First Massage Parlor Visit

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This is my first submission, so be easy on me. I’m no English major, but have enjoyed this site for many years and decided to contribute some of my real life sexual experiences, well at least the real memorial ones. I welcome advice and want to thank all of you people who have given me many great stories to read.

About ten years ago in a small town in Maine, I was sitting at home watching the news when a story came on about a massage parlor in one of the near by cities that had gotten into some trouble. Apparently a wife of a patron of the parlor had found out that he had been going there and when confronted he caved and told her the whole story of how he would go there and receive a massage and a hand job and be on his way. Well apparently this didn’t settle to well with momma and she got in contact with the local authorities and they began an investigation, resulting in a lot of litigation with no hard evidence to do anything with other than makes a few lives a little more difficult.

Although I found the story amusing and got a good laugh out of it all, it also spurred my thoughts. I began wondering what this was all about. I had always found hand jobs very exciting for some unknown reason. I guess we all have our things, but I began wondering how much, how long, what the girls looked like, and the basic how to go about this. I remembered the name of the place and looked it up in the phone book and found it right away. I can still remember the butterflies in my stomach when I began dialing the number. When a lady answered I asked how much a session was. She told me that it was twenty-five dollars for a half hour and forty dollars for an hour. I asked if there were any other cost and she told me that tipping was encouraged and I asked what the typical range was and she told me that the usual ran between twenty and eighty dollars depending on the arrangement. I didn’t press the question about what arrangements could be made, I didn’t want her to think that I was a cop, reporter, or angry citizen. She asked if I would like an appointment and I said yes and scheduled one for that day after I got out of work.

After what seemed to be a longer day than normal, I left work and headed for the parlor. I arrived and the the offer izle butterflies began fluttering in my stomach. For some reason this feeling stuck with me every time I visited a massage parlor. After parking I walked over to the stairs and walked down to where the sign lead me. I opened the door and walked in to find a very nice setting. A few couches and a fish tank decorated the room. The lighting was dimmed slightly, but certainly enough to see everything real well. I saw two women sitting on separate couches. Both were young and very pretty. I approached the desk and gave her my name, paid, and she asked me who I would like to be with and she said each name while pointing to each of them. Of course not knowing a damn thing about who to pick and what to expect from the whole situation let alone what to expect from either woman, I chose what I thought to be the prettiest one there, imagine that.

She got up and asked me to follow her with a big smile. We walked into a side room and she introduced herself again and asked what I wanted. I had no idea and it must have shown because she asked if this was my first time. I said yes and she asked how I had heard about the place and I told her I saw the story on the news and wanted to see what it was all about. She seemed to accept that and asked if I was a cop and when I said no she asked me to touch one of her tits. My first thought was “this is a good beginning”. I did as she asked without any hesitation and she began telling me that a clothed massage was twenty, topless was forty, full nude was sixty, and a reverse rub down was eighty. Still now knowing I asked if a happy ending was included in all the prices. She said yes, but as the option got higher so did the happiness. Still not knowing and only speculating I opted for the nude massage. She the asked me to disrobe make myself comfortable and she left the room.

I don’t think I ever stripped faster than that day. I was naked and sitting on the table with a hard on that a cat couldn’t scratch when she walked back in. She smiled when she walked in and came toward me. She than stood in front of me started taking off her clothes off. I watched her strip and some how I got harder. I have to stop the old man izle and say that this is a true story and truth be known, I’m what I would call average, about seven inches.

After she was naked she got up close to me and began some small talk while sliding her hands on my arms and legs working her way down to my cock, which she gave a few strokes. She then asked me to lie down on my stomach. After laying down she began massage my back, legs, and ass. She worked her way down my lags and then to me feet. I was really enjoying the massage and began really relaxing. My butterflies had gone away and my hard on began going down some, just from the wonderful massage she was giving me. It was actually a body rub, but it really felt wonderful.

After she worked on my back and legs she came around so that she was standing in front of my head working on my back and neck from that angle. I looked ahead of me and I was looking at her fully shaved pussy. That’s when it turned sexual as she was making it real sexual now. She rubbed slower and more sensual. Sliding her hand real slow up and down my back. Again, not knowing I asked if touching was allowed. She said yes and that I could touch her where ever I wanted to. I reached out with both hands and rubbed her ass, which was firm, and her skin felt so soft. I began rubbing up and down her legs and back up to rubbing her ass. By now my cock was hard again and struggling to get out from beneath me. She then asked me if I wanted to roll over, without any thought I rolled over exposing my hard cock. She smiled and asked if I liked the massage so far. I smiled and said that it was more than I expected. She said just wait it gets better from here on out.

She came around to my side and began working on my legs. I could have cared less about my legs as it took her out of my reach and I couldn’t get a hold of those great looking tits. She worked her way up to my cock grazing my balls making my cock jump in anticipation. She the worked on my chest, now she was back in reach and I began feeling her ass again and reached over with my other hand and began playing with her nipples. They began getting hard and I wanted to suck them real bad. She must have the passage izle known what I wanted because she lowered her tit to my mouth and I started sucking her nipples moving back and forth from one to the other. She now had one hand under my head holding it up to her tits and her other hand was rubbing my balls and playing with my hard cock. Things were beginning to heat up quite a bit as I switched from tit to tit. I’m not sure if it was just part of it all, but she seemed to be enjoying herself letting out a few moans, I know I sure was. She reached down and put some more lotion on her hand and began slowly rubbing my cock. I laid back and was rubbing her ass and working my hand in between her legs from behind. She parted her legs slightly allowing me more access to her bald pussy. She would look at me and smile and ask if she was doing everything right. Let’s see I have a pretty lady naked in front of me who is stroking my hard cock while I play with her bald pussy, hell ya everything was OK.

I was fingering her pussy when she began really working my cock. She started talking some dirty talk to me, which did wonders for the effect.

You like me stroking you cock?

Yes I love it.

You like my shaved pussy?

I love bald pussies.

Keep fingering me, it feels good. Add another finger. You have a nice cock.

Thanks, you have a great body.

Thanks. Just let me know hen your getting ready to cum.

It won’t be long, I’m beginning to feel it.

Come on baby, cum for me shoot that load for me. Finger my pussy while I stroke your hard cock. Come one honey, shoot that load.

I’m going to cum.

Yes baby, shoot it, shoot it real good,

I started cumming. I hadn’t been laid for about a week and hadn’t jerked off for about three days so I had a healthy load stocked up. I started shooting and she was trying to angle it up on me, which she did for the most part. My first shot landed just under my chin and the second shot landed on her left tit, which she giggled at. I shot about six ropes and began coming down from it all. She slowed her pace down and was gently stroking my cock and smiling at me.

I laid back and she cleaned me up. She picked up while I got dressed and she gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. She asked if I was coming back and I couldn’t help but smile and say oh hell ya. She smiled and showed me to the door and I walked out with all the days stress wiped away. I knew that there was nothing that was going to keep me away.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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