Educating Daisy Ch. 01

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Hi there! All of my stories are written to provide a slow but satisfying build. If you are looking for hot sex, straight out of the traps, this is probably not for you 🙂


Daisy aimlessly stroked the faux suede material of her coat, enjoying the velvet-like feel against her fingertips. Glancing at her watch, she sighed. Another five minutes before the school bell was due to ring and the wind was starting to whip up; tomorrow she must remember her gloves. Why did Autumn always catch her on the hop she wondered, thrusting her hands deep into her pockets she wiggled her toes inside her knee-length boots.

Glancing a little distance along the pavement, Daisy noticed a number of mothers crowding around a tall, very handsome, dark-haired man. Probably in his early forties, he was wearing a pair of scuffed blue Levi’s, dark brown leather boots and a thick black jacket. Daisy felt that his body language was suggesting he really wanted to be left in peace whilst he waited for his child. Alas, it seemed that the women didn’t share her interpretation of the situation. Daisy remembered seeing a similar event take place earlier in the week, watching in dismay as a gaggle of women so obviously flirted with him. It struck her as rather desperate; he had been giving off fairly clear signals that he wasn’t interested on that occasion too.

The man suddenly tapped his pocket, murmured an excuse and walked away from the group, lifting a mobile phone to his ear. As soon as the women lost interest, the man moved to a more distant location, put his phone away and quickly glanced around. Watching from afar, Daisy smiled at the realisation that there had never actually been a phone call but instead, he had merely used an imaginary call as a diversionary escape route. Unexpectedly, the man glanced up and their eyes met. A rush of blood flooded to her abdomen as the man, maintaining eye contact, shrugged and then smiled in a slightly sheepish, self-deprecating manner. Daisy immediately dropped her eyes in embarrassment at being caught staring, horrified that he might think she was also trying to come onto him. The next time she looked up, the man had been approached by another woman who was unsuccessfully trying to engage him in conversation.


That night, Daisy’s dreams were rudely gatecrashed by that same tall, dark sexy stranger. Somehow, she found herself naked, tied spread-eagled to her bed and entirely unable to escape. Looking quickly around her bedroom, she caught sight of him standing by her bedroom window, observing her carefully. Although fully dressed himself, the way his gaze was devouring her body was carnal in the extreme.

As their eyes met, Daisy found that she couldn’t tear herself away. Gulping, she felt both excited and terrified in equal measure, as blood pumped simultaneously to her breasts and core. Maintaining eye contact, the stranger smiled in a slightly lopsided way and slowly shrugged off his black jacket. As it fell to the floor, Daisy inhaled sharply. Underneath, he wore a clean white T-shirt, beneath which was a glorious body, beautifully muscled but not excessively so.

Biting her lower lip, Daisy’s cheeks flushed with desire as a bolt of electricity passed straight through her. With their eyes still locked, the stranger kicked off his boots and socks, pulled his T-shirt over his head and moved his large, strong hands down to his waist. With slow, deliberate moves, he dispatched with his belt, before allowing his hands to drop further down to his button fly. Daisy involuntarily licked her lips in response, heart beating wildly at the incredible sight unfolding in her bedroom. As his jeans dropped to the floor, he kicked them aside and her thoughts became sharply refocussed. She was rarely accused of being the most observant person, but even she couldn’t fail to notice the substantial bulge in his boxer shorts, coupled with a no-nonsense look on his face.

‘I can’t do this,’ murmured Daisy, pulling down against her restraints. ‘I’m really inexperienced.’

‘Then we’ll take things very slowly. Why don’t you just let me take the lead?’ he murmured, walking towards her. But frustratingly, the closer he moved to her bed, the fainter he became until Daisy found herself escaping from the arms of Morpheus. Feeling more than a little lightheaded, not to mention seriously unsettled, she awoke to the promise of a brand-new day.


The clattering noise of the school bell rang out across the grounds and moments later, a wave of chattering boys flooded through the doors, clearly delighted that the weekend was upon them.

‘Mummy! Mummy!’ Above the general din, Daisy instantly recognised her son’s voice, her whole being seemingly fine-tuned to his unique tone.

‘Hi Thomas!’ she grinned, bending down to hug her son tightly. ‘Did you have a good day, darling?’

‘Brilliant!’ he replied. ‘I made a bowl in pottery. And I’ve got a new best friend called Zach. Please can he come around and play tomorrow?’ Daisy couldn’t help but laugh at his effervescent snowpiercer izle enthusiasm.

‘I expect so, my love. Shall I speak to Zach’s Mummy now and arrange it?’

‘He’s just there! Zach!’ bellowed Thomas at the top of his voice, causing a number of nearby heads to turn in surprise. A blond boy with piercing blue eyes and a wide grin waved back at them, before starting to run over.

‘Zach, this is my Mum,’ said Thomas with a hint of pride in his voice.

‘Please to meet you Mrs Fitzpatrick.’ Daisy smiled, unused to hearing such politeness from an eight-year old.

‘I’m very pleased to meet you too, Zach,’ she replied. ‘Is your Mummy here? Thomas wants to invite you over to play tomorrow.’ Daisy thought she noticed an almost imperceptible sadness pass across the little boy’s face before he answered.

‘No, my Dad is,’ explained Zach. Before Daisy’s eyes had even begun to swivel around to follow the direction in which Zach’s finger was now pointing, she knew. His father was the handsome stranger who was entirely responsible for an exponential increase in the number of extremely erotic dreams she’d been experiencing in recent weeks.

As the man in question began to approach their group, Daisy could feel her forehead start to tingle, whilst blood rushed to her abdomen. Looking up at his face, their gaze locked and she seemed unable to tear herself away. As he stopped beside them she stood staring stupidly up at him, astonished by the clarity of colour in his cornflower-blue eyes.

‘At least close your mouth,’ a stunned synapse told her brain. ‘Unless you’re purposefully trying to exhibit the persona of a gormless idiot, that is?’ Slowly, Daisy did as she was told.

‘Nick Jackson,’ murmured the man smoothly. ‘Pleased to meet you.’

‘Daisy,’ she croaked, accepting his firm, proffered hand, momentarily unable to remember her own surname. As she touched his soft, warm skin, Daisy felt a zing pass through her entire body which culminated in her nipples tightening, almost painfully. Quickly releasing his hand, she dropped her eyes in embarrassment, not understanding why this stranger was having such a profound effect on her body but afraid that he might read the desire in her lustful gaze. A fresh wave of shame passed through her mind, as memories of her delicious dreams came flooding back.

‘Daddy,’ said Zach, thankfully breaking the silence. ‘Please can I go over to Thomas’s house this weekend?’

‘Of course. But only if that’s alright with you, Daisy?’ asked Nick.

With horror, Daisy suddenly realised they were all looking at her for some kind of response. It was currently taking all of her concentration to ensure that she simply remained standing, despite violently shaking legs. She wasn’t sure she could manage to multi-task to any greater extent than that.

‘Fine,’ she replied, in a voice which seemed to be pitched an octave higher than normal. ‘How does two o’clock on Saturday afternoon sound?’

‘Brilliant!’ said both the boys in stereo.

‘If you’re sure?’ asked Nick, with a questioning glance. Daisy nodded.

‘I’m sure. Our address is number twenty-eight, Bramble Lane. We’re just five minutes around the corner.’

‘Great, thanks. Shall I take your mobile number, just in case?’

‘Of course,’ replied Daisy, her voice steadying slightly as she reeled off her telephone number. Nick tapped it into his phone and then smiled at her. Daisy’s own phone buzzed. Looking down, Nick had sent her a text which simply said ‘Nick Jackson.’

‘Great, we’ll see you tomorrow then?’ With a final smile, Nick picked up his son’s school bag which had previously been discarded on the floor and put a hand on his shoulder. ‘Come on young man. Home time.’


The following day, Daisy woke early and proceeded to spend all morning in a state of heightened anxiety, counting the hours until Nick was due to arrive on her doorstep. Over lunch with Thomas, she barely ate a thing, her appetite having been inexplicably suppressed by the swarm of butterflies which seemed to have taken up temporary residence in her abdomen.

The doorbell rang at a couple of minutes after two, whilst Daisy was in her bedroom taking some deep calming breaths. She heard Thomas clatter down the stairs, wrench open the front door and noisily greet his friend. His obvious excitement made her smile briefly, in spite of herself. A quick glance in the mirror made her grateful that today was not a bad hair day, as so many tended to be recently. Unusually, her messy bob hairstyle was showing off her dark, shiny locks quite adequately.

Taking one final deep breath, Daisy descended the stairs, well aware of how ridiculous her behaviour was; she seemed to be acting like a teenager, rather than the thirty-something year old woman she actually was. Her natural demeanour was perhaps on the shy-side, but never before had she physically responded to a man as she had to Nick. Consequently, her reactions both confused and alarmed her.

As Daisy so help me todd izle reached the bottom step, the two boys raced past her, heading for Thomas’s bedroom to admire the train set which had been carefully constructed earlier that morning. Zach yelped a brief greeting as they passed. Daring to look up, she felt her chest flush upon observing Nick casually leaning against the frame of the front door, effortlessly providing a dictionary definition for the saying “To die for”. Their eyes momentarily met, before she timidly broke the connection.

‘Hi,’ he said confidently. ‘Thanks so much for having Zach.’

‘Our pleasure,’ said Daisy quietly. ‘When would you like to pick him up?’

‘How about five-ish?’

‘If you want to make it six, then I’ll feed them both dinner first,’ she suggested. Her reward was a broad smile that sent her rapid heartrate into a tailspin, whilst shivers erupted across her body.

‘That’s a really kind offer,’ said Nick. ‘Thank you. But if you need me to return before then, just text and I’ll be here.’ Daisy stood there nodding, unsure of what to say.

‘Well, see you at six then,’ Nick continued, slightly tilting his head before making his way out of the front gate. As Daisy slowly closed the door, she caught sight of him climbing into a large, shiny black Range Rover. If only she had the brazen self-confidence that so many of her peers seemed to exhibit, she would immediately send him a text to explain how much she needed him to return right this very second.


‘That was the best meal ever, thank you Mrs Fitzpatrick,’ exclaimed Zach later that evening. Daisy giggled at the obvious sincerity of her son’s delightful new friend.

‘Call me Daisy, Sweetheart. And it was only a cottage pie but you’re more than welcome. Any time,’ she added. ‘Now, can I interest anyone in chocolate cake for dessert?’

Shouts of “Me!” followed her around the kitchen, as she distributed clean plates and placed the aforementioned treat in the centre of the table. The slices of cake had only just finished being distributed when the doorbell rang.

‘That’ll be your Dad,’ observed Daisy glancing at the clock on the wall as she made her way out of the room. ‘Oh dear, we’re running a little late.’ Pulling open the front door, Nick’s large silhouette was obvious through the darkness. Nervously, Daisy scrabbled to turn on the porch light.

‘Sorry,’ she muttered, failing to meet his eyes. It didn’t seem sensible to try, following her disastrous attempts earlier that day. ‘We’re just finishing up. Would you like to come in?’

‘Thanks,’ said a self-assured Nick as he closed the door firmly behind himself and followed her through to the kitchen.

‘Do sit down. Would you like some cake?’

‘Wow! That looks so good!’ he exclaimed, grinning at the boys and ruffling Zach’s hair. ‘Would you recommend it?’

‘It’s AMAZING Dad,’ replied Zach with chocolate butter cream smeared in a straight line from his chin to his left ear. ‘Mrs Fitzpatrick is THE best cook ever!’

‘Then, how can I refuse?’ he replied, glancing across at a blushing Daisy and managing to hold her eye contact for just a second longer than strictly necessary before returning his focus to the boys.

Conversation around the table was surprisingly easy that evening and Daisy enjoyed the time the four of them spent together, devouring the cake and chatting amiably. However, it wasn’t until much later, once their visitors had left and Thomas had gone to bed, that Daisy was finally able to descend from her high state of alert. Collapsing back into the sofa, she took some deep calming breaths to encourage her heart rate to finally return to somewhere near normal levels. That night in bed, she tossed and turned as Nick once more gatecrashed her wild, restless dreams. This time, his soft, gentle hands ravished her body in ways she had never before known, but found herself yearning to experience.


It really should be against the law to expect parents to drop their children off at school before six in the morning, pondered Daisy as she stood waving at the departing coach, trying her best to control her chattering teeth. And she’d forgotten her bloody gloves again!

‘Daisy,’ said a soft, deep voice behind her, causing her pulse rate to soar.

‘Nick,’ she breathed, turning around to find the man who had done such indecent and unmentionable things to her body yet again last night, in what were becoming increasingly recurring dreams. Dreams that still brought a smile to her face whenever she allowed her mind to replay them.

‘Ridiculous time of the morning, isn’t it?’ he groaned. ‘Do you fancy grabbing something to drink? I think I noticed one of the cafes open in the high street and I’m in serious need of a shot of caffeine.’ Despite herself, Daisy smiled.

‘Thank you. That sounds lovely,’ she replied, oblivious to the dark looks being cast at her from a number of school mums, as she left the vicinity with the prize they had sokağın çocukları izle been coveting for months.

The two of them walked in silence, their eyes occasionally darting in the other’s direction but failing to meet. At one point, the pavement narrowed and their fingers accidentally brushed against each other causing Daisy to quickly draw back her hand, as though she had been burnt. Nick could barely fail to notice her over-reaction but said nothing.

Fortunately, any awkwardness was masked by their arrival at the coffee shop. Holding the door open, Nick stood back to allow Daisy to enter first.

‘What can I get you?’ he offered, as Daisy shuffled around in her handbag, searching for her apparently elusive purse.

‘Just give me a sec…’

She breathed in sharply as he placed his hand on her forearm. ‘No, this is on me,’ he insisted.

‘Oh, thank you. Then a cappuccino would be lovely.’

‘Grab a seat. I’ll be over in a moment.’

Selecting a pair of sofas by the window, Daisy shrugged off her coat, settled herself down and tried not to fidget excessively. Nick appeared a short time afterwards balancing a tray containing two steaming beverages and a selection of cakes. He sank gratefully into the sofa opposite to Daisy.

‘Cheers!’ he said, raising the mug to his lips. Taking a sip, Nick closed his eyes and groaned with pleasure. The noise had a strange effect on Daisy’s body. She could feel her pulse soaring, her breath shortening and blood pumping to her core which caused her pussy lips to tingle involuntarily. He seemed to have activated an unfamiliar primal trigger in her body which she simply didn’t understand and certainly couldn’t control.

‘Mmm, that’s so much better!’ he breathed, oblivious to the sudden stillness of the woman sitting opposite him.

‘Cheers,’ croaked Daisy, wondering why he had asked her to join him. He couldn’t want her here for the contribution of her buoyant, lively conversation; she’d barely managed to string two words together in his presence.

‘Help yourself to a pastry. I thought you might like something to eat.’

‘Thank you,’ she muttered. Yep. She was the conversational equivalent of a slowly dripping tap.

‘Zach mentioned you’re a single mum,’ said Nick gently. Crikey, thought Daisy. Talk about getting straight to the point.

‘Uh-huh,’ she replied. In her extreme nervousness, Daisy took a large gulp of her scalding drink, immediately regretting it as the outer layers of her tongue burnt. She gently bit the tip of her tongue between her front teeth, to try and eradicate the numbness.

‘Don’t you get lonely?’

‘Um, I guess sometimes. But I’ve got Thomas. He’s all I need.’

‘I’ve got Zach,’ countered Nick. ‘But that doesn’t mean I don’t want somebody to hold. Someone to share my life with.’

‘You’re a single parent too?’ asked Daisy, intrigue swiftly overcoming embarrassment.

‘I am.’

‘I didn’t realise,’ she said. Suddenly, all those women surrounding him at the school gate made a little more sense.

‘My wife died. About six years ago now,’ said Nick quietly.

‘Oh God, I’m so terribly sorry!’ groaned an empathetic Daisy, her hand reaching up to cover her mouth. ‘How awful for you and poor Zach.’

‘Yeah, it’s been tough. Although Zach was barely more than a baby when we lost her. I’m not sure if that makes it easier or not though,’ he added contemplatively. ‘Where’s Thomas’s Dad?’

‘Ah, well,’ began Daisy. ‘He turned out to be a bit of a shit.’ Nick chuckled at her unexpected honesty.

‘Dare I ask why?’ he asked with a raised eyebrow, as he relaxed back against the sofa and crossed his long legs.

‘You can try,’ replied Daisy shyly. A silence stretched out between them as Nick continued to regard her whilst he sipped his coffee. Really, she hadn’t expected this topic of conversation and wasn’t sure how to proceed, but eventually her discomfort from the continued silence was greater than her embarrassment at her pathetic life story.

‘He was my first boyfriend,’ she stated tonelessly. ‘I thought he loved me. When I got pregnant, I quickly found out that he didn’t. He left me and moved in with another woman. I later found out he’d been cheating on me for over a year with her. I let him know that Thomas had been born…but nothing.’

‘What a complete bastard,’ growled Nick. He seemed genuinely outraged, as though her ex had in some way harmed him.

‘It’s his loss,’ shrugged Daisy. ‘He’s missing out on being involved in the life of an extraordinary little boy.’

‘And missing out on being in your life too,’ he interjected sincerely.

‘He definitely wouldn’t see that as a loss,’ chuckled Daisy.

‘And since him?’ he asked gently.

‘No,’ replied Daisy, shaking her head. Nick’s eyes crinkled at her, as though asking an unspoken question. ‘I don’t need anybody. I’m happy as we are. Besides,’ she added as an afterthought. ‘Sex is completely overrated, isn’t it?’ Nick looked a little taken aback and a stillness fell over them, as they both sipped their drinks. Daisy squirmed in her seat, wishing it would silently swallow her up, whilst asking herself over and over, why the hell she had said that. The answer, of course, was Nick. Thanks to him, sex had been on her mind a great deal recently when it had previously barely featured.

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