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My name is Jennifer, and I’ve always had a thing for firefighters. They’re usually these tough, muscular guys in cool uniforms – doing a job that’s pure bravery. I bet a lot of girls would endure a small fire — if only they were rushed to safety in the arms of a big, strong firefighter.

Yeah, I always had a thing for them. But ever since that night — the night I’m now going to tell you about – it’s become quite an obsession.

I was only in my early twenties, living in a rented room in a small city on the east coast. My furnishings were little more than a chair, a table, a mattress on the floor, and a kitchenette. But that was okay — I wasn’t at home much anyway. I’m not quite sure how I spent my time in those days. Probably just strolling around the city, hanging out in cafés, chatting with my friends. No boyfriend, in any case — but that didn’t bother me much.

It was a nice, warm early summer evening, and I was sleeping soundly on my mattress, a window ajar. I vaguely remember dreaming — but strangely there were no images in the dream. All I remember is a sound of sirens, starting far away, twisting through the streets of an invisible city, getting closer and closer. But suddenly — I suppose the time was around two at night — I woke up to a hammering on my door. Startled, I sat up in bed. The hammering resumed — four loud thumps.

“Y-yes?” I replied.

I lit the little night light next to my mattress. My room looked strangely fuzzy — as if there was something wrong with my eyes. I didn’t understand.

“Fire department! Open up!” a rough male voice said from the corridor.

“What?” I replied.

And then I realized. My room was full of smoke. The house was on fire. But I couldn’t figure out what to do. So I just sat on my mattress, blinking in confusion.

There was a huge boom, making the entire room shake. I screamed with shock. Then came a second boom, and the door flew open. Outside was a firefighter holding a huge battering ram. He ran towards my mattress, followed by another firefighter. They both wore dark outfits with reflective tape, black gloves and white helmets. The second one had a slightly darker skin tone than the first.

“Wh-what’s happening?” I asked.

My voice was trembling. I sat straight up, cradling my duvet with both hands. The first firefighter knelt down next to me, gently placing the battering ram on the floor.

“There’s a fire,” he said in a deep, professional voice. “But don’t worry — we’ll get you out of here.”

I nodded enthusiastically. My throat felt all choked up, but I didn’t cry. Yet. The firefighter grabbed my duvet.

“Can I have that?” he asked.

I let go, and he pulled off my duvet, placing it on the floor. Back then I always slept in tiny panties and a T-shirt, and I felt his eyes checking out my breasts. I still have a nice bust — not too small, not too big, even if I say so myself — but at that age it was even prettier. And that night my nipples may have stood out beneath the fabric. Suddenly I felt his gloved hands gripping the waistband of my panties, pulling them down and exposing my pussy to his gaze.

“What…?” I asked.

He lifted a finger.

“It’s important,” he said, “that first we check for vital signs.”

I felt his rough, gloved finger against my clit — and a shiver ran through me.

“Mm!” I said.

He rubbed his finger on my clit — it felt pretty coarse. But then he bent over and spat on my cunt — and then again. When he resumed stroking my tiny nub, the glove slid smoothly back and forth, and a sensation of pleasure began to spread between my legs. I sighed.

His partner stood next to him, looking down on us.

“There are vital signs,” the first one said. “Looking good.”

I gasped loudly when I suddenly felt something soft and wet against my clit. It was his tongue. He began licking in swift circles around it, at the same time forcing two hard, gloved fingers up into my cunt, fingerfucking me.

“Ah!” I cried. “What are you doing?”

The dark firefighter looked down at me and said with a slight accent:

“As we said: It’s important to check for vital signs. You’ll be fine.”

His partners licked and slurped around my pussy, eagerly thrusting his fingers up into me, making me squirm and moan on the mattress. I looked up at the dark firefighter. And although their outfits were pretty loose, I thought I saw something growing in his pants. I closed my eyes and felt the strong fingers and tongue working my sensitive flesh. And suddenly — far, far too early — I felt it approaching.

“No!” I shouted. “Stop. I… I’m going to come!”

He didn’t stop. Of course he didn’t. His hot breath gasped against my pussy as he vigorously licked and fingered me to a powerful orgasm.

“Ohhh!” I cried. “Ohhh!”

The dark firefighter nodded in approval.

“Yes,” he said. “That looks right.”

The smoke still hung in the room as I looked around. It hadn’t grown thicker and didn’t really have a smell. Or perhaps I was just escort vip too aroused to notice. The first firefighter stood up.

“And now it’s time to get the tools out,” he said.

I heard the sound of a zipper opening. The dark firefighter had unzipped his pants, and out slipped his long, dark cock. My mouth watered, and I had to swallow a couple of times. Yeah, perhaps I was sexually undernourished at the time — but I thought it was the most beautiful cock I’d ever seen. Length and girth was perfectly balanced, the head round, not too oblong, and a foreskin that was pulling itself back as I watched. It was almost completely erect. I guessed it wouldn’t get much longer than it was now (and there was no reason for that, anyway!), but it still pointed slightly down towards the floor. I wondered whether it was the kind of cock that would poke out horizontally — or point straight up at the ceiling. I wasn’t sure which I liked the best.

The dark firefighter stood in his heavy boots at the foot of the mattress. He was still fully dressed, only his member poking out of his open pants. His gloved hand gripped the shaft as he began to masturbate, his eyes running up and down my body. He seemed to enjoy what he saw — because soon his cock stretched to its full length, pointing stiff and ready at an angle towards the ceiling. I writhed at the thought of what he was about to do to me.

He knelt down between my legs.

“But…” I began. “Don’t I have to get out of here?”

He nodded as he used his right hand to guide his member towards my pussy lips.

“Sure,” he said. “But first we need to know whether you’re strong enough to handle it.”

And at that moment I felt the warm, hard head of his cock pressing against my cunt. I spread my legs and relaxed. And inch by inch the bone-hard shaft entered my wet crevice. I closed my eyes and just felt it — how long and stiff it was! As soon as he was all the way in, he pulled out almost completely — then thrust back in again. And again. And again. The dark firefighter fucked me neither fast, nor slow — but firmly — with relentless precision.

“Look at me!” he said.

Obediently, I opened my eyes. Resting on his arms, his torso hung above me. Underneath the white helmet his dark face was serious, concentrated — and his wide open eyes stared right into mine as if to gauge my reactions.

“Mmm,” I whimpered.

“Yeah, that’s good,” a voice said next to us. “Harder. She can take it.”

It was his partner, issuing commands. The dark firefighter gritted his teeth, increasing his effort. He didn’t speed up — but each thrust of his long, rigid member got just a bit harder, a bit deeper, a bit more insistent.

“Ohhh…” I sighed.

The pale firefighter zipped down his jacket, throwing it on the floor. Then he opened his pants and pulled them down. He was very muscular — and through the smoke in the room I saw that his skin was covered with huge tattoos. Viking motifs, runes, rock carvings. I’ve always loved tattooed men. He stood naked in front of me, wearing only his helmet, gloves and boots. Then he knelt down next to my face, his cock hanging semi-erect between his tattooed thighs. He took it in his fist and put it to my lips. And with his dark partner still thrusting away at my cunt, I opened my mouth to receive his member.

He sighed loudly as my lips closed around the shaft. The skin had a faint taste of smoke. Fascinated, I began sucking, and noticed how it quickly swelled further inside my mouth. Soon it was completely erect, and he grabbed my hair with his gloved hand, thrusting in and out of my mouth. The light smoke in my small room was like a haze of lust enclosing us, preventing us from thinking about anything but fucking.

The dark firefighter began to grunt — louder and louder — and I noticed he was increasing his pace. As I looked up at him his face was glistening with perspiration — sweat dripping down onto my body. He had to be close to orgasm.

“Is it good?” his partner asked, still plunging his cock in and out of my mouth.

The dark firefighter gasped, mouth wide open, unable to answer. And then something happened that I did not expect. The pale one grabbed his partner’s cheeks with his gloved hands — and pressed his lips against his in a passionate kiss. The two butch firefighters French kissed like a loving couple for quite some time — still fucking me, one in my pussy, one in my mouth.

Back then, I’d never been with two men at once — but I had a strong suspicion that this was rather unusual. (This suspicion has been confirmed since then. But — and here’s a tip for my female readers: If you ever end up in bed with two men who aren’t afraid to French kiss, be prepared for anything. It’s going to be a wild night!)

When their lips let go of each other, the dark one let out a low grunt. I felt him penetrating me to the hilt — and then he lay completely still as he cock began to jerk violently. A couple of precursory jolts — and then it came.

“Ohhh!” he escort rus cried.

His swelling shaft pumped and pumped into my cunt. White-hot semen spurted long jets far up into my cunt. The sight of the kissing firefighters had almost made me come — and now I couldn’t hold back any longer. A violent orgasm surged all through my young body.

“Mmm!” I moaned, my mouth still full of cock.

The pale firefighter pulled his member from my mouth and looked at me tenderly.

“Aaah…” I whimpered.

The dark one’s ejaculation gradually died out. He lay with eyes closed, savoring the sensation as his erection slowly subsided. Finally his cock turned soft and slid out of me.

“Mmm…” he sighed and stood up, a bit unsteadily.

The pale firefighter towered over me, a savage look in his eyes, a huge Viking ship tattoo spreading across his wide chest. His big glove vigorously stroked his hard cock, still dripping with my saliva. I don’t know why he felt the urge to masturbate — he was already as hard as he could possibly get. The dark one stepped aside and glanced at his partner.

“She’s all yours,” he said quietly. “Enjoy.”

Slowly, the pale firefighter knelt between my open legs. With hazy eyes I admired his tattooed, muscular body through the thin smoke in the room. Sweat glistened on his skin. His partner’s semen slowly seeped from my pussy lips as he guided his erect shaft up into my juicy hole

“Ah!” I cried.

I realized I was still wearing my T-shirt. It felt all wrong. I swiftly pulled it off and threw it on the floor, lying stark naked on the mattress, the pale firefighter’s cock buried inside my cunt. I sighed. The dark firefighter zipped up and stood above us in full uniform, arms crossed.

“Yeah,” he said with his slight accent. “Fuck her. She needs a good, hard fuck.”

The pale one held his cock still inside my pussy for a few seconds. I felt it jumping with excitement a couple of times. And then — suddenly — he began thrusting like a madman. His bone-hard member plunged in and out of me in a relentless, frantic rhythm. I screamed — both from shock and excitement.


His gloved hands grabbed my wrists hard, holding me down as he fucked and fucked. Under the white helmet his face was a grimace of lustful brutality. I writhed beneath him, feeling his vigorous thrust driving me towards another powerful orgasm.

“Oooh!” I squealed.

“Yes!” he yelled. “Yes! Come on!”

Arching my back, I pressed my abdomen against his mercilessly pumping cock. And helpless with lust, all I could do was to give in. An overwhelming climax rushed through my quivering body.

“Ohhh!” I whimpered.

“Yeah!” he cried. “Like that!”

His member bulged hugely inside my cunt, and he began to ejaculate. He kept thrusting and thrusting, even as hot spunk spurted from his jumping cock. His hot sweat dripped onto my face and my body. He growled like a beast. Even as his ejaculation subsided, he kept on fucking until his member went too soft to continue. Then, rolling over on his back, he lay on the duvet next to the mattress with a low sigh:


The dark firefighter had pulled out a walkie-talkie and was speaking into it:

“We’re going to need a technician,” he said.

Exhausted, I lay on my back on the mattress, almost too tired to protest.

“A… what…?” I whispered.

But the dark firefighter just nodded slowly.

“Don’t worry,” he said. “We have the situation under control.”

There was a slight pause. But soon I heard a muffled, rhythmic sound from the corridor. It got closer and closer, until I recognized the sound of footsteps in heavy boots. The pale firefighter stood up — and they both stood there watching the door expectantly. The boots took a few more loud steps — and then, there he was.

I gasped and sat straight up on the mattress, startled. I’d never seen anything like the figure that now appeared in my doorway. The technician was almost naked — wearing only a scary looking gas mask, big gloves, and big boots. And between his legs — girdled by a shining metal cock ring — was the most powerful erection I’ve yet to see on any man. The two other firefighters were pretty well endowed, but the technician’s cock’s was roughly an inch longer — and at least twice as thick. The swelling, veined shaft seemed to be so wide that I could never wrap my hand around it.

The technician had a fire hose in each hand. The two firefighters ran to him, grabbed the hoses, and pulled them into my room. The hoses were slack, but I expected water to fill them at any moment. But instead the firefighters began wrapping them around me and my mattress.

“Hey?” I protested.

They tied the rough canvas hoses around my neck, my shoulders, under my breasts, across my belly. And finally they tied a couple of loops, pulling my feet apart, leaving me spread-eagled on the mattress. Slowly, with heavy footfalls, the technician approached my mattress. And that’s when I noticed he held something escort elit in his hand, gleaming in the low light of the room. It was a huge, shiny steel vibrator.

“Oh!” I cried.

The technician knelt down between my legs, and I felt him slowly forcing the hard metal cock up into my cunt. I was soaking wet from my own juices and the semen of the two firefighters, and it smoothly slid all the way up into me. With a sigh I let my entire body relax. But then he must have flicked a switch, because suddenly the dildo started vibrating. And it was not the quiet, pleasant hum of a regular sex toy. No — it thumped and hammered like a power tool — as if he’d released a tiny steam engine inside my pussy. My body jumped on the mattress. And now I felt just how tightly they’d tied me up with the rough canvases hoses. The more I struggled to release my arms and legs, the more the hoses tightened around my entire body. Whatever I did, I could not escape the furious steel vibrator, rattling my poor cunt. But at the same time it was incredibly arousing — and I felt my juices flow abundantly around it.

The two firefighters stood in silence, watching us. The pale one’s cock began to grow — and beneath the dark one’s heavy pants I also perceived something swelling. That surprised me. They’d just had a couple of powerful ejaculations – but apparently, those were two very virile gentlemen. And as I casually pondered their cocks — what they’d already done to me — what more they might do to me — and as the steel vibrator throbbed inside my tender pussy — once again I had to let the sensations of pleasure overwhelm me. I came again — a violent, senseless orgasm, making my body thrash about, writhing helplessly in the grip of the rough canvas hoses.

“Ohhh!” I yelled.

The technician tore the dildo from my cunt, throwing it to the side. It rolled across the floor with a hard, metallic rumble.

“Lttl cnt!” his deep voice said inside the gas mask.

He grabbed his massively swollen member with both gloved hands, and I felt its wide head pressing against my pussy lips.

“No!” I gasped, out of breath. “Wait…”

“Y’r gnn fl m cck!” he replied. “M lvl, ft, cck!”

I felt he was almost shouting inside the mask — but it deadened the sound so much that it only came out as a low murmur. He applied incredible force — until the tip of his giant cock slipped into my cunt.

“Oooh…” I whimpered.

Quarter-inch by quarter-inch he pushed his fat member inside me. Eyes wide open, I looked down at my cunt — and could hardly believe what I saw. Up close the technician’s cock appeared even more grotesquely wide — and the shiny metal cock ring made it swell and bulge even further. My poor pussy stretched almost painfully as he forced his shaft inside me. I breathed deeply, trying to relax. As I whimpered and quivered, the technician ruthlessly impaled me on the full length of his big, wide cock. Finally, I felt the cold steel of the cock ring against my pussy lips and knew he was in all the way. I sighed.

The two firefighters took a few steps forward, standing next to me on either side of my face. The dark one zipped down his pants and took out his cock. They were both swollen and semi-erect. As if it were a call to action, the technician began to fuck. Not with furious brutality, as I had expected — but in long, steady strokes. He slowly pulled he fat member all the way out of my cunt — only to impale me with the entire length. Out and in — out and in — again and again and again.

I writhed on the mattress, whimpering. His self-control frightened me. He’d be able to drive me from one orgasm to the next, until I lay exhausted underneath his muscular body. He could fuck me to madness — to unconsciousness. The two firefighters grabbed their cocks in their gloved hands and began to masturbate at the sight. I looked up at them, hissing:

“Yeah, you like that, don’t you? Bastards!”

I’m not sure whether I was really angry — because it was also a bit of a turn-on. Quite a bit, in fact. The two handsome firefighters jerking off, while the scary technician fucked me with his massive cock. It was all so naughty. I felt my mattress sliding back and forth across the floor. The technician had increased his pace — plunging up into my juicy cunt with his deep, demanding thrusts.

“Lk tht, lttl cnt,” he murmured. “Hr cms m spnk!”

He stopped thrusting and I felt his cock swelling, until it suddenly began ejaculating inside me.

“Ooh!” I cried.

He let it spurt a couple of times. Then he calmly pulled out, firing a long, thick jet of semen across the length of my body. And another one — a white-hot spurt of sperm across my belly and my right breast. His semen smelled faintly of smoke. Again he let his stiff member slide up into my pussy and — still ejaculating – began to thrust again. He wasn’t done yet! I writhed beneath him — or rather: I tried, but the rough canvas hoses held me in place, helplessly at the mercy of his savage lust.

Almost imperceptibly he increased his pace with each stroke — his powerful thrusts pushing me and the mattress back and forth across the floor in time with his fuck rhythm. I gasped for air, sensing he was about to make me come again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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