Freelance Photographer Ch. 03

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Freelance Photographer Ch. 03 — Picture pick-up surprise

By OneWhoKnows

It was Saturday morning. Mike was waiting for Shelly’s call. The phone rang.

He answered, “This is Mike.”

Shelly said, “Hi, Mike! Remember how I surprised you last week with my fetish? How’s your ass?”

He replied, “How could I forget? You really surprised me. My ass was fine the next day. No marks, no bruises, just like you promised. Your pictures are all ready for you to come pick up.”

Shelly teased, “I have another surprise for you…. But you get to think about it till I get there. See you in half an hour. Bye.”

Mike was perplexed. What the hell was Shelly up to this time? He guessed he’d just have to wait until she got to his apartment. He answered a knock on his door. When he opened it there stood Shelly, dressed in that short little sun dress again.

She walked into the apartment past mike and turned around to face him. They shared a tight hug and a sensual kiss.

He said, “Hi, Shelly. Cute dress.”

She replied, “You liked it before…. I decided to wear it again.”

Mike was curious. “What surprise could you possibly have that would be bigger than last week?”

Shelley looked down at the floor and said in a soft voice. “I was a ‘bad girl’ last week. You should put me over your knee, flip up the back of my short little dress and spank my bare ass. My fetish goes both ways.”

It took about two seconds for what she had said to register. He decided to role play with her. He took her hand and walked over to the couch.

He said, “Let’s see, you not only spanked my ass…. You also pulled my balls down with your one POUND weight… You also set my asshole on fire with Ben-Gay. Let’s see how much ‘punishment’ you can take. Wait right here.”

First he walked over to a rack of TV trays and picked one up. He set it by the couch. Then he walked into his bathroom and came back with a tube of Ben-Gay, showed it to her and set it in the TV tray. Next he went to the kitchen. She could hear him rattling around but couldn’t tell what he was doing. He came back carrying something in his hand but she couldn’t see what it was because he had a towel over it. He carefully set it down with the towel still covering it. He also had a roll of paper towels which he set on the TV tray. Now Shelly was getting curious.

Mike sat down on the couch, instructing Shelly to lie down over his knee so he could spank her with his right hand. Her upper body was resting on the couch beside him. He ceremoniously and slowly turned the back of her dress up to her waist. “My, my, what a pretty creamy ass. I’m going to enjoy returning the spanking… turning it red. But first I learned how distractions can lessen the sting. Shelly, spread your cheeks, you know what’s coming next. I’ll use a finger on my left hand to spread this HOT STUFF in about a three inch circle.” He proceeded to apply the Ben-Gay around her asshole, Escort Bayan then wiped his finger really well on a paper towel. “You can move your hands away now.

My hand isn’t as hard as your Maple paddle, but I’m a lot stronger, so this should be even. I’m going to go easy on you. My hand will give out at about 500. Spread your legs for me.”

Shelly was concentrating on her asshole which was getting really HOT. She was paying no attention to Mike until she felt his fingers stroking and probing her pussy. She said, “If you’re trying to distract me… it’s working.”

Mike replied, “Now you know why I used my left hand for the Ben-Gay. It’s way too hot for your pussy.” Mike carefully picked the towel up off a bowl and placed it right under her pussy on his lap. The bowl contained round ice cubes which were about one inch in diameter with no corners. He picked one up…and pushed it deep into her pussy.

Shelly reacted. “AAAHHH! Damn that’s cold!”

Mike teased, “A little more distraction. One for each 100”. He laid his left hand on her back at her waist. “Give me your right hand, so you can’t try to cover up. She held her hand up behind her back. He took hold of her hand. “Remember to count.”

Mike gave her the first spank….SMACK! Followed by 4 more on her right butt cheek. Then 5 on her left butt cheek. Back and forth until he had completed the first 100. “None on your thighs… they would show below your short little dress when I take you to lunch. You will have to sit on your hot ass at the Burger Shack… on a wooden chair.”

He pushed ice cube number 2 into her pussy. The towel was catching the drips from the first ice cube. “Concentrate on the hot and cold. Here comes the next 100.” These were just a little harder. Not real hard but enough to know she was being spanked, not just patted. Back and forth covering every inch from the top of her butt crack down to the crease where her cheeks met her thighs. He completed 200. He continued. Ice cube and 300. Ice cube and 400. Ice cube and 500.

He picked the towel up. It was really wet so he squeezed it to spread the water all over the towel and laid it on her hot ass cheeks.

He asked, “Has my ‘bad girl’ been properly ‘punished’?”

She answered. “Very well, thank you. May I see my pictures now? While my body recovers.”

Mike let go of her hand and helped her stand up. He stood up and took her in his arms while they shared a few deep kisses. He had all of her pictures in an album for her. Shelly was very happy with the way they had all turned out.

Mike said, “I just need to do one thing before I take you to lunch.” He walked into his bedroom and came right back with something in his hand. “Just pull your little dress all the way up to your head and stand still. She did as he had told her. He leaned down and took a nipple between his lips and sucked hard making it really pointed.

He placed one end of Bayan Escort a set of tweezer type nipple clamps at the back of her nipple and squeezed it while he slid the tightening ring up until she squirmed.

Then he did the other nipple. The chain connecting the clamps was heavy enough to tug on her nipples in addition to the pressure of the clamps pinching tightly. He told her, “Carefully pull your dress back down and we can be off to lunch.”

They went down the stairs to the parking lot. Mike opened the passenger door on his car for her to get in. She slid in making sure her dress rode up to give him a naughty view. He got in and headed for the Burger Shack. He parked, came around to open her door so she could treat him to another naughty sight. They went in and sat down at a wooden table with wooden chairs.

The waitress came and took their order. She went up to the front where the kitchen and cash register were located. All the seating was toward the back.

Mike reached over and put his hand on her thigh pushing her dress about half way up her thigh. He asked, “So, How did I do?”

She answered, “What you did back at the apartment was wonderful. The mix of hot and cold felt strange but did help distract me. Sitting on this wooden chair on my bare ass reminds me of how thorough my spanking was. Thank you. Your tweezer clamps are driving me crazy!”

Mike said, “You realize that your little sun dress is pretty sheer.”

She replied, “My bush is blonde so it doesn’t show like a dark patch would. My nipples are just light pink so I wasn’t worried about them showing too much. How much do the clamps and chain show?”

Mike suggested, “You should go to the girls room and see for yourself in the mirror.”

She got up and headed for the restroom which was at the back of the room. She was just coming back as the waitress was bringing their lunch. They were walking towards each other. The waitress waited until Shelly sat down, then set their lunch on the table. Mike and Shelly both noticed that the young waitress was really blushing.

Mike said, “They show quite nicely don’t they. Very sexy!”

Now Shelly was blushing. “The waitress’ reaction told me how much the clamps and chain show thru this sheer dress. I thought she was going to drop our lunch. But they make me feel really sexy! Can I keep them?”

He answered, “Yes… on one condition…. Next time we go out for lunch or maybe dinner you promise to wear them for me with a very short skirt and a blouse that is more sheer than this dress. Deal?”

She smiled, “Deal…. I promise!”

They enjoyed their burgers and fries washed down with Coke. Mike helped Shelly stand up and held her hand as they walked up to the cash register to pay for lunch. The young waitress was standing at the register. Mike handed her enough to cover the bill. Then he handed her a $5.00 bill and said, “This is for you… for not dropping Escort our lunch.”

The waitress’ face turned very red! She looked at Shelly and said, “I wish I was brave enough to dress like that. You look sooo sexy!”

Shelly smiled, “Thank you, I feel sexy!”

Mike and Shelly walked out to his car. He opened her door for her. She sat down with her feet still out of the car on the pavement. She had a big smile as she leaned back a little raised her knees up and spread them wide as she slowly turned her legs into the car. She wanted to give him a good thank you for making her feel sexy.

Back at the apartment Mike again opened her door for her. Mike said, “I’m going to let you get up a few stairs ahead of me so I can check if I spanked you hard enough for the color to last thru lunch.” They went in the apartment.

Shelly spoke, “Thanks for lunch. It was tasty. And the experience was exciting!”

I wonder if our blushing young waitress will muster up the courage to try dressing for her boyfriend?”

He said, “I need to do one more thing before you pick up your album of pictures and leave. Pull your little dress up again.” She did as he had told her.

He said, “I’m going to remove your nipple clamps now.” He released the adjusting ring on one clamp, spread the clamp to release her nipple and let the clamp hang down with the chain…. Putting double the weight on her other nipple. While she was trying to adjust to the additional weight he sucked her nipple into his mouth. Sucking and flicking it with his tongue.

Shelly squealed, “OOOH! Taking them off is as intense as putting them on!”

Mike said, “That’s the blood rushing back into your nipple.” He removed the other nipple clamp and again treated her sensitive nipple to sucking and flicking his tongue across it. She was still holding her dress up so she couldn’t even grab mike’s head to stop him. Finally he let her nipple slip from between his lips.

Mike said, “You can lower your dress back down now.”

She pulled her dress back down. But no matter how she pulled the hem down it still barely covered her bare ass.

He looked at her. “Your nipples are very pointed right now. They might be a little sensitive. And by the way…. Your ass still had nice rosy color when you were walking up the stairs.” He handed her the tweezer clamps. “These are yours to keep. Remember your promise.”

Shelly walked over and picked up her album of pictures. “I guess our wild finish will have to wait until next time. Right now I’m way too sensitive in too many places. Thank you for my ‘punishment’ and my present.”

It took them a couple of minutes to say goodbye while sharing sensual kisses. He walked her down to her car so they could share one more kiss and he could feel her pointed titties pressing into his chest.

He opened her door and she slid in. Mike leaned in for one more kiss and to squeeze each nipple one more time.

Mike said, “Goodbye, I’m looking forward to ‘seeing’ you again.”

Shelly replied, “I’ll see what I can find for a sheer blouse. Bye!”

She closed her door and drove away.

I hope you enjoyed another true story. I appreciate you vote.


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