I hear a buzzing in the background. Cant figure out where it’s coming from, but Robyn’s face gets a little contorted.

“You OK?” I ask.

“Um… ya… a bit of a cramp. I’m fine.” Face flushed.

Did I mention I hate flying? Back and neck totally messed up. And she seems sincere, and her face is cute *…and what did Olga tell her?* stonehouse izle “Robyn, nice to meet you. I’m in your capable hands.”

She, like Olga, meets me outside the locker room door. And like Olga, she changed clothes. Fuck. Gone was the lab coat. Harem pants. Tight fitting T-shirt that exposes a navel piercing. D-cup, I’m guessing supported by a T-shirt bra. She is stunning. And that humming again. Her smile seems frozen, and it’s almost like I’ve caught her doing something embarrassing. But, I’m clueless. And an engineer, which makes it worse.. I figure its something about the wiring. “Hey – Robyn… you ok?”

*Ohhh fuck soooo close… god I hope he doesn’t notice… I could get fired…* “I um.. Ya. I’m fine. Shall we?” She takes my hand and leads the way. I catch up and wrap my arm around her thin waste. She doesn’t object. The humming stops, and simultaneously she seems to relax into me.

I get on the table, face down, naked, sheet pulled up to my mid-back. Robyn comes in and immediately starts talking about my body. “Well, Steve, lets see what we’re working with here. Olga said you have a lot of scarring and some nasty muscle knots… something about traveling?” She moves quickly. Pulls the sheet down to my ankles. “I hope you’re not modest,” she giggles… “Do you mind – I promise to cover you back up in just a sec!” Humming starts. She clinches my calf, studies herself, and probes my body, ankles to neck. Her hands are soft, strong. Pitch of the humm changes, she grunts.

“You OK Robyn?”

“I uh… mmmmm ya. Fine. Its nothing…” Humm stops, I swear I hear a sigh of … of what? Relief? Disappointment?

She’s talkative, like Olga, if not more directly a tease. It comes naturally to her. “So, such a beautiful girl like Olga working on you… do you ever, you know… get excited?” She tickles my neck with her fingernails. “I mean, who wouldn’t, right? Unless you had an awesome sex life…”

My sex life sucks. Olga knows this, maybe Robyn too? Again, I opt for candor. “So, two things Robyn.” I turn to my side and prop up on an elbow. “Yes. My sex life is pretty much nonexistent, and yes – she’s gorgeous, and ya – you’re right… who wouldn’t get excited?”

She leans close into me. Her breast press into the thin, tight fitting shirt, inches from my face…”Oooohhh, I see. But – I’d imagine, for a guy, getting an erection while lying on your belly… might be a bit uncomfortable?” She is nothing if not direct.

“Na,” I said, rolling back on to my stomach. “May be a problem for some guys. Personally, my dick’s too small. Hung like a raisin,” I deadpanned. Fight snark with snark I say. She laughs out loud. “Well played, sir… well played.” The humm starts again and she almost falls into me, guttural sound from deep within her throat.

Again I pick my head up off the cradle. “You gonna tell me whats going on?” For once, she is slow to respond…

“I – I wasn’t scheduled to provide a massage today – was to be office work only. I’m so sorry Steve…”

“Sorry for what?”

“My distraction. I can take it out if you’ll give me a minute.” The humming intensifies and she yelps.

“Take what out?”

“The vibrator. I lost a bet and have to wear it. When he loses, he has to wear it. Then the winner gets to play with the remote.”

I laugh. Maybe too loud. “You mean to tell me you have a remote vibrator in your pussy?”

“No. It’s ahhh… this is embarrassing… Its in my butt. He controls the intensity and when it’s on. Its a game – winner tries to edge the loser. This is the first time I’ve taken it to work… on a dare.”

“In your butt? Not your pussy?”

“Too sensitive – I’d never survive.” She smiles. “Plus, this way when I win he has to wear it.”

This conversation is way beyond weird for me. Hate to say it, but even when my sex life existed, it was pretty uninspired. I simply couldn’t imagine walking around with a vibrator up my butt. Visions of latent homosexuality. I said super junior the last man standing izle as much. Robyn now seemed genuinely disappointed in me.

“Steve – do you really think that just because one enjoys anal, it makes them gay?”

I responded with my usual witt: “Huh?”

She leans into me, her breasts pressed into the back of my neck, and whispers “There are so many nerves down there… and – from the inside, so many other experiences to be had. Tell me”, she said “If I played with your butt, you’d get hard, right?” I conceded the point. “And, I know for a fact if I penetrated you… with a toy, or my finger, or my tongue…” she paused to delicately lick my ear “I’d make you cum. Hard. So my small-dicked friend, might you agree that its not only whats being done to you, but your attraction to the gender of the one doing it that makes sex so pleasurable?”

The combination of her scent, words, tongue, and breasts had me stone hard. I had no choice, had to press into my knees and briefly lift up to make room for my erection. When I laid back down, the tip poked out from underneath my hip. No way to do this without making obvious my discomfort and intent.

“Hmmm…” she grinned. “Not so small as we were led to believe, huh” Fingers drag along the small of my back, across my ass and down my hamstring. On the way back up, she gooses my anus. It was like a jolt of electricity.

“Uhhhhhhhgh!” My god that felt good.

“See?” She seemed a bit triumphant. “And that was just a little tease. Imagine your lover teasing your cute little buttonhole with her finger… or …” she whispered…”her tongue.” Then the humming started again. She was turning into a hot mess, actually perspiring a bit, and clearly losing her composure. “Of course,” she gasped, “there’s nothing quite like a warm hard cock inside. The orgasm is incredible. I get it that straight guys don’t want the real thing… but someday…ahhhhhg” The vibrator increased in intensity… “Ofuck… should try… vibe or strap on… Omygod…wish he’d either continue or stop…”

“Robyn, why don’t you just rub your clitty and cum?”

“Oh – no… thats part of the rules. No cuming by your own hand. If the vib gets you off, OK, but no hands.”

That’s one hell of a rule. The noise stopped.

She apologized. “Look Steve – I’m sorry about this – If you like, we can stop and I’ll refund your money.”

“Or,” I said…

“Or what?” She sounded concerned.

“Or I get to play too.”

“What do you mean?”

I turned to onto my back, rested on my elbows and looked pointedly into her eyes. “I get to help him edge you.”

“If you touch my pussy while that thing’s running I’ll cum. Nope – no touching.”

“Ok then how ’bout this: when he teases you, you tease me. If you cum, then you have to bring me to orgasm as well.” She thought about this…

“OK – but no touching.” Sigh.

I consented. “OK – but you have to be naked. Seems only fair.”

“Ha! Not a chance Sailor.”

“Well, topless then.”

She agreed. “OK – topless. But you, no hands, and no eyes.” Wicked smile. “Deal?”


With that, Robyn stood up, and peeled off her top, exposing a flawless torso. Creamy skin, tan lines where her bikini straps fit, toned pecs. And stunning tits, held in by a silken tee-shirt bra with push-up cups. I watched her as she opened the front-clasp. The last thing i saw were her tits spilling free. Hard, brown perfect nipples. Beautiful, fat, round, natural tits, several shades lighter than her tanned torso, accentuating their fullness and perfect shape. Flat tummy, hint of ab muscles. Then she put the bra over my eyes.

“There. I get to see you, and touch you. Your hands touch me, or the bra falls from your face, game’s over. Yes?”

Like I had a choice. She hadn’t touched it, but my cock was throbbing and pre-cum had already started to spill onto my stomach.

“Oh super league the war for football izle and… one more thing. We’ve 30 minutes left in your session. Normally I don’t pay attention to the time, but under the circumstances…”

Robyn made a point of adjusting the top sheet just so in order to gain access to whatever part of my body she was working on. Each time, she made sure to drag the soft cotton across the tip of my cock. Then, placing my hands at my sides, she moved around to the head of the table. “Remember, no touching. That includes lips,” she said as she reached across me, taking the bra with her, then pressing her soft titties into my face. Fingers stroking me through the thin top sheet from knee to hip, mouth on my nipple, sucking and nibbling away.

“I just love sucking on nipples, don’t you Steve? Oh my… look at your cock bob against the sheet. Can I look?” Not wanting an answer, she lifted the sheet, looking straight down to my hard shaft. Her head a foot from my cock, pressing her pelvis against the top of my head. “Oh my… yummy. Steve, I guess you should know this… I love sucking cock.” She replaces the bra, then moves around the table for closer inspection. “Hmmm… just the right size, I think. I love the feel of a smooth warm cock against the roof of my mouth, my tongue licking underneath. Its such a turnon for me… I swear, I think I could cum just sucking on your cock…its gorgeous.” She wraps one hand around the base, pulling it straight up, and with the other hand cups my shaved balls. I’m insane with pleasure.

“Hmmm… lets see. I bet I can get some of it in my mouth without actually touching it… Wouldn’t want to actually – you know – touch anything too sensitive.” Giggles and then. Warm breath of air. Moist air surrounding my cock from all sides. Then nothing. “Ya…you’ve got a really nice cock Steve…its perfect – I can just imagine it all slippery and hard and stuffed into me. Mmmmmmm…god I get wet just thinking about it.” The Humming starts again. “OFuck… so intense… Here – can you feel it?” She takes my hand and places it on her ass, very close to her gap. Holy shit… sure enough… I can feel a hint of the vib doing its thing… more to the point, I feel how wet she is, and the perfect curve of her ass. She starts gyrating, hoping I think to generate some additional pressure from my hand to increase the stimulation.

I press my hand back into her. God she’s close, Muffled moans, ass pressing into my hand… and vib stops. And, in unison, we both curse.

At least she has a sense of humor. She collapses on me, laughing.

So, thats how Robyn ended up on me, half naked, with my cock in her hand.

“Baby, I’ve bad news… our time is up.”

You may have known disappoint in your life. But not like this.

“I’ll pay you a hundred bucks for another 30 minutes.”

“Sorry. game rules…”

“Two hundred.”

“Bad boy Steve…” With that, she takes the bra from my face. I watch as she puts it back on. God she’s a vision. Before pulling her shirt on, she leans over, gives me a tight hug and kisses me full on the lips. “Steve – this was crazy… so much fun… I’ve never been this carried away… I hope you come back and see me soon.” With that, she squeezed my cock one last time.

Pulling her shirt on, she says “So, I’ll see you out front then?”

I decide I’ll deal with my emotions later. In the locker room, I debate rubbing one out. Think better of it, take a quick shower, and get dressed. Its late, and we’re the only two in the spa. She’s got her back to me, her hands on the desk. The vibrator is back on, and she’s moaning. I walk up behind her. She feels me and leans back into me. I place my hands on her hips. “Game’s still on, huh?” “Yes,” She sighs.

I drag my fingers up along her rib cage, sending shivers down her back. Gently cupping her breast, I ask “But over for me, Robyn, correct?” The warmth of my hand causes her nipple to stiffen. I pinch it through the thin fabric of her shirt. She groans.

She’s visibly shaking. I place the heel of the palm of my other hand at the top of her mons, and press firmly, just above her clitty.

She shrieks at the suddenness and intensity of its onset.

I set her down on the chaise. Vibrator is humming away, setting off smaller orgasms. “So,” I asked – “Did you win or lose?”

Before I left, I set a generous tip on the counter.

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