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Elf Master Chapter 2 (Training)


This is a side story set in the College Magic series. This story involves two characters previously met in that series. For those who are following that series from the gay/sf-fantasy side but may not be into more hard-core authoritarian scenarios, you may want to skip any stories involving Domenic and Kyle. Their relationship is in no way like that of Jason and Kieran or Alonzo and Erik. It is non-consensual (at first) and involves sexual slavery and complete domination of one man by another.

Like Kieran, Kyle is a young man wounded by his upbringing. His journey is darker than Kieran”s, in part because his guide does not love him and in part because he has further to go. In the end, he too will find happiness once he learns to accept who he is.

For those who appreciate this kind of story read on; others be forewarned.

This story is fantasy. In the real-world consent is not only important, but also sexy.

This cycle includes three storylines and this is the third. The stories intertwine. See the end of this chapter for details on the preferred reading order.

Please remember that NIFTY is a free site that provides an invaluable resource for men like us. Please consider donating to help ensure that site remains available for everyone. fty/

You can contact me at ail.

Author”s Notes

�        This story contains hardcore scenes of BDSM. Be aware before reading on.

�        Kyle Mason is on a journey, learning to accept his sexuality. Don”t believe him when he claims that he”s not gay.

�        While the story is apparently non-consensual, be aware that Kyle will be eventually given a choice.

�        While this storyline is designed to mostly stand alone in this cycle, you may miss some background information if you don”t read the other storylines. Simon Carter will eventually reappear in this story, so reading the stories involving Simon will be helpful to understanding his character. (They should all specify in the file name).

�        I realized when editing that I haven”t been consistent in using the same POV in all chapters of this

My stories on NIFTY include the following.

�        College Magic Cycle � a fantasy story about supernatural scholars and their lovers in a private college somewhere in southeastern Ohio.

�        Small Town Slave Boy � an authoritarian story about a young man who has been enslaved by his best, and only, friend.


Begin Chapter 3


I didn”t need an alarm clock. My people didn”t sleep much and an hour or so found me fully refreshed. I climbed out of bed, and my slave Kyle Mason became restless in his sleep, his body trying to follow the command to stay behind his master. I whispered, “You may sleep peacefully slave.”

I couldn”t believe that Sebastian had excused me from so many of the promises I”d been forced to make to come here. The mage community didn”t trust elves, which I thought was strange given that we always kept our word once given. I”d been forced to make similar promises when I”d been accepted at the Academy. I”d known Sebastian then because we”d both grown up in Manhattan. Few elves had a desire to attend human schools, but I wasn”t typical for an elf. I liked humans. Most elves thought humans stank, but I found their aromas interesting. Most elves thought humans were stupid, but I found them wild thinkers without much discipline, but able to leap to amazing conclusions. Most elves thought humans duplicitous and untrustworthy,, and I agreed. But I enjoyed making them pay the consequences of their lies.

I opened my books and sat by the window. Elven eyes could see well at night, although everything was shifted towards the color thrumal, which humans couldn”t see at all. The indirect moonlight coming in through the window provided me more than enough illumination, so I was able to finish all my studying while my slave snored on the bed next to the desk.

I looked at my new slave and started making plans. This is going to be a fun year, I thought. I get to train a dumb human to serve my needs. Once I”ve made him mine I could keep him or sell him at the goblin market. Sebastian couldn”t force me to make promises for outside of school. A big dumb human, well-trained to serve, would be worth a lot to the trolls and umbrals who haunted the city.

He needed to lose about 50 pounds. I could have cursed him so that he lost weight fast. I could have secured a lebaudren, a parasite from the hidden world that could devour its host”s fat in a matter of days, but I decided that it would be more fun to make him lose the weight in the human way. It would take ten to twenty weeks to do it the safe way.



At daybreak, I was awakened rudely by a slap to my ass. I started to yell, but caught myself when I remembered the situation I was in. Domenic was standing by the bed, his long, thin penis fully erect. “On your knees slave,” he demanded. “It”s time for your first blowjob of the morning.”

I had no desire to suck my roommate”s cock, but my body was compelled by the chain I wore around my neck. I slid to the floor and opened my mouth. Domenic slid it inside without preamble. Then he took hold of my ears and started to fuck my face.

I knew what was coming. My roommate”s cock was long for a guy who was only five and half feet tall. When it entered my mouth, I started to gag. The taste wasn”t too bad, but it was long enough to press against the back of my throat. I tried to ease it into my mouth, but Domenic was having none of that. He grabbed my ears and thrust deep, paying no attention to the gagging, and choking. I hadn”t been imagining things last night. Domenic”s cock seemed to bend on its own so it could easily find its way down my throat. My eyes were watering, and I was coughing up slime each time Domenic withdrew. I thought I was going to throw up from the constant abuse my throat was taking.

“If you throw up on the floor, you will lick it up and eat it,” Domenic said calmly.

I had no doubt that he would do it. I kept swallowing hard and found that the urge to throw up was lessened when my throat was constricted. I tried to tighten my throat with every thrust. It was working to a small extent. I just hoped it kept me from vomiting.

“I”m going to cum,” Domenic said. “Don”t swallow, and don”t spit it out.”

Domenic pulled back so that only the head was in my mouth. His cock throbbed and his seed flooded across my tongue. Domenic hardly seemed to be breathing hard. It was almost as if he were bored.

I held my master”s cum in his mouth. I could feel it on his tongue, and I could taste it. It was surprising to me that the taste wasn”t bad, just salty and a little sweet. I held it in my mouth until it became diluted with saliva and its flavor had permeated my mouth.

“Show me,” Domenic said. “Open your mouth and stick out your tongue.”

I did what I was told. Domenic reached out a long skinny finger and touched my tongue. He then wiped the cum on the bridge of my nose. “You can swallow now,” he said.

I swallowed, feeling pretty low. I”d always been a straight guy who loved pussy and hated fags. Of course, sometimes pussy hadn”t gotten me excited, mostly because the bitch was ugly or whiny. And sometimes I got an erection while looking at a real faggy guy, but that was just because I”d been excited to be beating them up. Now my roommate had locked a chain around my neck that made me obey all his commands. Since then, I”d been forced to suck his cock and to lick his ass.

I felt a pressure in my bladder and knew that I needed to take a piss, but Domenic had ordered me not to piss without permission. “Domenic,” I said. “I need to piss.”

Domenic looked at me with an irritated expression on his face. Then said, “I guess I didn”t reiterate the command after you were chained. Call me Dom � or master. It”s your choice.”

I tightened my thigh muscles. The need to piss was growing urgent. “Dom, may I please go to the bathroom?”

“No,” he responded. Then he took my refillable water bottle and handed it to me. “You may piss in here.”

I was taken aback. I said, “Dom that”s my water bottle. I drink out of that.

“I know that slave,” he said. “That”s why we”re refilling it now.”

I stared at the bottle, reluctant to piss in the same container I used for drinking.

“If you piss on the floor, you”ll suck it up,” he said casually. “And I”ll have to punish you for pissing without permission. When you piss, you are only allowed to do it in that water bottle, and you are only allowed to piss in that water bottle. Besides, I”ve already pissed in it myself this morning.”

My heart sank. I unscrewed the top and saw that it was about a quarter full, and it smelled of piss. I put my own cock to the top and released my piss into the bottle. When I”d finished, I carefully closed the lid, then set it down quickly as if it were burning my fingers.

Domenic laughed at me. “You will only drink from that bottle until instructed differently. And you may not dump it out or add anything else to it without permission,” he commanded. I felt the all too familiar feeling of mental bands of compulsion fastening in my mind.

I was staring the bottle, thinking how much I hated it and how much I hated Dom. I was just about to start blaming Kieran and Simon for putting me in this position, even though I knew that it wasn”t their fault, when I heard Domenic”s voice and immediately snapped to attention. He said, “You”re a sturdy beast and I like your muscles, but that fat has to go. I think you need to lose about 60 pounds.

Sixty pounds! I thought. Yeah I”ve packed on some weight after football season, but I still looked good, didn”t I? I looked over at the full-length mirror near the closet door. I could see that I”d acquired a small gut, and that my body was more rounded than I remembered.

“This will have to go,” Domenic said, touching my belly.

“And this,” he said pinching the flab on my ass.

Domenic then pointed to two full gallon jugs of water. “We”re going to begin your morning exercise routine,” he said. “Pick those up and hold them out straight. You”re going to use them like hand weights during your routine. I”ve made a list of exercises for you. It”s on your desk.”

I picked up the jugs. They were only about 8 pounds when full, but that would begin to hurt if I had too many sets to complete. The list on the desk made my heart sink. I was going to be at it for about an hour even if I kept up a good pace. I started at the top with some stretches. There were exercises for every part of the body. I started at a good pace but began to flag about halfway through. That was when I heard a swishing sound and felt a sharp pain across my ass. I jumped and stumbled to a halt.

Domenic was standing behind me with a thin wooden cane. In the mirror I could see a bright red streak running across my ass. Domenic flicked his wrist and the cane whistled through the air again. I tried to jump out of the way, but the tip caught me on the thigh. A wave of fiery pain shot through me.

“Pick up again at the beginning of this exercise,” Domenic said calmy. “And keep the pace up. I”ll only cane you when you slow down.”

“I can”t do it master,” I said with a wail of despair.

“Let me check,” Domenic responded. He walked over and grabbed my scrotum with one hand and my neck with the other. His claw-like nails were hard and sharp. He held them firm for a moment and said, “Your body Bolu Escort is tired, but it hasn”t been exhausted. You could go on if you weren”t lazy and used to quitting everything the moment it became difficult.”



I released my hold the slave”s body. The energy flow had been full and unimpeded. I knew from looking at him that Kyle needed prodding and severe training. He was lazy, but I knew how to fix that. I said, “Put your hands on top of head and stand up straight.”

Of course, Kyle had no choice but to obey me. I slashed the cane through the air a few times, then said, “I”m going to give you two lashes with the cane for each routine you did not finish. Hopefully, tomorrow you will be more willing to work. You may not cry out in pain.”

I only had to give him six lashes before he figured out that I wasn”t going to get tired of the training. I”m sure he would have screamed himself hoarse if I”d allowed him to cry out. When I was done, there were 8 bright red slashes across Kyles”s ass and legs, but not one of them was bleeding more than a few drops.

“You may defecate and shower,” I said. He started towards the bathroom, and I added, “I”d clean your ass out as well as you can. I”ll be fucking you this morning, and you will clean whatever is left on my dick with your mouth.”



I lowered my hands and walked into the bathroom, feeling numb from head to toe. While sitting on the toilet, I thought about the actions that had led me to this place. I should never have hit Simon, and I definitely should not have stuck my dick in Kieran”s mouth. After my recent experiences I didn”t have the energy to lie to myself about whose fault it was. I knew that it was mine.

When I finished, I stumbled to the shower like a zombie. I cleaned myself from head to toe, but I had no idea how I was going to clean my ass. I”d ask one of the gay guys I knew (and there seemed to be a lot of them on this floor), but none of them would help me. They hated me. I”d beaten up Simon; I”d slapped Kieran around and then stuck my dick in his throat; and Jason was Kieran”s boyfriend. He”d threatened to kill me. Maybe it was a good thing I had Dom to protect me from him.

I soaped up my fingers and shoved them up my butt. It hurt like hell. How was Domenic going to his cock up there?

I worked my fingers as far as I could up my chute. At first they came out with brown stains, but I kept going until they came out clean. Then I used the shower head to spray my hole on a narrow setting. I hoped it was clean enough.

After drying myself off, I came back into the room. Domenic had just finished writing in a small notebook. He tore the page out and handed it to me. It was a t-do list.

Monday To-Do List

�        suck 5 cocks before returning the room

�        research how to be a better cocksucker on the computer

�        return to the room before 5:00 PM

Domenic said, “This will do for today.”

I went to get dressed but noticed there were clothes laid out on the bed. It was one of my sets of gray sweatpants, but Dom had cut them off about four inches below his crotch. There was also a jockstrap and a t-shirt that had the sleeves cut off and was cut to show part of my abdomen. Damn! My gut would stick out. Now that Dom had made a big deal out of it, I couldn”t not see it.

I wanted to argue with Dom but remembered the cane from earlier. I put the jock on and started to pick up the shorts, but Dom said, “I didn”t tell you to get dressed yet. Leave the jock on, drop your shorts back where they were and then climb up on the bed straddling them. If you cum while I”m fucking you, you”ll wear the cum-soaked clothes to class all day.”

I was numb with anxiety as I crawled onto the bed. I knew that I was presenting my ass to be fucked by my master. I hated it, but my cock was swelling. What the fuck? I thought. I”m not gay.



I moved behind my slave. I loved the firm muscles of those cheeks. Once they were stripped of their fat, they”d be beautiful. I took a finger and probed the hole in front of me. Kyle was wincing, but I could see his hard cock straining against the fabric. I put my finger in his butt, wiggled it around a little and said, “You”re a mediocre cocksucker, at best. That”s why you need to practice every day. This ass is your last chance to prove that you”re not completely worthless.”

Kyle”s hole was dry. It looked like he”d used a lot of soap on in. So, I pulled out the lube and worked some into his ass. Kyle was still pretending he was straight and trying not to moan while I worked his hole with one finger and then two. Gay or not, the guy was tight. No doubt that he was still a virgin as far as his ass was concerned.

I didn”t really care if an ass was tight of course. I generally preferring to be able to slide in easily. A bitch could always clamp down once you were in. I”d work this ass over until it could take a monster cock without too much effort. It would be fun too.



I was must have been feeling violated with Dom playing with my asshole, stretching it. It was incredibly uncomfortable to have anything inside me like that. I”d never had anything in my ass before. It hurt, but it also felt good. That was so confusing. MY cock was rock hard, and I was oozing precum into the pouch of my jock. How could getting your ass played with feel so good?







When Domenic added a third finger, it felt even better. My ass was stretched so far that I thought it would rip, but those waves of pleasure kept coming. I let out an involuntary moan and then tried unsuccessfully to stifle the next one. I didn”t want Dom to know how much I was enjoying this.

He seemed satisfied with my ass since pulled his fingers out and wiped them on my back. I could feel him moving around behind me, then I felt something pressing against my asshole. I wanted to move, but the necklace wouldn”t allow it. A jolt of pain went through my ass when Domenic penetrated me with a single thrust. I was gasping and my ass felt like he was stabbing it. He didn”t wait for the pain to subside; he started thrusting in and out. It hurt like hell, but at some point, the pain began to recede another sensation began, a feeling of pressure combined with pleasure. The full feeling in my ass felt kind of nice. Then Domenic touched something inside me, something that send an almost electric jolt flying through my body.

“That”s your gay-spot slave,” Domenic said. “All gay boys have one. Every time I touch it, you”re going to feel it in your ass and your dick. If I tap it enough, you”ll come all over yourself.”

Domenic set up a rhythm. He was thrusting as deep as he could, his cock tapping my prostate on the way in and on the way out. He seemed to be getting excited, as well, a lot more excited than he had from my lackluster blowjob earlier. HIs thrusts became more forceful. He slapped my ass, leaving red marks. He bent over and bit my back. I could feel tiny streams of blood running down my back and Dom licking it off.

I”d had never felt anything like this sensation in my ass. I was breathing hard, and my cock was throbbing with every one of Domenic”s thrusts. A pressure was building in my taint. It felt like I was going to pee. Then Dom”s hand slapped my ass, and he was much stronger than he looked, there were five small sharp points where his claws punctured my flesh. The pain caused my ass to clamp down on his cock. It clamped harder when I felt his teeth on his back. It hurt, but it felt so good that I came. And then he came in five waves, his cum blasting into my ass. He gripped my hips and held on until he was empty. The pain was excruciating. It felt like my hips were being crushed. I”d cum without touching myself. My cock tightening and releasing, cum pouring out, filling the pouch of my jockstrap.

Dom pulled out of me and climbed off the bed. He smacked me one more time on the ass and said, “You can get down now.”

I got off the bed, my jock was dripping cum onto my clothes below. “Master can I wear different clothes?”

“Not a chance,” he replied. “You can wear those. If you want, you can suck the cum off them.”

I was disappointed. After that experience, I”d hoped that Domenic would be nicer to me. But that hadn”t happened. I didn”t want to go to school with cum on my clothes, so I bent down and licked it up. My cock was swimming in cum inside the pouch of my jockstrap, so I pulled the strap off and sucked the cum out. I still didn”t love the taste, but I found that I didn”t hate it either.

“Can I wash the cum off my dick, Master?” I asked, hoping for a yes. “I don”t want to smell like cum all day.”

“But I want you to smell like cum all day. I want people to know that you”re jock slave,” he replied. “You can wipe it off with your hand and eat it. But if you cum, I”ll give you five lashes on your nuts.”

I didn”t want that rod lashing my nuts, so I took my hand and carefully wiped as much cum as I could from my dick. Then I lifted my hand to my mouth and cleaned if off.

My hips hurt, so I turned to examine them in the mirror. They were bright red in the shape of Dom”s hands, and a semicircle of bloody pricks marked where his claws had broken my skin. I picked up the clothes on the bed and wrinkled my nose. They still smelled of cum. Still, I had no choice but to put them on.

“Now you look like jock fag,” Domenic said. “You”re looking good so far, but we”ve got a way to go. Put your flips on. We”re getting breakfast before class.”

About time! I thought. I”m starving. All I said was, “Yes master.”

That line about looking like a jock fag had hit me hard. I looked in the mirror, and damn if he wasn”t right. I had very short shorts and sleeveless t-shirt that that showed my belly. Luckily all the bruises were covered.

We went down to the dining hall. I was sure that everyone was looking at me. I looked like a fucking fag in this outfit. Despite sucking Dom”s cock twice, licking his ass last night and getting fucked this morning, I still wasn”t a fag. I didn”t know why I”d cum so hard this morning, but it didn”t make me a fag.

The dining hall had a pretty good buffet, with eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, and coffee. I packed a tray full of all the good stuff and found a table. Domenic came and sat next to me. His tray had a bowl of unsweetened oatmeal, a bowl of fruit and bowl of yoghurt. A small bowl of ground nuts and a cup of black coffee finished out the selection. He pulled my tray in front of him and pushed his tray in front of me.

“I knew you would pick the unhealthiest things on the table,” he said. “I”ll eat this, and you can eat something sensible. We need to shrink your gut and your fat ass. I don”t mind a fat ass myself, but I want every guy on this campus to fuck you before the end of the year.”

This was too much. There had to be some way out of this plight. I wasn”t going to be able to make it through the year if Dom was going to make me do all this gay shit. And he was trying to starve me as well. I leaned across the table and said, “I can”t live on this. It”s not enough food for a guy my size.”

“Good,” he said. “That”s the problem. You”re too fucking big.”

I ate the food in front of him. None of it was stuff I usually ate. I didn”t even have sugar for the oatmeal or the coffee. I ate it all and even cleaned the bowl, but I was still hungry. When we finished, Domenic said, “You have a few breaks between classes. Don”t forget Bolu Escort Bayan to suck five cocks, and no repeats. Five different guys. You can piss in the bottle any time, but nothing else. If you get thirsty, you can ask one of the guys you blow to piss in your mouth. And last, don”t be later than 5:00 PM getting back to the room. We have stuff to do this afternoon. I”ll want to know how much money you have in your account.”

“Yes, Dom,” I said. Dom sounded better in public than master. “But I don”t know how to find guys to blow. I”ve never done it before.”

“You”re really dumb; did you know that?” Domenic said. “Make a Grindr profile. Put a selfie in that outfit on the profile. Then advertise your services. Free blowjobs. No reciprocation. Make appointments for your free time in one of the restrooms. Be sure to use your real name.”

My heart sank. Everyone was going to think I was a fag. But thanks to the chain around my neck, my hands were already moving on my phone. It wasn”t enough that I had to set up appointments to suck dick, online where everyone could see it, but I had to say that I was there to suck cock, not to get mine sucked. How fucking pathetic was that!

Domenic said, “Just in case there was some wiggle room in my last statement, I”ll make it clear. No one is allowed to blow you. No one is allowed to give you a hand job. You blow them. You can drink their piss. You can give them a hand job. They can fuck you. Only I can countermand these orders.”

I felt more bands of compulsion tighten on my mind. I had no choice.

“Get to class,” Domenic said. “Take good notes. You”ll get one stroke with a paddle for every percentage point you miss on any assignment, quiz, or test. So long as you”re my slave, you”ll do your best. “

“Yes Dom,” I said, then finished working on my profile as I walked to class. This was supposed to be a great day. It was my first day of college. Instead, I”d become a sex slave to my hard ass roommate, and I had to find five different men to blow today or who knew what Dom would do to me.

During my first class, I got a notification on my phone. I saw a message from a guy that said, You serious? You want to suck my cock and nothing in return? I typed back and yes, and we agreed to meet in the basement restroom in the Student Union fifteen minutes after class. The basement held a concert room and a movie theater, plus a few small shops. Other than a coffee shop and study area, everything was closed during the day. I waited outside the restroom until my date showed up. He was a heavyset guy with a neckbeard. He was dressed in sweatpants and a t-shirt.

“You Kyle Mason?” he said, holding out his hand, “I”m Josh Higgins.”

“That”s me,” I said. “Do you want to go inside?”

“Let”s go,” Josh said, pushing me towards the door.

We went inside and saw that it was empty. The handicap stall was the biggest, so went inside that one.

Josh said, “Are you sure you don”t want me to blow you back?”

“I”m sure,” I said. “I only need to suck cock.”

Josh grabbed the chain around my neck and said, “You look like a jock but you”re really just a bitch boy aren”t you?”

Kyle stammered, “I”m not sure what that is.”

“Do you have a master telling you to go around sucking cocks?” he asked.

“Yes, I do,” I said. “And I have to suck five cocks today before 5:00 PM.”

Josh asked, “Can I fuck you?”

I wanted to say no. I wanted to scream hell no, I couldn”t. Dom had told me that the men I met could fuck me. “Yes,” I said reluctantly. “I can suck you; I can give you a hand job; and you can fuck me. But no one can suck me or jerk me off.”

“That sounds like a good deal,” Josh said. “If you do a good job, I might be able to help you out. I know some guys who might want a blowjob today.

That perked me up, even if it shouldn”t have. I couldn”t believe that I was getting excited by the offer of a group of men to suck off, if I had to suck five cocks today, it would be better to do them all at one time. I reached for Kyle”s waistband. I needed to get this over with.

“Not yet,” Josh said. “I think I want you to be naked when do this. Take your clothes off.”

I stood up and immediately began removing my clothes. Fear was running down my spine like ice water. I hadn”t hesitated, I hadn”t made a decision to comply. I”d just acted. And I felt the mental bonds on my mind, as I remembered Dom”s words. You have no choice but to obey me thanks to the chain of servitude, but I”ll add others to that as well. You will follow any command given to you.

Hell! I thought. Fuck me! Dom”s turned me into a total bitch. I”ll be forced to follow whatever fucked up orders anyone gives me. I stood naked in front of Josh, dreading my predicament, and hating Dom and everything he”d done to me. There had to be some way out of this.

“What are you waiting for bitch?” Josh said. “Get your bitch mouth on my cock.”

I pulled down his sweats and underwear, revealing a not very impressive cock surrounded by a forest of smelly pubic hair. It was already erect, and I had to sit down on the ground to suck it comfortably since I was six inches taller than he was. I took the unwashed head into my mouth and began sucking. The taste was nowhere near as good as Dom”s. Damn! I thought. I can”t believe that I”m comparing the taste of two different cocks!

The best news was that Josh”s dick wasn”t very big. I could swallow almost all of it without choking.

“Look up bitch,” Josh said. He was holding a camera and recording the action. “I want you to look up at the camera while you”re sucking me off.”

I looked up as I sucked. I hadn”t gotten hard while sucking Josh. I wasn”t excited at all, which made me feel better. Josh”s put his shoe on my cock and started pressing down, mashing my dick against the ground. I didn”t stop sucking, even when Josh put his weight on his foot, crushing my cock. The pain was excruciating. Josh was laughing.

“This jock bitch is sucking my cock,” he said, obviously for the video he was recording. “The harder I smash his dick with my foot, the harder he sucks. Look at his eyes. He”s starting to cry now, but he just keeps on sucking!”

My eyes were beginning to tear up from the pain. Why was this guy crushing my junk? Is that any way to treat someone who sucking your damn cock?

“I”m going to cum,” Josh said. “Don”t swallow it.”

He started slapping me on the face while he was sucking, he was still recording. He grunted as he came, “Take my load bitch! Take it all.” I held the load in my mouth, just like I”d been ordered. It wasn”t a big load.

“Good job Cocksucker,” Josh said. “Now stick out your tongue and let everyone see what a bitch you are.”

I stuck out my tongue. Josh”s cum was visible, glistening on the surface.

“Swallow it bitch,” he said, “and tell everyone watching that you loved sucking my cock.”

Kyle swallowed, then said, “I really loved sucking your cock sir.”

Josh stopped recording and put his phone away. “That was hot,” he said. “I”ll see how many guys I can get together. Plan to come to my dorm room at 2:00 PM. I”ll have some guys you can suck off.”

With that he left, and I sat in the bathroom stall for a few minutes trying to collect myself. I had no idea how I was going to survive this punishment. With a sigh I pulled on the faggy outfit Dom had made me wear. Then I left the restroom and wandered to my next class. I had two back-to-back, and then I was free today. I had a few more messages on the dating app, but everyone wanted to meet after five. I explained that I couldn”t meet them that late. It was beginning to look like Josh was my last hope to make my quota before the deadline.

After my last class, I wandered back to the student union. I really wanted something to eat, but Dom”s orders prevented me from eating anything without permission. I was walking around, hoping to run into Dom when I received a text from him. Where are you?

I texted back, In the Student Union.

Wait for me at the food court, Dom texted. Then there was nothing.

I had no choice but to go to the food court and wait. It was full at this time of day and I didn”t see Dom approach. It was like he suddenly appeared. “Go to Taco Bell and get us some lunch,” he said. “I”m having two burritos supreme and you”re having a chicken power bowl with no ranch. I”ll get us a table.”

Domenic walked over to a table with two burly students sitting at it. He stared at them until they looked up. Suddenly, they became ashen faced and jumped up from the table and moved off, taking their trays with them. Satisfied, Domenic sat down and waited for me. I returned with the tray, not looking very happy, and sat down across from my master. Dom asked, “Did you accomplish anything this morning?”

“Yes Dom,” I responded, and I told him about my encounter with Josh in the restroom. I was upset, but Dom thought the story was funny. “A big jock like you, being abused by a fat nerd like him,” he said. “That must have been funnier than hell. I”ll tell you what. Meet this Josh again when he texts you. Give him my number and tell him that I want to talk to him before he uses you. I really like how he kept calling you bitch. Change your user ID to JockBitchKyle but keep your real email on your profile.”

Each new command was like another blow to my ego. Dom seemed determined to torment me with his commands and I didn”t know if I could take much more of it. We ate our lunches and Domenic asked, “Did you empty your piss bottle?”

“No, Dom, I didn”t,” I admitted.

“That won”t do. I can”t have my slave dehydrating, can I?” he said. “Drink it all now.” He was angry that I hadn”t taken a drink all day. I drank it, sitting right there in the Student Union in front of everyone. They had no idea what I was drinking, but I felt like they were all watching me anyway. The taste was even worse after it had been sitting in the bottle all morning.

Dome ordered me to clean up the table and then to meet him in the lobby. Once we were together again, he made him tell him how much money I had available this semester, then he said that we were going shopping. I drove because Dom didn”t own a car. He didn”t even seem comfortable getting into the car. He was concerned about something. I had to find out what it was. Maybe it could help me escape from his control.

They stopped at an adult store first. Dom picked out an assortment of toys, including tit clamps, a selection of butt plugs, a chastity cage, some cuffs, and a large dildo. He made me pay for it all. Then we went to the local drug store to buy an enema kit with a shower attachment and some other equipment that I didn”t recognize.

At that point, I received a text from Josh telling me to be at his dorm room at 2:15 PM. Dom told me I could stay with Josh until 6:00 PM if he wanted me. I drove Dom back to the dorm and had to run to get to Josh”s dorm room at 2:30 PM. Josh opened the door as soon as I knocked. In addition to Josh there were five other guys in the room. Great! I thought. I get an extra guy to blow. Just what I wanted.

“This the bitchboy?” one of the asked.

“That”s him,” Josh replied.

I spoke up and said, “Before we begin, my master wants you to call him sir.” Then I handed a piece of paper to Josh with Dom”s cell phone number on it.

“Take your clothes off, while I”m calling,” Josh said, so I removed my clothes and stood naked in the room. I later discovered who the other guys in the room were. Jake was an African American guy with Escort Bolu dark skin and curly hair, Michael was a skinny guy with dirty blond hair and pale skin, Matt was a sturdy guy with olive skin tone and brown hair, Daniel was a stocky guy with light brown hair and a goatee and Christopher was a big guy with blond hair who looked like a jock. He was in much better shape than I was. They were walking around looking at me.

Christopher said, “Look at the marks on his ass. Does your master beat you when you misbehave?” He seemed eager to get an answer to that question, and his hand slid down over his own firm ass.

“Yes sir,” I said. Just before I”d set out for Josh”s room, Domenic had ordered me to call all men sir from now on.

When Josh was done talking to Dom, he said, “Alright guys. I”ve been talking to the bitch”s master, and he”s given me some guidelines. We can fuck him. We can fuck his face. We can make him drink our piss. We can even beat on him a little, but we can”t suck him or let him fuck anyone. And we can”t cause any permanent damage or anything that would require a visit to the hospital.”

“That leaves a lot of room for us to have fun,” Jake said.

“Not many restrictions at all,” Daniel agreed.

“Wait,” said Christopher. “I won”t go any farther unless I know that this is okay with him.” He looked at me and added, “Do you want to do this?”

I started to say no, but I was cut off by Matt, who pulled out his phone to take a video and said, “What”s your name bitch?”

I replied, “Kyle Mason, sir.”

“How old are you?”

“Nineteen years old, sir.”

Matt looked me directly in the eye and asked, “Do you consent to us using you for our sexual gratification, including oral and anal sex, bondage and domination, physical and mental punishment and a little light CBT?”

“Damn, lawyer Matt!” Daniel exclaimed.

“Do you consent, bitch?” Matt asked again.

I swallowed hard. If they”d asked if I wanted to do these things, I could have said no. But I”d been ordered to do what they told me to do and the magic chain around my neck compelled me to obey. I answered with a tone of resignation in my voice, “Yes sir. I consent.”

Matt turned off the video recorder and said, “That”s all we needed.”

Josh tried to take back control of the meeting from Matt. “His master wants us to record everything and send it to him,” he said.

I got the impression that Josh wasn”t really the alpha in this group. Jake took charge. He walked over and said, “Get on your knees bitch.”

Of course, I fell to his knees. He grabbed a yard stick and tapped the inside of my thighs. “Spread them,” he said.

I opened my legs until Jake was satisfied. Then he said, “Now his mouth is at the right height for me.”

Josh broke in and said, “No. Let”s put him on the bed so two can use him at once.”

Matt said, “I want to beat his cock and balls with a ruler for a while.”

Shit! Kyle thought. That”s why he mentioned CBT and got me to consent. But Matt seemed to be the only one interested in that and he was quickly outvoted. Most of the guys just wanted to get a nut quickly and be done. They moved me to the bed and the guys drew cards to see who was going to go first. Christopher drew first for my mouth and jake for my ass.

Josh grabbed the lube and threw it to Jake. He put on a condom and lubed his cock. He was about 5 foot 10 inches tall and 160 pounds. He had light brown skin and tight curly hair. His cock was slightly larger than average. “I”ve never fucked a guy in the ass before,” Jake said, “but college is a time for trying new things.”

He”d put enough lube on his dick that it slid home with too much resistance, but it hurt enough that I gave a yelp. Matt looked around the room, then over at the door. He pointed at Christopher and said, “Hurry the fuck up and stick that little thing of yours in his mouth to shut him up.”

Christopher was looking embarrassed. He did have the smallest dick in the group, although only his roommate Matt had seen it so far. It was fat for its size, but it was about four inches in length. He pulled his pants down to his knees and stuck his cock into my waiting mouth. From this position, I couldn”t see the bruises on his ass cheeks, but I”d see them later when he was moving around the room. He moved fast, probably because he didn”t want the others to see his small cock. Here I was, a former high school jock, now being spit-roasted by the nerd squad.

Jake said, “Damn this ass is tighter than a pussy. Too bad it”s hairy. That”s a turn off for me.”

“Got it,” Josh said. He was typing notes into his phone so he could email Dom some suggestions. Daniel was walking around with a camera trying to get video from every angle.

“Get that thing out of my face,” Jake said. “I don”t want anyone to know I”m fucking a dude.”

“No one”s face will be seen but the bitch”s,” Daniel said. Of course, the originals would have faces, just in case it became important later, but Daniel didn”t tell anyone that.

Christopher was pumping his raw dick into my mouth as fast as he could. I didn”t know it at the time, but he was hoping that Matt would get off enough on this scene to leave him alone tonight. Despite being outwardly the All-American-Boy, with his blond hair, blue eyes, and muscled build, he was also somewhat submissive and had fallen under the power of Matt”s giant log.

I was utterly humiliated. I was getting fucked again, by six guys. Only one of them was big enough to present a challenge if I”d been permitted to defend myself, but I was forbidden from committing violence. Why is this happening to me?, I thought. But deep inside I knew the answer to that question. I deserved it. How many times had I beat someone because they were too gay, and how many times had too gay been cover for got me excited?

When Christopher came and had hurriedly hidden his small cock in his pants, he took the camera from Daniel because he was second in line for my ass. Jake moved to the front to get his cock cleaned by me. I really was a jock bitch boy. I still understand why it had happened this morning, but it was happening again. The pain of being fucked was slowly turning into pleasure. I couldn”t believe that being raped by a half dozen nerds was beginning to feel good. I tried to put it out of my mind, but that left me to think too much about having one cock in my mouth and another in my ass.

Jake”s cock had been covered by a frothy layer of lube and cum. There was another taste mixed in there that I tried not to think about. I started to mentally compose a list of things I was going to have to learn. I”d do an incognito search so no one could find out what I was looking for. I had to learn how to clean my ass so I wouldn”t taste shit on a cock after it had been up there. I had to learn how to suck a cock properly without choking. Dom had told me that he would punish me if I didn”t get better at it. I had to research how to care for an asshole after being fucked. I had a lot to learn, and I figured Dom wasn”t interested in teaching me. He”d shown no interest so far.

Daniel had moved to my mouth and Josh was plugging away in my ass with his smallish cock. It was bigger than Christopher, but that wasn”t saying much. Daniel was as tall as me, but he was stocky with a thick middle and much bigger belly. His cock was bigger than mine and I was above average in that department.

Michael, a skinny guy with dirty blond hair and an average size penis, took over fucking me and Josh moved around to the front. Josh”s belly was so big that I had a hard time getting to his small cock. Despite having been washed by my mouth earlier, it still had a sour taste. The smell from his pubes was overpowering, a combination of stale urine and body odor. I thought I was going to be sick. I was so overwhelmed with the smells that I didn”t notice that my own cock was now dripping precum like a faucet. I didn”t know it at the time, but Michael had been a virgin until he plowed into my big jock ass.

“Damn, jock boys are hot,” he said. “No offense to my bud Josh here, but you”re kind of hot, despite the gut. You must really be a pathetic low-life faggot to get off on so much nerd dick.”

His hands wandered over my ass and thighs. When they wandered down to my cock, he shouted, “This bitch has a hardon. He must really like the attention he”s getting.”

Daniel crouched down to get a close up on the camera.. I couldn”t believe that I was getting off on this scene. I didn”t even want to admit that I was gay, despite kind of enjoying the attention my ass was getting, but if I was gay I should be the one doing the fucking. I was a man, not a woman. I felt a burning sensation in my nose and my eyes grew warm. Calm the fuck down, I told myself. You may not be able to control your dick, but you will not cry in front of these guys. Calm. Calm. Calm.

“Damn bitch!” Josh said, laughing. “You must love my dick. I came a minute ago and you”re still sucking.”

It was true. I hadn”t noticed that Josh had cum because his load was so small and watery. I let the dick fall from my mouth and took a breath. Josh moved over to take his phone back so he could send more notes to my master. Matt had taken over the note taking for a while.

“I added a note, Josh,” he said, “to ask the bitch”s master if we can rent him for another night. I”d love to have him sucking on my cock while we”re playing D he has a very small penis; Matt”s roommate (and possible submissive); a member of the Nerd Squad.

�        Clarissa Spencer. RA for the supernatural girls in the dorm. She works for Professor Sybil Thorne, the local representative of the Conclave.

�        Daniel Burns. A stocky guy with light brown hair and a goatee; one of the Nerd Squad

�        Dawn Schiller. A muscular blond woman who stands 70 inches tall. She”s the female alpha of the werewolf pack and Drew”s girlfriend. She is bisexual and usually has at least one girl on the side.

�        Jake Miller. An African American guy with dark skin and curly hair; one of the Nerd Squad.

�        Joe Peters. A freshman in Kieran”s writing class who was in the same religious program before school that Kieran was in.

�        Josh Higgins. Overweight and unhygienic guy who introduced Kyle to Nerd Squad.

�        Dr. Kamon Zhang. Jason”s maternal uncle, a mage and psychologist who is helping Kieran to come to terms with his trauma, and his true nature.

�        Larry Gordan. Kieran”s Art professor. He reminds Kieran of his Uncle Craig, and arouses him, a fact that disturbs Kieran but seemed unsurprising to Jason. He tried to put the moves on Kieran after his first class but backed off apologetically when he found out that he was Jason”s boy. He is a mentor to Kieran.

�        Matt Silver. A sturdy guy with olive skin tone and brown hair; he has a very large penis (almost 10 inches); the most sadistic of the Nerd Squad.

�        Meghan Connelly. A female werewolf who is one of Kieran”s watchers.

�        Michael Shank. A skinny guy with dirty blond hair and pale skin; one of the Nerd Squad.

�        Millicent Bierce. A TA who teaches the writing class that Kieran and Darren are in. She appears to be very religious and doesn”t seem to like Kieran and Darren, probably because they are gay.

�        Sally Minh. An engineering student who is in Kieran”s art class. She ships Kieran and Jason and draws pictures of them in anime style. She”s a friend to Kieran and becomes one of Jason”s watchers to keep an eye on him.

�        Sybil Thorne. Kieran”s history professor. She”s also the overseer for the magician”s Conclave here on campus. Her two assistants are Sebastian Trent and Clarissa Spencer.




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