Druids#12 Eileen Confides in Meagan

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Eileen confides in Meagan

On the Wednesday following her encounter with Angela at the office, Eileen called her oldest sister, Meagan, asking if she would be home that afternoon. Meagan told her that she would be home in time for the boys to get back from school, around three fifteen. So, Eileen brought Ian along with her, knowing that he would probably be entertained and play with his older cousins. Eileen got to Meagan’s home about twenty minutes after the boys got off the school bus.

After the routine hello and ‘how are you’ stuff, Ian toddled off with the boys to the family room and eventually into the backyard for some healthy outdoor play. Eileen and her sister were sat at the kitchen table where they could keep an eye on the boys in the back yard. Meagan had just poured two cups of tea and the girls were finished discussing the weather, Mum and Pappy’s health, what Meg had heard from Jim in Turkey and everything else of a routine nature.

Meg: “So, sis, you sounded like you had something serious to talk about.”

Eileen: “Something that I need to talk with my older sister about.”

Meg: “Not that much older, but I guess that it is something that Mum can’t help with?”

Eileen: “Oh, No bloody way. Meg, I think that I may be queer.”

Meg: “What? Say that again, slowly.”

Eileen: “Really, Meg. I had some contact with . . . a person at work, and I actually enjoyed it. I can’t believe it. I feel so ashamed of myself.”

Meg: “OK, let’s have the lurid details.”

Eileen: “It’s not like we slept together, or anything. But we did some sort of . . . touching, more like rubbing, during a lunch break at work.”

Meg: “Details, I said details.”

Eileen: “OK, there is this woman that I work with, her name is Angela. She is a big woman, not fat but really tall and a little husky. Well anyway, I was feeling a little blue and she tried to give me a nice hug, I thought to cheer me up. But, while we were hugging each other, she put her leg in between mine and pressed me up against herself. She put her hand on my butt and encouraged me to move against her. I sort of rubbed my puss against her leg, and it really felt good. Somehow, and for reasons that I still don’t understand, I kept it up and wound up getting myself ‘off’ that way. I am so embarrassed. “

Meg: “There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Have you done it again?”

Eileen: “No, but just after I did it, she did it on me. She called it ‘tribing’, and I don’t even know what that means.”

Meg: “It means ‘Tribadism’. Google it when you get a chance. It’s mutual rubbing to get off. I think that it’s considered a ‘safe sex’ thing because there is no exchange of body fluids. There wasn’t any fluid exchange, was there?’

Eileen: “No, there wasn’t even any removal of our clothes. I did moisten myself a little, could have used a ‘light day’ pad. But there was no ‘fluid’ exchanged between me other than what seeped onto where I was sitting.”

Meg: “Well, little sister, you have done nothing that most college girls haven’t tried, at least once.”

Eileen; “Did you try it when you were away at University.”

Meg: “Well, Arnavutköy escort bayan actually . . . yes, I did. In fact, I did it a few times with my dorm room-mate. But, let’s concentrate on you. Do you want to do it again?”

Eileen: “No, not really. It’s just that since Robert left, I have been as celibate as Mother Superior in the convent.”

Meg: “And the close human contact felt really good, right?”

Eileen: “Yeah, I think that’s it. Meg, am I going queer or should I say Lezzy?”

Meg: “No, not unless you go back for more, repeatedly. And probably not if it doesn’t progress to anything more involved, like taking your clothes off.”

Eileen: “She did touch my boobs while she was rubbing on my leg. Does that count?”

Meg: “Did you enjoy it?”

Eileen: “Well, the headlights did come on, high beams. “

Meg: “I wouldn’t worry about it. Has your friend been OK with you?”

Eileen: “Yeah, she goes about her business as if nothing happened.”

Meg: “Well, if it’s OK with her, and it’s OK with you, then I suggest that you just try to forget about it, that is, unless you want to pursue it. “

Eileen: “No, I get a little creeped out by the thought of doing it again. Funny, I don’t feel as bad about humping her leg as I did sit there letting her do it on my leg. “

Meg: “That’s the key, you needed to ‘ring your bell’ but you’re not a bell ringer.”

Eileen: “What? That kind of makes sense. Thanks, big sister I feel a lot better now.”

Meg: “What are big sisters for?”

Eileen: “Don’t tell Mum or Jenn, OK?”

Meg: “I Promise. But there may be something else that I can do for you.”

Eileen: “You’re not going to offer me your leg, are you?”

Meg: “No, not that. But I know this guy . . . “

Eileen: “Meg, I don’t need a blind date.”

Meg: “It wouldn’t be a blind date, more like a good ‘rogering’. If I can read the signs properly, you certainly need a good rogering, now don’t you?”

Eileen: “Meg, that’s just silly.”

Meg: “Just think about it, let me know. The ‘window of opportunity’ may not be open for very long, so think long and hard, and let me know soon.”

Eileen: “Long and hard sounds good, but I don’t know. I promise to think about it, though.”

Meg: “Good, are you staying for dinner?”

Eileen: “No, Mum is making her stew tonight and Ian really likes it. You remember Mum’s stew, right?

The sisters continued to chat about Mums stew, Pappy’s car troubles and a dozen other things before the boys come stomping back into the house looking for a snack. Eileen departed for home as Meg began to wrestle together a dinner for herself and the boys.

Eileen and Ian got home just in time for Mum’s stew. Ian, as usual, ate well. He is sometimes a little ‘picky’ as Mum calls it. But tonight, he ate a healthy portion of the home-made stew. Eileen, as usual, enjoyed it too, and Mum put up two containers for Eileen to take to work for lunch tomorrow and Friday.

Eileen stayed long enough to wash the dishes while Mum dried and put away. Pappy was sat in the living room with Ian watching the Escort Avcılar news. Mum asked: “You went over to Meagan’s today? How is everyone over there?”

Eileen: “Everyone is OK over there. Meagan is doing very well with the Real Estate agency. Jim is good, but Meagan is not sure that he will be able to get leave in the spring.”

Mum: “You mean at the Equinox?”

Eileen: “Yeah, he can’t just take a few days leave on this assignment. Apparently, he could take a thirty day leave but that would add a three-month extension to his present assignment and that would take him past the next Equinox. He doesn’t want to take all that leave right now, he would rather save it until he’s back home. They are trying to figure out a new plan, we’ll have to wait and see.”

Mum: “Well, trying is what is needed. If it can’t be done, it can’t be done. You know, better than most, that the ritual can be observed without your man, but it is better if he can be there, right?”

Eileen with a sad tone in her voice: “Yeah, I know Mum.”

Mum:” Now dear, I don’t mean to drag up the sadness, I was only really thinking about Meagan. I probably could have said that a little better.”

Eileen: “Don’t worry yourself, Mum. I’m OK.”

Mum put her arm around Eileen’s shoulders and gave her a loving squeeze. Eileen still had her hands in the water and couldn’t reciprocate, but she did lean over and kiss her mother on the cheek. When the dishes were finished, Eileen collected Ian from the couch, saying goodnight she went back home; next door.

After Ian was in bed, Eileen knew that she had some serious thinking to do. So, after a nice long hot shower, she climbed into her bed and decided to try to make some sense of her life. First things first, she desperately loved her son Ian and promised herself that she would never, ever, do anything to put him into any danger; physical or emotional. That rat-bastard Robert had already done enough to him by walking out on them to chase that fat-ugly bimbo that he met at work.

Next, she was definitely (probably) done with that ‘Tibbing’ thing with Angela. She could justify the once as an experiment. But, like some experiments, there is sometimes a result that people don’t like. Yes, the tribbing felt good, to her; but she was a little repulsed by the act when Angela ‘did it back’. That little snail trail that she left on the paper didn’t really mean anything. So much for that, and she certainly hopes that Meg is right and that it was just a ‘one-off’ thing that doesn’t mean anything. After all, Meagan did it in college. And, more than once! Since Meg has a good husband, two beautiful sons and a good life, Eileen concludes that the experimentation does no permanent damage. She just won’t do it again; she thinks.

Now, for Meagan’s idea that she needs a ‘good rogering’. Yes, she has to admit that it’s been a really long time, too long, since she felt that familiar stretching in her vagina caused by a man. Her little electronic friend was able to get her off, but it just isn’t the same. With little thought, Eileen found herself reaching into her night stand and taking out Bağcılar escort the little plastic thing. She switched it on and began to lightly run it up and down her slit, on the outside of her panties. Now, back to the serious thinking.

But she couldn’t seem to concentrate with that little guy buzzing between her legs. “Oh, bugger me!” she said out loud. Lifting up, she slid her panties down and off and applied the head of the vibrating phallus to her rapidly moistening ‘girly bits.’ After a few more strokes up and down the slit, she slowly worked it into her vagina and rotated it slightly until the ‘special added attraction’ aligned up with her now blood engorged clit. She was, once again, off to the races. She pulled the big pillow onto her front and hugged it as her pelvis began to rock back and forth. It always feels so good with that thing in her, working its electronic magic on her little button.

It only took a few moments for Eileen to reach the peak and then to topple over it. She had a long and strong orgasm. She likes the words that her sister used: “My bell has just rung.” She continued to work her hips until the throbbing faded away. She reached down and switched the little guy off, leaving him in place for the time being. Continuing to hug the pillow, she suddenly came up with the clear thought: “Why, the hell not?” At that moment, she decided that a real rogering, by a real man, was definitely on her list. She picked a couple of Kleenex from the box and deftly removed the plastic intruder, replacing him with the balled-up tissues. She hated this messy part. She was always amazed at how much lubricant she produced. She put her friend on the night table; he’ll need a little cleaning in the morning. She removed the Kleenex and dropped it into the waste basket next to the night stand. ‘Screw the knickers for the night’. She reached over and picked up her cell phone. She entered a single word text that she sent to her sister Meagan. “Yes”.

Just as she was drifting off to sleep, her cell-phone made the ‘Dih-Dah-Dit’ sound indicating an incoming text. When she pushed the button to view the message, she was surprised at how bright that damn phone was in the dark. Anyway, it was from Meg and read: “I’m working on it-when is the curse due?”

Eileen had to do some quick calculations and determined that she was about one week cured from the last curse so she figured that she had at least two weeks before the next onset. ‘Was Meagan that confident that she could schedule a rogering in the near future? She texted back “One week shy of the mid-point”.

The return text surprised her: “Are you safe?” She texted back: “The doors are locked and Pappy is just next door???” Her sister sent back: “No dummy, are you still taking the pill?” Eileen quickly entered: “Yes, they keep me on time.” Meagan’s reply was: “OK, keep your knickers on until I contact you next.” Eileen couldn’t think of a good reply so she waited for her sister to send again. After a few minutes she realized that the conversation was probably over and she put the phone back on the table to charge. Now, she was unable to go to sleep thinking about what Meagan was cooking up. Was she really going to get laid? It took her quite a while to actually drop off. She was still thinking about it when she got up the next morning. Damn, this was making her even more randy than usual.

As she was getting breakfast ready for Ian, she added to the shopping list on the fridge: ‘batteries!”

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