Finally Physical

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Big Tits

Janie was every bit the sweet-voiced, honey-haired California MILF I had come to know on the phone.

We’d met rather unconventionally in a manner that was becoming more and more conventional each day. We’d found each other on the Internet.

Janie had the advantage. By the time I put the phone to my ear the first time to hear her sexy school teacher voice, Janie had already heard me cum several times. It didn’t take long into the conversation for her to return the favor with a cock-hardening mixture of cries, gasps and breathy moans that had me launching a volley of hot cum into my hand, chair, carpet, walls…

The phone calls grew increasingly more passionate, until we knew mutual masturbation wasn’t going to cut it anymore. We needed to satisfy some more of our senses.

She met me at the airport wearing a light summer dress and a shy, endearing smile. Her eyes darted from me to my suitcase to the linoleum floor like she couldn’t believe she was actually doing this. “Hi,” she offered sweetly.

I looked into those unsure eyes and lightly brushed her lips with mine. “Thanks for meeting me,” I whispered.

Janie looked at me, then pressed her lips harder against my mouth. Our tongues found each other. I dropped my bag and wrapped both arms around her as her arms wrapped around my neck. Passion controlled us for too short a time before reason returned. Janie looked around at the airport crowd that was largely ignoring our existence, fanned herself lightly with an open hand and said, “Wow.” Her eyes were sparking. “Want a ride, Big Boy?”

“At very least,” I said.

We made the necessary small talk on the way to her car. “How was your flight?” “Been waiting long?” “Yes, it’s unseasonably hot.”

Janie popped the hatch on her SUV and I tossed my luggage inside. Then we slid into the sweltering vehicle and she turned over the ignition to get the air conditioning started. She fluffed the short hem of her dress as if to get some air circulating and I watched the tanned tops of her bare legs appear and disappear. She smiled when she saw me watching.

I pulled her mouth to mine for another kiss, this one slower. More exploratory. More personal. Janie moaned into my mouth and I hoped my khaki shorts would keep my growing erection concealed. As the air in the car grew cooler, I put my hand on her cheek, then slid it around her head to pull her even tighter into the kiss. She tasted of mint and lemon and rainwater and I found myself wondering what flavor I would find on her other lips.

“I want you,” I whispered.

“I. Am. So. WET,” she confessed, punctuating every word.

I put my fingers on her smooth thigh and her hand caught my wrist. “Not here,” she said. “Don’t get me started here.”

“You’re already started, Janie.”

She checked the rearview, shifted the car into reverse and began pulling out of the parking slip. “Not here,” she said again, I think to herself more than me.

I was glad she was at the wheel. Though a very competent driver, there is a big difference between navigating the highway system in BFE Arkansas and southern California. I was glad not to have my hands on the wheel.

For one thing, it left them free to explore Janie. Starting at her cheek, I ran my finger under her ear and slowly down her sensuous throat. She cooed softly as it touched her collarbone and again when I let it dip lightly into the bare minimum cleavage the dress exposed.

I ran the back of two fingers down her shoulder and upper arm, then down the forearm to her wrist.

“You’re making it hard to concentrate on the road,” she told me.

“Want me to stop?”

Pause, then a soft, “No. Please.”

I put three fingers on her knee and slowly slid them up her thigh.

“Oh pickles,” she whispered in that sweet schoolroom voice.

I urged the hem of her dress higher. She kept both hands on the wheel. My fingers crept to the inside of her thigh. Janie was breathing harder. Her breasts were rising and falling and I could see her nipples pressing through her bra and the thin fabric of the dress.

“Are you cold?” I asked.

Janie laughed. “You are soooo bad,” she said.

I shrugged. “You like me bad,” I told her. “And you like being bad with me.”

“Yes,” she said softly.

There was a traffic snarl ahead of us. Go figure. Janie slowed down, looked at me, looked at my hand, then placed her right hand on top of mine. She wasn’t trying to stop me.

My fingers found the soft cotton of her panties. Soft damp cotton. Janie Maraş Escort inhaled sharply.

“Why let a perfectly good traffic jam go to waste?” I said, nudging her panties aside and wetting my fingers in her juice.

Janie moaned and shifted forward slightly. I ran slow circles around her clit while she tried to keep other drivers from knowing what was going on. She put on her sunglasses and looked straight ahead, all while moving her hips against my fingers.

“Oh my Goddd,” she moaned. The innocent school voice was gone and Janie had taken on the sexy cumvoice I had grown to appreciate on the phone. I leaned closer to her.

“I should pull this dress up and bury my face in you right now, you tease. You made me wait too long to taste this pussy.”

“Oh Godd,” she said.

“Now, I’m going to make you wait to feel my tongue.” I slid two fingers inside her and began thrusting them with a slow, distinct rhythm. “But when I do lick you, you’re going to remember it. I’m going to run my tongue from that hard little clit all the way to your ass.”

Janie bucked her hips on the seat. She was breathing hard, concentrating on the traffic, concentrating on my fingers in her cunt, concentrating on my words.

“Then Janie,” she moaned when I said her name, “I’m going to tongue-fuck you til you cum.”

Janie’s legs were spread wide. She was lost in the sensations, lost in the moment. Too long she’d had to be the good mom, the good teacher, the good everything. Now she was being BAD. Wanton. She felt slutty and desired. Occasionally, even the mother of the year wants to be treated like a sex object.

“I’m. Close,” she managed between breaths.

I thrust my fingers into her tight wet pussy making a liquid sound that drowned out the air conditioned. I let my thumb slip over her slick clit and began scissoring her pussy and clit between my fingers and thumb. Janie’s head rolled back. “Unggod…”

And she came. Hard. Loud. Cleansing.

She caught her breath to the sound of horns honking behind us.

I took my fingers from her pussy and brought them to my mouth. She had a beautiful flavor.

“You son of a bitch,” she laughed.

“You no like?” I asked in mock innocence.

She gave me her Natalie Portman look and my cock lurched in my shorts. “Paybacks are a mother,” she said.

I looked out the window. “Promises, promises.”

Part 2 I ran my soapy hands up and down, cupping Janie’s breasts and working her nipples between my thumbs and fingers. She arched her back and rubber her soapy ass against my hips, letting my hard cock tease the crack of her ass. She moaned when I nudged her hair aside and placed my lips on the back of her neck, suckling her vertebrae. We both wanted a shower after our car ride to my hotel room — her because she said her thighs felt sticky after cumming and me because I wanted to get fresh after the plane ride. Usually I’m one to take undressing my women slow, like unwrapping a treasured Christmas present. Janie and I ripped each other’s clothes off and left them on the floor in a trail to the bathroom. Porno Hansel and Gretel. In the shower, I pulled Janie’s naked body to mine and kissed her hard. Her hands went to my ass and squeezed, pulling my hips tight to her. My cock sprouted and pressed against her belly. She sighed and wrapped her fist around it, making my cock look even bigger in her tiny hand. “Mmmmm, Rich, I’ve waited a long time for this.” “I know, Baby.” We got in the warm spray and proceeded to soap each other up, letting our hands luxuriate against the skin of the other. We explored each other face-to-face at first. Janie seemed like she couldn’t get enough of my cock and I was enjoying looking down at her nude body, slick and dripping from the shower. Then I turned her, wrapping my arms around her from behind and rubbing my body against hers as my lips kissed down her spine. She moaned and her smooth skin turned to gooseflesh. She shuddered in my arms. “Cold?” I asked. “Oh HELL no,” she answered. We rinsed quickly and went to the bed without drying off. Janie pushed me back on the bed and crawled up between my legs, kissing my lips and rubbing her wet breasts against my chest. She kissed my neck, shoulders. She took one nipple between her lips and flicked it with her tongue. I arched my back and moaned and she placed both hands flat against my stomach, working her lips down my wet skin. When she got to my hard cock, Janie grasped it tightly in both hands and squeezed a dollop of precum from the head protruding from her Maraş Escort Bayan fist. Watching my face, she extended her tongue and lightly licked the cream from my crown. She sat back a minute, working her tongue inside her mouth. Then she smiled and said, “Mmmmmm.” Her tongue snaked out again and she ran it the entire length of my turgid shaft. I groaned and gripped my hands into the mattress on both sides. Janie smiled with my dick against her lips. She kissed my cock from top to bottom, then lightly ran her tongue over my shaven balls. I was in heaven. A beautiful nude woman with gorgeous eyes and a talented tongue was pleasuring me like I’d never been pleasured. I wanted it to go on, I wanted to cum, I wanted to fuck her, I WANTED IT ALL! Janie opened that sexy mouth and let me inside. Her tongue was warm and wet against the swollen underside of my shaft and when she moaned I felt it vibrate to my balls. She wrapped one hand around me and stroked while her mouth worked the sensitive skin under the head. She pulled her mouth off and let her tongue circle and circle around the head, pumping me as she did. She rubbed the head against her cheek. “God, it looks like it’s going to pop,” she said. The head was tight and purple and I could tell she liked the slick texture against her lips and tongue. “It…might,” was all I could manage. Janie took me deep in her mouth and slurped me like a Popsicle. Her eyes glistened and I could tell it was a mutual pleasure. “Turn around,” I whispered. Janie took her mouth off my cock momentarily. “What?” she said. “I want to taste you too.” She got the idea quickly and turned, straddling my face until that lightly curl-covered pussy was laying against my mouth. I felt her mouth return to my cock as I spread her wet lips with my fingers and let my tongue dance over her hard little clit. She moaned on my cock and sucked me deeper. I let my tongue play all over her wet cunt. She was so sweet and fresh from the shower that I couldn’t resist tonguing her tight ass. “F-f-f-f-fuck Rich.” I felt her words against my sticky cock. “That feels so good.” I slid a finger inside her cunt and let my tongue probe her ass. Gently. She was moaning more and I could feel her teeth grazing my cock. “God Rich, you’re going to make me…” She never finished. Janie curved her neck and let go a guttural sound and her hips started bucking against my face. I rode it out, letting my tongue dip into her ass with every forward lurch and strumming her dripping clit with my thumb. “Ungggh, UNGHH, ohmygodd.” Janie came with my hands on her smooth bottom and my tongue lapping up her sweet juice. To tell the truth, I almost joined her. But I managed to keep my wad in check. I had too many other things to experience with this sexy woman first.

One thing for sure — foreplay was over.

Janie rolled onto her back, her sexy breasts rising and falling on her ribcage with every rapid breath she took. I decided not to let her catch that breath. Taking her hands in mine, I pulled Janie to her feet and turned her quickly until she was facing the big mirror above the hotel bureau. With only two stacked drawers, it was the perfect height and I pressed her hands to the cool wood veneer surface. That left her bend forward, her ass jutting toward me and her face just inches from her reflection. She was still breathing hard, but her broad grin said she understood.

“What’s that smile for?” I asked.

“I’m not sure,” she said. “I just feel so…decadent.”

“You are,” I said. “A bad girl. A very bad girl.”

She shuddered when I said it. Kind, sweet, loving mother and a caring teacher, Janie was enjoying playing with her wicked side. I slapped her naked ass with my open palm and her eyes opened wide in surprise. The slap was only hard enough to make a loud sound and leave a pink handmark on her white bottom, but the implication of it had lodged firmly in her imagination. I could see the blush between her breasts.

I took my hard cock in my hand and rubbed it slowly from her clit to her ass. She bent forward on the bureau, offering me easier access.

I let my dick slip between her thighs, then pulled up sharply so the huge purple head slapped against her clit. She was so wet that it was nearly as loud as my hand had been on her ass.

Her cheek was pressed to the synthetic wood of the bureau top and her hands were in pushup position on either side of her head. Her ass moved rhythmically in front of me. I decided to stop teasing both of us.

I put the head of my cock against her dripping Escort Maraş pussy and thrust into her until my hips slapped against her ass. Janie rocked forward on her toes and gasped, then moaned unhappily as I pulled it back out until just the head was inside her.

I put my hands on her waist and thrust again, balls deep, withdrew, thrust again. I was fucking my sweet school teacher hard with long deep thrusts and she was moaning and thrusting her ass back against me. We’d waited too long — teasing with sexy phone calls and pictures. There was no way our first time was going to be tender. Janie wanted to be fucked. And I had wanted to fuck her since the first time I heard her cum for me.

We were noisy. Animalistic. Janie squealed and gasped while I growled and drove myself into her. I took one hand off her hip and slipped it up the length of her spine until it was under her hair. Then I gripped her and pulled her head back so she could watch me fuck her in the hotel mirror. Her eyes were wide, her mouth open. She looked at my face, then watched me pound her body.

“God Janie, do you have any idea how long I’ve wanted to fuck you like this?”

“Oh yes,” she cried. “Oh yes, Rich, fuck my pussy.”

I reached around to caress her soft breasts and work her hard nipples with my fingers. Janie pounded her ass against me, using my cock to bring herself to orgasm twice, the second time looking at my face in the mirror when she came.

I didn’t stop fucking her until her knees turned to jelly and it looked like she might fall. Then I reluctantly pulled out of her and gathered her in my arms for the two steps to the bed.

I laid her head gently on the pillow, then covered her lips with my mouth. We were both breathing too hard for long, lingering kisses, so I let my lips trail down her neck and licked the salty sweat from her breasts. I circled her nipple with my tongue then blew softly on it. I moved my attention to her other breast and sucked and scissored her nipple.

I put my arms under her knees and lowered my cock to her pussy. It didn’t need to be shown the way.

Now it was time to go slow. I blew Janie’s hair away from her forehead and looked deeply into her eyes as I gently but urgently moved my penis inside her. Her pussy felt so hot. I could hear the liquid sounds coming from our point of juncture. I watched her eyes. I kissed her nose. I thrust my hips toward her with short, choppy motions. She moaned, closing her eyes and angling her head upward. I took the opportunity to kiss her throat, right above the V of her collarbone.

Janie dug her nails into my shoulders. When she opened her eyes and looked at me, I could see her urgency. Her teeth were gritted. She angled her hips slightly forward and undulated them under me. She was climbing. Though she’d already had a handful of small orgasms, Janie was building to a big one. And I loved watching her face as she approached it.

“Are you gonna cum for me, Janie?”

It was the sweet voice that answered me. “Uh huh,” she said.

“Do you like my cock in your cunt?”

“So good,” she whispered. “You feel so fucking good.”

“You look so beautiful fucking me.”

She took her hands off my shoulders and placed them against my chest. Using the leverage, she bucked her hips under me.

I changed my thrusts. Instead of pumping in and out, I started circling my hips like I was trying to keep a hula hoop in motion. This added a side-to-side motion to the in-and-out, like stirring her pussy instead of just pumping it.

Janie felt it. I could see and hear her climax approaching and it was pushing me to the edge.

“God Baby, you’re gonna make me cum.” “Yessss,” she said. “Yesssss, please cum in my pussy. Please?”

My pace quickened. We both moaned and bucked against each other. I looked down at her naked body. And it was too much.

I all but growled when I unloaded inside her. One. Two. Four. Who knows how many powerful clips of cum I shot into her body. It must have felt like hot candle wax to her. I’d no sooner arched my back in the throes of orgasm before Janie dug her nails into my chest and joined me.

We bucked and squirmed against each other until we were all fucked out. I collapsed on top her and felt the staccato motions as she tried to catch her breath. I was probably breathing even harder. Our skin was slick with sweat.

As we came back to earth, I kissed her. Janie wrapped both arms around me and kissed me back. I let my hands roam over her beautiful young body, eventually pulling her to me in a tight embrace. She snuggled into my chest and let a finger toy playfully with my chest hair.

“Wow,” she whispered. “Is there more where that came from?”

“We only have one night,” I told her. “I don’t intend to waste any of it.”

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