Fighting Desire

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“If this is your attempt to make a move on me, I can tell you right now it’s not going to happen.”

Heather followed Mark down to his basement, frowning at his well-muscled back as they descended the narrow stairwell. She could almost see his cocky smile in response to her comment so she glared at the spot between his shoulders for another few steps. He was hot and she was attracted to him, but she was determined to resist him and his sexy physique no matter what her traitorous body wanted. He had hurt her once before and she wasn’t about to let him do it again. Still, when he had offered to teach her some self-defense moves she had bristled at his condescending tone and her competitive nature had compelled her to accept his thinly veiled challenge.

Mark didn’t know it, but there was nothing he could teach her that she didn’t already know. She had taken lessons in several martial arts for several years, however, she decided to play dumb and let him try to impress her for a while before she put him in his place – preferable on his ass. Grinning at that thought, Heather gamely changed into her yoga pants and tank top and followed him down to the workout space in the basement. The floors, she saw, were lined with mats and pads. A weight bench and some free weights took up one corner of the room but the rest of it was open and spacious. Surprisingly, it smelled fresh and clean. She had half expected it to smell like dirty socks and sweat and man.

Mark watched Heather as she surveyed the room. When she met his gaze he grinned and winked at her. His blood was pumping and he was ready for a good workout session. He had to admit that he was also looking forward to having an acceptable excuse to get her into his arms. Having spent the last few days with her, his fingers were itching to touch her silky skin if only in the context of sparring. He wanted to touch sure, but that is as far is at could go. He was confident that he had enough self-control to keep his hands away from certain tempting parts of her anatomy. She was still off limits to him but she sure was fun to flirt with.

“If I wanted to make a move on you, you’d know it. What’s more, you’d beg for it.”

Heather snorted and rolled her eyes dramatically at his response to her dig. Ignoring her reaction, he took up a stance on one of the mats in the middle of the room.

“Okay, lets start with some simple moves. Come over here and I’ll show you a few things.”

Cautiously she approached him and allowed him demonstrate some of the basics. He pushed and prodded, bent and moved her body where he wanted her to go and when his hands slipped a few times to brush her breasts, they both ignored it. He showed her how to balance, how to hold her arms, and then things got a bit more physical as they started to get serious. Thirty minutes later they were both covered in a light sheen of sweat. Impressed with her skill, Mark quickly realized that Heather was no novice at this type of workout. At some point she had taken some kind of training. Curious, he paused for a moment and grabbed a water.

” You’ve done this before.”

Taking advantage of the break to regain her breath, Heather grabbed her water and took a long swig. “I never said that I’d never done this before.” Smirking, she added, “You are the one who assumed I was a beginner Manisa Escort at this. I didn’t see the point in telling you otherwise.”

A little peeved at her deception, Mark decided to find out just how proficient Heather really was. Grinning, he issued a challenge that he knew she wouldn’t refuse.

“Ok then miss hot shot, how about you show me what you’ve got?”

“No holds barred?”

“Nope. I can take it. Don’t hold back”

“Same to you. I don’t want you trying to take it easy on me. I can handle anything you throw at me.”

At this his eyebrow raised, but he held his tongue. Heather moved back to the center of the mat. Her blood was pumping a bit from the warm up they had done, but more so from her close proximity to Mark. She hated to admit it but she was a little turned on from the physical contact with him. The fact that his hands had been brushing her breasts every few moments didn’t help. He was dressed in grey sweatpants that rode low on his hips and a tight white undershirt, both of which were lightly dampened with sweat. God he was hot. Her body clenched, unbidden, as she remembered what he tasted like. Shaking away those traitorous thoughts, she focused on defeating him.

The sparring match was short lived. Mark was stronger, faster, and in better shape. Heather’s only advantage was that she was small, and she was quick. Even so, it was clear that Mark was the winner of their engagement when he pinned her under him on the mat for the fifth time. Her arms were stretched above her head, clasped in one of his hands and she felt a sense of déjà vu. The last time they had been in this position he had all but taken her against a wall in a crowded bar. Breathing hard, she risked a look into Mark’s face. His eyes had darkened with lust and remembered passion and she knew that he felt the attraction too. It was always there, just under the surface. Waiting.

Mark was aroused and didn’t seem to care if she knew it. He pressed himself into the vee of her legs. Heather cursed herself for a slut even as she widened her legs to make room for him between them. He moved his hips imperceptibly grinding them against hers and she couldn’t help but respond.


She heard his muttered curse moments before his mouth crashed onto hers. For a few seconds she gave in to her body’s demands and kissed him back with all the pent up passion she had been storing over the past 8 years. He tasted dark and sinful. His tongue was talented and playful as it plunged past her lips to toy with her own. Willing herself to stop this before it went too far, Heather gathered all her strength and wrenched her lips away from his. Her hands, somehow freed from his steely grip, found purchase in his hair and yanked his head away from hers. Blue eyes met icy grey as they silently took the other’s measure. Her voice was husky when she finally spoke.

“I told you that this was not going to happen. I am not going to sleep with you.”

“You want me.” His eyes dared her to lie and she found that she didn’t have the strength to dispute him. Frantically, wildly, she knew her only chance to avoid the inevitable was to run, to escape to her room and put distance between them. With his body half on top of her own she couldn’t think straight. Desperate to get away, she Manisa Escort Bayan started to struggle in Mark’s arms. Her arms beat against his muscled chest, and her legs windmilled in the air and slid across the mat searching for leverage. One thought reverberated in her mind. She had to get free. She had to get away.

Mark had been watching Heather’s face, trying to figure out what was going on inside her pretty little head. He saw her eyes widen in panic but was unprepared for her frantic struggles a moment later. Uncertain why she was fighting him, his first thought was to back off. Before he could move off of her however, her wild exertions brought her hips flush against his. He was still watching Heather’s face and saw first hand the slight widening of her eyes, and the flaring of her nostrils as she gasped at the sexual contact. She was as turned on as he was! To be certain, he moved one of his hands to her breasts and found her nipples hard and tight with arousal. Yep, she wanted him. Outraged at his action, she writhed harder but her struggles were unable to dislodge him from his position on top of her. He grinned down at her and she responded by jabbing him hard in the side. Despite the violence, or perhaps because of it, Mark found himself extremely turned on. Mentally he rubbed his hands together with glee. He was going to enjoy this.

“I know you want me. I am going to make you admit it.”

She moaned at his words, turned on beyond belief, but she didn’t stop fighting him. She couldn’t give in. Something inside her urged her to keep trying to escape him. Her hands were slapping at his face and shoulders, trying to get a good enough angle to land a good punch or two.

“That’s it baby, fight me. Harder. Do it. Fight”

Her eyes narrowed at his challenge and her body bucked and thrashed as she finally managed to unbalance Mark enough to scramble out from beneath him. Heather was on her feet in a second and sprinted for the stairs. She only made it a few feet before Mark tackled her. They rolled across the mat for several minutes, both fighting for the dominant position. Finally, Mark rolled on top of Heather, pinning her body to the mat with his weight which unfortunately still left her arms free. Not giving up, Heather yanked roughly on Mark’s hair with both fists.

His head stinging from her attack, Mark growled as he grabbed her hands and yanked her tank top and bra off over her head. It only took a few sharp twists and her wrists were effectively bound in the stretchy material. With his left hand, he anchored her tethered wrists to the floor above her head and with his right he pinched and petted her newly bared breasts. Her nipples hardened into diamond points at his attention. His mouth followed the path of his fingers and he swirled his tongue around her sensitive flesh. He licked and sucked at her breasts until Heather felt a sharp pain and realized he had her right nipple between his teeth. He released it and soothed the hurt with his tongue causing ripples of pleasure to pulse down her body. Her other breast was given the same treatment and Heather arched her back to his mouth, begging for more.

Ignoring her entreaty, Mark’s hand moved down across the soft skin of her belly and was shocked to find a small tattoo of a fairy above her Escort Manisa hip. He didn’t think it was possible to get any harder, but seeing the ink markings on her skin just plain did it for him. He lowered his mouth to lick and suck the tattoo before moving his hand under Heather’s yoga pants to find her hot and wet and ready. Needing both hands to remove her pants, he caught her gaze with his as he slowly removed his left hand from where it was still pinning Heather’s wrists to the floor.

“I want you to leave your wrists where they are.” His expression was fierce, and Heather obeyed his command without protest, keeping her arms stretched above her head. Nodding his pleasure at her capitulation, Mark praised her obedience.

“Good girl.”

It didn’t even occur to Heather to be annoyed by his assumed control of her body. She was so wrapped up in feelings of pleasure and heat that she didn’t care about anything else. She wanted him to nibble at her breasts again. She wanted his fingers inside her. No that was wrong, she wanted his penis inside her. She could see it straining against the soft material of his sweatpants and wanted to see it, to taste it. Mark’s hot breath on her naked skin forced her attention back to him as he pulled her legs over his shoulders and draped them across his back. He settled his big body between her legs and lowered his mouth to her hot and swollen flesh. Oh God! He thrust two fingers deep into her as his mouth plied suction on her clit. Heather screamed in agony and pleasure as the waves of her release roared through her. Her orgasm was as fast as it was intense and her legs tightened against his head, trapping him in place. Gently Mark continued to softly lick and suck as she calmed and the tremors faded.

When Heather opened her eyes, she found Mark sitting next to her on the mat still fully clothed with a faintly apologetic look on is face. She knew that expression. She had seen it before and it pissed her off. Taking stock, she realized that she was sprawled naked on the exercise mat in the middle of Mark’s basement, with her hands bound above her head with her own bra. Embarrassed by her apparent lack of control, she quickly pulled her clothes back on. Mark, ever the gentleman, turned his back as she dressed.

“I’m decent now.”

At Heather’s words Mark turned around to face her. Guilt was eating at him. How could he have done this again? He had thought that he could control himself, but there was just something about Heather that made him want her enough to disregard everything. Her life was in danger for fuck’s sake and here he was trying to get in her pants.

“You’re going to say that the shouldn’t have happened, right?”

Mark winced at the hurt he could hear in Heather’s voice. “Look, Heather, I’m sorry but…”

“Don’t!” She interrupted him mid sentence but wouldn’t meet his eyes. “I don’t want to hear it okay? Let’s just, um, let’s just pretend that it never happened and move on.”

“Pretend it never happened.” Mark stared at her, suddenly feeling angry. He wasn’t sure why. How was she so blasé about this? He had been minutes away from being inside her and screwing her until next Sunday, and she wanted to pretend it never happened?

“Right. It never happened.” Heather finally returned his gaze, and he could see the steely resolve in her eyes.

“Okay then.” He agreed.

With his words, Heather turned and went upstairs. She left him standing alone in the basement without another word.

He slammed his fist against the padded wall. Yep, he was in big trouble.


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