Dream Job

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Nobody wants to work in a supermarket, especially coming up to the holidays and I am no exception to this rule. Yet here I was at the big, grown up age of 25, back to working in a shitty supermarket, with shitty hours just to pay my way through university. The situation was less than ideal but, beggars and choosers etc etc. The work itself was nothing to write home about, clock in, scan items and ring up the customers total, done and dusted.

However, there was one exception to the monotony and that was the butcher. The butcher with his big hands and steady frame. I would spend my days chancing glances at him from my till as he toiled away, serving customers and making precise cuts from the carcasses that hung behind him. Even through the rushes and flurries of panicked Christmas shoppers I would watch him and imagine what it would feel like to have those hands on my body, tracing my every curve.

He wasn’t even technically my type, I generally preferred men that were much taller than my measly 5 foot 2 height but, those hands, those tattoos and that mean face sent my pussy into over drive. I had never wanted to fuck somebody so badly, I didn’t want to get to know him, hell in the 6 months I had been working there I had never said more than a ‘hi how’re you’ to him but, god help me I wanted to sit on his face until he begged to fuck me. It didn’t help that he was cold and slightly stand-offish towards me, his icy demeanor just made me want him all the more.

The week before Christmas was when my little fantasies for the butcher, who I had given the nickname (in my own head of course) butcher boy came crumbling down around me. It had been insanely busy and everyone from the checkout girls to the isle stockers were in foul moods. Butcher boy stepped away from his post allowing his co-workers to take over. He began walking towards the exit, a cigarette perched between his lips, god I wanted to feel those lips all over my body.

I watched as he stopped in his tracks before the exit, a wide smile splitting his face as he began talking to a girl I had never seen before. They chatted for a few minutes and before she left she brushed a hand lovingly across his face. My stomach dropped, great he’s taken, fucking typical. I guess this would explain his cold attitude towards me but, why then was he so cool and kind with everyone else? At first I thought it was because I was the new girl but, this logic didn’t hold up because he was just as nice to people who had started after me.

I spent the next few days wondering what I could have done to make him so frigid towards me. After discovering his relationship status I decided that he would just have to continue to play a starring role in my fantasies, and that he did. During nights were sleep seemed a million miles away I would think about his hands and his face, that impossible face with tattoos snaking their way up the side of his head.

I would imagine those hands replacing my own as I allowed them to wander down my stomach, across my thighs but never touching that heat between my legs. By the end of these fantasies I would be left a panting mess so that once my nimble fingers found my clit Tekirdağ Escort I would be cumming in minutes, sometimes in seconds. All the while I would imagine how he would look on top of me, with his eyes heavy and mouth open. I would imagine how it would feel to have him cum in every single one of my holes.

Just the thought of him was too much for me to stand, seeing him in work was almost painful. Just to add insult to injury my manager had decided that for the rest of the holiday period I would be at till number 2, the till situated directly next to the butchers stand. It wasn’t her fault of course but, it was still bothersome to be so constantly turned on while I was trying to focus on typing out long codes for various exotic fruits. Once the little clock on my till read 11:58 I was exhausted and ready to finally take my break. I closed my till and headed to the staff room which was located at the end of a long, sterile corridor.

My heart thumped painfully in my chest as I noticed butcher boy was taking his break at the same time as me. I smiled and muttered a nervous ‘thanks’ as he held the heavy door open for me, he didn’t even look at me just nodded before following me to the staff room. I sat and tried not to stare as he fumbled a handful of 10 cent coins into the coffee machine but, I could feel my face heating up as his gaze travelled over me. Without warning he sat opposite me staring unabashedly into my eyes. This was the second time he had made direct eye contact with me, the first being months previously when I had been leaving after my first day.

Not knowing what to say and being unable to look away I stuttered out an anxious “Is everything ok?”

An unamused smile graced his handsome features as he leant forward and asked in a steady tone. “Honestly, no everything is not ok.” He paused sipping his coffee.

“Why are you constantly staring at me while I’m trying to do my job?” His question shocked me, I had been so careful, how could he have known I was staring?

As if reading my thoughts he smirked, “You do realize we have cameras behind the butcher stand right? I have a birds eye view of the whole store, including the tills so do not bullshit me, now, why the fuck have been staring at me?”

I internally cursed my wandering eyes, how could I have been so stupid of course there were cameras it was a shitty supermarket in a shifty neighborhood. I sighed unable to look him in the eye, my face was burning with the shame of being caught. I had 2 options, I could either lie and use my background in restauration as an excuse for my curiosity, which would never work he was the only butcher I watched, or I could be truthful. Choosing the latter I finally met his eye line.

“I’m really sorry I never meant to make you uncomfortable, I just-I, fuck it ok fine I might have the smallest of crushes on you.” I watched his face for any sign of disgust but found only curiosity. “I know you probably have a girlfriend.”

He immediately cut me off. “There’s no probably, I do have a girlfriend who I love very much.” He crossed his arms over his chest leaning back in his chair, he glanced out the little Tekirdağ Escort Bayan window before continuing.

“Look you’re hot and I would be lying if I said I hadn’t thought about it but, its not going to happen.” My face felt numb and my throat suddenly very dry, he thought I was hot?

I mean it wasn’t a huge shock I know what men think when they look at me, a short goth with a fat ass but he had barely ever looked at me. The question tumbled from my lips before I had a chance to stop it.

“If you find me so hot then why don’t you ever look at me?” Now it was his turn to blush.

“Did you listen to anything I just said? I have a girlfriend a very jealous girlfriend and if she thought for even a second that I was looking at another girl she would kill the girl and then kill me.”

His confession bolstered my confidence as I slowly unzipped my work jacket to reveal the top of my tits that were peeking out of my tight vest top.

“I’m not good at a whole lot but, I’m very good at keeping a secret, are you butcher?”

His jaw went slack and his eyes widened but, he didn’t tell me to stop, I took this as an invitation to continue. I stood from my seat and closed the staff room door.

“I can be very, very discreet when I need to be.” This made him snort.

“Oh yeah? What about your not so subtle staring hmm? Is that what you consider discreet?” I hummed in response.

“Good point but, in my defense I didn’t realize there were cameras now did I.” I decided that if there was ever a moment to be bold it was now as I sat myself atop the table and allowed my legs to fall on either side of him.

“I can be your little secret, or I can be a one time thrill, I just want to know what it’s like to fuck your face.”

His eyes travelled over my body before his hands reached out to hold my waist. I looked down at the front of his jeans, which were now sporting an impressive bulge. I was unable to help myself I slipped from his grasp to my knees under the table. I unbuttoned him and licked a long stripe on the underside of his cock through his underwear.

His head fell back as he groaned. I caught his eye, they were unreadable as always and for a second I thought he was going to protest, until he pulled his cock out of pressed the tip against my lips, making small circles with the head. I didn’t hesitate, in one motion I took his whole length into my mouth and then my throat. He cursed when I looked up through bleary eyes.

‘So that’s what he looks like in ecstasy.’ I thought, it was even hotter than I could have imagined.

His hands found the back of my head as I violently bobbed up and down on his cock. As soon as it had started he was pulling my mouth off of him.

“Stand up and turn around.” He commanded.

I did not need to be told twice I had been waiting months for this moment. I doubled myself over and used my elbows to keep my body up. He ripped my jeans to my ankles and kicked my legs apart, he took a second to admire my tight pussy and ass from behind before landing a hard smack on my left ass cheek and then the right. I let out a surprised sound at the impact his Escort Tekirdağ hands were so rough and calloused, I could feel my pussy spasm with excitement.

His hands spread my cheeks and before I could register what was happening I felt his face pressed against my ass as he tongued my asshole. The sounds I made were embarrassing and needy which made him chuckle.

“It has been torture watching your fat fucking ass all these months.” He again spanked me hard which made my toes curl.

“I need to taste it.” His tongue pushed its way past the tight muscle and I felt my ass open to him.

My head dropped to the table as his assault on my sensitive hole continued. I could feel his whole tongue as he bottomed out in my ass, his forehead pressed flush against me.

“Please, please oh fuck.” He made a small satisfied sound.

“Please what hmm?” Another hard smack.

“Please fuck me.” He laughed as he stood.

“So much choice where to start.” He pressed the tip of his cock against my asshole. “I think I’ll save this one for later.”

In one hard thrust he plunged his thick cock into my pussy. I had to stop myself from squealing in delight, we were fully staffed and I did not want anyone wandering by to get curious. He grabbed my hips hard as he pumped his cock in and out, pulling all the way out before bottoming out in my pussy.

“God you’re so fucking tight.” His voice was no more than a snarl as his fingers found my throbbing clit.

He rubbed in slow, soft circles, god he knew how to treat a girl right. The pressure was too much, his gentle fingers compared to his brutal cock was too much.

“Don’t stop, dont stop.” I muttered on repeat like a prayer.

His fingers sped up sending little shocks through my whole body, I was close.

“Are you going to cum for me like a good little slut?” My mouth refused to co-operate with my tongue all I could do was nod.

“Such a good fuck toy, cum for me, cum on my fucking cock.”

I could feel my pussy tighten and clamp down as my orgasm over took me, he continued to rub circles on my swollen clit as my body spasmed in pleasure. My mouth fell open but no sound came out as he rode me through my orgasm. He removed his fingers and used both hands to grip my hips as he whispered filth to me. I felt his dick twitch for a split second before he pulled out and without warning pushed the head of his cock past the tight ring of my asshole.

I gasped in surprise. It burned so good and I couldn’t help myself from gently rocking back on his cock.

“Oh fuck yes just like that.” He exclaimed as I felt his balls empty into my ass.

I felt his hot cum coat my insides as he moaned in my ear leaning over to cover my whole body, still pushing deeper into my ass. His movements stilled as his cock still twitched in my painfully stretched asshole. He roughly pulled out putting his cocks back into his jeans before buttoning them up. I slowly stood back up my head spinning with the pain and pleasure of it all.

“Clean yourself up.” He stated coldly.

“This never happened and it will never happen again, understood?” I nodded pulling my jeans up.

“Understood.” He gave me one last glance before heading back to work.

I looked at the clock, shit my break finished 3 minutes ago. I hurried back to my till, flipping the switch to ‘on’ before greeting my customer. I felt eyes on me and a dull ache in my ass. Last time? We’ll see about that.

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