Getting What You Pay For

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Big Ass

I guess this would be the sequel to “Red’s Foray with Her First Toy” but you don’t have to read that one to know what’s going on. I’ll simply tell you, that story was about my experience with my first clit massager/vibrating toy. It was a fun one. This story is about the day after that.

I had purchased a vibe online and was somewhat patiently awaiting its arrival. The FedEx tracking number claimed it would be at my house on a certain day and when that day arrived, I was anxious. However, life wouldn’t wait and so I had to leave the house with the family in tow. We were gone for several hours.

When we got home, I walked up to the porch, key in hand to unlock and open the door. I saw this white box. At first I thought, Pete’s flashlight came in, then I remembered it was on back order. I picked up the box and said “Oh” very quietly. Pete was right behind me and chuckled.

“Another flashlight?” he asked. That was the lie I fed the kids the day the clit flicker arrived. I know I shouldn’t have lied. I strive to be honest, but there is just something about my kids. They would pester and pester if I didn’t tell them something. I know, it’s still a lie, but if you can get past that, let’s move on.

I took the box to the bedroom, locking the door and who knows what the husband and the kids were doing. I opened the box and pulled out the free gift. A seven inch vibrating dildo. A lovely burgundy color; it operates on two C batteries. The first thought when I see that is my desire to experience anal sex and not yet having a small toy to do that with, but this one is slim and straight. My spouse had made the comment of using it while using the Rabbit Vibrator at the same time, back when I ordered the merchandise, so I knew with some persuasion I could experience some anal fun too, later when I was ready.

My teeth came out and I worried my bottom lip as I pulled the Rabbit Vibrator out. I’d never held one of these toys before. I’d seen them online and in the adult store I had gone into once, but never held one. I know you may be sitting there slack jawed, not realizing I wrote erotica and was so inexperienced, but I am, slowly though I am learning things. . .will I ever live my stories. . .probably not all of them, but some. . .I hope.

I couldn’t play with my new toy right away. I would have liked too, but reality has a way of demanding your time and so I put my toy away and slipped from the bedroom. It was six o’clock so supper was quickly started, I did a bit of writing and then after supper I wrote more, kids watched the Disney Channel and my husband worked on his fishing poles. Around 10:30, I decided I could tempt my spouse into the bedroom. The kids were sent to bed and then I remembered I needed batteries.

I left the house and was back with batteries and groceries to cover up my urgent need for batteries from the check out clerk at the store. My husband was still messing with the fishing poles. I thought, you’ve got to be kidding me. I told him what I was going to do.

I Başakşehir escort said, “I’m going to go to the bedroom and play with my new toy. . .” Now I stressed the word toy, thinking he’d get the hint. He laughed at me. Yep, he chuckled and let me leave, batteries in hand. I sighed, but shrugged my shoulders determined to enjoy myself. I grabbed my lap top and tried one last time. . . “You could watch, while I pop in that DVD you haven’t seen with me yet.”

Again he waved me off. I was discouraged, but not enough to not enjoy myself. I took the laptop and myself to the bedroom, and locked the door. I figured if he wanted in he’d have to work for it. I know, what a bitch huh? Not really, the door is simple to break into when locked. But he’d still have to go through the extra steps to opening it, when he was ready to join me.

I sat on the bed and got my toy, my batteries and my warming lube. I inserted the batteries and played with the controls, blushing as the ‘cock’ moved and wiggled around and the ‘rabbit’ vibrated at varying speeds. The light on the control box is bright red and when I say bright I mean it That puppy will blind you if you aren’t careful. I also pulled out my new purple clit flicker and I had the batteries in the new freebie dildo too. I looked at my pile of goodies and thought, I wonder if I’ll use them all. I scanned a few of my favorite writers, picked a story from their talented works and settled into reading a naughty Lit. tale.

It wasn’t long before I picked up the Clear Rabbit vibe and pushed it into my wet pussy. I hit the controls, which I had memorized and learned which controlled what part of the toy. My eyes grew wide as that rabbit began to work my clit and the beads in the cock began rolling the shaft back and forth. I could feel the pressure of having this slim cock inside me, it was different, not as full as my husband, nor as long, but with the added vibrations of the rabbit. . . I’m sooooo not complaining.

I lay there playing with the controls and enjoying the sensations, for probably fifteen minutes, before I heard him fumbling with the lock. He got in and looked at me. I blushed. I shouldn’t have, I know. I had nothing to be ashamed of and he had picked fishing poles over me, but still I was embarrassed. I told myself to keep going and see what he wanted to do.

I shared with him that it was a nice toy, very different and pleasurable. I pulled it out though, too self-conscious of him watching me. I really wasn’t sure what was going to happen. He had this look on his face; it looked like he was angry with me. I closed the computer and started to put my toys away. He stopped me and said he’d play with me. The laptop found a place on the floor and I handed him the new vibrator.

He toyed with the controls, until he became comfortable with them and then took the warming lube from the table on my side of the bed. I watched him squeeze some onto the toy and then I laid back wondering what I was going to feel. Bayrampaşa escort bayan When it was just me playing with it, it was nice, but a bit awkward. In time I know I’ll get the hang of it. I figured it would be more pleasurable and less clumsy feeling if he used it.

I was right.

He pushed it into my slick pussy and flicked it on. I moaned loud and jerked, he’d set it on the lowest setting. My clit was assaulted with a steady vibration by the paws and the ears, which on this vibe are fused together. The cock inside me rolled and he added to the pleasure by moving the toy in and out of me. I came in under a minute and he chuckled, “That didn’t take long.”

I giggled back. He continued playing, slowly moving the toy in and out, bringing me to another series of climaxes. I moaned and whimpered, bit my lower lip to keep from crying out, in fear of waking the kids. Eventually, he asked if I wanted to suck his cock. I was all for it.

First he moved so his hand was still holding the toy and he was on his knees, with his cock pressed near my lips. I sucked on the head, but the movement of the vibe had decreased a lot, so he opted to change his position. I moved down on the bed also and he straddled my face with his legs as if we were going to sixty-nine. Which in a way we were, weren’t we?

I was able to get his cock in my mouth easier and he was able to play with those controls and that cock toy a lot easier too. So as I licked up and down on his rod, and sucked on it when ever I would take it into my mouth, he increased the speed and action of the toy. I was lost in the taking of his cock and giving him pleasure; he could tell, I think. So he flicked the vibrator to an even higher setting and I released his dick so I could groan and not bite his cock. Aren’t I thoughtful?

He played with the toy and then it felt suddenly different. I wasn’t sure what he was doing, but then it dawned on me. He had settled himself on his elbows, used one hand for the controls of the cock and the other he was using to massage and press my pussy lips around the entire length of that thick rabbit that was already thumping at an ungodly speed.

I bucked and rode the toy, sadly his cock forgotten. I opened my mouth to scream and knew I couldn’t. I wanted to. I wanted to scream, shout, bellow. I wanted to yell and scratch, bite and claw. I managed to gain control of myself when my mouth was just inches from his thigh and about to bite him. I gave him a nip instead, but damn I wanted to bite. I shivered, shuddered and dragged my fingernails down his thighs, up his torso, and across his ass as I covered the toy with come.

I cried. Tears fell down my cheeks as I continued to ride out the mind-blowing climax. My thoughts were black, my eyes barely focusing on the cock that was bouncing in front of my face. I wanted to suck his cock, but I couldn’t. He kept fucking me with the vibe and I kept falling over cliffs of lust. I heard his voice asking if I Escort Beşiktaş was okay and if he should stop. I growled out, “No,” He laughed and kept pounding me.

Eventually, I had to take a break and told him to stop. He pulled the toy from me and moved away, changing his position and taking his cock up to my sloppy pussy. “You want the real thing?”

“Yes,” I begged and pulled him down on me. I reached up to kiss him and stopped. I waited a moment and reassured him that he’d not had any pre cum escape from his cock, so he allowed me to kiss him. This is a hangup for him and I’ve learned to accept it and deal with it. We kissed and he slid into me. It was wonderful and I moved with him, enjoying the now calm shaft that was soothing my worn and weary walls. I climaxed again as my spouse came in me. I shivered and then held him close, thanking him for his help.

He looked up and said, “I think I’m jealous of that toy.”

I giggled and told him not to be. What he’d done with his fingers and the toy I never could have managed on my own. He smiled and slipped out of me and reached for the toy again. “Oh God,” I moaned and watched him. He placed it at the entrance of my pussy and I whimpered. “What are you doing?” I asked.

I could barely focus on his face, my mind was already beginning to cloud at the idea of coming that hard again. There was a smirk in his voice. I knew there was one on his lips, even though I couldn’t make it out, because my lids were partially closed. I spread my legs and felt him push the toy into me again. There was no easy speed, no soft flicking, no little build up. He slammed that sucker on full force and started to fuck me hard. I was coming off the bed in jerks as I rode the fake cock and felt his fingers massaging my pussy lips, just like he had before.

The pillow was in my hands being clenched over my face, so I could empty screams into it. I’d tear and bite at the casing, let the pillow go, push it away and then claw at the sheets. My climaxes were continual and then he slowed down, allowing me to catch my breath only to flick the rabbit back to high and steadily fuck me with teasing precision.

More tears of passion fell, more cries were muffled by my fists being clenched against my mouth. I had to force myself to calm down so I could breath and then he’d drag that damn thing against my pussy and make me come again.

Eventually, he removed it and replaced it with his soothing cock and fucked me until we both were climaxing again. I held him to me and kissed him as I showered his cock with more honey. I thought to myself that surely a woman would run out of come After a while he eased from me again and we wiped off the wet and sticky fluids of our release. I looked at that toy and called it an evil weapon. He laughed at me.

“Do we need to buy rechargeable batteries?” he asked.

I picked the toy up and felt the control box. “We may,” I answered. “This is hot.” I meant the temperature of the box. Ha

He said, “Yeah, we best stop. I’d hate to burn up the motor.”

I laughed, “I can’t take any more.”

He chuckled and we put it away. “I’ll wash it in the morning,” I told him.

We went to sleep then and in the morning, before he headed out to go fishing he woke me up and told me not to wear out my toy.

I haven’t. . .yet.

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