Evolution of an Indian Couple Ch. 02

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The weekend had begun. For Arun, that usually meant a house party with his close friends. But this particular week, each and every one of his friends were either out of town or were too busy to meet. But Arun wasn’t complaining. Because he could spend quality time with live-in girlfriend which on a Friday night usually led to sex. Arun was already very horny, so this was just perfect.

“Let us watch a movie.” Preethi shouted from the back. She had just finished a long shower.

Arun cursed under his breath. A movie at this time meant both of them would be too tired for sex by the time it ended and they would end up sleeping. Arun was about to complain but then Preethi emerged from behind.

Preethi stood in front of him, her head tilted on the side. She was drying her curly hair with a towel. She wore no makeup, But her round face was radiant as ever. Her comfortable baggy pajamas and t-shirt couldn’t hide her curvy body. They has been dating for a year and living together for 6 months. Her presence always had a calming effect on Arun. She was just perfect for him.

“Only if you fix the popcorn and wine.” Arun said hiding his thoughts.

“Consider it done.” Preethi said and quickly walked-off to the kitchen.

Arun sighed. He started setting up the TV and choosing a movie. He proposed a few movies to Preethi. They settled on an animated movie. As Preethi waited for the popcorn to finish popping in the microwave, she checked her phone for notifications.

“Sarika and Pradeep just shared pics from their trip to Hawaii.” Preethi shouted over the noise of the Microwave.

“Oh ok nice.” responded Arun acting as if this was news to him.

In reality, Arun already got the photo album notification on his phone when Preethi was in the shower. Unknown to Preethi, Arun had been sexually attracted to Sarika from a very long time. His attraction was strictly physical with no emotions. He had also decided early on that she would always be her secret fantasy, nothing more. He would never cheat on Preethi or betray Pradeep in real life. So that meant he routinely jerked off to her and occasionally fantasized about Sarika while fucking Preethi. So while Preethi was showering earlier, Arun had been discretely touching himself while staring at Sarika’s Hawaii swimwear pics. That is the reason he had been so horny earlier and was dying to fuck Preethi. But alas, his fantasy was interrupted by the movie proposal. He would have to settle for jerking off to the album later.

“We have been thinking about going to Hawaii for so long, we should finalize the plan soon.” Preethi said.

“Sure. Let us do that over the weekend.” Arun answered.

“I see they uploaded a lot of pictures. Do you want to go through them on the TV. It might help us get ideas about the place and help us plan.” Preethi said and brought over the popcorn and wine.

“Ammm.” Arun was conflicted. On one hand he wanted to check out Sarika’s hot pics on the large screen TV. On the other hand it would be difficult to conceal his boner in front of Preethi. The fact that Preethi was expecting an answer right now, only tensed him further. He didn’t want to appear to overthink it. He didn’t have a good reason to say no. But maybe that was just him justifying his urge to see Sarika.

“Good idea. Let us check it out.” Arun finally gave in.

Arun projected the album from his phone onto the TV. They slowly started going through the album in between sips of wine. Sarika and Pradeep were both very good looking, perfect for each other. Sarika was way out of league for Arun. That was one of the main reason Arun never made a move in all those years of knowing her, it would only have made things awkward.

The beginning of the album was Kütahya Escort very mellow. Sarika was mostly wearing summer dresses. Nothing too skimpy, but they still highlighted her perfectly sized boobs and toned body. But Arun knew the beach pictures were on the way and he took a deep breath.

“Oh wow.” blurted Preethi, shocked by the sudden appearance of Sarika in a bikini. We never expected our Indian friends to share such revealing pictures. This was a first. Apparently years of living in the US had an impact on them. Definitely a nice surprise for Arun, but a shocking one for Preethi.

Arun’s erection started to develop again and he prayed to God that it doesn’t make a tent. He kept mum.

“I wasn’t expecting to see that much of Sarika.” said Preethi open mouthed .

“Uh huh.” Arun responded careful to not show any excitement.

The slideshow continued. Sarika wasn’t being deliberately raunchy. But she had a very beautiful face, a slim and toned body, perfect sized breasts and a full butt. Her bikini was highlighting every inch of her body.

Arun’s dick was now semi erect and making a barely noticable dent in his pants.

“Well at least it is a good show for you, right?” Preethi teased Arun.

“What? No. Of course not.” Arun started to defend himself before realizing he should have played it cool. Now his anxiousness was out in the open.

Preethi sensed Arun’s unease and tried to diffuse the situation. “Relax honey. I didn’t mean to call you out. I was just teasing you.”

Arun relaxed and smiled in response.

“Besides I wouldn’t blame you. She is looking incredibly sexy. Any man would stare. You know I don’t mind you just looking at other women right. I hope you don’t feel I am that strict.” Preethi came in close to his face

“Of course I know babe. You are not strict at all, you are just the way I want you to be.” Arun kissed Preethi lightly.

Arun was able to hide his erection so far, the album soon started various scenic points around Hawaii. Arun and Preethi took some notes about points they wanted to visit vs those that they wanted to skip.

Suddenly another series of bikini pics turned up.

“Lucky day for my you.” teased Preethi.

“I guess so.” smiled Arun.

“You know if something or someone turns you on, even if it is not me, I would like to hear about it.” Preethi came close and kissed Arun once more.

“You would?” Arun was excited but shocked.

“Yes honey, I know you might have fantasies. And I know just because I am in your life, you won’t be getting rid of them. Infact, hearing about them makes me feel connected with you.” Preethi said and kissed Arun once more, a bit deeper this time.

“I love you more and more every day honey.” Arun said and relaxed. He stopped trying to hide his erection.

“You are indeed very lucky to have me.” Laughed Preethi.

“So why don’t we see the rest of the album later and you tell me about your fantasy” Preethi said while playing with Arun’s hair.

Arun wanted to tell all about Sarika but he was afraid that might be too close to real life “Well, you already know about my fantasy about Parineeti Chopra.” Arun managed to think of something.

“Well yes, everyone has celebrity fantasies, come on tell me something closer to your heart.” Preethi probed further.

“I do like redheads and the porn star Mia Khalifa.” Arun’s heart was beating fast, he was hoping the questions ended right there.

“Not what I was looking for? I want to hear about a woman from your real life.” Preethi looked Arun quizzically before suddenly guiding her hands under Arun’s baggy pants and underwear, and grabbing his Dick’s length.

Preethi stopped in her tracks. Kütahya Escort Bayan She was expecting to handle a semi-hard dick. But instead she found his dick harder than she could ever remember and completely drenched in pre-cum. It usually took some amount of hand job and oral sex before Arun was this excited. That is when Preethi realized what is going on.

Preethi came close to Arun, pulled down his pants and underwear. His dick fully erect and glistening in pre-cum. She stroked him very slowly.

“I take that you do think about real women other than me right”. Preethi whispered.

Arun didn’t answer. He only breathed to take care of his raising heartbeat.

“It’s Sarika isn’t it?” Preethi finally asked the dreaded question.

Arun continued to stay silent. The lack of denial answered the question.

“It’s ok. It’s good. I would love to hear all about it. The more honest you are the more turned on I will be.” Preethi gripped his dick a little tighter and continued stroking.

Arun still anxious nodded in agreement as he enjoyed the slow strokes and pictures of Sarika on the TV. The conversation continued while Preethi stroked Arun very slowly.

P : “What turns you on most about her?”

A : “Are you sure you want to discuss about it?”

P : “Yes, I want to hear about all your dirty thoughts. So care tell me what you like about her.”

A : “Her revealing clothes.”

P : “Like the bikini pics from the album”

A : “Yes. ohhh.”

P : “If she was in front of you wearing that bikini, what would you do to her.”

A : “Grope her tits over that top.”

P : “And then?”

A : “Spank her butt.”

P : Gently or hard?”

A : “Very hard”

Preethi now had to take care of her own wet pussy. Her right hand went under her panties and started playing with the clit, while the left hand continued to stroke Arun.

P : “You jerk off to her don’t you?”

A : “Yes.”

P : “Since when?”

A : “Since the day I first met her.”

P : “You continued stroking to her once we started dating?”

A : “I stopped for a bit, but I couldn’t control my fantasies much longer.

P : “Never stop your fantasies on my account love.”

A : “You are the best baby.”

P : “You think about her while fucking me don’t you.”

A : “Occasionally, but I only love you Preethi”

P : “I know honey, there is no need to justify. Oh fuck.”

Preethi’s panties were drenched. Wet noises came from her furiously playing with her clit. Her moans filled the room.

“Slow down, you are going to make me cum.” Arun grabbed Preethi’s hands.

“Well technically, Sarika is going to make you cum. But not yet.” Preethi said taking her hands off his cock giving it some rest.

Arun got up and sat on the floor facing Preethi’s crotch. He undid her pants, and pulled it down along with her panties. Pussy juices were all over her thighs. He bent forward and licked as much of it as he could.

P : “In your fantasies did you eat her pussy in this position?”

A : “On the contrary, she sat on my face and forced me to eat her pussy.”

P : “You weren’t kidding about your nasty fantasies.”

A : “Not at all.”

Arun bend forward to give her clit a lick. But before he could do that, Preethi blocked her pussy with her hands.

P : “Careful what you wish for. If you fantasize about face sitting, you are going to get that. Additionally you are going to call me Sarika from now on.”

A : “What?”

P : “Well you already fantasize about her while fucking me. So why not keep me in the loop too.”

A : “Yes, Sarika”

P : “Now lie down.”

Preethi pointed to the floor and Escort Kütahya Arun followed the order. Preethi crouched astride his face. He grabbed Arun’s head and rubbed her wet crotch all over her face.

P : “Do you like the taste of Sarika’s pussy.”

A : “it’s am..”

Preethi blocked Arun’s mouth with her pussy before he could finish his sentence.

P : “I realized it doesn’t matter whether you like it or not. I am going to make you eat it anyway.”

Arun could only mumble in response but his tongue found her clit and took care of it. Preethi grunted and further increased her pressure on his face enjoying the special attention of Arun’s tongue and the vaccum created by his lips. As her excitement grew, she almost pulled off Arun’s hair. She continued rubbing till she climaxed and almost fell on the side before grabbing the couch for support.

Arun sat up, grabbed Preethi’s body. Her knees still on the carpet, Arun pushed her upper body, face down on the couch. Her full butt in the air waiting for Arun.

A : “I have been dying to spank your butt Sarika.”

P : “What are you waiting for then?”

Arun grabbed one of her butt cheek and gave a loud slap to the other. Preethi groaned in pleasure. Arun spanked her a few more times, before finally letting her go.

Preethi took control once more and pushed Arun back on the floor. She took her t-shirt off, exposing her ample cleavage. Then she quickly unhooked her bra and threw it away. Her naked, slightly sagging tits made Arun’s dick completely hard again. She got on top of Arun and rubbed her breasts all over Arun’s face. Arun grabbed her boobs, groped them hard and sucked on them as much as he could.

Preethi angled her body so that her pussy aligned with his dick. She slowly took him in, moaning louder and louder as his cock disappeared within her body. She took him all in and grunted like an animal.

Arun grabbed Preethi by her tits and she rode her dick like a machine. Arun’s grip on her tits tightened by the second. Preethi felt pain and pleasure simultaneously.

Arun moaned “I am not going to hold much longer.”

Preethi kept riding his dick non-stop and said “Fill up Sarika’s pussy now.”

Arun’s body throbbed as he shot his cum within Preethi’s pussy. Preethi slowed down according to his pace, trying to extend his orgasm, extracting every drop of cum from his balls. Arun finally collapsed. Preethi’s hot and sweaty body collapsed next to him.

After catching his breath Arun said “Wow, that was fucking amazing.”

Preethi mumbled “Yes.”

Arun continued “I am surprised that you were turned on so much by my fantasies about Sarika.”

Preethi responded “Full disclosure, you were not the only one aroused by looking at the album. After all Sarika wasn’t the only one in it.”

Arun had a sudden realization “Wait, you were turned on by Pradeep?”

Preethi smiled, “Yes and not the first time baby. I am just glad that I won’t feel guilty about hiding my fantasy anymore.”

Arun was relieved that he wasn’t the only pervert around “Well I am glad we discussed that and you pretended to be her.”

Preethi smiled naughtily “I hope you know that you have to reciprocate and roleplay as Pradeep for me and soon”

Arun smiled “I do?”

Preethi winked “Absolutely, I am not that generous you know.”

Preethi came close to Arun’s face and rested her naked body on his side. She gave him loving kiss.

Arun snapped, “In your fantasies, you imagine his dick to be much bigger than mine right.”

“Only by a few inches,” Preethi laughed “Just kidding. You should already know that the female mind doesn’t think about size as much as you guys do. Instead fantasize more about the taboo aspect of it. So if you have to roleplay as him better start learning up on how he talks, behaves and dresses.”

“Oh boy,” Arun sighed “this is going to be a lot of work. In comparison your job was very easy.”

“As I said,” Preethi laughed, “I am not that generous.”

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