Fantasy Fulfilled

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Mimi had Sunday to herself, a precious day free from meetings and sales pitches to do everything she usually missed in the week. She had planned to draw and read and catch up on all of the TV she had missed but found that Sven had beaten her to it. He was still in the t-shirt and boxers he’d slept in sprawled across the sofa and smiled at her as she came out of the bedroom, sat up.

“Morning.” He smiled. “I thought I’d let you sleep. You seemed tired last night.”

Mimi nodded. “I was. Better for it, though.” She nodded to his mug, “Any more coffee going?”

“There’s some in the ma- oh.” He looked up at her, paused the television, realised she had asked him on purpose so that he’d get it for her. There was, after all, always coffee in the machine. “I’ll get you some.”

Mimi smiled, settled into the sofa, grinning. “Thank you.” She watched him pull a mug out of the cupboard, fuss about in the kitchen. On screen, some kind of high intensity stake out was happening.

“What is this?” Mimi asked, “Another of your crime serials?”

“It’s good.” Sven planted the mug on the table. “It’s been on about half an hour, there’s some pretty big names in it. The detective’s daughter gets caught up with drug dealers and then they kidnap her and his partner.” He explained, yawning. “That’s as far as I’ve got.”

“Okay then.” Mimi nodded thoughtfully, blew on the steam and settled down to watch.

The action restarted and an actor whose name Mimi had forgotten dashed across the screen, pistol raised. He proceeded to shoot the lock off an office door. Behind it was a bloodied and half clothed Jake O’Mara, a well-known TV actor who appeared frequently in the tabloids usually attached to his older, more successful wife, a news presenter on Channel 4.

“Hot damn, Jakey.” Mimi grinned. “I like this show already.”

“Knew you would.” Sven laughed. “You missed this hot as hell interrogation scene earlier.”

Mimi pouted, pulled an expression filled with mock disappointment. “I did?”

Sven nodded, sipped. “The gangster’s wife kept threatening to burn his chest with a lit cigarette.”

“Oh really?”

Sven nodded, looked at her with narrow, wolfish eyes. “She had this low cut dress on.”

“Sounds like you liked it.”

He nodded. “Yeah.”

Mimi watched him colour slightly. “Oh.” She hesitated, waited just long enough so he blushed a little more, looked down at her. “You really liked it.”

Sven nodded, affecting nonchalance, “Yeah. I suppose.”

“Heh.” Mimi planted her cup on the table. “Good to know.” She said. “Good to know.”

* * *

She didn’t raise it again until later, when Sven wondered out of the bathroom in a towel, his hair still wet from the shower. Mimi was only half focused on the copy of Artists and Illustrators Monthly she was reading.

“Hmm.” She looked up, watched him dry off. “If only I had a chair and a pack of cigarettes right now.”

Sven laughed, a low noise that came straight from his gut, all nerves and pure delight. “I have never been so glad and so disappointed you quit.” He teased.

Mimi nodded, “Me too, though with your chest hair perhaps not. You’d go up like a Christmas tree in February.”

“And I’m tired.” He said, lay out on the bed, one arm jammed under the pillow.

“You are?” Mimi rubbed his arm and settled down next to him, let the magazine fall to the floor. “Sleep well, then.” She kissed him and reached over to turn the lamp off.

“Hey.” He pulled her down, the room sinking into darkness, streaked with shadows. “I’m not that tired. I was hoping for at least a little something before bed.” Sven nuzzled her neck, planted a kiss against the triangle of flesh behind her ear. “If you like.”

“Yes.” Mimi turned in his grip, kissed him again, luxuriated in the way he smelt, his skin still fresh from the shower. “That would be nice.”

She rubbed his side in gentle, languid strokes, sighed happily as his hand edged its way under her t-shirt.

“Nice day today.” She whispered, the words sinking into his skin like oil. “Sometimes it’s good to just do nothing.”

He nodded, “Yeah.”

For a long while they were quiet, happy to savour the feel of one another, moving occasionally to touch or kiss or shift position in the dark, their bodies close and warm.

“What’s your earliest fantasy?” Mimi asked, her voice a low whisper, her hand now flat against his belly. “I mean of submission.”

Sven opened his eyes, looked at her. “I was really young. About eleven or twelve, I think.” Sven’s voice was steady in the dark, his hand never wavering from Mimi’s hip, his mind shrinking back to his tiny, attic bedroom in Rivaz with its view of the grey fields and the lake beyond. To his narrow bed and finally, to the ache in his chest, like the past fifteen years hadn’t happened, like the old ghosts of shame and fear had stood up and rattled their chains. “I used to read a lot of adventure comics as a kid. I think it might have been Superman, I can’t remember,” he explained, “but there was murder under the friday night lights izle an issue where he was kidnapped by Amazon women and it stuck with me.”

“Really?” Mimi grinned in the dark. “For me it was tag.”

“Tag?” Sven rolled over, looked at her. “Really?”

Mimi nodded. “We used to play with the kids in the village. Kiss chase, stuff like that. I don’t remember what happened exactly but I do remember running after this boy called Adam, pinning him down.” She said, “Right in the gravel, poor kid. I thought about it for weeks afterwards and I never quite knew why.”

“Lucky boy.” Sven smiled. “I never played that game.”

Mimi laughed, “There’s still time. I’ll teach you, if you like.”

“You will?” he propped himself on one arm. “Thanks.”

“Tell me more about the Amazons. I’m curious.”

“You would be.” Sven leant forward and kissed her on the mouth, his hand pushed into her hair. “Well, I was kidnapped obviously. I think I had this thing, particularly as I got older and the fantasy got more complex, where I’d be overpowered and fucked.”

“Hot.” Mimi’s hands edged lower, settled on his hip. “Then what?”

“Then,” Sven continued, the air hissing through his teeth as Mimi grabbed his cock. “Oh, you can’t.” he breathed.

Mimi grinned in the dark, “I can. Now keep going. I want to hear the story. How you got fucked.”

“Oh.” He shifted in her grip, watched as she peeled away from him and grabbed a bottle of lube from the night-stand.

“Keep going.” She said, her voice low in the dark. She threw back the covers, slicked his cock with one quick jerk of her wrist. “Tell me.” She urged. “I want to know what happens in the end.”

“Well.” He began, his voice regulating. “We would be kept in these long cages and only taken out to be fucked or to do work. Hard work, like digging ditches or cutting rock or something equally pointless but it would be about being watched and treated badly and used.” The last word came with a sigh and a slight rock of his hips as Sven recalled the fantasy, his blood quickened by Mimi’s urging.

“Then there was this thing-” he paused, his chest shivering with embarrassment and lust in the dark, like he was a teenager all over again.

“What?’ Mimi asked, watching him hesitate, her own body simmering for his. “What would they do, huh?” she grinned, nibble at his neck, her right hand still working in tortuously slow strokes around his cock.

“I — oh, man, this is so stupid.”

“No, go on.” Mimi’s voice softened. “Tell me.”

He sighed in the shadows, began grinding up into Mimi’s palm, cursed when she took her hand away.

“I would be blindfolded and led through the jungle. Through thick undergrowth to a clearing.” He began, “Sometimes, they’d put a bag over my head and I’d be dragged out so I couldn’t see and grabbed and groped and fucked by all these women. Sometimes I’d be tied down on a bench or something — oh — or to the floor and I’d try to pull away but of course, I couldn’t.”

“Of course not.” She whispered. “You don’t want it but you do. All part of the draw of these women designed to destroy you, to not really need you.”

Sven let out another sigh, his fingers pressing into Mimi’s thigh as she upped the pace again, faster, pushing him hard, edging him toward orgasm and then, just as fast as she had begun, she stopped. Sven grunted, let out a sigh of defeat and desperation.

“Fuck, please,” he begged. “I’m so close, so close.”

“But you’re not quite finished with the story, are you?” Mimi said, watching his eyes look past her, as though he was a million miles away.

“No.” he curled towards her his own hand sinking between her thighs, his fingers slipping between her slickened labia. “No, Ma’am.” He kissed her neck.

“I would be fucked.” He whispered, “I’d get fucked until I begged them to stop, until it hurt.”

“And?” Mimi cocked her leg, pushed herself against his working fingers. “Would they?”

“You know they wouldn’t.” he smiled, his breath warm against her skin. “It would hurt and they’d just keep going.”

“That’s perfect.” Mimi moved in the dark, batted his hands away and climbed over him, sat back on his thighs. “I want you to fuck me.” She said, “You can be my captive now.” She laughed, planted another kiss against his lips. “I want to lie down then you can fuck me.” She said, moving back to the space she’d left in the sheets. “Fuck me until I’m done with you and then I can sleep.”

“Is this just to help you sleep?” he rolled over kissed her on the mouth.

“Yes.” She said. “I shouldn’t even have to ask.” She teased. “You should be ready and willing at all times.” Mimi jabbed him in the chest, pulled him against her.

“Just checking.” Sven kissed her hard, his hand flat against her thigh.

“You’re talking too much.” Mimi said. “I just want to feel you against me. I like your weight and your smell and you having to murf the surf jewels jesus and mayhem in the usa izle do the work.”

“You’re the laziest fuck ever.” He teased.

Mimi swatted him, laughing in the dark. “Worth it, though, don’t you think?” She pecked him on the clavicle, her teeth digging into the knot of bone and muscle, a gentle reminder that she could do what she damn well liked. Her hand splayed over his back, moved and guided him into her, her words fading into purrs and gasps and yearning kisses that reached places that words could not. Places where only noise and touch and that certain kind of look communicated things that were made impotent by language.

At first, Sven had kept going through the dull ache in his thighs, the sensation over-ridden by his desire to make her happy. It had seemed irrelevant until she had mentioned it once, woven it into his need for her until it had become very nearly another kink, a symbol of his dedication to her.

“Stop.” Mimi pushed him to the side, slid away from him.

“Are you okay?” He asked, adrenaline rushing through him, his body aching with need. “What is-“

“Nothing.” Mimi said, a smile playing on her lips, her eyes running over his body, sizing up his leaking cock. “I want you to lick me.” She said.

“Oh.” By the time the word had left his lips it was too late to hide the dismay in his voice, the sheer frustration with which his own body was wracked. Mimi could read him well, that he was sure of and it was then he knew that the entire process had not really been about his pleasure but hers. Worst of all, he knew that Mimi knew how much he enjoyed it.

He moved in the half-light, the familiar musk of her pussy making him grow hard in the dark, his mouth aching for the taste of her like a starving man yearns for fruit. Sven pulled her underwear away hungrily, sank his mouth against her, lapping at her labia, the swollen knot of her clit like it was the only thing that would satiate him. Then, of course, it was. Sven knew that Mimi’s own desire would always come before his, that she had planned it so that he would be focused by his need and her kindness to give her whatever she wanted, that she could have asked anything of him then and he would have agreed. Sven focused on her desire, shaping his own into hers, urging from her the first tiny jerks and tremors that bloomed into sighs and shivers as she ground her hips against his relentless mouth, his face and fingers glittering with her juices.

“Thank you.” She mewled, rolling over, then pulled off her t-shirt. “That was just what I wanted, baby. Come here.” Mimi beckoned him towards her, held him close to her chest as they lay back down. “I just want to feel you against me.” She whispered. “Have you close, know you’re mine.” She said. “That’s my fantasy.” She said. “The most embarrassing yet.”

He nodded, took up stroking her upturned hip again. “I know.” Sven whispered. “You’re getting there.” He kissed her hair.

“And you’re waiting.” She said. “That’s the best thing.”

“Why wouldn’t I?” he said. “Of course I would. I think you always worry more, you get more tense about it when you’re tired.”

Mimi nodded in the dark. Sven was right. She had been fractious recently. “I still have to stop myself when you say that.” She mused. “That you want my happiness, too.” She shook her head, whispered against his chest like the words would sink straight though the flesh and bone and muscle right into his heart. “I never thought I could be so happy.”

Sven smiled, kissed her. “I never thought I could be so horny.”

Mimi laughed loudly. “You’ll get your turn, babe.” She patted him on the chest.

“When?” he asked.

Mimi shrugged. “When I feel like it.”

“Of course.”

* * *

The following morning Sven woke and showered, the insects that had been floating in his gut the night before disappeared into the dark. He showered, made coffee and began dressing all the while filled with a near tangible hunger for Mimi. He listened to her sing in the shower and flipped briefly through the notes he’d made for the presentation he had that day as though their sobriety could dampen his need for her. He pulled open the wardrobe, sighed, tried to ignore her bustling about behind him when all he wanted was to drag her right back to bed and beg her to finish what she had begun.

“Wear the blue suit.” Mimi nodded towards the wardrobe.

“Really?” Sven turned to her, shaken from his thoughts. “The blue one. I haven’t worn it in ages. I usually go with grey or black for work.”

“I know.” Mimi fastened the back on her earring, eyed Sven’s reflection in the mirror. “A change is as good as a rest.” She smiled. “It’s something different. Anyway,” she continued. “It’s a dark navy, really. Still looks fine to me.”

“I thought you hated this suit.” Sven lay it across the bed, slid the trousers from the hanger.

Mimi my dad the bounty hunter izle stood, buttoned her own shirt. “I thought it would be a change. Aren’t you meeting with the bread people today?”

Sven smiled, sang the jingle. “A slice of Sunlight every day.”

Mimi laughed. “You’re kidding, right?”

“I’m afraid not. They want a wholesome, family approach, whatever the hell that is nowadays.”

“Well, I think the navy will do just fine. It’s a little old fashioned, I think they’d like that.”

“I suppose.”

“I know it.” Mimi said. “You’ll do great. You’ve been prepping for days.” She edged past him, kissed his cheek. “Are you going out for lunch or do you want me to make you something?”

“We’ll probably go out.” Sven called to her, frowned at the suit. He shrugged at his own reflection, knotted his tie, still couldn’t quite figure out why she’d asked him to wear the blue. He batted the thought away again when she returned with a fresh cup of coffee, placed it on the dresser.

“This is for you. I’m leaving now but I’ll probably be back before you.” She said, pulling her bag onto her shoulder. “I finish at six today because Harry said he’d stay until eight.”

“Oh. Any reason?”

Mimi nodded. “I agreed to stay late the rest of this week and the week after.”

“You’re working too hard.”

Mimi laughed. “Don’t give me that. Things cost money and we’re just starting to do okay.”

“Yes, but-“

Mimi placed a finger on his lips, watched him smile. “I’m a big girl, Sven. I can look after myself. We worked a lot of shitty jobs so we could get to this and now we’re within sight of the life we want you’re going to get all man of the house on me?”

“No, I-” he hesitated, sighed heavily. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to sound condescending I just meant-“


“I worry about you.”

Mimi nodded. Said nothing, felt shame flare in her chest. “You needn’t.” her voice hardened rising upward then softening again, receding, as she tried to temper her tone. She sighed, bowed her head, frustrated. “I know you do. I know you’re trying to be kind. I am just really happy right now. I love this work. I like the chaos, you know that.”

He nodded, watched her shift her bag on her shoulder. “I’ll see you later.”

Mimi kissed him on the cheek, the panic in her chest receding. “See you later. I love you.”

“You too.” Sven smiled. “Have a good day.”

“I will.” Mimi called. She had to physically stop herself from turning around and running back to the bedroom, straight for him as she headed for the door, used every ounce of her willpower to pick up the keys. “Sorry.” The word came as a whisper under her breath as she pulled the lock back, the noise settled in her gut, echoed the annoyance she felt at herself. It was enough to make her turn back, her insides hardening, her keys swinging in the door.

“Oh.” She breathed hard as she walked back into the bedroom, dropped her bag by the door. Before he could react, Mimi pulled Sven towards her.”You’re only trying to be nice and I’m being a stubborn idiot.” She hugged him.

Sven stepped back, eyed her steadily. “You’re free.” He said. “You have always been free in my eyes and I am not marrying you to entrap you but because I love you and don’t want to be without you. I know you work hard and I’m so proud of you for that I just worry, that’s all. I know you’re prone to doing everything for everyone before you take care of yourself.”

“I know.” Mimi said. “I took it the wrong way, that was all. Sorry.”

“You needn’t apologise.” Sven said. “I know you’re not a morning person.”

Mimi laughed. “You’re so sweet to me.”

“Why would I be anything else?” he kissed her. “You’ll miss your bus.”

“I wish I could.” She admitted. “I wish I could just take the whole week off and draw and cook and spend time with you.”

Sven shrugged. “Monday morning problems.”

Mimi nodded. “Always.”

“If I get this account and the commission on it I’ll take you away for the weekend.” Sven said. “Wherever you like.”

“You needn’t do that.” Mimi pulled her bag onto her shoulder again, turned in the doorway.

“You’re fucking stubborn, you know that?” Sven said, walking towards her. “Now let’s go. Pretend to be functioning members of society.”

They locked the front door, called the elevator to their floor instead of taking the stairs. When the doors closed on them Mimi looked up at Sven.

“What time will you be back tonight?” she asked.

“About seven.”

“Okay.” Mimi nodded thoughtfully, the image of him sweating, begging her to stop clouded her mind. She watched him tap his foot against the worn linoleum. “No work after that?” she asked, “Any phone calls or late night arrangements?”

“What?” Sven cocked his head at her. “No, I shouldn’t think so. Why?”

“No reason.” She smiled at him, her tone light. They walked across the small hallway, Mimi pulled open the door into the street. “Just curious.”

“Are you plotting something?” he asked.

Mimi sucked her lip. “Might be.” She said. “Have a good day in the …urban jungle.”

He kissed her on the mouth. ” I’m not going to be allowed to forget this, am I?” he grinned. “I’m a fucking slut when it comes to telling you things.”

Mimi shook her head. “Of course not.” She cooed, “I might not be Amazonian but I do know your buttons.” She picked an imaginary piece of lint from his jacket. “Don’t talk like you don’t enjoy it. Now,” she nodded into the street. “You’d better get to work.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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