Firelight Moon Ch. 03

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The moisten sweat of our bodies glide across on another in fits of passion. Slowly they dry in the ever-present heat of the fire. Our hands explore all the crevices of our bodies as we search for those special places that drive one another wild. Your sweet sent permeates my body and sets my mind into a rage of desire. I know I need to be inside of you to become one with you, but I want it to be savored. Gently I roll to your side and kneel next to you placing one hand carefully under you head and the other under your firm behind and lift you up to my lips for a kiss.

“Where are we off to?” you ask in a smile.

“Are you that anxious to get back to the bedroom?” you say in a wink.

“We’ll get there but we have at least one stop to make beforehand.”

You wrap your delicate arms around me as I stand up holding your naked body close against my flesh. Inside I chuckle as my standing member caresses against your cheeks as I walk you slowly around the couch towards the bay window and the sight that I have been thinking about since you suggested coming up here.

“Look at how beautiful it is out there. I love this little old place.” You say as your eyes gaze across the frozen earth outside.

While your attention is fixated on the folding scene outside my foot quietly slides the clothing off the rocker behind me.

“It is beautiful isn’t it. To think we might get stranded up here and have to stay a couple extra days.” Your eyes spin quickly to meet mine.

“But what about work?” astonishment and amazement fill the amber brown of your eyes.

“I told my boss that I was taking a couple of extra personal days. He told me to have fun.”

I smile as I feel your heart race with the possibility of staying. Your arms tighten around me as our lips meet again. Slowly I sit back in the rocker, draping your legs over the side. Our kiss breaks as the rockers creak against the old pine parallels izle flooring.

“Why don’t we sit here for awhile and watch the snow fall?” I suggest knowing well that the snow is not what I want to watch.

“Oh baby I would love that.” You smile and sink heavy into my lap pressing hard against my throbbing cock.

Our bodies sway back and forth with the movement of the trees in the wind outside. Your head resting against my shoulder as my hand strokes along your belly finding a resting-place in your belly button. You smile as you slowly begin to feel the excitement of your naked body begin to swell against your back. You subtly kiss me along my arm as you swing your legs off the arm of the rocker and onto the floor to sit squarely with my member nestled between the cheeks of your behind.

“ I want to get a better view and make you a little more comfortable.”

I can feel the delicate juices from your mound drip slowly over my balls knowing that you are as excited as I am. Your feet begin to rock us back and forth coating me in your passions and raising my excitement to new heights. I pull you in and begin to fondle your breast. Slowly I trace my fingers across your nipples.

They roam down and across your swollen clit. I begin a slow circling motion and can here the excitement in your breath. Slowly my finger swirls around with an occasional light press across. I can feel you shutter against me as I gently squeeze and rub it in between my thumb and forefinger. I slid my middle finger down across the center of your moistened slit starting from your clit down. It plunges deep inside your waiting heat as you gasp with the sudden intrusion.

Deep inside I feel the rough folds of you g-spot and work it at the same time as your clit. I feel you start you clinch around my finger as you pull my hair with your free hands. Knowing you are close and not wanting paul t goldman izle you to go just yet I run my hand back up the length of your body and tilt your head back for a kiss.

You lightly return my kiss then suckle in my bottom lip tugging slightly with your teeth. I follow you as you let go of my lip and lean forward, but you push me back down. While leaning forward you push my feet up on the tips of the rockers feet. Slowly and gently you slide yourself onto my throbbing cock. I gasp as you envelope me and clinch as I slide quickly into you. You use all your control to pulsate your moistened heat around me. I feel you ripple up and down me without moving. I urge you with my body to begin sliding. In my desires my feet slip back to the floor and instinctively begin to rock.

“No. No. No. Get them back up there.” You say as you lean you body back into mine stopping the motion.

I return my feet to there perch on the rocker feet as our bodies form into each other. You begin again with the kegal exercises that help you control your orgasms. Then slowly you rock yourself against me. The sensations of your body gliding against mine and the constant pulsing of your hot pussy against my cock make me try to rock faster. With each try you slow our motion to a pace that keeps me on the brink of insanity.

“Relax and enjoy baby. I want this to last. I want you to beg me to make you explode.” I gasp as you ride down on me hard.

“You set the pace. I want to start begging now!” I chuckle.

You lean harder into me, and reach to pull my lips into your neck from behind. I nip and bite softly along you neck and shoulder. The rocking does not separate us, but allows me to move slightly inside of you. Moans of pleasure fill the air as the friction increases between us. I feel my stiffened rod rubbing rough against your g-spot. With each slight movement I feel midnight at the pera palace izle my pre-cum mixing with your sweet nectar. As the intensity builds you need to feel my cock driving into you. You lean slightly more forward and slide along my pole until the lips are just covering around my swollen head.

With a quick rhythm you begin to rock the chair with your arms. Each downward rock thrust me up into you slapping my balls against your dripping mound. I feel myself start to throb and swell as I begin to closer to loosing control. I grad your shoulders and thrust your body harder against me. You instinctively slow down to hold me off for a little longer. Each time you come down on me you stop for a moment and I feel the walls that envelope me begin to tighten with your muscle control.

I know you are as close and as anxious as I am. I hear you moan as you grab a hold of the rockers arms and begin to thrust harder against my inflamed passions. Screams of ecstasy fill the cool air as you begin to orgasm over my cock. Your hot juices begin to flow over my cock and I feel them dripping off me onto the rockers seat.

My restrain fails and I feel my first loads start to come up. Quickly I push you slightly forward as you gasp. I quickly grab a hold of my pulsating cock. My load sprays up across your bare back sending you into a new wave of orgasms. Spurt after spurt of hot cum covers the length of you back as I stroke my throbbing member. You moan intensely as each new stream hits you.

“That’s so hot baby!” you cry as I cover your back in trickling trails of white. As my final load shoots I hit your round ass with the tip of my cock leaving the last remnants of cum. Slowly you collapse against me. Our bodies seal with the heat of out passions and my subtle juices. You rub against me coving my chest and your back in a thin layer of cum.

“Oh baby that was so hot. I was going so hard then you blew all over my back. Oh my god I can’t believe that.” You say as you settle back into me.

“You know we’re going to have to take a shower now.” Your smile creases through as you reach back and kiss me.

“I know baby. But I don’t think either of us is going to complain about that”………………….

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