Erotic Ride

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As you were riding down the road one day you passed this little diner and thought “I need to go in and have something cool to drink and get a bite to eat.” You went in and sat down in the back so you wouldn’t be bothered by any one.

As you sat there and waited for your food you saw this pretty blond lady enter the diner. She was dressed in this sexy red dress that had a slit running up the side of her thigh. She looked as though she was dressed for a big date and she couldn’t find her date and was lost.

You kept an eye on her as you pretended to read your newspaper. She leaned on the counter to talk to the man behind the counter. You watched her as she moved and her dress hiked up to give you a better view of her firm thighs. You were getting excited just thinking of her and those luscious thighs.

She turned around just then and saw you staring. You went back to your paper and she came over and asked you if I knew where Ridge Road was…..You said “why yes I do because that happens to be the same street I live on.” She said that she was to meet a friend at a restaurant there but she got lost trying to get there. So you offered for her to follow you in her car so that she could find her way there. She asked you what you were driving.

You told her you had a red motorcycle. Her eyes lit up and she asked you “is it true what they say about them. You look deep into her eyes and see the spark of excitement. “Yes, it’s true.” She tells you “I’ve always wanted to ride on one, do you mind giving me a ride”?

You were taken back by her boldness but you agreed because you were still thinking of her silky dress rubbing on her creamy thighs. Oh pretending to not know each other was hot but nothing compared to what happened later to us.

Taking me by the hand you lead me to your bike, totally forgetting about your food. You look at me in my dress and start thinking, “how is she going to sit in that dress.” You hold out your hand to me to help me get on the back of your bike.

I take hold of your hand with my left and pull up my dress in my right. The slit in my dress giving you a peek of what is under my dress and showing you a lot more leg. You moan to yourself, oh this will be a great ride.

You swing your leg up and over to seat yourself. Quickly turning on the motor. I feel the strong vibration between my legs and with a squeal of excitement I slide a little forward and wrap my arms tight around your waist. Pressing my hot body against your backside. Exposing even more of myself to you.

As we were riding down the road you kept glancing at me over your shoulder. Looking at my face filled with a glow that you realized was sexual.

All of a sudden I started to run my hand on your leg and said into your ear “I had seen you enter the diner and had to have better look at you and this was an excuse to get closer to you.” Your breath was taken away because this pretty woman had been looking at you and wanting you and you didn’t know it.

I kept rubbing your leg and getting higher and higher up your thigh. If you didn’t do something soon you were going to explode right then and there.

Capturing my hand in yours you placed it on your throbbing cock. I could feel the vibrations Sakarya Escort of the bike between my legs and knew how wet I was but it was nothing compared to feeling you and knowing how hot you were too.

You pulled the bike off the road and down a dirt trail that led to a secluded spot on the lake. Leaving the bike running you put the kick stand down and pulled me around you so that I was facing you. My legs over your legs, which caused my dress to raise to my hips. You were right, I had no panties on and in the moonlight you could see my wetness glistening on my lips.

You lean forward and run your tongue along my lower lip, sending shivers down my spine. I capture your lower lip between my lips and slowly nibble. We kiss for a long time, only our lips touching and my legs draped over yours.

Slowly you push me back so that I am almost laying down on your bike. You slide your hands up my inner thighs, watching them quiver under your touch. Hearing a whimper you look up and see me pleading with you to touch me, take me here, now on your bike.

Sliding back on the seat and putting your hands under my hips, raising my legs to your shoulders. You lean forward wondering if I taste as good as I smell. Darting your tongue out and flicking it across my clit you watched my juices flow out. Quickly capturing them on your tongue and savoring the taste. Wanting more you slide your tongue deep into me, pulling it out only to plunge deep again. Tongue fucking my pussy.

My legs tighten around you as my tight pussy tries to hold your tongue into me. You can feel my pussy clenching your tongue and you knew I was so very close to cumming on your face. You tell me “play with your clit and cum for me.” Reaching down and sliding my clit between my fingers as your tongue continues to plunder my pussy quickly sends me over the edge. I raise my hips higher to shove your tongue deeper as I let out a scream. Bathing your tongue, lips and chin in my sweet cum.

You continue to lick and suck drinking all that I offered you. Your tongue teasing me into cuming again very quickly.

Needing to feel you deep inside me, I lower my legs as I catch the bulge in your jeans. Knowing I wanted to taste you just as much.

Sliding my legs off your shoulders and leaning forward to lick your lips, tasting myself upon them. Kissing you deeply while my fingers unsnap the buttons on your jeans. Running my fingers up and down the length of your hard cock as I drag my lips away from yours.

Sliding up on the big vibrating engine I lean down and gently bite you through your jeans before reaching in and pulling your hard cock out, my mouth watering for a taste of you.

Flattening out my tongue and sliding it across the head catching your sweetness. Taking the tip of my tongue and tracing the veins of your cock as it jumps and dances before my eyes. Running my tongue up your cock and teasing the underside of the head before sliding down the other side. Doing this until you groan in need of my mouth taking you.

Slowly sucking the head of your cock into my mouth, savoring the taste and feel of you. Sliding my mouth up to the tip and sucking you a little deeper into my mouth. My tongue teasing Sakarya Escort Bayan your cock as I slowly suck you deeper each time. Reaching inside your jeans with one hand and cupping your balls, gently rolling them across my fingers as I take your cock all the way to the hilt in my hot mouth.

Sucking harder and taking you to the edge, letting you slide back down only to take you to the edge again. You run your fingers through my hair and hold you deep in my throat. You can feel my throat muscles milking your cock, trying to suck the cum out of your balls.

“Oh Baby, I can’t stand it” you moan as I continue sucking your cock. Doing this thing with my mouth and throat that drives you wild. I look up at you with a gleam in my eye and pull me off your cock with a little plop as my lips release your cock.

You reach for me and slide me towards you, leaving a wet trail along the seat. Whispering in my ear your tell me to turn around. Knowing what was to come I quickly turned around. We were sitting with you right behind me. You push me forward so that my breasts are straddling the engine and my ass is up in the air.

You push my ass down so that my clit would rub on the seat when I moved with you along with the gentle vibrations of the bike. You pushed your jeans down a little further and moved up behind me. Running the head of your hard cock from my clit up to my ass and back down. I’m wiggling trying to get you to push your cock into my hot wet cunt.

You grab my hips and push your cock deep into my dripping pussy. OH that feels sooooo good. You push your cock deep as I push back against you. You pull your cock out to the tip and then pull my hips back hard against your hips. Pushing your cock deep as my clit rubs the seat.

Knowing it won’t take long for either of us to cum, not wanting to wait either. I start rocking back hard against your cock as you thrust deep into my tight hot cunt. The angel having your cock rub that magical spot sending me wild and crashing against your cock. The vibrations of the bike, the feel of your wonderful cock filling me up and the passion that you evoke deep in me are driving me past no return.

My pussy squeezing you tight, tighter as the feeling of you taking me and my orgasms building. A loud moan escapes my lips followed by your name, a long wail of pleasure. Hearing you name leave my lips you grabbed my hips tighter and held your cock buried deep in me as we came together, rocking our world and leaving us breathless.

Holding each other as we caught our breath and our hearts slowed from racing. Kissing deeply, caressing, soft sighs and feeling the after spasms. You lift me off you and you pull my dress down off my hips as we get ready to ride again.

I asked you to go to your house because I wanted to make love to you all night long. We got to your house and soon as the door closed my hands were all over you and kissing everything I touched.

I had you stripped before you could even breathe. You took your time slowly peeling off my red silky dress. As you bared skin you ran kisses over my shoulders and down my arms and across the top of my voluptuous breasts. My breath became irregular and I moaned a soft sound Escort Sakarya that sounded like music to your ears.

This stranger was so beautiful and so right. We made it to the bed and we could not keep our hands off one another.

We laid down upon the bed and I wiggled and squirmed to get closer to you. We started exploring each others bodies with our gentle hands. We could not stop touching, holding, caressing. You took my hard nipple into you hot mouth and sucked, sending chills deep inside me. My hands strayed to your inner thighs and up to cock as your hands mirrored mine.

I felt your wetness and couldn’t resist I had to taste you to savor the taste of you as it rolled across my tongue. You moaned as you ran your fingers through my hair and pulled me closer.

I wanted to take my time to prolong the wonderful feeling as I sucked your cock deep into my mouth. This new position of the 69, your head laying upon the inside of my left thigh and my head resting on your right thigh. Being able to look at you and you me as we enjoyed the pleasure we are about to give. I want to see you eyes as you cum.

You pulled my hips to you, I was still wet and in need of you. You buried your face into my hot cunt and stroked my hard clit with your tongue, taking that hard nub between your teeth and gently grazing it — ohhhhh baby it felt so good. You pulled my hips closer to get more of me. Oh the feel of my lovers tongue upon my outer lips just before it entered me. We soon get in rhythm as our mouths performed the most exquisite pleasure on each other.

Moaning loudly we both know the other is close, so close. You slide your finger deep into me along with your tongue, your finger finding that magical spot once again. I suck you harder and deeper into my hot mouth wanting you to cum into my mouth as I was about to cum in yours.

Taking you deep, my throat muscle closing tight around your cock, your hips thrusting going in deeper. At the same time we both moan deep in our throats as we cum together. Spasm after spasm we spill our essence into each others eager mouths, delighting in the taste and feel as it slides down our throats.

Licking and sucking the other dry and then licking to get the last taste, ooooh baby what your touch does to me should be bottled. The licking and sucking had kept us excited. We both wanted to feel you deep in me. Again.

We finally became one and it was the best feeling we had ever known. I made love to you like there was no tomorrow. I gave myself to you over and over and over.

We snuggle close, closer knowing that soon with just one touch we will be taken beyond any pleasure that we had experienced before.

We finally fell asleep in the wee hours of the morning. When you finally woke, I was not there. I had left you a note stating that I had had a wonderful night of love and that I will always cherish the love we had made that night. You sat in amazement thinking it was a dream………..”had I dreamed the whole thing”………..then as you got out of bed you saw something red lying on the floor from under the bed.

As you grabbed it and pulled it out it was my red silky dress………….the strangers dress. You smelled the dress and knew that it was not a dream……….You ran to your bike… you could smell us on the seat…. You could see the trail I had left……I was an angel in a red dress.

I was waiting behind you for another ride on or with you. I’m ready for the ride….. oh yes, just feel…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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