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Oh my god, what am I doing?! My hands were shaking so bad I fumbled with the hotel key. His breath was hot on my neck, his hands resting on my hips, holding me so close I could fee his intentions pressing against the small of my back. The door opened with a bang and we were in. He pushed me against a wall and kissed me, his lips on mine, hot. His tongue pushed in to my mouth hungry for reciprocation. I obliged, and in that instant I became the Other Woman.

Let’s rewind to give some perspective on how I arrived in this situation.

Jay walked into the office I worked at as an administrative assistant. He was a client of my boss and arrived at our office on one of the rare days I didn’t know my boss’ schedule. He barely gave me a passing glance as he followed my boss into his office, but it was enough for me to see that he was young, handsome and obviously important enough for my boss to meet him at the door instead of having me do it. I was fresh out of college and in the middle of a lackluster relationship with another guy, so I didn’t give him much thought except, damn he was good looking, out of my league for sure.

That was the first and only time he ever came into our office, but it was only the beginning of how we got to know each other. Turns out my boss talked to him on a regular basis, always having me initiate the call and transfer it in. So for those brief few seconds of me speaking to him for my boss, I started to push the limits of standard administrative professionalism. I started with innocent small talk, and found him receptive. On the days that required multiple phone calls, I upped the ante to light flirting with lines like ‘Once a day is not enough.’ He flirted right back. This continued for months with our phone conversations lasting longer until my boss reprimanded me for my behavior. He also made sure to point out to me that Jay was married and in politics, two things I should keep in mind and my distance. Fair enough, I did not want to jeopardize the professional relationship between my boss and Jay. However, Jay and I did develop a mutual friendship through our comparisons of dealing with my boss. Light flirting aside, it was an amicable, professional and innocent friendship. It never branched out and it never came home with either of us.

After a year or so of me working at that office, a job opportunity presented itself. Actually, it was a job posting that I was interested in. Occurring in the same town where Jay was politically active. So I called him up and asked him about it. Turned out, he knew of the position and personally knew the person who listed the job. I don’t recall who asked whom, but we decided to meet for drinks and discuss the details of this opportunity.

The day of the drink meeting, I was a nervous wreck. Besides the obvious of actually meeting one of my boss’ clients outside of work and outside of his knowledge to further my career was a major stress factor, I was terrified that he wouldn’t know what I looked like. We had only seen each other that one brief time in my boss’ office, how on earth would he know who I was? Regardless, I made sure I looked good, in a subtle way, so it wasn’t obvious that I was trying to impress him. Tight turtleneck sweater, with a pencil skirt, sheer legs and sexy heels complemented by my hair worn loose and eye makeup done up. I arrived at the bar early, which was my plan. I had a shot to take the edge off and waited for Jay. He walked into the bar and looked around. Internally, I panicked. He doesn’t recognize me! But he looked my way and his face lit up when he saw me waiting at the bar. I wondered how to greet him. Handshake? Too formal. Hug? Too familiar. Do nothing? It didn’t really matter because he took matters into his own hands and gave me a hug and peck on the cheek. God he smelled good!

We both ordered beers and got comfortable at the bar. After some small talk, we got down to business about this job position and his perspective on it. Jay thought it would be a great career choice for me and the person running the show, my future boss, would be a great person to work for. He even volunteered to not only be a reference, but he’d put in a good word with his colleague to leave little choice that I was the best candidate for the job. I told him that if I got the job because of him, I would have to take him out for dinner as a thank you.

The night ended quickly with him heading out to another meeting and promising that we would do it again sometime.

I got the job.

My new job afforded me lots of flexibility. My boss was very clear that as long as I got my work done, he didn’t care how or when I did it. It also meant that my role was a very public one. I handled public relations for our company so I was always out making friends, spreading the word and promoting our business. One of the ways I did it was through instant messenger. Turns out Jay was a fan of IM and we began corresponding.

I mentioned to him, that I owed him dinner since I got the job. He Kütahya Escort agreed and we met. It was a professional dinner. We talked about how I liked my new job and how it would be opening doors to further my career. He mentioned about developments at his office and how the future looked. Time flew and after two hours of talking we had to wrap it up with the promise to do it again sometime.

Jay and I continued to correspond via IM. Our conversations started to get flirty, then suggestive with him asking about my personal life and the men or lack thereof I was seeing. He would always ask me if I would date him, if he were single. My answer would always be, ‘You’re not, so it doesn’t matter.’ Then I would parry back a suggestion that ‘happily married men do not ask those questions, what’s the matter? Not getting any at home?’ His response: “Nope”. Oh dear.

Our messages began to escalate. Sharing fantasies became the norm. I would get a rush out of the fear of getting caught by his wife. I was never a fan of marriage but I held fast to the belief that just because marriage wasn’t for me, the sanctity of that commitment should not be disturbed. I rationalized that since this was just over instant messenger, it was all play and no harm no foul. If anything I was doing his wife a favor by getting him all riled up and sending him home to play it out with her.

But what was I getting out of it? All these conversations did was fan the flame of a crush that I was neither able nor willing to act on. It was very anti-climatic and emotionally draining. Why couldn’t I find a guy like this who was single? It was very easy to understand why Jay’s wife was attracted and married to him, but it was confusing why she was no longer amorous to him. They were only married a couple years and still young. It didn’t make sense. His fantasies and descriptive narratives provided great content to a sexually satisfying relationship.

These conversations did build a very powerful and intoxicating sexual tension between us. The interest, curiosity, and attraction were there but his marriage commitment put everything in check.

On the few occasions we met for drinks, I could sense the tension lying below the surface of our conversation but modesty always dictated. He was well known and we met at local bars where both of us were recognized so it was always in everyone’s best interest to keep it cool and casual. But when he looked at me and our eyes met, it became obvious that he wished we were somewhere else.

About a year into my new job, I was instructed that I was to attend a national convention for promoting our company to a captive audience of political movers and shakers. This convention was in Vegas and I was to be there for 4 days. I tried to hold my enthusiasm in check. I had never been to Vegas before and its reputation for being the top destination for business functions such as this one preceded it. I couldn’t wait.

As I was preparing to leave for the convention, I was told that there should be some people from our area that I would have to reach out too. I made a mental list of the key people and brought materials to prepare me on the plane.

My accommodations at Vegas were at the Luxor. A striking casino and hotel shaped like a pyramid. I was on the 23rd floor, offering an impressive view of Vegas and high enough from the noise of the casino on the main floor.

The first day of the convention was pretty typical. Clinics and seminars were offered and I selected enough to keep my day busy. For my afternoon seminar I had selected “The evolving landscape of local politics with community agencies.” It was one of the seminars my boss required me attend. I was one of the first arrivals and found a seat towards the back. I was busy checking my emails on my blackberry when someone asked me if the seat next to me was taken. I looked up and couldn’t believe my eyes. Jay was standing there with a big grin on his face, waiting for my reply. It took me a moment to recover before answering his question. I managed to say, ‘not yet.’ But I was thinking: Holy shit!!

We didn’t have a lot of time to catch up on the details of how he ended up at the same seminar, let alone the same convention, because the seminar started as soon as he sat down. But when it was all done, he invited me out to dinner and I accepted. The seminar ended at five and we decided to meet for dinner at seven.

Jay suggested that we meet at the steak house on the main level for dinner; it would allow us to catch up, have a great meal and enjoy some top-notch wines. On my way back to my room to get ready, I swung by the restaurant to get an idea as to what kind of setting I was in for. I was impressed. It had plush leather chairs commonly found in a private study or cigar room and the ambiance was classy yet low key. Now the trick was to find something to wear that would fit the mood. As I headed up to my room, I started to think about all the possibilities (and ramifications) of Kütahya Escort Bayan what could happen tonight. By the time I reached my room, I had decided that sleeping with him was out of the question. Flirting was probably not a good idea because flirting led to fooling around which led to sex.

Yup, tonight it was just going to be two friends meeting for dinner and catching up on each others lives.

So then why was I tidying up?

Because I don’t want the cleaning service to see my intimates.


Why was I shaving my legs and putting on the sexiest lingerie I packed!?

Just because I’m not going to do anything doesn’t mean I can’t feel sexy.

Uh huh….sure.

Seven ‘o clock came fast. I made my way to the restaurant and found Jay waiting for me. My heart was pounding, get a grip, woman! I played it cool and allowed him to guide me to our table. His hand rested on my back between the shoulder blades as he maneuvered me to my seat.

We ordered a bottle of wine and began chatting about the day’s events. It was innocent, business appropriate conversation between two people attending the same convention. Our waiter arrived at our table and rattled off the evening specials. “Fresh oysters on the half shell, flown in this morning from [some remote coastal town] in Oregon where they were harvested by local fisherman. These oysters are known for their light fruity taste and sweet finish, an excellent dish to share.” Great buddy, just what we need, Jay and I sharing oysters! This is NOT a date.

Jay looked at me with a sly smile and asked me if I like oysters. “Yes, I like them but,” he cut me off and ordered them along with our meals.

There is a common belief that oysters are an aphrodisiac. I don’t see it. It’s not particularly sexy slurping down raw shellfish and although they are tasty, they don’t make me any more turned on than say bruschetta which requires about the same amount of skill to eat without making a mess.

The wine on the other hand, now that was good. A 2000 Chateau Cote Montpezat. It’s flavor just lingered on the lips and tongue long after you swallowed and with the dim lighting of the restaurant reflecting off the wine glass, the experience was practically magical. After each sip, my stress dissipated, my temperature rose, and my breath quickened, and everything I saw developed a warm aura – it was like drinking liquid sex.

I don’t remember eating dinner. I know it happened but by the time our meals arrived, I was well into my second generous glass of wine and it took all my remaining will power just to sit up straight in the chair and not unbutton the top button of my blouse to cool off. I wasn’t drunk but I was definitely intoxicated. It was as if all my pleasure senses were heightened and whatever was left was, well, left. My conscience had gone for a walk and taken my better judgment with it, leaving a glaring reminder on how long it had been since my last sexual encounter.

I looked across the table at Jay and wondered if he was feeling the same way I was. His lips gently supporting his wine glass as he drank. God, I wanted to suck on those lips! I wanted to taste the wine right off his mouth.

He was saying something to me. Focus girl! “…was hoping you would be here. This is the first time I get to see you in action.” You have no idea. “Is this your first time to Vegas?”

‘Yes, and if the rest of Vegas is like this, I’d like to come back. Outside of business and check out some shows. You want to catch a show with me?’ Oh my God! Did I just say that!?

“We could do that…. Or, how about we make our own entertainment?”

I took a long look at him, then looked at my wine glass. One mouthful left. I better make it good. And with that I took that mouthful of wine, swished, swallowed and said; ‘What did you have in mind?’


Pressed against the wall to my hotel room, his body holding me captive was sending my mind reeling. I couldn’t believe I was doing this, but wow, my body needed this. I had fantasized about Jay kissing me, fucking me; and it was quickly coming apparent that my fantasies did not do him justice.

His lips were demanding but not bruising. Although there was a sense of urgency in our passion, he was controlled, sensual: like he wanted to take all night just to explore my body, my senses and what made me hot. His mouth drifted along my jaw to my ear and took my earlobe between his teeth while tracing the ridge with his tongue. It sent shock waves down my spine and curled my toes. I gasped. He moved down my neck, breathing deep while grazing his lips along my skin.

“You smell so good,” he murmured. “I have always wanted to burry my head in your hair since the first day I saw you.”

His voice was husky full of ..lust? desire? Emotion? I couldn’t tell my brain had checked out at dinner and hadn’t bothered to return.

My hands had been held prisoner over my head by Jay’s, but Escort Kütahya as he let them go, his hands slid down my arms, around my shoulders and rested on the sides of my rib cage. His thumbs began to explore the sides of my breasts, feeling how they filled out the bra I was wearing. Thank god I decided to wear this bra! I could feel his thumbs trace the intricate embroidery of the lace – the light touch sending electric sensations through my clothes right to my skin. My nipples hardened in anticipation for his hands. The moan came from somewhere deep in my being, a longing that had been building from the moment I saw him at my boss’ office. It brought his attention back to my mouth and how it was empty, waiting for him.

Jay pressed his mouth against mine, hungry this time, as if he was trying to draw another moan out of me. I was trapped between the wall and him, his weight leaning into me so my toes barely touched the ground. I could feel him, hard against my stomach, my body ached with the desire to grind against it, my hands struggling to free his shirt. His thigh pressed hard against me, forcing my legs to part, drawing attention to the throbbing ache I hadn’t felt in a long time. I wanted him, now. But he seemed to be in no rush, letting his hands roam everywhere. I felt his hands slide up the backs of my legs and under my skirt, pushing it up over my hips while they caressed my ass. Fingers tracing the line of where skin met the fabric of my panties; it gave me goose bumps.

Trying to unbutton a shirt while completely distracted is not easy. Actually it was down right hard to get my fingers to manipulate each one of his buttons through their appropriate hole while still trying to maintain some sort of composure – did I mention my hands were shaking?! Each button was taking me one step closer to the edge, where once we got there, there was no turning back. Was I ready for this? Did I really want this? Was I going to like what I found, after all the buttons were free?

Oh. My. God. Yes!!!!

The last button gave way and my hands found their way inside. His skin was so hot, practically scorching my hands as they slid around his waist towards his back. I softly ran my nails over his shoulders and down his back. I could feel him arch his back in response and I leaned in and kissed his neck. Jay’s breathing was getting ragged. It was time to take this down a notch before either one of us was spent. I wanted this night to last a little bit longer than that.

I brought my hands back around to his exposed chest, paused then pushed him away. He definitely wasn’t expecting that, his eyes betrayed the confusion of my action. But before he could protest or move too far away, I grabbed his shirt and started pulling him towards the bed. Somewhere in all of this, my shirt had been unbuttoned and my skirt was just getting in the way – they had to go.

A couple steps from the bed, I let go of Jay and he stopped, watching me as I removed these two, now irrelevant, articles of clothing. I looked back at him and smiled. He started to remove his shirt, freeing one cuff at a time, but I stopped him before he could finish. I wanted that shirt on… for now. Grabbing his shirt I led him the rest of the way to the bed.

Standing there facing him in only my bra and panties empowered me, I felt liberated of all pressure, anxiety, insecurities. It was obvious he liked what he saw and that made me feel powerful. All 5’2″ of me able to control and captivate him with just a look – amazing.

I leaned in and kissed him. Taking my time to explore his mouth, suck on those lips that I had been fantasizing about since dinner. My hands were busy removing his belt and freeing him from his pants. As his pants dropped and pooled around his ankles, I traced the waistband of his underwear. Boxer-briefs…nice. He shivered – I don’t know if it was from being sensitive to my touch or the thought of what could happen next. My hand briefly slid down from his waistband and rubbed the bulge that was straining against the fabric. Jay broke the kiss with a sigh as I did this.

An intense look entered Jay’s eyes. He took a step towards me, I stepped back. He took another step towards me, a sly grin forming at the corners of his mouth. I stepped back, the backs of my legs brushing against the comforter. Trapped! His smile grew, I had nowhere to go except on the bed and he knew it. His hands reached out for my shoulders, fondling the straps of my bra, following them down over the swell of my breasts, his eyes following the patterns his fingers traced. It was as if he were admiring the craftsmanship of it. I shivered in anticipation – what was he going to do???? He leaned in and kissed my neck, following the line of my collarbone, his lips brushed a feathery trail of sensation down to the center between my breasts. Deftly, his fingers unhooked the clasp of my bra and removed the flimsy article, leaving my breasts exposed. I expected coolness, but all I felt was his body heat and mouth on me. My fingers ran through his hair as he buried his face in me. Teeth chewed softly on my hard nipples, fingers traced lines of where my ribs met the underside of my breast. I shivered, my whole skin felt electric, where the slightest touch would send me over the edge.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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