Falling in Lust

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Have you ever been in the position of being instantly attracted to someone? Not necessarily a mutual attraction but one where your heart seems to leap at the sight of her and you get a hollow feeling in your stomach? I have.

I was down at the beach with some friends. We were just clowning around generally. You know how it is with young men at the beach, busy impressing any likely talent. There were a number of young ladies scattered throughout our group, some of whom I knew and some I didn’t.

I spotted a rather attractive blonde who I didn’t know. She was sporting an excuse for a bikini, had a nice tan, her blonde hair nearly reaching her waist, and her figure from the rear was out of this world. I couldn’t tell what she was like from a front view as her back was to me, but she was talking to someone I did know so I drifted that way, angling for an introduction.

“How’s it going, Megan?” I said sauntering up to her and her friend.

“How’s what going?” she asked, while her friend turned around to see who was speaking to them.

Oh boy! The front more than matched the promise of the rear. Most prominent were her breasts, beautifully shaped and barely contained within that bikini, a bikini designed for ripping off if I ever saw one. Big blue eyes that seemed to latch onto me and not want to let go. She had a heart-shaped face, with a small dimple showing on her smiling face, and just like that I was deep in lust.

“This is Miranda, my cousin. Miranda, this is Bryce, a pest. Now that you’ve been introduced go away and worship us from afar. We’re busy.”

With that she took hold of Miranda’s arm and towed her away, taking my heart with her. A cruel and selfish woman, Megan. At least, Miranda turned and flashed a smile at me. I just wished she’d flash other things.

After that the day was ruined for me. I just couldn’t be bothered with the other girls, lust for Miranda ruling the day. I didn’t think that the attraction was all one-sided, either. Any time I glanced over in her direction it seemed to me I caught her either looking in my direction or hastily turning her head away.

I managed to time things so that when Miranda wasn’t talking to anyone there I was at her side, proposing a stroll along the beach, enjoying the gentle breeze and warm sun.

“We can just talk and get to know a few things about each other,” I suggested.

“Just a walk along the beach, talking?” she asked. “You’re not going to be trying to get me alone somewhere and take advantage of me, are you?”

“That, too,” Malatya Escort I admitted. “The trouble is that there aren’t any reasonably private places along this stupid beach where we can be alone and I can take advantage. Hopefully I’ll think of some way to make one.”

She giggled but when I touched my fingers to her elbow she came along, and we strolled along the water’s edge. We didn’t talk about anything of great consequence, just a little bit of mutual flirtation. Mind you, I did notice that her nipples were poking little points against her bikini but I was too much of a gentleman to say anything. That didn’t mean I didn’t think things.

We were passing the car park and it occurred to me that my car was up there and in my car were a couple of beach towels. I could quite easily think of a few things I’d like to be doing with those beach towels at that moment, or perhaps I should say on those towels. That’s when another odd thought struck me.

“You know, it just occurred to me, but I know a way to set up a private little area for ourselves where I can spend some time doing unspeakable things to your naked and quivering body,” I said.

“Excuse me?” returned Miranda.

“It’s really quite simple,” I told her. “Nobody wanders about in the car park. They just go and get in their car and drive away or get something out of their car and go away. They don’t go snooping through all the other cars. Even if they tried all you need to do is use towels to cover the back seat windows and people won’t spot you even if they do try to snoop. Come on.”

I turned to head towards the car park.

“Hold on,” Miranda half-yelled. “Do you seriously expect me to get in the back seat of your car so you can do things to me?”

There was no-one close enough to really observe what we were doing so I took a small chance. I reached over and eased a small triangle of cloth to one side, letting a pretty pink nipple pop into view. I pressed the nipple lightly.

“Yes,” I said quietly. “Yes, I do.”

I headed towards the car park and my car, one hand lightly holding Miranda’s elbow. I wasn’t forcing her along, she could have pulled away at any time, just encouraging her. Reaching the car I whipped out my key and unlocked it. Opening the back door I wound down the window a small amount, put the end of the towel through it, and wound it back up, the towel wide enough to completely block the window.

“Hop in and do the other side,” I told Miranda and she slipped into the car, face blushing, and matched my effort Malatya Escort Bayan on the far side. Meanwhile I also hopped in, closing and locking the door. I’d been quite right – with the windows covered like that and high seat backs in front of us we were effectively hidden from the world.

I was already undoing my trousers while turning to her to tell her to take her bikini off. I was too late. It was already off and she was reaching for my cock even as I was sliding my trousers down. It would seem the instant lust wasn’t totally one sided.

I pushed her back down on the seat, my mouth and hands all over her, groping at everything I could, and I mean groping. I wasn’t trying for a sensual slow start to a seduction. I was just grabbing for the here and now and the way her hand was wrapped around my erection so was she.

My hands mauled her, my mouth tasting her breasts, kissing her face, her lips, and back to her breasts. Another time and place I’d probably have been working her pussy orally, but this was here and now.

Her legs were already parted and I was settling between them, spreading her lips and getting ready to invade her. I reached to take my cock out of her hand, having a better use for it, when she positioned me, pushing up to get me started. I promptly countered her taking the lead by driving in to my fullest extent just as fast as I could.

She gave a small scream, surging up against me, one leg coming up to wrap around me and hold me in place. I just lay like that, cock fully inside her, hands covering her breasts, relishing the total feel of her under me. She wasn’t lying there submissively, more waiting in anticipation, breathing hard. Personally, I was just trying to gain control of myself before I started pounding into her like a berserk jackhammer.

After a minute or so I figured I had sufficient control to start working her over. I pulled back and drove back home with an almost brutal directness. She gave a small cry as she surged up to meet me, urging me on.

So much for having gained control. It was berserker time and I started bouncing her hard and hot, making the whole car bounce. Not that she was complaining, clutching hold of me and urging me on. I had this crazy feeling that if she had a riding crop she’d have been applying it to my backside to make me move faster.

The whole thing was a fantastic experience but relatively short lived. Neither of us could keep up those efforts for long and I wasn’t too surprised to find myself climaxing long before Escort Malatya I wanted to. I was a little more surprised and a bit relieved to realise that Miranda was also climaxing, practically crushing my cock, her passage closed so tightly around it.

I stayed right where I was, lying on her, my cock quasi-erect and in her. She finally pushed at me, telling me to get off.

I disengaged, rising to a kneeling position.

“Roll over,” I told her.

She gave me a surprised look and I made a rolling motion with my hand.

“Roll over,” I repeated, speaking a little more emphatically. “Head down, bum up. Can’t you see I’m waiting?”

I gestured towards my cock, a cock that had gone from quasi-erect to a full on erection.

She was saying things like what and but, sounding a little surprised and confused, not sure that I was serious. As she also rolled over into the position I’d demanded I just ignored her comments. Instead, as soon as she was nicely positioned, I was driving into her once more.

Now that that initial wild urgency had been assuaged I felt more inclined to take my time. I started making firm thrusts, just driving in deep without the earlier frantic haste. Miranda started to repeat that haste, pushing hard against me, and I slapped her bottom, laughing at her squeal of shock.

“It’s time to take it more slowly,” I told her. “All you have to do is stay with me for the ride.”

With that I set to work to make it last. I was driving in firmly enough, but leaving a bit of time between each thrust. Not enough to be really noticeable, but enough to slow down her arousal, letting it build at a more controlled rate.

I found the slower pace very enjoyable and was quite willing to stretch it out as long as I could. Miranda not quite so much. After a few minutes she tried to increase the pace again, earning herself an admonition and another firm slap on the bottom. She settled down again and we continued as before, me firmly in control.

She was swearing at me towards the end, wanting me to hurry it up. She was ready and past ready, so would I please finish things off for her? Deciding that she had been behaving herself I started picking up pace, going for my end run and feeling her responding.

She beat me to a climax this time, but not by much. It didn’t really matter as I hosed her down internally, hearing her soft wail sounding as she shuddered under her own climax.

We cleaned up and dressed and started strolling back down the beach. I doubt that anyone had missed us and if they saw us walking together they would assume we’d been on the beach the whole time. I asked Miranda for her number.

“Oh, I don’t think I should give you that,” she said quickly. “My husband would become annoyed if strange men started ringing me up.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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