Feeling the Music

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The sunlight shone through the gap in the curtains, the bright light falling over the folds of the bed sheets. It had been a whirlwind night, neither one of them expecting anything to happen. John slowly opened his eyes, looking around to see her still asleep next to him. He gazed at her partly covered body and recalled the previous night’s events.

He hadn’t felt like going out when his mates showed up. He was looking forward to a quiet night in, but they managed to convince him to come out for a drink. They all piled into their cars and set off to their usual haunt. John knew they had a local band playing that night and that the bar would be humming with people; as it always was when there was live music. They parked up and walked to the entrance shortly after 8pm. John was optimistic of still getting a bit of a quiet night if he didn’t hang around too long.

As he had expected, he band was loud and the room was hot and sweaty. The group made their way to the bar, gently pushing through the crowd as they went. They ordered drinks and started looking around for a table, not really expecting any of them to be free. They were right, all of them were taken. They decided to push through and see how close they could get to the band, who were already in full swing and had been for about an hour.

After a couple of minutes they found themselves a couple of rows from the front. The crowd was trying to dance to the music but the number of people in the room prevented anybody really dancing. The room was jumping; each body was pressed up against at least 3, if not 4 others. John’s luck seemed to be in tonight, right in front of him was a woman dressed simply, nothing showy and certainly nothing as revealing as some of the things a lot of the women in the crowd were wearing. As the people around him moved to the music, John found himself pushed closer and closer to the woman in front; on a couple of occasions he very nearly bumped into her but managed to hold back and to only lightly brush against her back. The lighting was low and colored spotlights flashed on and off on stage lighting up the audience as they span in rhythm with the music. John could see that she had dark blond hair; it swayed in time with her movements to the music. He struggled to stay back, konuşanlar izle but couldn’t help being thrust ever closer to her back, brushing her body with his with metronomic regularity.

He felt a stirring in his jeans; he couldn’t help it his crotch was rubbing against her pert behind. He couldn’t see it in the darkness but he could feel it and that was enough it seems. The crowd behind John suddenly surged forward thrusting him towards her. So far he had managed to resist, but he couldn’t hold back this time and was pushed hard against her. His face was so close to her he could smell her hair; he loved it but was praying that she hadn’t felt the rapidly expanding bulge in the front of his jeans. Upon feeling the push from behind, she turned her head and saw John looking sheepishly over her shoulder. He smiled awkwardly at her, and she smiled back. He couldn’t tell if she had felt him against her, but he didn’t think she had. He couldn’t believe it; he had gotten away with it.

He found himself getting closer to him again, but he wasn’t moving. Was she moving towards him? She certainly seemed to be. She had moved far enough back that they were once more touching. He was no longer being pushed forwards to her but she was swaying against him, rubbing against his groin. He could help his body’s reaction, he was now fully aroused, his manhood was straining the flies on his jeans. She was gyrating, pushing harder and harder against him. She turned to face him, looked up and their eyes met. She remained pressed against John, almost in an embrace. He thought she was about to kiss him, but she didn’t. She grabbed his and pulled him through the crowd towards the entrance.

They had been in the bar for over an hour, but to John it felt like only minutes. Darkness had fallen outside and the cool night air felt cold against their skin as they burst out the doors. He looked down into her eyes and saw beads of sweat running down her face. Without having said a word to each other they stared into each other’s eye and slowly they moved in and kissed. From then on time seemed to fly. The drive back to his flat, the walk up the stairs seemed to pass in a blur.

As they entered the flat, they started pulling each other’s kulüp izle clothes off. Pulling her sweater over her head, John marveled at her body being slowly revealed to him. The plain clothes she wore were in stark contrast with the black lace lingerie hidden beneath. She frantically unbuttoned his shirt exposing his toned torso, all the while moving through the flat towards the bedroom. As they entered the bedroom, she was fumbled at the flies of his jeans and him at hers. Jeans were pulled of and they both collapsed onto the bed, their half-naked bodies embraced. He caressed her sides, slowly running his hands up and down the gentle curve of her back. Her pale skin shivered under his fingers, his touch arousing her with every passing second.

His hands reached behind her and grasped at her bra strap, struggling to undo it. Seconds later, she pulled away from him, reached for the front of her bra and undid it. It fell away revealing the rounded shape of her breasts. He caressed his way around the underside of each one and leant down and took each nipple in his mouth, gently he licked around both nipples in turn. She pulled his chin up to hers and kissed his lips. Caressing her way slowly down his chest, her fingers made their way through the dark covering of hair on his chest. Passing over his muscular stomach, her hands acting quickly to try and remove his black silk boxer shorts. As they slid down his legs, her hand found its way to his engorged manhood. Feeling it throbbing between her fingers, she started to move her hand up and down along his shaft, all the time gently rubbing her thumb around the tip.

He couldn’t have been more aroused, yet he felt his cock trying of harden even more. She slid her way down his body, licking her way down as she went. She seemed hesitant but in an instant she took him into her mouth, running her tongue around the head of his penis. She moved her lips up and down rhythmically. He didn’t want her to stop, but he knew if she carried on for much longer he would be able to stop himself cumming right there. He tentatively withdrew from her mouth and rolled her over onto her back. He moved down her body kissing every inch as he went. The black lace of her panties stretched across her taut lady voyeur izle lower stomach. John slid his fingers under the waistband. Moving around to the side he slid them down her long shapely legs, revealing her moistness to him. He started kissing his way back up her legs, only pausing to look her in the eyes before moving between her legs. He gently caressed around her pussy, feeling her getting wetter by the second. As he leant in he kissed the folds of her pussy, lightly flicking her clit with his tongue. Writhing with pleasure under each of his kisses, she felt a wave of pleasure surge through her.

She wanted him inside her, she couldn’t wait any longer. She pulled him up along her body, reached down, grasped his cock and slowly guided it into her wetness. She moaned softly as he entered her, as did he on feeling her pussy gripping him tightly. He felt incredible, a surge of energy rushed through him as he pushed in and out of her. Sliding his hands under the small of her back, he lifted her from the bed and carried her towards the wall. He felt every single movement from within her as they moved across the room.

Almost falling against the wall, he started to once more move between her thighs. She moaned once more as he took her weight and thrust inside her. She wrapped he legs around his waist, her hands grasped behind his neck as they moved together. He started to move across the room once again, falling backwards on to the bed. She sat astride him, moving her hips forwards and back, pleasure flowing through them both. He once more rolled her on to her back, knowing he wouldn’t be able to last much longer. As he continued to thrust in and out of her, he felt himself nearing orgasm. He could feel the walls of her pussy gripping and releasing his cock faster and faster. He knew that feeling, she was beginning to cum. He maintained his rhythm, trying to make sure she achieved orgasm before he felt the same release. She started to writhe beneath him; he knew it wouldn’t take much more.

The sounds of their pleasure could be heard from outside the flat, but that didn’t bother them. As she gasped for breath, he felt himself nearing the end. He remained within her until the last possible moment, withdrawing only seconds before he felt the release of orgasm overcoming him.

Breathing hard, he collapsed onto the bed next to her. They didn’t say a word, but they kissed passionately. Covering their naked bodies with the sheets, they embraced one more. Laying there in each other’s arms, they slowly slipped into a deep and restful sleep.

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